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PAGE III: Recent History - Modern Age

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Bruce Wayne's secret agent parents are gunned down in Istanbul by agents of Hydra. He is eight years old at the time. [BRUCE WAYNE: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #44]


In the Himalayas, Charles Xavier discovers the walled city controlled by the alien Lucifer. Xavier and Nabu the Ancient One successfully repel the alien and Baron Wotan, a student of Nabu who was in league with Lucifer. Nabu takes Xavier in to be his new apprentice. The date and alien references come from Charles Xavier's history in the Marvel Universe, and are theorized to help explain how the man who would lead the X-Men found himself instead in the position to become the Lord Sorcerer Supreme of Order. [DOCTOR STRANGEFATE #1, APR 1996]

Todd LeBeau and his twin sister Jennie are born. Through unknown circumstances, Jennie is taken away to New Asgard, where she will grow up to become the Jade Enchantress. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #25]


Logan and Creed H. Quinn have their picture taken together in Southeast Asia, after completing a mission for RCAF Security. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996]

The infant Ryan Castiglione, son of Diana: Freelance and Trevor "Castle" the Punisher, arrives from twenty years in the future to the Armeghetto of Apokolips. He is raised to become Kanto, master assassin of Thanoseid, with no knowledge of his Earth heritage. [BULLETS AND BRACELETTES #1, APR 1996]


The Canadian government initiates the Weapon X Project, in the hopes of creating super-soldiers of their own. Logan and Quinn of the RCAF are both accepted as candidates for Project, along with four other 'volunteers'. Few records of the procedures used survive; fragments of Professor Carter Nichols' notes do mentions two scientists by name, Cornelius and Hines. Logan's latent mutant healing power kicks in, which allows him to survive the adamantium-grafting process. Creed survives as well, but becomes a remorseless killing machine, exactly what the Project was hoping for. Creed's sanity does not fare as well, and he eventually goes rogue. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996]

Edward Nigma Fisk, leader of a small gang of criminals in New Gotham City, rapidly increased his power base through his organizational skills. He eventually became successful enough to invest in legitimate businesses. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]


The god Poseidon destroys the ship The Arabian Princess as it passes through the Mediterranean Sea in rout from New York to Cairo, in order to claim vengeance on Professor Malcolm, a passenger who had found a statue from the seabed years earlier. Although Malcolm intended to return the artifact to the sea to be rid of it's curse, Poseidon merely regarded him as a thief, and drowned him along with everyone else on board, including David Monroe and his wife N'Dare. Only their daughter Ororo was spared, rescued from the water by Queen Hyppolyta of the Amazons. Ororo's health is restored by Amazon physicians, although she still suffers from an intense fear of drowning, and she grows up as Diana's sister. [AMAZON #1, APR 1996]


Selina Luthor witnesses the death of her mother Lois Lane at the hands of her father's men. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #61]

Lex Luthor marries Whitney Frost, a woman who shares his vision of world domination. Whitney helps push Lex' terrorist group Hydra into the forefront of nefarious quasi-legal criminal organizations. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #88]


Will Magnus and his brother Erik compete for the affections of little Jenette Gruenwald.  When it is clear that Jenette prefers Erik, Will develops a grudge against his brother. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #82]

Elektra Kyle, an American girl growing up in Cairo, Egypt, witnesses her father's murder.  Surviving by her wits and quick fingers, she becomes the protégé of a cat fancier and trains both her pets and her body until either would obey her every command.  [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]


Edward Fisk becomes a judo master under the tutelage of a blind man called I. Ching.  [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #62]


J. Jonah White becomes the editor of the Gotham Gazette newspaper in New Gotham.  [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]


Hank Logan, who will one day be the Beastling, suffers through Mrs. MacTaggert's First Grade class.  [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]


Young Ray Summers develops the mutant power to absorb sunlight.  His parents, fearing him, keep him locked away, telling him that sunlight will kill him.  [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #22]


Charles Xavier inherits the mantle of Doctor Strangefate from Nabu the Ancient One.  [DOCTOR STRANGEFATE #1, APR 1996]

Bane Simpson is schooled from childhood in the arts of death within the confines of the Hydra fortress Santa Prisca.  [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #75]


Charles Xavier, a.k.a. Doctor Strangefate, returns to America and establishes his Sanctum within Arkham Asylum in New Gotham. Shortly afterwards, Myx, an extra-dimensional imp, takes up residence with Strangefate as his manservant, in order to ensure Strangefate's continued protection over his people.  [DOCTOR STRANGEFATE #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #12]

