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1900 - 1935 PULP AGE

1900 --

Dorothy Gail visits the Land of Oz. [MGM'S THE MARVELOUS WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ #1 (MARVEL & DC), 1973] See Appendix 8 for more details

1904 --

A man seeks to become the Master of the World. [MARVEL CLASSICS COMCIS SERIES #21 (MARVEL), 1977] [BATMAN: MASTER OF THE WORLD (DC), 1991] See Appendix 8 for more details

1913 --

Dr. Fu Manchu is established in the Limehouse district of London. [DETECTIVE COMICS #18 (DC), 1938] [SUPER-DETECTIVE LIBRARY #9 (AMALGAMATED PRESS), c. 1950] [SPECIAL MARVEL EDITION #15 (MARVEL), 1973] See Appendix 8 for more details

1914 - 1919 THE GREAT WAR (WORLD WAR I)>

1914 --

Europeans first learn of Tarzan the Ape-Man. [TARZAN OF THE APES #207 (DC), APR 1976] [MARVEL COMICS SUPER SPECIAL #29 (MARVEL), 1977] See Appendix 8 for more details

1914 --

Superhumanly strong Hugo Danner joins the French Foreign Legion at the outbreak of the Great War. [MARVEL PREVIEW #9 (MARVEL), WINTER 1976] [YOUNG ALL-STARS #10 (DC), MAR 1988] See Appendix 8 for more details

1930 --

The Shadow knows. [THE SHADOW #1 (DC), 1973] [THE SHADOW: HITLER'S ASTROLOGER (MARVEL), 1988] See Appendix 8 for more details

1933 --

Doc Savage operates from his office in the Empire State Building. [DOC SAVAGE #1 (MARVEL), 1972] [DOC SAVAGE #1 (DC), 1987] See Appendix 8 for more details

1934 --

Flash Gordon fights invading aliens. [DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH #1 (MARVEL), 1987] [FLASH GORDON #1 (DC), 1988] See Appendix 8 for more details

GOLDEN AGE (1935 - 1945)

1936 --

Kit Walker becomes the newest Phantom in a long line of Ghosts That Walk. [DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH #1 (MARVEL), 1987] [THE PHANTOM #1 (DC), 1988] See Appendix 8 for more details

1937 --

Ace Eagle, an aerial adventurer with a sidekick and "Wonder Plane" has first public adventure. [GOLDEN #1 (Amalgamated Press), 23 OCT 1937]

1938 --

"The Space Rocket landed in 1938. No one knew where it had COME from. Nothing in it SURVIVED. Still, the U. S. Army took CELLULAR SAMPLES from the corpse WITHIN -- EXPERIMENTED with them -- and -- by the time WORLD WAR TWO begann -- ADDED them to their experimental 'SUPER-SOLDIER' formula, hoping to create a champion of LIBERTY." (Excerpt taken from the journals of James Olsen.) [SUPER SOLDIER #1, APR 1996]

Nazi scientists steal a small alien craft with a chunk of a mystery element embedded in its hull from the Super-Soldier project. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #64]

Jay Garrick bonds with the demon Etrigan and becomes the Golden Age Speed Demon. Date based on DCU references. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996] [SECRET CRISIS OF THE INFINITY HOUR CANVAS CARD #6 of 9]

1939 - 1945 -- WORLD WAR II

1939 --

Industrialist Lex Luthor acquires the 'space rocket' and a radioactive meteorite which he calls the Kansas Lode, or Green 'K' for short. By careful analysis of the element he is able to exploit its unearthly radiation. [SUPER SOLDIER #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #64]

The evil demon Night Spectre seeks to destroy Jay Garrick, the Speed Demon, by drawing strength from the agony of the tortured souls he keeps imprisoned within the Sanctum of Lost Souls in the Nightmare Dimension. Night Spectre's rivalry with the Golden Age Speed Demon is based on the imprisonment of Jay Garrick's soul within the Nightmare Dimension in the present. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #81]

MAY The Golden Age Dark Claw debuts in New Gotham. The Golden Age Dark Claw had detachable claws in his earlier appearances, unlike the Modern Dark Claw. This has led to speculation that the first Dark Claw was a different man altogether, or that he is no longer part of continuity (There is no evidence to support the notion that the Amalgam Universe retroactively lost any Golden Age heroes). It is also possible, however, that the man known today as Logan Wayne defended New Gotham as Dark Claw long before his stint with the Canadian Secret Service or his involvement in the Weapon X Project. [AMALGAM CLASSICS: POWER BLAST #3 of 9] [AMALGAM HOLOPIX #1 of 6] See Appendix 3 for more details

