Civil War Veterans Buried in Stephens County, Oklahoma
Version:  Sun.; 9/12/2004

Project goals:  (1) Identify
all Civil War veterans
buried in Stephens Co., OK,
(2) locate their graves &
(3) gather as much info as
possible on each of these
men's lives.

On this site:  All the Civil
War veterans buried in
Stephens County, OK known
to me.

Note:  Any info pertaining to
these men's lives before,
during or after the War
Between the States is of
interest to me. Contact
me at the e-mail address
listed below and I will be
happy to share info with
you. Be advised, this is
a work in progress and some
of the material presented
here is tentative. If
you know of a man buried
in Stephens County who was
born before 1851, I'd be
interested in anything
you'd care to share with
me about him - he just may
have been a veteran. All
the data collected is
regularly turned over to
the Duncan Public Library
or the Stephens County
Museum in Duncan, OK.


Anderson, Edwin C.
b.10/10/1837; d.2/23/1920.
CSA, 60th Georgia Infantry Regiment,
Co.K; Private.
Married “Mariah” (b.9/9/1832 in AL;
d.7/16/1915) about 1858.
Marlow city cemetery.

Anderson, John M.
b.10/30/1844; d.5/12/1926.
USA, 1st Iowa Cavalry Regiment,
Co.H; Private.
Married “Emma E.” (b.1/2/1850;
Duncan city cemetery
(unmarked grave).

Applewhite, John A.
b.2/21/1851; d.11/21/1926.
Married “Julia Lilly” (b.10/22/1860;
in Wise Co., TX;  d.12/30/1945).
Owens Prairie cemetery.

Atkins, Leroy
b.1839; d.1923.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Juliet A. Gaines” (b.1853;
d.1939) on 4/22/1870 in MO.
Duncan city cemetery.

Atkins, W. Thomas
b.1842; d.1934.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 3, block 6, lot 5).

Awtrey, T. J.
b.8/8/1846; d.2/15/1916.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “F. A.” (b.11/3/1853;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 7, block 4, lot 3).

Bailey, William
b.5/13/1825; d.2/4/1902.
USA, 1st Tennessee Light
Artillery Battalion, Co.E; Private.
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Baker, Jessie Montgomery
b.?; d.?
CSA, 2nd Arkansas Cavalry
Regiment, Co.M; Private.
Married “Mary E.” (b.1850; d.1942).
Weaver Chapel cemetery
(probably in an unmarked grave).

Barns, John F.
b.8/22/1844; d.12/22/1917.
USA, 2nd Arkansas Cavalry
Regiment, Co.L; Private (or as a
“Corporal?"). Enlisted at VanBuren,
AR at age 18 on 10/10/1863.
Married “Lucindy C.” (b.3/24/1864;
Diamond cemetery.

Barnes, Thomas C.
b.1841; d.1918.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married to “Eddie” (b.1873; d.1964).
Marlow city cemetery
(section 1, block 105, lot 5).

Bennight, J. H.
b.3/10/1849; d.9/18/1905.
USA?  or  CSA?
Marlow city cemetery
(section 8, block 2, lot 5).

Benson, Benjamin H.
b.12/15/1832; d.5/5/1906.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Mary A.” (b.1/15/1830;
Dixie Cemetery.

Berry, Columbus M.
b.12/3/1840; d.12/31/1926.
CSA, 29th Mississippi Infantry
Regiment, Co.E; Private.
Enlisted on 3/12/1862; captured
at Lookout Mountain (11/24/1863).
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Blake, Edward
b.about 1840; d.8/22/1905.
Married “Elizabeth T.” (b.9/29/1855;
Loco cemetery.

Blalock, James Robert
b.1846; d.1925.
CSA, 3rd Louisiana Cavalry
Regiment, Co.H.
Married "Louisa A.” (b.1849; d.1931).
Marlow city cemetery
(section 4, block 14, lot 7).

Blewett, William R.
b.12/6/1839; d.2/21/1913.
Married “Mary J.” (8/7/1849;
Old Velma cemetery.

Boatman, Andrew
b.2/4/1845; d.2/16/1911.
CSA, Missouri Cavalry,
Fristoe’s Regiment, Co.C; Private.
Married “Polly” (b. about 1855 in AL;
d.?) about 1865.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 2, block 104, lot 4).

Bounds, Jesse E.
b.2/20/1846; d.5/1/1918.
Married  “Mary Louisa Tyler”
(b.11/3/1848; d.6/21/1917)
about 1866.
Old Fairlawn cemetery (section 4).

Bowmer, Henry Clay
b.11/15/1840; d.1/25/1920.
CSA, 3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment,
Co.C; Private.
Married “Sallie J.” (b.10/20/1846;
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Boyd, Samuel Martin
b.9/3/1844; d.1929.
USA, 47th Missouri Infantry
Regiment, Co.K; Private.
Married "Lucy Annie Dalton"
(b.1848; d.1918) in 1864 in
St. Genevieve Co., MO.
Loco cemetery.

Bradley, John William
b.8/24/1842; d.11/26/1929.
USA, 6th Tennessee Cavalry
Regiment, Co.B; Sergeant.
Enlisted on 4/25/1862.
Married "Kate M. Davidson" (who
died in 1877; married "Amanda
Gilbert Cooper" in 1880.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 3, block 97, lot 8).

Bradshaw, Green W.
b.9/11/1833; d.11/16/1921.
CSA, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment,
Co.D (also "H"?); Private.
Married three times: (1) Emmaline
McNorton (b.?; d.? in TX), (2) Mary
Rebecca Camper (b.?; d.1899) &
(3) Francis Ann Fitzgerald (b.?; d.?).
Loco cemetery (probably an
unmarked grave).

Briscoe, John M., Sr.
b.11/15/1846; 3/4/1923.
Marlow cemetery
(section 2, block 87, lot 2).

Brown, Hiram Thomas
b.9/22/1846;  d.11/18/1888.
Married “Sarah Francis Shaw”
(b.11/17/1852 in Sedalia, MO; d.?).
Old Jackson (Old Scott) cemetery.

Brown, Robert Travis
b.7/28/1844; d.9/?/1915.
CSA, 41st Mississippi Infantry Regiment,
Co.C (or "Field & Staff"); musician.
Second wife was “Anna Staza Kinzer”
(b.12/19/1856 in TN; d.1912).
Duncan city cemetery
(block 2, lot 46, space 5).

Brown, Thomas Pitchlyn
b. 4/8/1842; d.1/4/1930.
CSA, 30th Texas Cavalry Regiment,
Co.K (or perhaps the 10th TX Cav.,
Co.C???); mule driver (teamster).
Married "Cynthia Minerva (Richardson)
Brown" (b.4/3/1847; d. 5/8/1910).
Duncan city cemetery
(block 1, lot 12, space 2).

Bryant, Wylie A.
b.10/4/1844; d.1/11/1928.
Claud cemetery.

Buckholts, William Lafayette (“Fate”)
b.3/8/1847; d.1929.
CSA, 34th Texas Cavalry Regiment,
Co.K (aka: “2nd Texas Partisan
Rangers”). Fought in the battles
of Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, Yellow
Bayou & Marksville.
Married “Annie J. Watkins”
(b.1853; d.1943) on 3/3/1870
in Upshur Co, TX.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 5, lot 64).

Bullard, Elijah Stroud
b.1840; d.1897.
CSA, 22nd TX Cavalry Regiment
(Taylor’s)(aka: 1st Indian-Texas
Regiment), Co.H; Private.
Married “Francis Elizabeth”
(b.1844; d.1930).
Old Velma cemetery.

Burch, Pinson
b.9/12/1840; d.7/31/1902.
CSA, 27th Arkansas Infantry
Regiment (Shaler’s), Co.K; Private.
Was a POW at Rock Island, Illinois.
Married “Diana Jane Mathis”
(b.12/15/1840 in AR; d.4/17/1896)
about 1866 in Marion Co., AR.
Duncan city cemetery (block 5).

Burnes, Thomas J.
b.3/20/1843; d.11/21/1937.
Married “Nancy J.” (b.5/31/1847
in MS; d.9/27/1924) about 1866.
Dixie cemetery.

