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Earth-612 is the world of the Legion of the Strange, seen in a dream by Danny the Street in DOOM PATROL (vol II) #53, published by DC Comics in 1992 (before the Vertigo imprint was being used). It is characterized by the existence of DC/Vertigo characters portrayed in parody/tribute to characters from non-Vertigo sources (Marvel, DC, or Image).

The designator 612 comes from a reference in BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3, in which an alternate Tim Hunter (the Other) travels from one world to the next, meeting his counterpart Hellspawn on number 612 (by his own reckoning).

Because of the obvious similarities, Earth-612 may be the Amalgam Universe, or a Hypertime of it. More correctly, Earth-612 may be a dream dimension, as most of the stories accepted as occurring on this world were perceived as dreams by beings in or from other Earths.

Alternately, Mikel Midnight has proposed that the parody nature of these stories places them on Earth-12, the world of the Inferior 5. He has included all four established "612" stories in his Earth-12 timeline. Earth-612 may also possibly be one of the many layers of reality seen in the Flex Mentallo mini-series, given that Flex (like the X-Men / Doom Patrol) were both first encountered as residents of Danny the Transvestite Street. Jon Woodward has done a much better job than I ever could of explaining the worlds of Flex Mentallo.

Earth-612 should not be confused with Angor, the alternate Earth on which live analogs to many Marvel Universe characters, most notably the Justifiers. The Justifiers (also known as the Champions of Angor and the Assemblers) are a tribute to the Avengers, just as Marvel's Squadron Supreme (on Other-Earth) is a tribute to the Justice League of America. Angor appears to be a parallel world of the Marvel Universe, and does not have any obvious DCU (or Vertigo) elements.

It should be noted that the Other seemingly destroyed Earth-612 when the resident Tim Hunter (Hellspawn) died. That interpretation holds that every alternate Earth is a dream world that exists only so long as it contains a Tim Hunter. In light of the concept of Hypertime, it is possible that these worlds visited by the Other did not fade away upon his departure, but rather continued to exist without a Tim Hunter. It is this supposition that this page is based on, which allows the timeline below to continue past the death of Hellspawn into the future in which Doom Force exists.


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The casts of the various stories accepted as Earth-612 canon are already listed along with their possible Amalgamated components in the WHO'S WHO HANDBOOK TO THE "ALMOST" AMALGAM UNIVERSE. What follows here is a breakdown of each team that has been featured in an Earth-612 story, and a look at the genre being mocked.

1.      Doom Patrol - This team is the first Earth-612 variiation of the DCU seen, comprised of altered versions of then-current Doom Patrol members. The Chief wears a suit with a red cape, while Dorothy & Joshua appear to be wearing the costumes of Marvel's New Mutants. Although Cliff Steel is mentioned as a member (as is Jane), it is clear that the Cliff Steel they encounter is the one from the mainstream DCU. This version of the team travels in a vehicle called the Doom Saloon. Appearance: DOOM PATROL (vol II) #48

The Doom Patrol consists of

1.      Niles Caulder: The Chief ("Super-Chief") -- The Chief is the leader of the team. He utilizes a device called the Hyper-Hat to locate his missing teammates, much as Professor X uses Cerebro. The Chief expresses a fear in the story that Cliff Steel and Jane were captured by the Mocker.

2.      Joshua Clay - In the DCU Joshua Clay is called Tempest. Here, no code name or powers are ever mentioned. Clay's uniform is similar to those worn by the New Mutants.

3.      Dorothy Spinner - Dorothy appears but does not demonstrate any powers or other abilities. Her silent, emotional reaction to the sight of Cliff Steel implies that they may share a relationship similar to that of Kitty Pryde and Colussus during Pryde's early days in the X-Men.

4.      Cliff Steel - The Cliff Steel mentioned is a member of the alternate Doom Patrol, but the one shown is from the mainstream reality, and does not recognize his teammmates' altered appearances. Presumably the Earth-612 Cliff Steel would look much like his DCU counterpart.

5.      Jane - Jane is a reference to Crazy Jane, or a variation on the character. She is never seen. Based on the schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, and wide range of powers exhibited by Crazy Jane in the DCU, it may be possible that this Jane is modeled after the X-Men's Rogue.


