Contest of the GODS




Serci, villainous Eternalympian sorceress, challenges Mistress Death for control of the Afterlife in an effort to expand her power. Death sends Thanoseid as her proxy, and as the two titans clash the battle draws all the Eternalympians and New Asgods into conflict, threatening the Earth as well. Diana Prince, Thunderwoman, gives up her heritage and sides with New Asgard, pitting her once again against her sister Ororo, the amazon called Wonder Woman. Mercury tries to stop a duel between his mentor Makkari Max and Bald'r Lightbringer. Captain Marvel is forced to combat his JLA teammate Thorion in an insane gladiatorial trial. And the Living Spectator himself does battle against the Fates, whose mastery over past, present, and future have already determined that the only winner can be... Death!




Dr. Strangefate and the Silver Tornado call upon Zeuras and All-Father Odin to honor the Pact of Amalgam, an ancient treaty uniting the Pantheons and their claim over Earth. Yet even then Atlantis is besieged by the Deep Six Pack, pawns of Apokolips who seek to draw Poseidon into battle. They are met instead by the Mariner and his allies the JLX. At the Gates of Hel, the war god Ars leads an army of Hades' undead in arms against Steppenwolf Fenris and his legion of trolls. Only the young Speed Demon dares stand between them. Rama Adam the Pharaoh Inquisitor comes to New York intent on conquest. Can the God-King be defeated by Spider-Boy and the Challengers of the Fantastic? Even the Silver Tornado is drawn in; challenged by Death's avatar the Silver Racer for pulling Super-Soldier and others out of the void during the so-called Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour!!




With more and more pantheons joining the struggle, only the intervention of the Living Spectator can stay the hand of Fate! But his efforts only delay the inevitable, causing his own existence to falter, unless the heroes of Earth can help Serci win!! The Canadian Alpha Guard and the New York-based Teen Warriors face a horde of ice giants in the Arctic Circle. The Japanese team Big Secret Six and the Russian Soyuz Force hold off the rise of Cthon on a floating island in the Pacific. Dark Claw gladly goes after Ra's A-Pocalypse, who is once again serving the will of Thanoseid! And Titan-X, with help from the Forever Gods, deal with the resurrection of Camazotz the Blood-God in Mexico City as it attempts to bring about the fabled Twilight of the Gods. As each group defeats their opponents, they learn that these events are being manipulated not by the Fates, but by the Furies!




The duel between Serci and Thanoseid has in actuality been a ruse to cover the schemes of L'ok D'saad, who in his amalgamated state as the OverLoki, sought to win control of the realm of Dream from Morpheus the Sleepwalker. Doc Alternity helps the heroes enter the Dreamscape to stop him, but their reliance on conscious thought betrays them when faced with a reality defined by the subconscious. Only Morpheus himself can defeat the OverLoki and his consort the Dream Queen-Bee, which he does by allowing Death to claim victory over Dream and ending his domain. In the wake of the Dreamscape's destruction L'ok D'saad gives up his higher existence to preserve his own life, and the heroes are able to flee. With its passing however, a new Dreamscape emerges, and a new dreammaster assumes command; Daniel the Nightmask.






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