Bush, A. W.
b.1/10/1833; d.2/23/1913.
CSA, 22nd Virginia Infantry
Regiment, Co.G.
Married “Julia A.” (b. 5/20/1837
in Allegany, VA; d. 1/7/1910).
Proprietor of “Bush Hotel” in Duncan.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 2, lot 75, space 2).

Butts, John Wesley
b.8/15/1840; d.6/27/1919.
Born in Abingdon, Virginia.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Jane” (b.1851; d.1938).
Duncan city cemetery
(block 1, lot 19).

Calhoun, Cloud Barton
b.11/8/1845; d.11/2/1942.
CSA, 2nd Arkansas Cavalry Regiment,
Co.H; Private.
Married “Elizabeth Evans” in 1865;
married "Anna Mae Kiger" in 1908.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 14, block 4, lot 8).

Careathers, Samuel R.
b.12/24/1821 in NC; d.4/7/1911.
Married “Nancy E.” (b.7/28/1835;
d.12/6/1918) about 1855.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 11, block 38, lot 1).

Carpenter, Thomas Howard
b.5/18/1835; d.2/26/1922.
CSA, Texas 9th Light Artillery
Field Battery (aka: Daniel’s Lamar
Artillery), Bugler.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 9, block 2, lot 2).

Carter, Thomas J.
b.1846; d.1922.
Married “Mary A.” (b.1844
in AL; d.1940) about 1868.
Diamond cemetery.

Casey, William John
b.12/3/1839; d.3/6/1932.
CSA, 6th Tennessee Infantry
Regiment, Co. D (or "I"?); 3rd Sgt.
Married “Lucy T. Holt” in 1862.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 16, lot 37, space 1).

Cawley, Patrick A.
b.1/6/1841 in Ireland;
Married “Maggie” (b. about 1862;
d.?) about 1880.
Diamond cemetery.

Chenault, William M.
b.1851 in TN; d.1929.
Married “Mollie Simmons”
(b.1850 in AL; d.1933) about 1903.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 1, block 19, lot 5).

Chumley, Daniel R.
b.10/8/1844; d.10/28/1908.
USA, 6th Illinois Cavalry Regiment,
Co.C; Corporal.
Enlisted on 10/24/1862.
Married "Catherine."
Loco cemetery.

Clark, Jonathan L.
b.12/22/1840; d.2/19/1913.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Amanda E.”
(b.11/30/1844;  d.1/13/1923).
Duncan city cemetery
(block 2, lot 68).

Clark, Marshall N.
b.1848; d.5/26/1944.
CSA, Mississippi Regulars, Co.Q.
Married “Emma” (b.1856 in MS;
d.1919) about 1874.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 1, lot 54, space 4).

Cloninger, Thomas F.
b.8/27/1835; d.10/7/1918.
USA, 1st Nebraska (Cavalry &
Infantry) Regiment, Co.K; Private.
Enlisted in 9/1861 and was
discharged in 12/1865.
Married “Agnus” (b.12/27/1832;
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Clyburn, ____
b.?;  d.?
USA?  or  CSA?
Duncan city cemetery.

Clyburn, John Henry
b.12/8/1837; d.10/14/1916.
CSA, 7th South Carolina Infantry
(Nelson's) Battalion ("Enfield Rifles"),
Co.A; Sergeant.
Married his second cousin, “Julia A.”
(b.3/24/1842; d.10/21/1939) on
Old Fairlawn cemetery (section 4).

Compton, James Henry
b.1835; d.1928.
CSA, 20th Arkansas Infantry
Regiment, Co.C.
Married “Mira Ellen Bean” (b.1843
in Adair County, KY; d.1920) in 1868.
Claud cemetery.

Cook, William A.
b.1/11/1839 in AL; d.3/19/1918.
Married “N. E.” (b.10/23/1840 in
MO; d.6/12/1921) about 1861.
Rock Creek cemetery (block 2, # 24).

Cornwell, George E.
b.1/9/1847; d.8/2/1921.
Married “Margaret M.” (b.1/17/1847
in NC; d.10/20/1931) about 1872.
Duncan city cemetery.

Covington, William
b.6/4/1845; d.12/25/1919.
Buried either in: (a) Duncan
city cemetery (block 8) or
(b) in the Sandy Bear (Winter)
cemetery (“William E. Covington” -
b.8/16/1842; d.6/13/1920).

Cox, Joseph F.
b.1841; d.1923.
USA, 53rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry
Regiment, Co.H; Private.
Married “Mary A.” (b.1842 in TX;
d.1911) about 1877.
Duncan city cemetery (block 8, lot 15).

Creel, Anthony
b.9/13/1833; d.6/11/1917.
CSA, 9th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment,
Co.D; Private.
Enlisted in 5/1862; paroled 5/22/1865.
First served in the CSA, 17th Mississippi
Cavalry, Co.E,F which later formed part
of the CSA, 9th Mississippi Cavalry.
Married “Nancy” (b.4/27/1842;
Dixie cemetery.

Crotts, John Issac
b.1846; d.1931.
Married “Rachel Paralee” (b.1847
in TN; d.1928) about 1870.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 3, block 83, lot 6).

Darnell, Franklin L.
b.1/5/1824; d.12/2/1911.
Married “Malisia A.” (b.1/24/1851
in AL; d.3/21/1915) about 1870.
Duncan city cemetery.

Davis, John
b.1/13/1837; d.10/17/1915.
Married “America” (b.5/28/1851;
d.4/4/1901).USA?  or  CSA?
Duncan city cemetery
(block 6, lot 46).

Davis, Matthew Jackson (“Uncle Jack”)
b.7/31/1840; d.1/29/1917.
CSA, 19th Mississippi Infantry
Regiment, Co.K; Sergeant.
Enlisted at Baldwyn, MS on
3/19/1861. Taken prisoner at
Spotsylvania in 5/1864. Taken to
Ft. Delaware. Released from Ft.
Delaware on 5/31/1865.
Married "Eliza Flippin"
(b.3/19/1854; d.8/28/1936)
in 1872.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 7, lot 113, space 2).

DeLung, William A.
b.12/5/1840; d.1903.
CSA, 24th Virginia Infantry
Regiment, Co.D.
Enlisted on 6/11/1861. Detailed to
Commissary Dept. on 6/20/1863
(just two weeks before his regiment
was decimated in Pickett’s charge at
Gettysburg). Wounded in an arm at
Drewry's Bluff on 5/16/1864 and
admitted to Chimborazo (a hospital
in Richmond, VA) on the same date.
Furloughed on 5/27/1864.
Married "Emma Wells" on 8/5/1865.
Old Fairlawn (Comanche).

Derr, William Prior
b.10/15/1838; d.3/13/1908.
CSA, 4th Arkansas Infantry
Regiment, Co.C.
Enlisted on 8/17/1861. Wounded in
a hand and in the chest at the Battle
of  Elk Horn Tavern.
Married "Catherine" (b.1844;
d.1933) on 6/6/1860.
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Dill, Elijah O.
b.2/4/1843; d.3/12/1923.
CSA, 14th Texas Cavalry Regiment,
Co.H; Private.
Enlisted on 3/1/1862; surrendered
on 5/31/1865.
Married “Martha M. [Huckaby]
Dill” (b.6/9/1865; d.3/21/1936).
Marlow city cemetery
(section 11, block 66, lot 5).

Dobbs, Issac Denton
b.1/1/1840; d.8/6/1917.
USA, 58th Illinois Infantry Regiment,
Co. I; drummer.
Mustered in 5/31/1862. Transferred
to 68th Illinois Inf., Co.D for three
months. Honorably discharged on
10/23/1862 due to a “fever, which
caused head and eye problems.”
Enrolled in Olney, IL on 3/4/1865 as
a Private in the 58th Illinois Inf., Co.I
and was discharged at Nashville, TN
on 3/3/1866.
Married three times ("Phebe," "Blanch
A." & "Addie Bradley").
Denton cemetery.

Dotson, Abner C.
b.12/20/1844; d.12/15/1925.
USA, “Osage County Missouri
Volunteers, Capt. Hart’s Co.”
Marlow cemetery
(section 11, block 29, lot 6;
an unmarked grave).