2.      Legion of the Strange - This team, comprised of altered members of the Silver Age Doom Patrol, is presented as a mock tribute to the classic Silver Age Fantastic Four by Marvel Comics. They encounter Celestius, a giant 'space-god' clearly inspired by Marvel's Galactus, whom they stop from invading "Man-Hattan Isle". The team name 'Legion of the Strange' appears here because it was one of the names being considered for the Doom Patrol before their first publication. Appearance: DOOM PATROL (vol II) #52

The Legion of the Strange consists of

1.      Niles Caulder: The Chief -- The Chief is the techno-wizard leader of the team. He is written to be a non-powered counterpart to Reed Richards: Mister Fantastic. Niles gets around by means of his Comfee-Hover-Chair, a flying La-Z-Boy.

2.      Kay Challis: ElastiWoman - Though she possesses the powers of the Doom Patrol's Elasti-Girl, this character's personality is based on Sue Storm: The Invisible Woman. In the original Doom Patrol, Elasti-Girl was Rita Farr. Kay Challis is the indentity of a later Doo Patrol character called Crazy Jane. Note that the name 'ElastiWoman' was originally considered for the character 'Elasti-Girl'.

3.      Larry Trainor: The Negative Man - Larry's powers and character are re-interpreted as those of Johnny Storm: The Human Torch (II). His flippant, fun-loving attitude is perhaps the most inconsistent with his original DC source.

4.      Cliff Steel: Automaton - As with ElastiWoman, Automaton was a name considered for Doom Patrol member Robot-Man. Here, Cliff is 'roughed up' a bit to make him a near match for Ben Grimm: The Thing. In the story, he is replaced by a villain seeking revenge against the Chief, much as the Thing was impersonated by a villain in FANTASTIC FOUR (vol I) #51


3.      Doom Force - This team is inspired by the Marvel ccomic book X-Force, and any number of Image Comics (which were all new at the time). The team is a walking cliché, comprised of over-the-top violence and skimpy costumes. The existence of Niles (as the Head) and Dorothy Spinner imply that Doom Force is the legacy of the Doom Patrol. The villains (Anton & Una Zero) are pastiches of typical Marvel "Suit-baddies", and dress even worse than the heroes. Appearance: DOOM FORCE SPECIAL #1

Doom Force consists of

1.      Niles Caulder: The Head - Now just a disembodied head in 'the Think Tank', Niles is even more like Professor X here in that he operates solely behind the scenes. As leader of Doom Force, he also emulates Cable.

2.      Morgan Morgan: Scratch - A grotesque parody of Wolverine with no clear link to any DCU character, Scratch also represents the epitomy of almost every character created by Rob Liefield for YoungBlood.

3.      Dorothy Spinner: Spinner - The somewhat simian Dorothy Spinner is shown here as an over-developed woman.

4.      Kenneth Most: Crying Boy - Although he is an original character, Crying Boy's ability to inflict bad luck can be seen as a mock-tribute to characters such as Longshot and the Doom Patrol's Karma.

5.      Danii Melvin: Flux - Flux' skin-tight costume and unearthly power is most reminiscent of Void from WildC.A.T.s. She has no obvious counterpart in the DCU.

6.      Shasta the Living Mountain - Shasta exists only so he can die saving the day. Unlike other gratuitous comic book deaths, Shasta is not mourned by his teammates at all; in fact, Scratch comments that he's glad Shasta is dead.


4.      The New Mystic Youth - The New Mystic Youth are the Teen Titanns of Earth-612. Although each member of the team is a supporting character from BOOKS OF MAGIC, their appearances and mannerisms are crafted exactly after the successful 1980s incarnation of the New Teen Titans. Their headquarters is a building in the shape of the letters "MY" on an island in the Thames River near London. Appearance: BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3

The New Mystic Youth consists of

1.      Timothy Hunter: Hellspawn - Although he is portrayed as a clone of Nightwing (a non-powered superhero), it can be assumed that Hellspawn possesses some magic talents.

2.      Alleathea: Moonchild - Based on Alleah from Books of Magic, Alleathea is much closer to being Raven from the New Teen Titans. Like Terra (and later, Raven) she betrays the team.