SEPTEMBER Germany invades Poland. Beginning of World War II. [Date based on historical accounts]

An android is created that uses a mystic green lantern for its power supply. The android receives full sentience and the ability to generate emerald flame on the surface of its body. The android becomes the Human Lantern. [SUPER SOLDIER: MAN OF WAR #1, JUN 1997]

1940 --

Namor, born Arthur McKenzie, is the lone survivor of the destruction of the Atlantian city of Poseidonis. He comes to the surface to protect the oceans from further damage from land dwellers, leading to several conflicts with the law. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #20]

American civilian Nicholas "Nick" Fury, a member of a stunt flying team, was hired by the British military to instruct commandos in a crash course on parachuting. This leads to the creation of Company E-Z. Date based on Marvel Universe counterpart. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996] [BRUCE WAYNE: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, APR 1996]

Moon Spirit begins investigating crimes. Moon Spirit (who is never named in the story), contains no DC Comics element. The publication by DC of Will Eisner's The Spirit collections, as well as the publication of Spirit material by Quality (a comics publisher later purchased by DC), mark the only grounds for including this character as possibly existing in the Amalgam Universe. It is more likely that he is from a variation of the Amalgam Universe, possibly Universe-2. Date based on first appearance of the Spirit. [MARC SPECTOR: MOON KNIGHT #42 (MARVEL), SEP 1992]

Red Hawk becomes an active crimefighter. Character unnamed in comics, but appears as one of the Ashkani, heroes cut down before their time, that exists in Niles Cable's future. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997] See Appendix 1 for more details

Human Lantern versus Namor the Aqua-Mariner. Event not supported by published material. Assumption based on appropriate analogues in the Marvel Universe. [SUPER SOLDIER: MAN OF WAR #1, JUN 1997]

1941 --

A millionaire playboy takes up crime-fighting as Moon Man. He only comes out on nights when the moon is full, and he is "hunted alike by the underworld and the police." This character is from Timely Comics (Marvel), although he is not canonical to Marvel continuity. He is included here because he is an obvious homage/tribute/rip-off of Batman, and, more importantly, serves as a precedent/predecessor for the Silver Age Moon Man who appears in MARC SPECTOR: MOON KNIGHT #42. [MYSTIC COMICS #5 (TIMELY), APR 1941]

All-Star Winners Squad founded by Human Lantern, Aqua-Mariner, & the Whiz. [SUPER SOLDIER: MAN OF WAR #1, JUN 1997]

MARCH Super-Soldier debuts. "They injected the formula into a 4-F volunteer -- one whose name I cannot here reveal -- and exposed him to a massive jolt of Solar Radiation. Given what they knew of the alien cells, the scientists had some clue as to how this might affect the test subject -- but no one expected him to be granted powers and abilities -- so far beyond those of mortal men." Excerpt taken from the journals of James Olsen. [SUPER SOLDIER #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM CLASSICS: POWER BLAST #1 of 9] See Appendix 3 for more details

Golden Age American Girl becomes Super-Soldier's sidekick. [AMALGAM CLASSICS: POWER BLAST #9 of 9]

Johnny Quicksilver becomes an active crimefighter. Character unnamed in comics, but appears as one of the Ashkani, heroes cut down before their time, that exists in Niles Cable's future. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997] See Appendix 1 for more details

American Belle enters the crime-busting scene. [SUPER SOLDIER: MAN OF WAR #1, JUN 1997]

Lex Luthor marries Lois Lane, despite her interest in Corporal Clark Kent (Super-Soldier). [SUPER SOLDIER: MAN OF WAR #1, JUN 1997]

DECEMBER America joins the war following a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

1942 --

Inspired by Super-Soldier, billionaire Tom Harper undergoes intense physical training to become the home-front hero Guardian Angel. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #56]

Sgt. Rock assembles Bulldozer Gabriel, Dino Four-Eyes, Ice-Cream Cohen, Little Dum-Dum, Rebel Farmer, & Wildman Percy into the Howling Commandos. [SUPER SOLDIER: MAN OF WAR #1, JUN 1997]