Dunn, John N.
b.3/27/1843;  d.9/25/1927.
USA?  or  CSA?
Marlow city cemetery
(section 3, block 49, lot 1).

Dysart, William Allen
b.1832; d.? (buried 11/4/1910).
CSA, 4th Tennessee Cavalry
(McLemore’s) Regiment, Co.D.
Married “Elizabeth” (b.5/3/1835;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 6, block 23, lot 8).

Elliott, Sanford
b.12/15/1822; d.1/27/1910.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Mary E.”  (b.12/18/1842;
Hope cemetery.

Evans, John H.
b.1847; d.1928.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Mary C.” (b.1853; d.1937).
Duncan city cemetery
(block 13, lot 31, space 3).

Farris, Thomas
b.1/14/1841; d.9/20/1925.
CSA, 2nd Texas Cavalry Regiment
[Martin's], Co.A, Private.
Enlisted on 3/1/1862 in Grayson Co.,
TX. Transferred to the 2nd TX Cavalry
from the 16th Texas Cavalry
[Fitzhugh's], Co.G.
Married "Minerva” (b.3/21/1850;
d.12/28/1932) about 1870.
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Featherston, George W.
b.11/5/1829;  d.10/??/1903.
USA?  or  CSA?
Marlow city cemetery
(section 7, block 33, lot 6).

Fincher, Elias William
b.4/13/1839; d.12/19/1916.
CSA, 43rd GA Infantry Regiment,
Co.I, Private.
Enlisted on 5/6/1862 at Cummings,
GA. Captured on 7/4/1863; paroled
at Vicksburg, MS on 7/16/1863. Last
roll of Co.I. on file (2/29/1864) shows
him present. Wounded in leg in
skirmish near Resaca, GA.
Married “Nancy Melvina Davis”
(b.4/31/1841 in GA; d.11/2/1923)
about 1858.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 12, block 26, lot 3).

Fisher, Napoleon Bonapart
b.3/17/1840; d.11/13/1925.
CSA, 5th TX Partisan Rangers (Martin's
Regiment) Cavalry, Co.C. Enlisted on
7/10/1862 in McKinney, TX.
Married “Nancy Eliza Regan” in 1865.
Oak Grove cemetery # 1.

Floyd, Willie D.
b.6/27/1840; d.4/13/1921.
CSA, 2nd North Carolina Cavalry
(19th State Troops Vol. Regiment),
Co.E, Corporal. Enlisted in Wilson Co.,
NC on 6/17/1861 "for the war."
Appointed Corporal in 1/1862.
Discharged on 9/24/1863.
Married third wife “Sallie Green Reid”
(b.9/20/1872]; d.5/20/1950) on
8/7/1890 in St. Jo., TX.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 8, lot 11, space 5).

Flurry, William Edward
b.1839 or 1840;  d.3/12/1937.
CSA, 17th Arkansas Infantry
Regiment, Co.B.
Enlisted on 1/20/1862 in Sebastian
Co., AR. Married three times:
(1) “Elizabeth Ann Brewer” (b.1850;
d.1926), (2) “Sarah Anna Eliza
Crabtree” ( 1840’s in AR; d.?)
and (3) “Catherine ___.”
Marlow city cemetery
(section 3, block 112, lot 7).

Forbes, Alexander
b.7/25/1837; d.6/17/1914.
USA, 22nd Illinois Infantry
Regiment, Co.I; Private.
Born in Ireland.  Taken prisoner at
the battle of Chickamauga on
9/19/1863. Mustered out of service
on 1/18/1865.
Married “Mary Ann” (b.12/21/1845;
d.10/8/1917) about 1872.
Diamond cemetery.

Foreman, John S.
b.1839; d.1913.
Married “Nancy” (b.1843; d.1923).
Duncan city cemetery
(block 8, lot 37).

Fowler, Miles W.
b.4/7/1844; d.5/2/1912.
Married “Emily Jane” (b.3/28/1849
in TN; d.6/2/1947) about 1874.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 6, lot 13).

Friels, James H.
b.4/25/1842; d.12/9/1916.
Married his second wife “Florence
(Webb) Friels” (b.9/26/1865 in IL;
d.5/17/1930) about 1886
(her second marriage, too).
Dixie Cemetery.

Gamblin, John H.
b.2/17/1844; d.7/8/1923.
CSA, 4th Georgia Cavalry Regiment,
Enlisted in spring 1863 and served till
end of war.
Married “Elizabeth Ann”
(b.10/15/1852; d.1/18/1928).
A brother-in-law to Brinkley Jones
(another CW veteran buried in
Stephens County, OK.  Gave the
land for Tucker School and
the Tucker Cemetery.
Tucker cemetery.

Garrett, Spilly C.
b.?; d.?
CSA, 37th Texas Cavalry Regiment, Co.I
(aka: “Terrell's TX Cavalry Regiment”);
Private. Enlisted on 8/21/1863.
York cemetery.

Gee, Lewis R.
b.4/11/1844; d.1/31/1903.
CSA, 1st Missouri Cavalry Regiment,
Sandy Bear (Winter) cemetery.

Gentry, John M.
b.12/19/1827; d.1904.
CSA, 18th Texas Cavalry Regiment,
Enlisted on 3/1/1862(?) at Dallas, TX.
Alma cemetery.

Gibbons, John
b.5/18/1839; d.2/9/1918.
USA, 7th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery,
farrier (or “black”).
Married “Nancy Perlina Minerva
Marshall” (b.3/6/1842 in IN;
d.3/22/1933) on 3/2/1862.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 8, lot 73, space 5).

Gibbs, J. C.
b.6/15/1841; d.2/8/1925.
CSA, 1st Arkansas Cavalry Battalion
(Stirman’s), Co.D. Enlisted on
10/26/1861 in Fayetteville, AR.
“Confederate Veteran” inscribed
on headstone.
Married “Sarah L.” (b.7/19/1845;
Loco cemetery.

Gibson, J. P.
b.10/1832; d.7/1924.
USA?  or  CSA?
Marlow city cemetery
(section 11, block 53, lot 8).

Goodwin, Arthur B.
b. 12/28/1838; d. 1/28/1912.
CSA, 13th Mississippi Infantry
Regiment, Co.K (or "H"?).
Present at the battles of First
Manassas (First Bull Run), Savage
Station, Malvern Hill, Sharpsburg &
Fredericksburg. Ffractured a hip and
got pneumonia at some point and
was absent for the remainder of the
Denton cemetery.

Gragg, Alexander R.
b.3/8/1847; d.5/21/1924.
Old Fairlawn cemetery (K4 North).

Graham, James Perry
b.11/14/1844; d.1920.
CSA, Bourland’s Texas Cavalry Regiment,
Co.D; Private.
Married “Dorothy Elizabeth” (b.1848;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 12, block 2, lot 4).

Gray, James Madison
b.12/29/1846; d.3/27/1935.
Married “Anney Elizabeth”
(b.5/28/1866 in MS; d.12/23/1950)
about 1887.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 9, block 29, lot 3).

Green, William
b.about 1845; d.?
CSA, 7th Texas, Co.I (Cavalry? or
Married “Martha M.” (b.1856; d.?)
about 1877.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 10, lot 63, space 3).

Grooms, John D.
b.9/1842; d.1922.
CSA, 12th Alabama Cavalry, Co.I;
Duncan city cemetery
(block 4, lot 48, space 4).

Hamersley, Jacob ("Jake")
b. about 1820?; d. 6/13/1905.
USA, 91st Indiana Infantry
Regiment, Co.C.
Duncan city cemetery.

Hansell, John W.
b.7/1/1843; d.2/15/1923.
CSA, 3rd Missouri Infantry, Co.H,
Enlisted in 12/1861; transferred
in 6/1862 to the 3rd Battery of
the Missouri Light Artillery.
Married “Mary E.” (b.12/18/1841;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 14, block 3, lot 2).

Harris, _____
b.?; d?
USA?  or  CSA?
Duncan city cemetery
(block 2, lot 55).