3.      Danny the Running Boy - Danny runs really fast. That pretty much marks him as a clone of Kid Flash.

4.      Jimmy Morehead: Black Talon - Jimmy, one of the less-fortunate supporrting characters from BOOKS OF MAGIC, is depicted as an overly-stereotyped version of Vic Stone: Cyborg.

5.      Molly: Junior Goddess - This Wonder Girl rip-off is based on Tim Hunter's girlfriend Molly.

6.      David Duvall: Proteus - Like the Teen Titan's Changeling, David is a shape-changer with an unusual skin color. However, his most prominent characteristic seems to be his homosexuality.

5.      Mighty Mystics - This team is comprised of various, usually unaligned, mystics from the DCU (sometimes referred to as the Trench-Coat Brigade), who are re-interpreted as a typical Silver Age superhero team. None of the four men shown here wear costumes or typically exhibit superpowers (other than knowledge & use of the arcane arts) in mainstream DC or Vertigo Comics. The Mighty Mystics seem to be counterparts of the Justice League of America, Avengers, or Defenders. Their base of operation is the Hand of Warning satellite. Appearances: DOOM PATROL (vol II) #52, BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3

The Mighty Mystics consists of

1.      John Constantine: HellBlazer - Constantine is shown to be a stereotypical 'Cockney' Brit, and a caricature of Batman / Bruce Wayne. Despite his name and satanic background, HellBlazer never demonstrates any occult abilities in either appearance.

2.      Doctor Thirteen: The Multiple Man - Doctor Thirteen has 12 duplicates of himself. At least some of them possess flight and telepathic abilities.

3.      Mister E: The Malleable Medium - This Mister E stretches and appears to be very similar to Mister Fantastic or the Elongated Man, albeit blind.

4.      The Phantom Stranger - Although his behavior is most consistent with his DCU counterpart, his speech patterns are even more flowery; mocking the way many Silver Age heroes spoke (Dr. Strange, the Vision, and the Martian Manhunter all come to mind). His costume is reminiscent of Space Ghost.


The following names are all throwaways, suggested by Grant Morrison as names of characters he intended to use in future issued of DOOM FORCE. Presumably, these are all Trademarked by their inclusion.


Air Gun, All-Night, Basement, Blender, Bludgeon, Boilermaker, Brain-Pan, Buck, Burn-Through, Campfire, Chain Link, Condiment, Cross-Hatch, Diaphragm, Eight-Track, Figurine, Flatline, Fledgling, Fortress, Goatee, Gridlock, Grimace, Hairline, Head-Butt, Headache, Homeboy, Hourglass, Hud, Hurl, Hutch, Kennel, Lock and Load, Lube, Magazine, Menthol, Mimosa, Nubian, Off-Ramp, Piñata, Plaque, Pose, Postage, Post-Script, Prop, Quasi, Ratchet, Rim Shot, Rivet, Russkie, Sassy, Seizure, Severe, Shaker, Shot-Put, Snarl, Snot, Spatula, Spinal, Style, Swing Shift, Timesheet, TM, Toboggan, Toejam, Tosser, Tree, Utensil, Vicious, Xylophone, Yahoo, Zone

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Niles Caulder versus Niles Cable

Concepts by Ivan Schablotski & Mikel Midnight

The crippled Niles Caulder of Earth-612In order to accept the idea that Earth-612 is the Amalgam Universe, one must deal with the potential conflicts involved with Niles Caulder, leader of the Legion of the Strange, Doom Patrol, and Doom Force, being in the same reality as exists Niles Cable, leader of X-Patrol. Niles Caulder, the Earth-612 version of him anyway, founded the Legion of the Strange in 1960, the Doom Patrol 6 years ago, and Doom Force some time in the near future; all without the use of his legs. In fulfilling each leadership roll he has become akin to Mister Fantastic, Professor Xavier, and Cable, respectively. Niles Cable, the Amalgam Universe composite of Niles Caulder and the mutant hero Cable, is a fully mobile warrior from the far future who founded X-Patrol during the first wave of Amalgam Comics (3 years ago, time-crunch wise). How can two characters based on the same sources, perform similar activities, yet exhibiting traits that set them off as distinct from each other, exist in the same continuum?

