The Big Picture -- my theory linking several cosmic (& some not-so-cosmic) events in the Amalgam Universe

Oa the Living Planet created Galactiac to breach the Ego-Source & witness the birth of the universe. Galactiac fails, repulsed by the Old Beyonders who remove his link to Oa's eternal flame. This drives Galactiac to drain planets to recharge his power cells. Horrified by his creation, Oa establishes protectors for different parts of the galaxy, empowered by a power batter conduit fueled from the eternal flame, but wielded externally (so not to repeat his secret shame). The known protectors are Uatu the Guardian, Sunestro the Fire-Lord, Rhomann Sur the Space Paladin (later replaced by Iron Lantern),Tagak the Lantern-Lord, & War-Lok the Monitor.

Through the events of the SECRET CRISIS OF THE INFINITY HOUR Sunestro is made aware of forces that dwarf his own access to the eternal flame. Believing that it is only a matter of time before the next villain reassembles the Infinity Links (or other cosmic threat), he sees no alternative but to beat them to it, ensuring that such power will be entrusted to a force for good. An initial alliance with War-Lok the Monitor & the void elemental called the Silver Tornado (borne of the null between old & new Infinity Loops) results in the formation of the TRINITY WATCH. Sunestro grows suspicious of his comrades though, and becomes insistant that he alone maintains the powerful artifacts they take into their possession. Realizing his mania too late, War-Lok & the Silver Tornado are both seemingly killed opposing Sunestro; both are actually trapped within the Ashkani microverse held in the Dusts of Morpheus the Dream-Walker (a recent acquisition).

This battle on Earth's moon released the shifting-sands of space-time upon the world, freeing Apocalypso, one of the Old Beyonders. Apocalypso remakes reality in his own image, with Earth as the new Nth World, and allows Ra's-A-Pocalypse to rule as his proxy {AGE OF APOKALIPS}. In this twisted nightmare world Magneto spearheads a resistance campaign with a handful of survivors from JLA as well as the New Blood trainees. It is a world without hope, though, until War-Lok returns as Captain Adam Warlock. Ironically, it is only the appearance of Black Atom the Anti-Magus, Warlock's evil future self trying to ensure his own time-line will come to pass, that allows the heroes an opening they use to strike at Apocalypso before his release from the Endless Ego-Source. As both Warlock & Anti-Magus disappeared from reality at this point, it has been speculated that Niles Cable may be the "corrected" future of the hero.

This also leaves a cosmic imbalance, but the Ultra-Evolutionary's MILLINIUM WAR is truly outside the scope of this dissertation, despite the tragic sacrifice made by Killraven the last moon-boy.

Uatu had already used his power battery to establish the Starbrand Corps (Darkstars / Starbrand), dividing his energy amongst 360 cosmic patrolmen. This strain on his psyche allowed the corrupt Sunestro (now called Mandarinestro) the opening needed to spark the seeds of madness. Uatu withdrew his power, killing all his Starbrands but one, Hal Jordan, who Uatu now blamed for the deaths. Their conflict was cut short by the Speed Demon in 1996, but Uatu's mastery of his powers allowed him to escape the infernal realms while Speed Demon battled Nightspectre. Free of Mandarinestro's influence, still mad, & without his battery, Uatu tried to resurrect his Starbrand Corps by draining energy from the Sun. Dr Strangefate tried to intervene but was absorbed himself, & they merged into the Sun-Eating Stranger {FINAL ONSLAUGHT}.

Earth's best hope seemed to be Will Magnus, who proposed to construct a fleet of robots called the Super-Amazoid Tri-Sentinels that would wield the powers of all the JL: Avengers, their European counterparts JL: Excelcior, & the fledgeling team JL: Work Force. Magneto, recently shattered by the deaths of his Magnetic Men at the hands of the Impossible Mod, refused to allow Will access to such powerful toys, broke into the SHIELD base assembling the robots, & destroyed them completely (this led to the ARMAGEDDON AGENDA in which Congress ordered the arrest of all known Metamutants). The solution finally came from New Asgod, when the Un-Men volunteered the Mother Cube to Project Cadmus (& temporarilly stranding them on Earth). Prof Richards used the Mother Cube & the Nexus buried within Bat-Thing to cure Uatu of his insanity, & he immediately restored the Sun's energy. This release caused Dr Strangefate to be trapped in the body & mind of Dr Strange in the Marvel Universe. The same transdimensional burst also restored the Starbrand Corps to life, albeit as teenagers in Universe-Two. Dr Strange & Access were able to return Dr Strangefate to the Amalam Universe, after Strangefate, believing Uatu had succeeded in destroying the Sun, attempted to recreate his world in theirs. Dr Alternity notes that a stray remaining trace of Power Battery flame escapes through the space-time nexus to reappear in 1939 creating the golden-age Human Lantern. 1