The Young Commandos are founded by Guardian Angel. One of the members is 'Brooklyn' Barnes. [SUPER SOLDIER: MAN OF WAR #1, JUN 1997]

FEBRUARY Super-Soldier attends a meeting of the All-Star Winners Squadron, along with the Human Lantern, Aqua-Mariner, American Bell, the Whiz, and Brooklyn Barnes of the Young Commandos. He leaves early to attend to a secret mission, which takes him and Jimmy Olson across the Atlantic Ocean to England, where he meets with Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The next day, Super-Soldier, Mademoiselle Peggy, and Sgt. Rock's Howling Commandos defeat Major Zemo's War Wheel at Castle Zemo deep in the heart of Nazi Europe. Major Zemo and Lex Luthor escape with an alien rocket, a sample of the Kansas Lode alloy, and the schematics for Ultra-Metallo. [SUPER SOLDIER: MAN OF WAR #1, JUN 1997]

MARCH Super-Soldier intercepts Ultra-Metallo, a mighty robot powered by Green K, over the North Atlantic as it heads for Washington D.C. Both fall into the ocean during the battle and are lost, presumed destroyed. Jimmy Olsen reports in the Daily Planet that Super-Soldier was victorious against the machine and retired from active duty. [SUPER SOLDIER: MAN OF WAR #1, JUN 1997]

1943 --

Poseidon, god of the seas on Greek mythology, takes on human form and makes an appearance as a circus strongman. When it becomes clear that the old gods are being ignored, he leaves in a snit and retreats to his underwater kingdom. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #70]

1945 --

S.S. Colonel Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, the future Baron Zero, escapes the crumbling Nazi empire with Lex Luthor and assists the Nazi agent in creating Hydra, a covert terrorist organization dedicated to the Nazi dream of world domination. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #89]

Lex Luthor's K-Bombs prove more effective than imagined, and give the United States final victory in the war. Fallout from the K-Bombs permeates the atmosphere, creating a blanket of radiation around the planet. [SUPER SOLDIER #1, APR 1996]

ATOMIC AGE (1946 - 1959)

1946 --

The Aqua-Mariner leaves the All-Star Winners Squad to seek out Atlantis. Probable event assumed from Mariner's history and the history of his Marvel and DC counterparts. [JLX #1, APR 1996] [SUPER-SOLDIER: MAN OF WAR #1, JUN 1997]

The Falcon, the so-called "Robin Hood of Crime" and master of many disguises, has his first public adventure. [RADIO FUN (Amalgamated Press), 25 MAR 1947]


Young Jack Jaxon straps on a belt of ancient and curious design, not suspecting it is Megingjardir, the magic belt of Thor. In a flash it transforms him into Thunderbolt Jaxon, a giant endowed with all the might and magic of Thor himself! [THE COMET #76 (Amalgamated Press), 13 AUG 1949]

1951 --

Terrance Thirteen becomes Dr. 13, the Multiple Man. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

1952 --

Moon Spirit and Ivory encounter the extra-dimensional creature MoonShade. Moon Spirit is hurt, possibly killed, by the monster. Date based on final The Spirit comic strip created by Will Eisner. It is possible that this story takes place not in the Amalgam Universe, but Universe-2. [MARC SPECTOR: MOON KNIGHT #42 (MARVEL), SEP 1992]

The Phantom Stranger has first public case. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

1953 --

First published adventure of James Bond. [SHOWCASE #43 (DC), 1962] [FOR YOUR EYES ONLY #1 (MARVEL), 1981] See Appendix 8 for more details

1954 --

Tom Harper, the retired home-front hero Guardian Angel, uses his fortune to found Project Cadmus, a secret research facility dedicated to studying paranormal and metamutant phenomena. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #56]

1955 --

J'Onn J'Onzz, a telepathic Skrull, arrives on Earth. The shape changer will adopt a number of human guises, including Marko Xavier, vampire hunter John Jones, and crime lord Mr. X. [JLX #1, APR 1996] [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996]

Tom Harper contacts the Mariner and offers to help him discover the fate of Atlantis. Mariner grudgingly accepts, though he is hesitant to let surface-dwellers obtain such knowledge. Probable event assumed from Mariner's history and the history of his Marvel and DC counterparts. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

1956 --

Marko Xavier (Mr. X) assumes an advisory position with Tom Harper's Project Cadmus, and funds many efforts to aid the Mariner's search for Atlantis. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #19]

1957 --

The Falcon assumes the roll of a super-hero in a bat-winged flying suit. [RADIO FUN (Amalgamated Press), 01 JUN 1957]

Cadmus abandons the quest for Atlantis in favor of genetic research. [SOLDIER: MAN OF WAR #1, JUN 1997]

1958 --

Mr. X assumes identity of John Jones: Vampire Hunter in his ongoing war against the undead. John Jones: Vampire Hunter is never specified to be an identity of Martian J'Onn J'Onzz, but come on! [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996]

NASA founded.