Harris, John Wilson
b.9/17/1830; d.3/24/1926.
USA?  or  CSA?.
Married “Margaret Melvena”
(b.1/9/1832; d.11/13/1924).
Marlow city cemetery
(section 11, block 78,85, lot 9).

Hayes, David Madison
b.3/1/1840; d.6/12/1903. 
CSA, 23rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment,
Co.?; Private.
Married "Mary Ann Boatwright"
(b.10/23/1845; d.8/28/1931).
Duncan Cemetery.

Hilderbrand, Benjamin F.
b.8/2/1844; d.5/31/1914.
CSA, 29th Mississippi Infantry
Regiment, Co.I.
Old Fairlawn cemetery (C-34-1).

Hill, Charles C.
b.12/21/1842; d.10/9/1937.
USA, 108th Ohio Infantry Regiment?
Married “Martha Ann Cox”
(b.4/23/1849; d.2/21/1939).
Marlow city cemetery
(section 2, block 76, lot 5).

Hollabaugh, John Archibald
b.12/9/1838; d.5/8/1928.
CSA, 45th Arkansas Militia, Co.C;
1st Lieutenant  &  the CSA, 32nd
Arkansas Infantry Regiment, Co.A;
1st Lt.
His first wife (“Sarah J. Boyd”
(b.6/11/1842 in Wiley’s Cove
{now known as “Leslie”}, Searcy Co.,
AR), whom he had married in 1856,
died during the Civil War. He learned
of this on his return home at the end
of the war. John married a second
time - “Sarah Elizabeth Cash”
(b.8/4/1848 in AR; d.2/23/1922)
about 1867.
Dixie cemetery.

Horne, William S.
b.12/29/1840; d.8/27/1903.
USA? or  CSA?
Married “P. B.”
Marlow city cemetery
(section 10, block 19, lot 2).

Horton, E. P.
b.11/30/1845; d.2/13/1895.
USA?  or  CSA?
Marlow city cemetery
(section 7, block 34, lot 3).

Jackson, Issac L.
b.2/18/1834; d.1/1/1900.
USA?  or  CSA?
Marlow city cemetery
(section 12, block 39, lot 1).

Jackson, Webster
b.about 1831; d.?
Dixie cemetery, perhaps?

James, John W.
b.1837;  d.1914.
CSA, McBride’s Missouri Infantry.
Married  “Sarah F.” (b.1850 in KY;
d.1934) about 1867.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 2, lot 55, space 1).

Jenkins, J. S.
b.10/14/1826; d.5/26/1893.
USA?  or  CSA?
Marlow city cemetery
(section 9, block 16, lot 2).

Johnson, _____
b. ?; d.?
USA?  or  CSA?
Duncan city cemetery (block 7, lot 70;
in an unmarked grave.

Johnson, George D.
b.1846; d.1918.
Married “Mattie J.” (b.1887
in Indian Territory; d.?)
about 1885.
Diamond cemetery.

Johnson, George Wesley
b.about 1847; d.?
Marlow city cemetery
(block 7A, lot 6).

Johnson, Jacob C.
b.1841; d.3/20/1918.
Married “Laura” (b.about 1851 in AL;
d.?) about 1906 (the second marriage for
Duncan city cemetery
(block 6, lot 59, space 2
in an unmarked grave).

Johnson, Jesse W.
b.1850; d.1932.
CSA, 14th Texas Cavalry Regiment, Co.B; Private.
Enlisted on 12/19/1861; paroled on
5/11/1865 at Meridian, Mississippi.
Captured at Spanish Fort, Alabama on
4/15/1865, imprisoned at Ship Island
then moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi in
May and paroled in 1865."
Married “Louisa A.” (b.1853; d.1940).
Dixie cemetery.

Johnson, Moses
b.5/24/1839;  d.1/7/1907.
USA, 98th Illinois Mounted Infantry,
Co.H, wagoneer.
Married “Margaret P.” (b.7/3/1846;
Duncan city cemetery
(block 7, space 6).

Johnson, Robert W.
b.8/30/1844; d.4/16/1914.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Martha J.” (b.1/10/1845;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 4, block 36, lot 3).

Johnston, David Andrew
b.9/13/1844;  d.8/28/1910.
USA, 17th Kentucky Cavalry, Co.B.
Mustered in on 12/3/1864 at Russelville,
KY for 1 year. Mustered out on 9/20/1865
at Louisville, KY.
Married “Mary Ann Bumpass”
(b.1/22/1852 in KY; d - ?) about 1868.
Duncan city cemetery (block 6).

Johnston, John A.
b.6/8/1832; d.10/10/1899.
USA, 1st Arkansas Cavalry, Co.L.
Enlisted on  5/20/1864.
Married “Sarah” on 6/29/1899.
Tucker cemetery.

Jones, _____
b.?; d.?
USA?  or  CSA?
Duncan city cemetery (block 2, lot 70).

Jones, Brinkley W.
b.10/??/1836; d.?
CSA, “Stewart’s Black Horse Cavalry.”
Married “Mildred Barnes” (b.about 1837
in SC; d.?) about 1852.
Tucker cemetery.

Jones, James F.
b.11/2/1837; d. 3/28/1891.
CSA, 59th TN Mounted Infantry
(Cooke's; Eakin's 1st Battalion), Co.C.
Married “Emily Jane Crawford
Burleson” (b.10/15/1842 in Wapello
Co., IA; d.6/4/1922).
Mountain Grove cemetery.

Jones, John Gandy
b.5/30/1849; d.6/26/1931.
Married “Elizabeth P.” (b.6/10/1852
in GA; d.9/4/1933) about 1872.
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Jones, James William
b.4/25/1847; d.11/11/1925.
CSA, 23rd Arkansas Infantry
Regiment, Co.?
Dixie cemetery.

Jones, William Star
b.1/2/1841; d.1/??/1930.
CSA, 34th Texas Cavalry (Alexander’s)
Regiment (aka: “2nd Texas Partisan
Rangers”), Co.B.
Enlisted on 6/27/1862 and was listed
as present on the last muster roll of
the company on file (Jan./Feb.1864).
Marlow city cemetery
(section 5, block 25, lot 8).

Kendrick, William F.
b.1844; d.1916.
Marlow city cemetery.

Kincannon, William Perry K.
b.11/25/1835; d.6/6?/1906.
CSA, Texas State Troops, 1st Frontier
District, Wise County, TX, Co.B, 2nd
Married “Sarrah E.” (b.9/22/1845;
Duncan city cemetery
(block 5, lot 25).

King, Leprelete A.
b.?; d.?
USA, 5th Iowa Infantry, Co.A,
First name spelled as “Lefrrelitte” in
some military records. Military
roster records indicate: “Residence
Cedar County, nativity Rhode Island.
Enlisted on 6/24/1861. Mustered in
on 7/15/1861; discharged for
disability on 4/14/1864 in
Davenport, Iowa.
Old Duncan cemetery.

Lee, Joseph V.
b.1830; d.?
CSA, 13th Kentucky Cavalry, Co.H.
Marlow city cemetery.
Married “Mary Elizabeth” (b.4/7/1830;
(section 10, block 4, lot 7).

Legg, E. J.
b.1834; d.1930.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Annie” (b.1847; d.1918).
Old Fairlawn cemetery (K4).

Lewis, George W.
b.1/10/1839; d.1/3/1931.
CSA, 20th Texas Infantry Regiment
(Elmore's), Co.G, Captain.
Old Fairlawn (Comanche) cemetery
(K4 – center).

Lewis, Loren Walton
b.2/5/1845; d.12/23/1914.
USA, 84th Illinois Infantry, Co.E,
Enlisted on 7/25/1862. Mustered out on
Married “Mary A. Keep” (b.6/25/1864;
d.2/15/1935) on 3/31/1891.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 7, lot 117, space 5).

Lewis, Willis H.
b.2/20/1843; d.2/17/1915.
CSA, 35th Arkansas Infantry, Co.E.
Enlisted at Mount Comfort, AR on
Marlow city cemetery.