Ororo learns, during a scuffle with her sister Diana, that she is not a true Amazon.  [AMAZON #1, APR 1996]

Will Magnus, non-mutant brother of Eric (MagneMorpho), begins building the Sentinels, robots designed to hunt down mutants after learning the secrets of the Nazi Ultra-Metallo robot from World War II. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #64]

The Mariner acquires the Serpent Crown, bearing clues to the fate of Atlantis. [JLX #1, APR 1996]


Bruce Wayne graduates law school, and immediately joins S.H.I.E.L.D. [BRUCE WAYNE: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, APR 1996]

Logan moves to New Gotham and establishes himself as an artist and techno-wizard. According to the Trading Cards, his civilian identity is Logan Wayne. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #3]

The Mariner's quest for Atlantis leads him to Krakoa the Living Dinosaur Island, where he is attacked by Sentinels.  One of the Sentinels makes off with the Serpent Crown.  Namor receives amnesia during the encounter.  [JLX #1, APR 1996]

Ray Summers and his brother Joshua, both mutants, are sent to an orphanage.  [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]




Reed "Prof" Richards, Sue "Ace" Storm, Johnny "Red" Storm, and State Congressman Ben "Rocky" Grimm fly an experimental spacecraft through a cosmic radiation field, with the aide of shielding provided by Victor Von Doom.  When Doom jealously shuts down their shielding the ship suffers from the cosmic rays and crashes, although the four passengers are unaffected.  They all admit that they are now living on borrowed time, and adopt the collective name of the Challengers of the Fantastic.  [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Erik Magnus, a metamutant who can tap into and control magnetic lines of force, becomes the MagneMorpho.  His terrorist-like tactics brand him a villain, though his intent is to protect mutants from oppressive humans (especially his brother Will).  [MAGNETIC MEN FEATURING MAGNETO #1, JUN 1997]

The Challengers of the Fantastic (Reed Richard's Rocket Team) investigate a series of attacks on cities by underground giants, and discover the Mole Man's secret empire. They expose his plan to invade the surface world, and the Mole Man seals the entrance through Monster Island after they leave, seemingly trapping him forever. This story, titled "What If the Fantastic Four Had Not Gained their Super-Powers?", depicts a less "amalgamated" origin for the team than the Challengers of the Fantastic possess, but the characters are essentially the same, and efforts were made within the comic to compare the team to the Challengers of the Unknown. [WHAT IF..? (vol. I) #36 (MARVEL), DEC 1982]

Logan becomes the vigilante Dark Claw in New Gotham. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996] Please see Appendix 3 for more details

Multi-Masters nearly destroys the Challengers of the Fantastic with his twisted creation -- Ultivac the Multi-Robot. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Rhomann Sur, one of Oa's cosmic patrolmen, crash-lands on Earth, dying. The alien wills Hal Stark to his side, but dies before explaining his purpose. Hal, badly injured himself, uses the alien technology to keep himself alive, and fashions a suit of power armor that earns him the name Iron Lantern. [IRON LANTERN #1, JUN 1997]

Archeology student Warren Hall uses his metamutant gift of flight to become the heroic Angelhawk. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #17]

Challengers of the Fantastic discover Namor the Aqua-Man lost in New York with amnesia and help him recover. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Dinah Barton develops a sonic cry power during a cross-dimensional trip on a mis-wired time platform, and becomes the superheroine Canary. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #18]


Mr. X discovers the mutant brothers Ray and Joshua Summers in an orphanage. Ray is sent to a special school, but Joshua's emerging cosmic powers are too unstable and he is put in stasis at Aim-Star Labs. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Project Cadmus sponsors the Challengers of the Unknown, bringing Reed Richards' Rocket Team onto their staff. Their Adirondacks base is renamed Fantastic Mountain. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996] [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

General "Thunderbolt" Ross, the last official surviving witness of the Super-Soldier Experiment, spearheads Operation: Re-Birth, Project Cadmus' mission to recreate Super-Soldier one way or another. College intern Peter Parker, the protégé of Dr. Otto Octavius, proposes to create a clone with the ability to manipulate gravity. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

Oliver Queen develops his growth serum with help from Cadmus scientist Hank Pym. He uses it to become the superhero Goliath. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #18]

