Reign of the Super-Soldiers

(promised to begin in Super-Soldier #2)

by Crazy Ivan

     Amalgam and its characters are copyrighted by DC and Marvel Comics.

(This is just a time-line of the events of the storyline, not covering the full issues)

SPIDER-BOY #1--Bizzarnage escapes, thanks to Dr Donovan, but is quickly contained by Spider-Boy & the Challengers of the Fantastic.

ACTION & SUSPENSE #688--Dr Donovan releases a new DNAlien, Doomnaut (based on genetic material of the alien killed by Speed Demon years ago & used by Victor von Doom to become Dr Doomsday), to cover his own scheme.

SUPER-SOLDIER #2-- Super-Soldier, Wonder Woman, & the JLA fight Doomnaut in NYC. Lots of property damage is inflicted on the city.

JUDGMENT LEAGUE: AVENGERS #377--Doomnaut severely damages the Crimson Whirlwind android & nearly kills Wonder-Gold. Blue Jacket is also hurt pulling his partners out of the battle. (note: Blue Jacket & Wonder-Gold take Crimson Whirlwind to the JLX for repairs, and they rebuild him as the Red Vision, in JLX #3).

AMAZON #2--Super-Soldier, wounded, knocks out Doomnaut when WW immobilizes him w/ her lightning lasso. Ororo & Captain Marvel hurl Doomnaut into space. (note: Wonder Woman joins JLA in this issue)

X-PATROL #2--Dr Donovanıs helicopter is en route to Latkovia when he is ordered by Dr Doomsday to attack the escaping X-Patrol. The helicopter & its secret cargo are shot down over Manhattan by X-Patrolıs shuttle during the dogfight.

SPIDER-BOY #2--The heicopter's cargo, a vat of undeveloped DNAlien material, explodes! The raw genetic soup rains down (a pun, get it?) on the city. One man bonded w/ a DNAlien is the assassin known as Lethal, who is recovering from injuries received in New Gotham weeks before. He becomes Kraven the Zuggernaut.

AWESOME SPIDER-BOY #348-- Kraven the Zuggernaut attacks the Empire Trade Center, where Spider-Boy & Insect Queen are trying to wrap up an awkward first date. Guess What? They fight.

ACTION & SUSPENSE #689-- Super-Soldier goes into space to make sure Doomnaut is destroyed. In his unexplained absence the U.S. govt appoints a new Super-Soldier, one of the DNAliens who closely resembles SS.

WAY COOL SPIDER-BOY #104--Linda Drew merges with a DNAlien based on the original Spider-Boy matrix, and becomes Spider-Girl. She helps Spider-Boy & Insect Queen defeat Kraven. Kraven escapes, and flees to his homeland Russia.

SUPER-SOLDIER #3-- Super-Soldier returns after trapping Doomnaut in the Cytorrak gem-world, and proves he is the real Man of War. After a brief fight with the impostor they make-up, and the new guy takes the name EradiAgent.

AWESOME SPIDER-BOY #349 --The Steel Patriot dons his new armor for the first time to help Spider-Boy defeat Silver Shriek. And a figure emerges from the murky waters of New York Harbor (ooh!...).

REIGN OF THE SUPER-SOLDIERS SPECIAL #1--Super-Soldier, Spider-Boy, Steel Patriot, Spider-Girl, EradiAgent, & Insect Queen form the Legion of Super-Soldiers in order to defeat Dr Dabney Donovan, who absorbed all the remaining DNAlien organisms into his own body and was transformed into... THE COMPOSITE SUPER-SKRULL!! After the fight Spider-Girl returns home to Danver CO, Steel Patriot moves to DC to protect the capital, EradiAgent becomes a secret govt operative, and Insect Queen gets serious about seeing Spider-Boy.

The Players:

Bizarnage (Bizarro / Carnage)--from Spider-Boy #1

Blue Jacket (Yellow Jacket / Blue Beetle)--from JLX UNLEASHED #1 letter col.

Composite Super-Skrull (Composite Superman / Super-Skrull) -- Dr Dabney Donovan, once a Project Cadmus scientist under Dr Doomsdayıs control, now one of the most powerful beings alive. The skrull genes came from Marko Xavier during the time he was with Cadmus overseeing the Atlantis research.

Doomnaut (Doomsday / Juggernaut)--mentioned in SUPER-SOLDIER #1 letter col.

EradiAgent (Eradicator / USAgent)--Grumpy fanatic who bonds with a symbiote based on Kree-Ptonian genetics.

JUDGMENT LEAGUE: AVENGERS (you know)--Super-Soldier, Dark Claw, Captain Marvel, Angelhawk, Canary, Goliath, Hawkeye, andCrimson Whirlwind.

Kraven the Zuggernaut (Zuggernaut / Kraven the Hunter)--Alright, I recycled Lethal from ASSASSINS #1! The Zuggernaut is from the time Firestorm was in Russia, and this amalgamation will play a part in my Russian storyline (still under development).

Red Vision (Red Tornado / Vision)--mentioned as being repaired by the JLX in JLX UNLEASHED #1 letter col. I assumed this was the name the repaired Crimson Whirlwind took.

Silver Shriek (Silver Banshee / Shriek)--female w/ silver & black symbiote granting her a sonic cry that at full power can kill.

Spider-Boy (SuperBoy / Spider-Man)--aw, come on, you know!

Spider-Girl (Supergirl / Spider-Woman I)--character created by Bobby C.

Steel Patriot (Steel / Patriot)--armored hero, whom I had difficulty linking to Captain America.

Super-Soldier -- nuff said.

The Crimson Whirlwind (Red Tornado, Blood Wind / Vision)--created by Will Magnus to infiltrate & destroy JLA, was possessed by air elemental & went good. From card set. I assumed this was android Red Vision before being repaired by the JLX.

Wonder-Gold (Booster Gold / Wonder Man)--from JLX UNLEASHED #1 letter col.

Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman / Storm)--Ororo joined JLA sometime between JLX #1 & JLX UNLEASHED #1. I think this story is when this happened.