Lilly, John Albert
b.11/9/1845; d.6/12/1918.
USA?  or  CSA?
Marlow city cemetery.
(section 10, block 25, lot 5)

Lindsey, Dixon M.
b.1846; d.2/9/1912.
CSA, 14th Arkansas Infantry
(McCarver’s), Co.A.
Enlisted on 9/1/1861 at “age 17.”
Discharged 11/11/1861 for disability.
Married  his second wife “Sara E.”
(b. about 1852 in AR; d.2/27/1912)
about 1872.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 9, block 7, lot 2).

Lindsey, W. B.
b.10/2/1846; d.4/4/1926.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Bettie E.” (b.5/14/1854;
d. 2/22/1908).
Duncan city cemetery
(block 5, lot 62).

Livingston, Hiram E.
b. 1811; d.1895.
CSA, 1st Missouri Infantry,
Co.H; Private.
Served in the 2d Seminole War.
During the Civil War he was a member
of Co.H, 1st Missouri Infantry, CSA.
Engaged at Shiloh and spent his entire
military duty in the TransMississippi
Campaign, spending over a year in
Camp Ford, Texas, as a POW. His son,
Samuel E. Livingston, served in the
USA, 43d Indiana Infantry Regiment.
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Lowe, George T.
b.1842; d.1893.
USA? or  CSA?
Married “Mary” (b.10/29/1842;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 6, block 20, lot 1).

Lowery, Marion Jackson
b.9/14/1834; d.1/13/1917.
CSA, 12th Texas Cavalry, Co.K; Private.
Enlisted on 3/17/1862.
Married to “Martha E.” (b.9/8/1845;
Weaver Chapel cemetery.

Lumpkin, John Houston
b.1848; d.1921.
CSA, Schnabel's Battalion, Missouri
Cavalry, Co.C; Private.
"Surrendered with Thomson's Brigade
at Jacksonport in 4/1865."
Hope Cemetery.

Mabry, David P.
b.1847; d.1925.
CSA, 12th Mississippi Cavalry, Co.F
(aka: "Armistead's Regiment” &
aka: “16th Conf. Cavalry"), Private.
Enlisted on 2/1/1864. Captured at
Rome, GA on 11/13/1864 and
released from Camp Douglas, IL
on 6/17/1865.
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Maddox, William M.
b.1/5/1837; d.3/3/1921.
CSA, 31st Texas Cavalry, Co.C (“Gano’s
Brigade” inscribed on headstone).
Married “Lizzie E.” [“Leana E.”]
(b.1847 in IL; d.1930) about 1865.
Then married “Lucy Ann McClung”
(b. about 1843 in MS; d?) on
2/15/1860 in Grayson County, TX.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 14, block 10, lot 5).

Mathes, William M.
b.4/10/1833; d.10/28/1923.
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Maynard, James A.
b.about 1842; d.?
A grandson says he served in CSA,
TN Infantry and was wounded in the
foot during the war. A wild guess -
could this be the "James S. Maynard"
who served in the 44th (Consolidated)
Infantry, Co.I???
Weavers Chapel cemetery.

McAlister, Sam M.
b.3/1/1845 in MS; d.8/31/1914.
CSA (according to 1910 census).
Marlow city cemetery
(section 11, block 73, lot 5).

McCaulley, William Jaspar
b.8/23/1845; d.4/2/1925.
CSA, 13th Texas Infantry Regiment,
Enlisted in 1863  and served until
the war was over.
Married "Elizabeth Smith"
(b.9/14/1848 in TX; d.7/15/1928)
on 7/5/1865 in Corsicana, TX.
Old Velma cemetery.

McDaniel, Evander V.
b.12/25/1841; 9/29/1928.
CSA, Texas’ Waul’s Legion, Co.F.
Married “Miranda Jane McCarthy
Harwell” (b.8/8/1843 in MS;
d.1/13/1926) in 1863.
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

McDonald, John J.
b.1823; d.1921.
CSA, 22nd Texas Cavalry, Co.G
(aka: 1st Indian Texas Cavalry
Regiment"?), Private.
Enlisted on 12/17/1861.
Transferred to "Capt. Scandland's
Co.A, Well-Reg., Texas Cavalry").
Detached as a teamster in the
Choctaw Nation on 1/23/1865.
Married “Martha M.”
Sandy Bear (Winter) cemetery.

McGaughy, J. S.
b.4/27/1827; 7/6/1908.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Mary” (b.12/20/1831;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 10, block 7, lot 1).

McHenry, J. W.
b.?; d.?
CSA, 1st Arkansas Infantry
(Colquitt’s), Co.I.
Married “Elizabeth” (b.1847; d.1938).
Burial location unknown to me
(perhaps Alma Cemetery?).

McLain, George W.
b.12/9/1845; d.5/13/1922.
USA, 5th Tennessee Mounted
Infantry, Co.F.
Hope cemetery.

McLaughlin, John L.
b.11/14/1842; d.5/5/1926.
CSA, 23rd Texas Cavalry Regiment
("Green's Division"), Co.E.
Married “S. J.” (b.10/26/1851;
Duncan city cemetery (block 7, lot 30).

McMasters, Jesse Kivit
b.7/13/1840?; d.11/6/1906.
CSA, 32nd Tennessee Infantry
Regiment, Co.H, Private.
May have also served in the CSA,
2nd TN Mounted Infantry, Co.I, Sgt.
(enlisted on 12/15/1863; discharged
on 1/21/1865).
Married “Sarah Dobbins” (b.1842 in
Lawrence Co., TN; d.1886 in
Farmersville, TX [Collin Co., TX]).
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Middleton, John Y.
b.3/29/182?; d.5/5/1900.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married "Mollie M." (b.10/7/1830;
Duncan city cemetery (block 6, lot E).

Miller, Joshua
b.2/22/1843; d.12/26/1928.
CSA, 15th Texas Cavalry Regiment, Co.B.
Marlow city cemetery.

Miller, Thomas J.
b.1834; d.8/8/1913.
Married “Susan” (b.1/15/1837;
d.1/7/1905). Married again about
1906 to “Hulda J.” (b. about 1854
in OH; d.?).
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Mitchell, James Anderson
b.1/6/1840; d.4/8/1923.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Bettie E.” (b.1/3/1850;
Marlow city cemetery.

Mitchell, Samuel Houston
b.1845; d.9/24/1922.
CSA, probably served in 13th Texas
Cavalry Regiment, Co.E.
Married “Martha” (b.1848 in TX;
d.2/22/1920) about 1867.
Owens Prairie cemetery.

Mitchell, William Billy
b.1840; d.1909.
CSA, 35th Texas Cavalry
Regiment, Co.D.
Mountain Grove cemetery.

Monroe, W. M. A.
b.10/17/1839; d.12/29/1893.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married "Charity A." (b.1/25/1849;
Duncan city cemetery
(block 7, lot 77, space 3).

Moody, James A.
b.2/10/1850; d.8/18/1912.
CSA, 5th Mississippi Infantry
Regiment, Co.C.
Enlisted on 7/31/1861 and
surrendered on 5/6/1865).
Married “Amanda E.”
(b.7/2/1850; d.11/11/1935).
Dixie cemetery.

Mooney, David Butler
b.3/6/1836; d.8/15/1891.
CSA, 5th North Carolina Cavalry
Battalion., Co.C, Sergeant.
Enlisted on 7/8/1862 "for the war."
Mustered in as a Sergeant. Present or
accounted for until transferred to
Co.H, 65th Regiment NC Troops
(aka: 6th Regiment NC Cavalry)
on 8/3/1863.
Married "Sarah Elizabeth Queen."
Old Velma cemetery
in an unmarked grave.

Morgan, Roland Cornelius
b.6/?/1835; d.1928.
CSA, 37th Georgia Infantry Regiment,
Co.I, Private.
Enlisted on 8/31/1861.  Transferred
from 3rd Battalion to the 37th GA
Infantry on 5/6/1863. Captured
near Atlanta, GA on 8/7/1864.
Released from Camp Chase, OH on
Married “Sarah Vienna Blalock”
(b.2/25/1843 in GA; d.3/26/1923)
on 12/13/1857 near Carrollton, GA.
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Morgan, William H.
b.5/17/1844;  d.4/6/1927.
CSA, 2nd Georgia Cavalry,
Co.I, Corporal.
Married “L. M.” (9/6/1846;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 2, block 18, lot 5).