Johnny "Red" Storm introduces his girlfriend Corinna Evans to the rest of the Challengers of the Fantastic. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Bruce Banner is amalgamated with the elemental creature Solomon Grundy, uncontrollably becoming the Abominable Skulk. The transformations are kept in check only by spells, which must be frequently recast by Doctor Strangefate. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #11]

Dr. Strangefate brings together Canary, Angelhawk, Iron Lantern, and the Mariner (formerly Namor the Aqua-Man) to combat an undisclosed menace. The four heroes choose to band together as the Judgment League: Avengers. It is highly likely, although not provable, that one of the Skulk's violent rampages was the catalyst for the formation of the JLA. [DOCTOR STRANGEFATE #1, APR, 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #10]

MagneMorpho becomes Magneto, founds the Brotherhood of Mutants. It is easy to assume that the Flash and Scarlet Witch mentioned by Mercury in JLX #1 (1996) were members of the Brotherhood. However, if this is the case, it becomes necessary to accept the idea that they escaped death at the hands of the Sentinels by traveling to the future, in direct contrast to the many claims that all the Brotherhood members were slain. Mister Mastermind would also seem to be a likely candidate for membership in the Brotherhood, but this is complicated by his presence later. [MAGNETO AND THE MAGNETIC MEN #1, APR 1996] [MAGNETIC MEN FEATURING MAGNETO #1, JUN 1997]

About halfway through Operation: Re-Birth, a mysterious power surge (possibly caused by Dr. Dabney Donovan) causes an explosion that awakens the Super-Soldier clone prematurely, disrupting the development of his powers before they reached their full potential. Peter Parker is killed and most of the Operation: Re-Birth files are wiped-out in the blast. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

Clint Archer returns to the United States after spending years developing his archery skills through ardent study at a monastery in Tibet. He assumes the identity of Hawkeye to fight crime. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #18]

General "Thunderbolt" Ross, AKA 'Uncle Gen', takes the clone, now named Spider-Boy, under his wing. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

Goliath and Myx join the Judgment League: Avengers, although Myx serves with the team for only one mission due to his lack of tolerance for superheroes. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #12,#18]

An "experiment gone to the Devil" toughens Slade Murdock's body and robs her of her sight. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #35]

Creed H. Quinn recognizes Dark Claw as Logan, whom he blames for his own misfortunes, and shows up in New Gotham as the Hyena.  He decides to hunt the Darknight Defender, armed with claws, guns, laughing bombs, and a street gang he assumes control of and renames the Pack. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #76]

Uncle Gen is killed by a two-bit burglar. Spider-Boy realizes he has to make sure he is never just a kid who gets ignored while other people get hurt. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

Orion the Thunder-Man comes to Earth. Note that there is no evidence that Orion was the Thunder-Man.  However, Orion does not have a Marvel Universe component until after his death during the Secret Crisis, and Thunder-Man is too vague a reference to establish his exact components (all that is known about him is that he is long-underrated and does not have his own book).  It is fitting that the New God Orion should be amalgamated with the God of Thunder, Thor, given that the AU Orion is later resurrected as Thorion the Hunter. [BULLETS AND BRACELETS #1, APR 1996] [JLX #1, APR 1996]

Bruce Wayne and S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nicolas Fury meet on assignment against a K.O.B.R.A. cell. [BRUCE WAYNE: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, APR 1996]

Dr. Strangefate leaves the Judgment League: Avengers to pursue more solitary in shadowy realms. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #10]

While studying the remains of the alien Doomsday, Cadmus scientist Victor Von Doom accidentally detonates a bone fragment, showering him in the alien shards. The alien DNA mutates him into the unstoppable monster called Dr. Doomsday. [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

Edward Nigma Fisk, a.k.a. the Big Question, has cybernetic radar horns surgically implanted in Slade "Dare" Murdock's head. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

Selina Luthor, daughter of the Green Skull, rises through the ranks of HYDRA swiftly and becomes known as Madame Cat. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #61]

Young Hank Logan is administered an experimental serum to cure a deadly disease. The serum triggers his metamutant powers and he becomes the shape-changing freak Beastling. [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

Princess Diana of Themyscira travels to 'Patriarch's World.' She soon uses her Amazon skills to become a bounty hunter. [BULLETS AND BRACELETS #1, APR 1996]

Project Cadmus geneticist Dr. Curt Connors is viciously attacked, possibly by Cadmus' own Dabney Donovan, and loses his left arm in the assault. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #83]

