Amalgam Comics Presents: CONTEST IN THE SKY

 Ever since the critically acclaimed CONTEST OF THE GODS mini-series, Amalgam fans across the globe have been clamoring for another story line that would pit their favorite Amalgam champions against each other in no-holds barred combat! That day has finally arrived, as the Amalgam Universe's best and brightest heroes are forced to take part in the single-elimination tournament known as the CONTEST IN THE SKY.


CONTEST IN THE SKY #1 - The Preliminaries! Super-Soldier and Iron Lantern are assisting the New York Special Crimes Unit training program when Runaway appears out of nowhere and issues a friendly challenge to the two heroes. Before she can be caught, though, all three heroes are transported to a mysterious satellite outside of Earth's orbit. A seemingly benevolent yet synthetic voice reveals that all the heroes of Earth have been brought here to compete in a contest for his personal entertainment . . . and that the winners will gain access to untold benefits. During his first match against Kokoro, Iron Lantern discovers that the rest of the heroes have been infected with behavior-manipulating nanites. After Kokoro is defeated, the entities sponsoring the contest realize that Iron Lantern's armor protects him from nanite infestation. As a result, Iron Lantern is forced into a handicapped match against Beastling, Shatterstarfire, Dial H.U.S.K., Ferro Man, and Jericho... collectively known as X-Patrol. Although he fights valiantly, Iron Lantern is ultimately defeated by the young heroes.


CONTEST IN THE SKY #2 - Round One! Johnny "Red" Storm of the Challengers of the Fantastic is able to upset both Batwoman and Hulkgirl . . . but is then defeated by Wonder Woman. The Abominable Skulk makes short work of Reed "Prof" Richards. Meanwhile, Iron Lantern and Kokoro discover that the heroes are not sent back to Earth once they are defeated. Battling their way through a war-torn wasteland, Iron Lantern recognizes the nanite technology as Galactiac's while Kokoro realizes that they are actually deep within Warworld . . . the mobile planet once ruled by Mongslaught!


CONTEST IN THE SKY #3 - Round Two! White Witch defeats Niles Cable! The Teen Warriors lay waste to the New Mutant Titans! Spider-Boy ties-up Captain Marvel! Elasti-Girl entangles Hard Cage! Hawkeye trounces Miss Miracle! Off-Fist dispatches Universal Warrior! Dare takes down Starflame! Firebird knocks out Manhunter! Wraith puts the brakes on Mercury! Bronze Tiger pummels the Teen Warriors! Thorion bests Wonder Woman! Unable to contain the nanites due to her intangible state, ShadowWing is taken to the central command center where she comes face to face with the masterminds behind the contest . . . Galactiac and the Brood Queen! The Brood Queen reveals that she stumbled upon the abandoned Warworld following Brother Brood's defeat at the hands of X-Patrol and Mongslaught's own downfall. The Brood Queen wishes to use the strongest of Earth's heroes to usher in a new generation of Broodlings while Galactiac is interested in cataloging and devouring the undefended planet. Meanwhile, Iron Lantern uses his emerald-powered armor to create solid constructs that reverse the effects of Galactiac's nanites!


CONTEST IN THE SKY #4 - Round Three! Deathpool defeats Dare! Vixen beats X-Patrol! Thorion thrashes Vixen! Firebird overcomes Ben "Rocky" Grimm! The Skulk slams Deathpool! Spider-Boy drubs Elasti-Girl! Super-Soldier defeats a spiritually disoriented Bronze Tiger. Meanwhile, the Brood Queen summons Runaway to her inner chamber and tricks the young metamutant into absorbing her psyche. Iron Lantern, Kokoro, Beastling, Miss Miracle, Batwoman, Thundercles, Dare and the rest of the defeated heroes form an organized opposition to the advancing Brood hordes deep beneath the surface of Warworld. In the final match of this round, Wraith faces-off against Dark Claw. But after Dark Claw deduces that the Brood Queen has possessed Runaway's body, he gets ambushed from behind and eliminated by an unsuspecting Wraith.


CONTEST IN THE SKY #5 - The Finals! As Warworld eclipses Earth's moon, the finalists have been determined! But before Super-Soldier, Skulk, Firebird, Spider-Boy, White Witch, Wraith, and Thorion can compete for the final prize, an overlooked and disgruntled Hawkeye takes aim at Runaway. While Wraith and Hawkeye trade blows, the possessed Runaway absorbs the combined powers of Super-Soldier, Skulk, Firebird, Spider-Boy, White Witch, and Thorion! Meanwhile, Iron Lantern and Kokoro manage to break free from the depths of Warworld and release the anti-nanite constructs. While ShadowWing, Universal Warrior, and the Magnetic Men break Galactiac's mental link with Warworld, Iron Lantern's anti-nanite constructs reach Runaway . . . revealing that the Brood Queen was also a victim of Galactiac's mind-manipulating technology. Upon the Brood Queen's release from the influence of the nanites, she and her Broodlings immediately retaliate against Galactiac for his betrayal. With their captors distracted, Heimron and the Magnetic Men are able to transport all of the heroes back to Earth and send Warworld flying off uncontrollably into deep space.



Story written by LOBORINE.

Super Soldier, Iron Lantern, Runaway, Kokoro, Beastling, Shatterstarfire, Dial H.U.S.K., Ferro Man, Jericho, Johnny "Red" Storm, Wonder Woman, Skulk, Reed "Prof" Richards, Galactiac, Mongslaught, White Witch, Niles Cable, Spider-Boy, Captain Marvel, Elasti-Girl, Hawkeye, Miss Miracle, Dare, Firebird, Wraith, Mercury, Bronze Tiger, Thorion, Brood Queen, Brother Brood, Ben "Rocky" Grimm, Dark Claw, New York Special Crimes Unit, X-Patrol, Magnetic Men, and Heimron are property of AMALGAM COMICS.

Universal Warrior is property of BOBBY C.

Hulkgirl, Hard Cage, Off-Fist, ShadowWing, Thundercules, Teen Warriors, and CONTEST OF THE GODS are property of CRAZY IVAN.

New Mutant Titans and Deathpool are property of OMEGABEAST.

Batwoman, Starflame, Manhunter, and Vixen are property of TOMBRAIDER.


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