To satisfy this seeming contradiction I have adopted the theory that Niles Cable IS Niles Caulder. This is not so far-fetched when the time-traveling history of Niles Cable is taken into consideration. Niles Cable is known to have founded the X-Patrol as an adult, and then joined at a later time as a teen. To put it linearly, Teen Niles (calling himself Jericho) left the future and joined X-Patrol 1 year ago. He later returned to his own time. Adult Niles came back to the present, albeit 2 years ago, and founded X-Patrol.

From here it becomes mere formality to point out that Niles could have returned to his own time again, and, years later (long enough for his hair to go from red to gray and his legs to become permanently injured), made another trip The crippled Niles Cable of the Amalgam Universeinto the past; this time to 1959. Now he's poised to start the Legion of the Strange as the Chief, and may have even commissioned the construction of the 'X-Building' used years later as a headquarters for X-Patrol. Another time-leap sets him thirty years later (whether he went back to the future first is irrelevant) when he starts the Doom Patrol. His appearance in the near-future of Doom Force (as the Head) may have been a natural progression from the present, or could have been the result of more time-hopping.

The fact that Niles Cable was already established in the present would not be lost on his older self, and this would be cause enough for the man to use a different name, that of Niles Caulder, when returning to moments in history when he may already exist. Since the teen Niles ("Jericho") was known as Niles Dayspring, it can be implied that the name 'Niles Cable' is merely an alias, supporting the belief that Niles would have altered his last name for time traveling purposes.


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Vertigo League

VERTIGO LEAGUE #1 faux cover by Fred Hembeck

VERTIGO LEAGUE #1 does not exist. This cover was created by Fred Hembeck as a commissioned piece. It is a mock-up of the cover of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 from 1987, using the characters found in popular Vertigo titles. The full story of its creation can be found here. Rather than reprint that page, I will focus on the feasibility of this team existing on Earth-612.

At first glance, the theme of 'Vertigo characters as mainstream superheroes' makes this an attractive addition to Earth-612, and fills a gap in continuity by covering the late 80's revamp period. Regrettably, this is not the case.

In order for the Vertigo League shown to exist, John Constantine and Tim Hunter have to be teammates. It is clear from THE BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 that the two heroes had a split over Tim's French ancestry, prompting the boy to go off on his own, eventually to found the New Mystic Youth. This leads into the death of the Earth-612 Tim Hunter (a.k.a. Hellspawn) at the hands of the 'Other' Tim Hunter. This story is a mock-tribute to the highly successful Teen Titans run by Perez / Wolfman in the mid-80s. The Vertigo League, in turn, would have to come AFTER that era, so that Tim Hunter would not possibly be available for the team-up.

Since VERTIGO LEAGUE is based on the Post-Crisis incarnation of the Justice League of America, the Vertigo League may also be seen as a Post-Crisis version of the Mighty Mystics. If this is the case, it would explain Tim Hunter's resurrection. Plenty of characters who died before or during the Crisis on Infinite Earths are alive and well in the current DCU. This would, however, be considered a completely different reality, just as Earth-0 is not the same as Earth-1. Perhaps the world of the Vertigo League could be Earth-611 or 613.

The alternative would be to set VERTIGO LEAGUE #1 before the events in THE BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3. This seems distasteful, as it ignores the evolution of the genre. The advantage, of course, is that it adds Swamp Thing, Preacher, Jonah Hex, Shade the Changing Man, Spider Jerusalem, and Dream to the list of residents for Earth-612.

Sadly, VERTIGO LEAGUE has never appeared in any DC publication (or any publication for that matter), and is only considered as fan art (despite being drawn by a professional artist). Perhaps if enough people e-mail DC, they’ll use some of Fred Hembeck’s newer works in a future book, and the case of Vertigo League can be re-opened.


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Other Semi-Amalgam comics by DC

In addition to those comics acknowledged as taking place on Earth-612, there have been several other DC comics showing events that are appropriate for discussion here. Many of them are also included in the timeline below; comics not included are listed in italics.

ACTION COMICS #308 (JAN 1964) - Superman of Earth-1 visits an alternate ancient Greece, where he encounters a Hercules / Goliath amalgam and other composite characters from myth and legend. As these characters are not based on any established DCU figures, they can be placed in the past of Earth-612 based only on circumstantial evidence. Because this story was Pre-Crisis, it may well be that it took place in a reality that no longer exists.