1959 --

British industrialist John Constantine becomes the vigilante Hellblazer, based in London. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

Robot Archie, the invention of Professor Ritchie, is the world's most powerful mechanical man. Placed in the care of the Professor's nephew Ted and his friend Ken Dale, the three set out to find the fabled treasure of Kaal, which lay beyond the Crouching Lion Hills in M'Lassa, Africa. [Lion #1 (Amalgamated Press), 23 FEB 1959]

Kay Challis becomes the size-altering ElastiWoman. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

The Living Guru, Hip-Hop Bishop of Beat, leaves the Deva Dimensions to serve as the herald and advisor to the dread Celestius. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

SILVER AGE (1960 - 1975)

1960 --

Hellblazer battles the Court Jester, who later becomes Hellblazer's archenemy. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

Mr. E, the Malleable Mystic, has first public case. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

Paraplegic genius Niles Caulder organizes the Legion of the Strange. Members are Automaton, ElastiWoman, the Human Negative, and Niles Caulder, as the Chief. They build their headquarters on the island of Manhattan. Note: The Human Negative is called Negative Man in the comic, the same name he has in the DCU. I have given him an appropriate name reflective of both his components, but it is not canonical. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

1961 --

The Legion of the Strange battles the super-menace of Mister Murmur. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

Dr. 13, Phantom Stranger, Mr. E, and Hellblazer form the Mighty Mystics. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

The Legion of the Strange uses the Anti-Cube to stop the Ultra-Voyager. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

1962 --

The Mighty Mystics begin operating from their new orbital headquarters the Hand of Warning. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

The Legion of the Strange visits Nutopia and encounters the Windowmen. Niles Caulder takes a clipping of that world to study back home. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

Timothy Hunter makes a wish on his tenth birthday to be like his hero Hellblazer. His friend Alleatha, secretly Moonchild, eternal sidekick of the Phantom Stranger, uses her magic to set events in motion that will grant Tim's wish. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

Timothy Hunter's parents are killed in a motorcycle accident thirteen days after his tenth birthday. Tim is taken to live in Constantine Manor as John Constantine's legal ward. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

1963 --

Element X and the Zoom Platoon meet the Legion of the Strange. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

Tim Hunter discovers that John Constantine is really the vigilante Hellblazer. John trains Tim to become Sparky, the Sorcerer's Apprentice. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

Hellblazer and Sparky defeat Johnny O'Groats. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

Jimmy Morehead, a white youth, is caught in a nuclear explosion that robs him of his legs, one arm, and racial identity. He is rebuilt as the cyborg Black Talos. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

The Legion of the Strange uses the Eye in the Sky to defeat Doc Void and the Confusers. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

Hellblazer and Sparky fight the Court Jester. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

1964 --

Hellblazer and Sparky fight the Crossword Puzzler. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

The Legion of the Strange traps the Ambient Man in a specially built Prism Prison. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

Hellblazer and Sparky fight the Beef-Eater. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

Davis Duval makes his debut as the shape-changing Proteus, a teen hero with a lightning-quick wit and confused sexual identity. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

The Phantom Stranger and Hellblazer struggle with the Stimuloids. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

Danny the Running Boy runs really fast. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

Hellblazer and Sparky fight Mister Fog. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

1965 --

Norman Caesar, a neglected scientist tired of living in the initials of Niles Caulder, the Chief, captures Automaton and transplants his own brain inside the robotic body, in order to infiltrate the Legion of the Strange and destroy them from within. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

Hellblazer and Sparky battle the Phantom Phantom. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

"AND MEN SHALL CALL HIM -- HERO!" The Mighty Mystics detect a massive aetheric power source gathering at the threshold of the multi-dimensions, and contact the Legion of the Strange. Investigating a space-time anomaly in the Bronx, the Legion is present for the Dimensional Conjunction and the arrival of Celestius the Man-God! Norman Caesar, in the body of Automaton, sacrifices himself to send Celestius back into Foreverwhere. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