The Challengers of the Fantastic meet the Un-People: Vykin the Black Bolt, Triserinak, Medusa Moonrider, Big Gorgon, and Dream Crystal. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]


Hawkeye joins the Judgment League Avengers. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #18]

Six months after joining S.H.I.E.L.D., Bruce Wayne is Director Nicolas Fury's right-hand man. [BRUCE WAYNE: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, APR 1996]

The Offending Society is founded in New York. Vikki Valkyrie and HawkHawk are among its list of members. Because this team's only appearance is out of continuity, it may not have a counterpart in the mainstream Amalgam Universe. However, as an amalgamation of the Justice Society and the Defenders, it is possible that the Skulk, Mariner, and Doctor Strangefate would have been members as well. [LOBO THE DUCK 1, JUN 1997]

Dark Claw scars half of Norman Harvey Osbourn's face. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

Ororo returns to the United States as Themyscira's champion, Wonder Woman, making a home for herself in Baton Rouge. [AMAZON #1, 1996]

Kirk Sallis becomes Bat-Thing in swamp near New Gotham. [BAT-THING #1, JUN 1997]

Princess Diana is given bracelets made of Adamantium by the Bronze Tiger, King of Wakanda, for helping the African leader. [BULLETS AND BRACELETS #1, APR 1996]

The severed arm of Dr. Curt Connors is mysteriously combined with reptile DNA and grown into the cannibalistic creature named King Lizard. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

Will Magnus builds his first human-like Sentinel, the feminine Jocasta. To test her in a social setting, he outfits her with a false face and disguise. Jocasta finds employment as a model, billing herself as "Millie." [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #84]

Daryl Rutabaga is betrayed to the law by his own brother, Jonas Turnip. [LOBO THE DUCK #1, JUN 1997]

Todd "Gambit" LeBeau makes a deal in a New Orleans bar for a magic set of playing cards that would "change his life." The cards serve as a focus for his mutant ability to change into an insubstantial shadowy form. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #25]

Challengers of the Fantastic battle Diablo the Volcano Man. During the conflict, June Masters loses her sight. Blaming himself, Ben Grimm tells her she is now an honorary Challenger. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

AGAMEMNON'S GHOST -- Dark Claw story arc that makes references to Goya, Bosch, and Brueghel the Elder [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996]

Kurt Ryder, a green metamutant acrobat with a tail, is tossed out of the circus for looking (and smelling) too freakish. His reputation as the "Nightcreeper" follows him. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #24]

Princess Diana comes to New York City and makes a name for herself as Diana Prince: Freelance. [BULLETS AND BRACELETS #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #15]

Diablo the Volcano Man, the Radioactive Kra, Drabny the Fixer, Multi-Masters and Ultivac the Multi-Robot form the Challenger Haters of Evil. They challenge the Challengers of the Fantastic, battle, and lose. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]


The Challengers of the Fantastic stop Chronos-Tut the Time Pharaoh from turning Washington into Ancient Egypt. [SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP#1, JUN 1997]

Marine Captain Trevor Castiglione watches his wife and two children die, caught in a Mafia crossfire in Central Park. [BULLETS AND BRACELETTES #1, APR 1996]

Wonder Woman rejects Marko Xavier's request to help him found a group of mutant heroes. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #9]

Professor Yatz gives Spider-Boy his matter-transformer, allowing the Arach-Kid to adopt the alter ego of Pete Ross and get a job at the Daily Bugle. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

With his new powers, Todd LeBeau becomes a member of the Shadow Guild and assumes the nickname Wraith. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Jay Garrick comes out of retirement as Speed Demon to renew his campaign against Night Spectre. [AMALGAM HOLOPIX #3 of 6]

Diana: Freelance becomes close friends with Jim Rhodes, the man who would one day become the War Monarch. [BULLETS AND BRACELETTES #1, APR 1996]

Will Magnus builds his greatest creation, an evil android called Sinistron that is designed to be the ultimate mutant-hunter. Sinistron rebels from his programming, however, seeking instead supremacy over mutantkind. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #63]

The Challengers of the Fantastic discover that Tino Lumpkin the rock-n-roll mailman is Johnny "Red" Storm's half-brother. Tino is made an honorary Challenger. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Agent Bruce Wayne of S.H.I.E.L.D. secretly funds a number of charitable organizations that aid victims of violent crimes. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #6]