PLOP! #1 (OCT 1973) - The giant monster Kongzilla terrorizes the city of Megalopolis in a story that is a parody of the classic King Kong. As above, no direct amalgams or parodies from the DCU are shown. The comic book is narrated by Cain and Abel, noted residents of the Vertigo Dreamlands, which establishes a further connection with Earth-612. It is also likely that this story belongs on Earth-12, given that the world of the Inferior-5 also has a Megalopolis and is full of parodies.

SUPERMAN (VOLUME II) #48, 50 (OCT, DEC 1990) - The "Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite" saga shows Mister Mxyzptlk splitting his time between pestering Superman and annoying a Marvelous team on another Earth (ostensibly the Marvel Universe's Fantastic Four). The implication that Mister Mxyzptlk is actually the MU's Impossible Man was later disproven when the two tricksters fought in SILVER SURVER / SUPERMAN #1 (1996), opening the possibility that Mxy was visiting Earth-612 or the Amalgam Universe instead (though the Fantastic Four-ish heroes shown are clearly not the Legion of the Strange or the Challengers of the Fantastic). Alternately, Mxyzptlk may have been bedeviling a fantastic foursome on Angor.

LOBO CONVENTION SPECIAL #1 (1993) - The cover of this ultra-violent comic features the character Lobo in a variation of the costume worn by Marshall Law. It also shows miniature covers of faux classic comics THE THRASH (Lobo / Flash), ACTION FRAGS (Lobo / Superman), CAPTAIN BASTICH (Lobo / Captain America), MAIN-MAN (Lobo / Batman), and LOBO COMICS (Lobo / Human Torch). None of the characters appear inside the comic itself. Despite being amalgams, they have no reality off the cover, and if they exist in any world it would more likely be the Lobo-centric Earth from LOBO ANNUAL #2 (1994) than Earth-612.

POWER OF SHAZAM! #27 (JUN 1997) - When Waverider informs then current Captain Marvel (C. C. Batson) that his world is a lie and he should not exist, they enter the timestream (Hypertime) and see visions of alternate Captain Marvels. Two of them are based on Captain Marvels that Marvel Comics has published, and a third is inspired by the android Captain Marvel published by MF Enterprises in 1966, all in DCU Captain Marvel costumes. Any or all of these may be appropriate figures for Earth-612, although they have no Vertigo references, and feature characters from other companies as a DC character, rather than vice-versa.

UNLIMITED ACCESS #4 (MAR 1998) - When Access and Dark Access tumble through various bizarre worlds, one scene has Caine and Abel greet the travelers, welcoming them to the House of Monsters and House of Creatures, respectively. Several large monsters from Marvel comics can be seen in the background. The Vertigo influence is obvious; however, this comic book crossover was published by Marvel, not DC, and is therefore not included.

MAGICAL DRAMA QUEEN ROXY #1-3 (OCT-DEC 1998) - Roxy Spalding (Freefall) dreams a world in which she and most of the cast of Gen13 are re-interpreted as Sailor Moon characters and other anime / manga mainstays. The amalgamations and dream reality would make this story perfect for Earth-612, except that it is based on WSU, not DCU figures, and was published before DC Comics purchased WildStorm Studios. As such it is not included in the timeline below. Interested parties should go here for more details.

TOP 10 #8 (JUN 2000) - At the TransWorld Transport Terminal Station in the extra-dimensional city of Neopolis, several established 'alternate Earth' versions of comic book, television, and movie characters are seen. Among them are Diana Prince: Freelance (who DOES hail from the Amalgam Universe) and Ultra the Multi-Skrull. This amalgam's point of origin is unknown, so he may be from the AU and/or Earth-612. Note that this comic was published under WildStorm's ABC logo, after DC Comics bought the company.

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The following timeline is presented as these events would have occurred, if they occurred within the Amalgam Universe. More accurate dates could be inferred by direct comparison with the publication dates of the comics that these stories are inspired by, but such a timeline would create more inconsistencies between the stories themselves. Specifically, Dorothy Spinner is about 12 years old as a member of the X-Men-like Doom Patrol in DOOM PATROL (vol II) #48, but she is a grown woman in DOOM FORCE SPECIAL #1, published only 8 months later.



Entries in RED are taken from verified Earth-612 sources, and possibly take place in the Amalgam Universe.