Morris, Thad
b.?; d.?
USA, 44th U.S. __ Volunteer Infantry.
Duncan city cemetery (block 7).

Morton, John Spencer, Sr.
b.?; d.1929.
USA?  or  CSA?
Duncan city cemetery
(block 3, lot 9, space 6).

Newman, Richard Lafayette
b.4/1/1844; d.8/3/1927.
USA, 4th Tennessee Mounted
Infantry ___, Co.?
Old Velma cemetery.

Newman, Stingley E.
b.1836; d.12/12/1926.
USA, 7th Ohio Independent Battery
Light Artillery.
Married “Olive” (b.4/20/1842 in WV;
d.11/23/1919) about 1869.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 3, lot 47, space 6).

Nials, Andrew J.
b.10/5/1848; d.10/5/1935.
USA, 48th Missouri Infantry __, Co.K.
Also served in the 50th Missouri
Infantry, Co.G.
Married “Louisa J.” (b.4/7/1858;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 11, block 82, lot 2).

Nicholson, Wylie P.
b.9/27/1845; d.3/21/1913.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Mannie J.” (b.12/10/1855;
Duncan city cemetery (block 6, lot 56).

Nigh, Jonathan Cook
b.5/29/1837; d.7/10/1916.
USA, 4th Missouri Militia, Co.H & the
44th Missouri Militia, Co.F,H.
Married “Martha Ann (Williams) Nigh"
(b.8/20/1841 in Grundy Co., MO;
d.9/29/1931) in 4/1858 in MO.
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Owings, William Preston
b.?; d.? (probably before 1915).
CSA, 2nd Missouri Infantry
Regiment, Co.D.
Married “Hattie Ann” (b.1851; d.1935).
Hope cemetery.

Palmer, George A.
b.11/15/1841; d.1/3/1929.
Married “Martha E.” (b.2/7/1844 in
OH; d.7/23/1924) about 1862.
Old Fairlawn cemetery (K4-South).

Payne, T.F.M.
b.6/1/1840; d.12/15/1898.
CSA, Harris’ Mississippi Regiment.
Dixie cemetery.

Pearson, Adolphus A.
b.1848; d.?
USA, 2nd North Carolina Mounted
Infantry, Co.F.
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Peck, James Henry
b.6/30/1830; d.3/22/1897.
CSA, 65th Georgia Infantry, Co.C.
Married "Mary Elizabeth Dodd"
(b.11/1/1832 in GA; d.7/11/1900).
First served as a Private in Smith’s Legion,
GA Infantry Battalion (mustered in on
5/15/1862). Transferred to 65th GA
Infantry Regiment, Co.C in 3/1863
when Smith’s Legion was merged into,
and formed the core of, the 65th GA
Infantry. "Joined from desertion” on
9/26/1863 (just a few days after the
battle of Chickamauga) and was
“placed under arrest.” Reported
absent due to sickness on 8/31/1864.
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Peel, Wilburn Fred
b.1839; d.1913.
CSA, 1st Arkansas Mounted
Riflemen, Co.K.
Enlisted on 8/11/1861 in Oak Hills,
MO. Listed as deserted on 6/2/1863.
Later enlisted in the 46th Arkansas
Mounted Infantry, Co.B in
Independence Co., AR.  Paroled on
6/5/1865 at Jacksonport, AR.
Married one time at time of 1910
OK census. Married “Mary E.”
(b.1/4/1850 in AL; d.1/6/1939)
about 1870.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 8, lot 67, space 4).

Perkins, Radford
b.12/6/1845; d.8/23/1924.
CSA, 7th Georgia Cavalry Battalion
(State Guards); Co.A; Private.
Married “Lizzie Lee” in Cook Co.,
TX in 1889.
Sandy Bear (Winter) cemetery.

Peters, Elijah
b.?; d.?.
CSA, Texas Infantry, 1st Btn.
(State Troops), Co.A (headstone
reads “1 TX Inf. Co.A”).
Duncan city cemetery (block 7).

Pettigrew, William C.
b.1846; d.1923.
CSA, Boland’s Texas Cavalry.
Married “Mary N.” (b.1851; d.1931).
Duncan city cemetery (block 8).

Phillips, John W.
b.about 1845; d.?
CSA, 15th Arkansas Infantry (N.W.;
Hobbs’-Boones’) Regiment, Co.F.
Enlisted at Bentonville, AR on
10/1/1861; captured at Vicksburg,
MS on 7/4/1863. Paroled on
Married “Sabrina J.” (b.about
1847 in TX; d.?) about 1870.
Corum cemetery.

Pilgrim, Robert Lawrence
b.3/8/1824; d.3/23/1919.
CSA, 7th Georgia Infantry Regiment,
Co.H; Private.
Enlisted on 5/31/1861, at Atlanta,
GA. on 7/17/1861.
Married "Mary Ann Waters" (b.?;
d. between 1880-1888) on
12/20/1849 in Cherokee, Georgia.
Married "Mary Anne Hodges in 1888
(b. about 1827; d. ? (one source –
8/4/1929 in “Bethany,” OK).
Marlow city cemetery
(section 12, block 83, lot 3).

Pinchback, James Howard
b.8/24/1843; d.6/1/1919.
CSA, 8th Texas Cavalry (Terry’s
Texas Rangers), Co.K.
Married “Missouri Juliette”
(b.3/28/1849 in Fraispoint, MS;
d.3/24/1924 in Lawton, OK) on
11/3/1869 in Montgomery Co., TX.
Fathered at least 9 children between
1870-1891. He enlisted on 9/7/1861
at Houston, TX. Listed on all known
rolls for the regiment.
Marlow city cemetery.

Pollard, Samuel Edward
b.1839; d.1926.
Married “Lavina Parlee May Pollard”
(b.about 1862 in AR; d.?) about 1877.
Old Velma cemetery.

Powers, George W.
b.4/12/1841; d.1/17/1922.
Married “Hannah” (b.5/7/1845 in KY;
d.3/5/1922) about 1866.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 7, lot 78, space 2).

Price, Ruben L.
b.4/14/1843; d.4/16/1920.
CSA, 9th Louisiana Infantry, Co.C, Private.
Enlisted as a single man on 3/10/1862 at
Mt. Lebanon, LA. Wounded in action on
12/13/1862 at Fredericksburg.
Surrendered at Citronville, on 5/4/1864
and was paroled at Jackson, MS on
Marlow city cemetery.

Proctor, John Haywood
b.1/9/1843; d.2/10/1908.
CSA, Sergeant.
Married "Ruth Jane" (b.1849; d.1925).
Dixie cemetery.

Pruitt, William Franklin
b.6/30/1847; d.4/28/1920.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Malinda Victoria”
(b.7/22/1855; d.8/27/1896).
Duncan city cemetery
(block 5, lot 50).

Qualls, Robert H. (“Bobgate”)
b.12/29/1846; d.1/27/1929.
USA, 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry,
Co.D (also possibly Co.E), Private.
Also served in the USA, 8th Tennessee
Mounted Infantry, too (perhaps Co.C?).
Married “Sarah Elizabeth ‘Babe’ Austin
Qualls” (b.4/13/1848; d.1/13/1929).
Marlow city cemetery.

Ranes, Marmon M.
b.1840; d.1930.
Married “Sarah C.” (b.1844 in TX;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 6, block 15).

Ray, George W.
b.8/14/1846; d.6/17/1917.
USA?  or  CSA?
Marlow city cemetery
(section 6, block 34, lot 1).

Ray, William H.
b.10/2/1844; d.8/18/1925.
CSA, 3rd Battalion, South Carolina
Light Artillery (Palmetto Battalion;
aka: Captain Campbell's Company,
1st, McCreary's Regiment, South
Carolina Infantry), Co.A; Private.
Enlisted 8/15/1861 at age 16 and
served throughout the war.
Married “Clementine”
(b.11/18/1854 in SC;
d.2/27/1922) about 1886.
Marlow city cemetery.