The Legion of the Strange encounters Element X and the Zoom Platoon again. [DOOM PATROL (vol. II) #53 (DC), MAR 1992]

Tim Hunter learns that his mother was of French decent, which leads to difficulties between him and John Constantine. Tim abandons his identity as Sparky, the Sorcerer's Apprentice. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

1966 --

Tim Hunter assumes a new identity as Hellspawn, becoming a hero in his own right. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

Hellspawn, Moonchild, Black Talos, Proteus, and Danny the Running Boy form the New Mystic Youth, using the MY building on an island near London as their headquarters. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

The first of many criminals wearing rubber masks is exposed by "those meddlesome kids and their pesky dog." [SCOOBY DOO #1 (MARVEL), 1977] [SCOOBY-DOO #1 (DC), 1997] See Appendix 8 for more details

The New Mystic Youth face prejudice taken to the extreme, when they battle a hate-gang that has been killing gays. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

1967 --

The Olympian Goddesses bring Diana to life from clay on Themyscira. [BULLETS AND BRACELETS #1, APR 1996]

Molly, daughter of an Irish Bog God, thwarts her family's evil plot to assassinate the members of the Irish Parliament. Molly joins the New Mystic Youth as Junior Goddess. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

Hellspawn (Tim) and Junior Goddess (Molly) develop feelings for each other. Moonchild (Alleatha) grows jealous. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

1968 --

The New Mystic Youth stand together against a team of six villains. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

Logan transfers within the Royal Canadian Air Force to a Special Security Force detail. It is at this time that he first meets Creed H. Quinn, most likely in Vietnam. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996] Please see Appendix 3 for more details

1969 --

Molly has an affair with Danny the Running Boy. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

MoonMan, the 'Crescent Crusader' and MoonBoy, the 'Crater Kid', defend Cosmopolis from the extra-dimensional Moon Shade. When Moon Shade tries to drain MoonMan's lifeforce, the demon is destroyed by Moon Knight from the Marvel Universe. Although this story took place in the Modern Age for Moon Knight, it is the nature of the reality he visited that justifies placing it in the Silver Age, as Cosmopolis' MoonMan is obviously based on the 1960s incarnation of Gotham City's Bat-Man in DC Comics and the Bat-Man television series featuring Adam West. While there is no evidence to confirm what reality this story takes place in (other than being a Cross-Time of the Marvel Universe), the combination of DC and Marvel characters suggests that it is at least a variation of the Amalgam Universe. [MARC SPECTOR: MOON KNIGHT #42 (MARVEL), SEP 1992]

Tim discovers Molly with Danny the Running Boy. Danny leaves the New Mystic Youth. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

The New Mystic Youth battle Relevance, a cult leader intent on ethnic cleansing. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

1970 --

Tim and Molly reconcile. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

The Other, an alternate reality Tim Hunter from the year 1996, seduces Moonchild and tricks her into betraying the New Mystic Youth. As soon as Moonchild kills Hellspawn, the Other departs for another Earth, killing Moonchild in the process. [BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #3 (VERTIGO/DC), 1999]

1972 --

Trevor "Castle" Castiglione, a captain in the United States Marine Corps, serves for five years in the Vietnam War. For his heroism Castle is twice decorated with the Bronze Star and the Silver Star and four times with the Purple Heart. [BULLETS AND BRACELETS #1, APR 1996]

1973 --

Shang Prez, Master of Kung-Fu, is sworn in as the first 18-year-old to become President of the United States, as well as the first Asian-American to hold that office. His term is short lived, as an unknown opponent cuts him down before his time and he becomes one of the Ashkani. The only name given is Prez: Master of Kung-Fu. Shang Prez, which would translate as "Rising and Advancing of the President," was hypothesized by Mikel Midnight. Dates inferred from DC references. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

The giant reptile-simian hybrid KongZilla rampages across the American City of Megalopolis, and the U. S. Army is helpless to oppose the monster. KongZilla only leaves after capturing a local citizen it has fallen in love with; newlywed Irving Korn. This story appeared in the humor/horror/anthology series, PLOP!, which was hosted by Caine, Abel, and the old witch Eve. It is included here as it shows an amalgam of two popular movie monsters, and no evidence exists to suggest that the story belongs in any other reality. [PLOP! #1 (DC), SEP 1973]

1975 --






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