Entries in GREEN are taken from DC publications that are not specifically the Amalgam Universe or Earth-612. They may be considered to have taken place in either of these realities unless later contradicted.

c. 19,000,000,000 BCE --

THE BIG BANG. Primordial plasm is hurled from the explosion, coalescing into galaxies, clusters, stars, planets, & other cosmic phenomena. [Scientific Theory; some sources suggest 15,000,000,000 years ago is more accurate]

c. 4,400,000,000 BCE --

The Planet Earth forms. [Scientific Theory]

c. 250,000 BCE --

Homo Sapiens evolve.

c. 200,000 BCE --

Fascinated by the prospects humanity offers, Celestius the Man-God creates the Alter-Earth and places it in orbit around Sol directly across from the real Earth. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

c. 100,000 BCE --

During the Dimensional Convergence, the Elderly Gods punish Celestius for the creation of the Alter-Earth. He is imprisoned at the Wonderwall, surrounded by the vast bodies of dead gods who have vainly hurled themselves against it. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

c. 1275 BCE --

Superman of Earth-1 (Silver Age) travels, via a mysterious whirlpool found in the Middle East, to the ancient past of an amalgamated timeline in which the Goliath-Hercules is struck down by a rock slung at him by Jason. Superman later helps this Goliath-Hercules (who is weakened by a piece of Red Kryptonite) complete 3 of the 6 Labors he must perform. They travel to the Nemean Valley and defeat the Invulnerable Lion, then visit Lake Stymphalis where Superman creates a fake Stymphalian Bird for Hercules to defeat, and finally tackle the Cavern Caterpillar. By this time Hercules fully recovers from the Red Kryptonite, and Superman returns to Earth-1 by means of lightning and the dimension-warping whirlpool. [ACTION COMICS #308, JAN 1964]

1624 --

The City of New York is founded. Man-Hattan Island is one of its boroughs. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

1951 --

Terrance Thirteen becomes Dr. 13, the Multiple Man. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

1952 --

The Phantom Stranger has first public case. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

1959 --

British industrialist John Constantine becomes the vigilante HellBlazer, based in London. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3, 1999]

Kay Challis becomes the size-altering ElastiWoman. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

The Living Guru, Hip-Hop Bishop of Beat, leaves the Deva Dimensions to serve as the herald and advisor to the dread Celestius. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

1960 --

HellBlazer battles the Court Jester, who later becomes HellBlazer's archenemy. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3, 1999]

Mr. E, the Malleable Mystic, has first public case. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

Paraplegic genius Niles Caulder organizes the Legion of the Strange. Members are Automaton, ElastiWoman, Negative Man, and Niles Caulder, as the Chief. They build their headquarters on the island of Man-Hattan. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

1961 --

The Legion of the Strange battles the super-menace of Mister Murmur. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

Dr. 13, Phantom Stranger, Mr. E, and HellBlazer form the Mighty Mystics. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

The Legion of the Strange uses the Anti-Cube to stop the Ultra-Voyager. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

1962 --

The Mighty Mystics begin operating from their new orbital headquarters the Hand of Warning. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

The Legion of the Strange visits Nutopia and encounters the Windowmen. Niles Caulder takes a clipping of that world to study back home. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

Timothy Hunter makes a wish on his tenth birthday to be like his hero HellBlazer. His friend Alleatha (secretly Moonchild, eternal sidekick of the Phantom Stranger) uses her magic to set events in motion that will grant Tim's wish. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3, 1999]

Timothy Hunter's parents are killed in a motorcycle accident thirteen days after his tenth birthday. Tim is taken to live in Constantine Manor as John Constantine's legal ward. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3, 1999]

1963 --

Element X and the Zoom Platoon meet the Legion of the Strange. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53, MAR 1992]

Tim Hunter discovers that John Constantine is really the vigilante HellBlazer. John trains Tim to become Sparky, the Sorcerer's Apprentice. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3, 1999]

HellBlazer and Sparky defeat Johnny O'Groats. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3, 1999]

Jimmy Morehead, a white youth, is caught in a nuclear explosion that robs him of his legs, one arm, and racial identity. He is rebuilt as the cyborg Black Talos. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3, 1999]

The Legion of the Strange uses the Eye in the Sky to defeat Doc Void and the Conf

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