Reed, Bartley H.
b.1839; d.3/19/1913.
USA, 29th Missouri Infantry
Regiment, Co.E.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 12, block 69, lot 4).

Reid, Wallace
b.1843; d.1932.
CSA, Tennessee Light Artillery,
John W. Morton’s Co.
Married “Fannie V. Nee Kinnard”
(b.8/28/1844; d.3/5/1907).
Duncan city cemetery (block 6).

Reynolds, Henry Taylor
b.8/16/1847; d.3/25/1910.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Martha E.” (born in GA
about 1856).
Old Fairlawn cemetery

Reynolds, M. C.
b.3/8/1839; d.9/11/1918.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “N. E.” (b. 10/8/1847;
Duncan city cemetery
(block 6, lot 56).

Ritchie, Able W.
b.9/18/1838; d.12/29/1912.
Married “Mattie” (b.about 1850 in
MS; d.?) about 1890.
Marlow city cemetery
(block 30, lot 2).

Roberts, Levi H.
b.1/10/1840; d.12/30/1930.
USA, 145th Indiana Infantry
Regiment, Co.F; Private.
Enrolled as a Private on
1/27/1865. Discharged on
1/21/1866 in Macon, GA. Married
“Josephine Houseman” in 1873
(b. 4/28/1851 in OH;
d. 6/19/1923).
Duncan city cemetery
(block 7, lot 84).

Rogers, David R.
b.2/28/1828; d.11/17/1915.
USA?  or  CSA?.
Married “Marietta” (b.7/1/1837;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 9, block 14, lot 1-4).

Rogers, George O.
b. about 1834?; d. 7/17/1906.
CSA, 9th Louisiana Infantry
Regiment, Co.A; Private.
Enlisted 3/1/1862 in Homer, LA &
served throughout the war.
Corum cemetery.

Rogers, J. R.
b.9/24/1831; d.11/11/1915.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “L. C.” (b.12/1/1836;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 12, block 35, lot 7).

Ross, William S.
b.2/25/1838; d.1/30/1916 (or 1918?)
Married “Sarah Ann Fulton”
(b.12/30/1848; d.10/5/1911)
about 11/29/1866.
Tidwell cemetery.

Rowell, Doctor Floyd
b.5/26/1844; d.2/25/1935.
CSA, 32nd Mississippi Infantry,
Co.E; Private.
Enlisted on 2/15/1862.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 5, block 7, lot 14).

Russell, Ellax (or “Ellox”?)
b.about 1845; d.?
Married “Billie” (b. about 1844 in NC;
d.?) about 1869.
May be buried in the Marlow city
cemetery (section 12, block 15 –
“E. Russell”).

Samples, Augustus “Gus” Franklin
b.9/19/1843; d.1/20/1926.
CSA, “Griffin Light Artillery (in
Scoggin's & Jeffres's Batteries;”
Enlisted in Griffin, GA in spring 1862
in Scoggin's Battery (Griffin Light
Artillery). Assigned to “Jeffress’
Battery” on 6/20/1864.
Married: (1) "Argent Aurora King"
& (2) Sallie Brown (b.?; d.1908
during childbirth).
Dixie cemetery.

Sampson, James Patrick
b.6/10/1842; d.10/6/1923.
CSA, 32nd Texas Cavalry Regiment
(aka: Crump's Battalion, Mounted
Volunteers), Co.D; Private.
Claimed to have: been captured
at Chickamauga in 9/1863 and
imprisoned at Camp Douglas, IL;
escaped from prison and fled to
Canada; became a sutler in Gen.
Grant’s army (sold cigars to Gen.
Grant himself); worked at Ford’s
Theatre in Washington D.C. near
the end of the war, but was not
there the night President Lincoln
was assassinated.
Married "Olymphia Ann"
(b.1/16/1844; d.6/20/1934).
Founder of the Duncan Banner
in 1893.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 10, lot 23, space 3).

Sanders, William C.
b.10/2/1839; d.1904.
USA, 16th Missouri Cavalry
Regiment, Co.I; Private.
Married “Winnie Martin”
(b.9/28/1832; d.5/20/1902).
Alma cemetery.

Sherfield, Thomas S.
b.1847; d.?
CSA, 1st Texas Heavy Artillery
Regiment, Co.A.
Married “Mary E.” (b.10/15/1855 in
AR; d.2/5/1931) about 1878.
Hope cemetery.

Sherrod, William H.
b.5/22/1839; d.1931.
CSA, 6th Tennessee Infantry
Regiment, Co.K; Private.
Served as a Private, mustering in at
Jackson, TN on 5/15/1861. Lost the
little finger on his right hand in the
Battle of Shiloh (April 1862).  The 6th
TN suffered many losses at Shiloh in
April 1862 and William H. is listed as
a "deserter" as of 5/16/1862; however,
he is on the muster rolls for 5-6/1862
and from 7/1862 until he was paroled
at Brownsville, TN on 5/31/1865.
Listed as "absent" and "at hospital;
wounded" on muster rolls for
Sept.-Dec. 1863 (perhaps in Lorning's
Division Hospital in Macon, MS?).
Married “Tennessee Powell”
(b.1842; d.1925) on 11/15/1865.
Marlow city cemetery.

Smith, A. D.
b.12/15/1822; d.1/27/1910.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Mary” (b.12/18/1842;
Hope cemetery.

Smith, A. D.
b.1/3/1835; d.6/?/1916.
Duncan city cemetery (block 3).

Smith, Calvin S.
b. about 1847 in AR; d.?
CSA, 19th Arkansas Infantry
Regiment, Co.C.
Married “Opelia” (b.about 1855; d.?)
about 1893.
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Smith, J. M.
b.11/13/1846; d.3/3/1919.
CSA, 10th Texas Cavalry (Bass')
Regiment; Co.A.
Old Velma cemetery.

Sparks, John M.
b.10/22/1841; 3/14/1918.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “America E.” (b.3/15/1846;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 12, block 78, lot 1).

Sparks, T. L.
b.5/7/1844; d.1/7/1927.
CSA, 58th North Carolina Infantry
Regiment, Co.H.
Married "Sarah Adeline" (b.1/12/1849;
Duncan city cemetery
(block 14, lot 5, space 6).

Springs, Tom
b.10/22/1843; d.5/4/1905.
USA?  or  CSA?
Marlow city cemetery
(section 12, block 43).

Stephenson, Samuel H.
b.1844; d.1929.
CSA, 32nd Mississippi Infantry
Regiment, Co.C; Color Corporal.
Enlisted 5/1/1862; sick in hospital
5-6/1862; detailed during 11-12/1862
as a cannoneer with Sample’s artillery
battery. Present again with the 32nd
MS Infantry as of 1/1863 and
throughout that year. Appointed
Color Corporal on 10/1/1863 for
gallant conduct at Chickamauga.
Seriously wounded at Battle of
Married “Sophia A.” (b.1854 in TN;
d.1925) about 1886.
Duncan city cemetery.
(block 2, lot 63, space 4).

Stewart, Peter Wade
b.12/18/1841; d.10/17/1915.
CSA, in “Capt. Huffman’s Co.,
TX Vol. Sq.”
Married “Susan A.” (b. 7/12/1835;
d. 3/23/1907).
Rock Creek cemetery (block 2, # 5).

Stotts, William Harrison
b.9/22/1839; d.1/21/1924.
USA?  or  CSA?
Marlow city cemetery
(section 11, block 17).

Sullivan, Harrison Perry
b.7/7/1843; d.5/17/1919.
CSA, 5th Texas Cavalry
Regiment; Co. K.
Married “Nancy” (b.1/18/1847;
d.7/29/1928) in 1861 in Parker
County, TX.
Bear Creek cemetery.

Sweeden, Henry
b.1844; d.7/28/1926.
CSA, 31st Arkansas Infantry Regiment,
Co.E, 5th Sergeant.
Enlisted at Dover, AR on 2/1/1862.
Married three times: (1) “Sina K.
Sailors” (b.12/9/1848 in AR;
11/23/1933) about 1876,
(2) “Tabitha Anis Bartlett” &
(3) “Josephine S. Flowers.”
Marlow city cemetery (section 4).

Swift, James B.
b.7/15/1843.; d.6/23/1923.
USA, 1st Arkansas Cavalry Regiment,
Co.K, Private. Enlisted on 2/8/1862 in
Carroll Co., AR.
Married “Emma C.” (b.3/18/1854
in MO; d.5/1/1912) about 1880.
Loco cemetery.

Tate, Jeremiah Francis
b.3/12/1828; d.3/12/1910.
CSA, 28th (Gray's) Louisiana Infantry
Regiment, Co.C, Private (or 1st Corp.?).
Enlisted in Monroe, LA on 5/10/1862;
paroled at Monroe, LA on 6/9/1865.
Married "Charlot Brown" in Bibb Co.,
AL in 1848. Married "Elizabeth Jane
(Simons) Tate" in 1879.
Duncan city cemetery (block 3, lot 41).

Thomas, A. J.
b.9/27/1838; d.4/2/1925.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Parlee A.”  (b.1/6/1838;
Duncan city cemetery
(block 5, lot 55, space 1).

Thompson, George W.
b.1/17/1841; d.10/27/1925.
CSA, 3rd Arkansas Cavalry
Regiment, Co.E; Private.
Married “Rosella” (b.12/30/1841 in TN;
d.4/21/1932) about 1868.
Old Duncan cemetery.

Thompson, William Candace
b.2/6/1839; d.10/6/1912.
CSA, 6th Mississippi Infantry Regiment,
Co.H; Captain.
Wounded in both legs at Shiloh, in the
back of the head at Port Gibson &
Franklin, TN (this last wound putting
him out of the war).
Married “Sarah” (b.5/3/1838;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 8, block 6).

Tucker, Charles E. (or James A.)
b.? d.1904 (or 1923) respectively.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Nannie” – b.8/18/1855;
Duncan city cemetery
(block 7, lot 17, space 3 or 4
in an unmarked grave).

Tucker, Roy
b.?; d.1924.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “Amanda L.”
Duncan city cemetery
(block 3, lot 5 in an unmarked grave).

Vandagriff, Spencer J.
b.4/10/1844; d.9/24/1929.
CSA, “Berry’s Texas Cavalry,” Co.H.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 8, lot 58).

Walker, John M.
b.about 1841; d.1915.
USA, 156th Indiana Infantry
Regiment, Co.C (or “B?”); Sergeant.
Married “Rachel C.” (b.about 1847;
d.?) in 1866.
Duncan city cemetery.

Walton, Alfred F.
b.1/23/1846; d.10/10/1924.
USA, 50th Illinois Infantry
Regiment, Co.G (?)
Married “Jane”
(b.10/18/1849; d.10/21/1922).
Old Fairlawn cemetery.

Ward, _____
b.?; d.?
USA?  or  CSA?
Duncan city cemetery (block 7
in an unmarked grave).

Weatherford, Levi L.
b.4/22/1843; d.3/8/1924.
CSA, 27th Mississippi Infantry
Regiment, Co.I, Private.
Married “Martha J.” (b.4/18/1850;
Sandy Bear (Winter) cemetery.

Wever, James Benjamin
b.9/2/1844;  d.7/4/1918.
CSA, 31st Texas Cavalry (Hawpe’s)
Regiment, Co. H; Private.
Enlisted on 9/28/1862; mustered
out on 5/26/1865.
Married “Matilda Jane Manos”
(b.7/27/1848 in MS to John C. &
Mary Manus; d.6/27/1935 in Stephens
Co., OK in the King Township) on
8/27/1865 in Hunt Co., TX.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 5, lot 65).

Wharton, John Pauldin
b.12/4/1833; d.1/20/1910.
CSA, 12th Alabama Cavalry
Regiment, Co.G.
Married (1) “Sarah Emiline Cothren/
Cochran” (b.7/28/1833; d.7/22/1906)
on 8/7/1856 in St. Clair, AL &
(2) “M.E. Buchanan” on 9/13/1908.
Hope cemetery.

White, B. B.
b.1/1/1818; d.2/25/1902.
Has "Captain" engraved on headstone.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 6, lot 86, space 3).

White, David A.
b.2/14/1835; d.4/10/1898.
CSA, 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment,
Co.H; 2nd Sergeant.
Enlisted on 6/15/1861 at Tyro, AR.
Wounded in right leg at Chickamauga
on 9/19/1863; leg amputated.
Retired to Invalid Corps. on
Marlow city cemetery
(section 12, block 28, lot 2).

White, John W.
b.7/11/1842 in TN; d.9/30/1922.
Marlow city cemetery
(section 8, block 4, lot 6).

Whitlock, W. P.
b.1849; d.1928.
USA?  or  CSA?
Marlow city cemetery
(section 3, block 96, lot 8).

Whitten, Robert C.
b.1839; d.1924.
Married: (1) “Mary R.” [b.7.6.1843;
d.3/28/1902 & (2) “Amanda M.”
(b.about 1872; d.?) [about 1910].
Parks (Old Santa Fe) cemetery.

Wilkerson, J. W.
b.3/4/1849; d.1/20/1896.
CSA, 23rd Alabama Infantry Regiment,
Married “Susanna” (b.4/27/1851;
Old Duncan cemetery.

Williams, J. C.
b.4/11/1843; d.1918.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “L. B.” (b.3/20/1839;
Marlow city cemetery.

Williams, Joseph H.
b.11/28/1845; d.9/15/1920.
Married “Mary J.” (b.3/10/1855
in MO; d.3/10/1942) about 1872.
Marlow city cemetery.

Williams, William A.
b.1839; d.1927.
CSA, 14th Texas Cavalry Regiment
(aka: Johnson's Mounted Volunteers),
Co.F; Corporal.
Married  “Alice C.” (b.1857 in TX;
d.1921) about 1874.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 3, lot 49, space 6 in an
unmarked grave).

Willis, John Ashley
b.?; d.1/7/1941.
CSA, 11th Georgia Cavalry
Regiment, Co.I.
Duncan city cemetery
(block 1, lot 24, space 2).

Wilson, John L.
b.4/19/1842; d.6/1/1920.
CSA, 37th Virginia Cavalry
Battalion, Co.B; Private.
Married “Harriet Adeline”
(b.1845; d.1938) about 1866.
Loco cemetery.

Wininger, William P.
b.1843; d.1916.
CSA, 11th Texas Cavalry
Regiment, Co.B; Private.
Mustered in 5/25/1861. Captured
near Florence, Alabama on
10/10/1864. POW at Camp Chase,
Ohio. Took oath of allegiance on
Married “Cynthia Ann.”
Duncan city cemetery
(block 7, lot 11, space 2).

Woods, John G.
b.12/5/1835; d.8/13/1910.
CSA, 3rd Arkansas Infantry
Regiment, Co.F (“Hot Springs
Hornets”), Private.
Enlisted on 6/20/1861 at
Rockport, AR. Wounded twice
(second time at Gettysburg).
Founder of the "Duncan Eagle"
Married “Sallie E. Slocum”
(b.5/3/1846; d.2/15/1911) in 1868.
Duncan city cemetery (block 3).

Wright, Adam Mitchell
b.6/12/1847; d.9/27/1919.
CSA, 2nd Arkansas Infantry
Regiment, Co.I; Private.
Wounded at Shiloh and at
Chickamauga. Captured at
Harrodsburg, KY in 10/1862,
but was paroled and rejoined
his unit in 1/1863. One of his
wounds never really healed well
and he ultimately died from that
Married "Josephine (Lang)
McMillan" sometime before 1870.
Old Velma cemetery.

Zachary, J. M.
b.10/12/1840; d.2/1/1916.
USA?  or  CSA?
Married “J. W.” (b.11/7/1866;
Marlow city cemetery
(section 2, block 71, lot 1).

____, Unknown
b.?; d.?
USA?  or   CSA?
Duncan city cemetery
(block 4, lot 7).
Anthony Creel - CSA, 9th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment; Co.D
NPS Soliders/Sailors
GenWeb - Stephens Co.
UCV 1896 roll
Stephens Co. vet bio sketches
Name: David Smith