Arkham Tower, a 107 story building, opens in New Gotham City, having been built over the remains of Arkham Asylum. Edward Nigma Fisk's contributions to this project elevate his popularity. Doctor Strangefate's Sanctum remains in the building, protected from casual observation by magic. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996][DOCTOR STRANGEFATE #1, APR 1996]

Kurt Ryder is given an image inducer made by Professor Yatz, and makes a new identity for himself as Jack Ryder, a sarcastic TV talk show host. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #24]

The Challengers of the Fantastic fight the Challenger Haters of Evil fight. The Chall-Haters all seemingly die at the end. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Professor Yatz mysteriously disappears. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

Trevor "Castle" Castiglione assumes the identity of the Punisher to combat crime. [BULLETS AND BRACELETTES #1, APR 1996]

The Judgment League Avengers begin a recruiting drive, gaining three new members; Apollo, Firebird, and Wraith. All three are sent to the team by Mister X, although they are not aware of it at the time. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

Selina Luthor has a secret tryst with Tony Stark, but her allegiance to HYDRA and Tony's devotion to S.H.I.E.L.D. drive them apart. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #61]

Young Pietro Allen, the speedster called Mercury, arrives from the future, being chased by Sentinels. When the new members of JLA try to help him they are attacked by Sentinels from the future and present. After the battle, Mercury is invited to join the JLA. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #23]

Edward Nigma Fisk successfully runs for Mayor of New Gotham. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

The new members of the Judgment League Avengers investigate reports of a strange creature in the wilds of New Jersey. They find Kurt Ryder, the demonic-looking metamutant known as Nightcreeper, who joins the team. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #24]

The new members of the Judgment League Avengers (Apollo, Firebird, Wraith, Mercury, and Nightcreeper) are collectively referred to as the JLA: New Blood. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

The Punisher and Spider-Boy clash in New York when the Arach-Kid tries to appoint himself as Castle's sidekick. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #16]

Runaway leaves Ms. Tique and the Brotherhood of Injustice, and joins the New Blood chapter of JLA. [JLX #1, APR 1996]


Vykin the Black Bolt of the Un-People forbids Johnny Storm from ever seeing Dream Crystal again. The Challengers of the Fantastic and Wyatt Flying Stag do nothing to help the love-torn hero. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Beatriz Grey, the psycho-kinetic flame wielding mutant Firebird, is trapped in a coma. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #21]

CIA operative and former circus acrobat Dick Grayson catches the attention of Bruce Wayne, who has the agent transferred to S.H.I.E.L.D. Grayson's multiple Personality Disorder manifests in the identities of crime fighter Tim Drake and mercenary Marc Spector. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #8]

Janet "Domino" Van Dyne, millionaire heiress, is exposed to volcanic gasses that trigger her metamutant power of size manipulation. [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

The Punisher pursues the cocaine kingpin the White Whale, leading to a waterfront standoff. [AMALGAM CLASSICS: POWER BLAST #7 of 9]

Deadeye is responsible for the mercenary Dare losing an eye (although she was already blind). [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

The cybernetic mutant Niles Cable arrives in the present from an apocalyptic future and befriends Janet Van Dyne, who begins operating as the superheroine Elasti-Girl. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #39]

Alicia Murdock, the little blind girl who walks through walls, and Bingle-Burry, the two-headed dog that speaks Serbo-Croatian, make their first appearance. [BAT-THING #1. JUN 1997]

Carol Danvers, a government agent code-named the Huntress, seduces Hawkeye of the JLA in order to get his help in making a high-tech crossbow. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #5]

Mutant Outsiders founded. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #27]

Bizarnage, a crystalline symbiote, is accidentally created by Project Cadmus scientists during an attempt to replicate alien DNA. The symbiote's initial battle with Spider-Boy leaves it with a lasting desire to be like the Wall-Crawler - by killing and replacing him. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #69]

Elektra Kyle makes her fortune as an international assassin. She assumes the identity of Catsai after donning an ancient headdress once worn by the handmaidens of the great deity Nabu (an earlier incarnation of the being who trained Doctor Strangefate). [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #34]

Psionic mutant Tatsu "Betsy" Braddock leaves her home in England to travel the world as the sword-wielding mercenary Kokoro. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #27]

Apollo meets Madelyne Pryor, a woman who could pass as Beatriz Grey's twin. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #22]

Doctor Doomsday fights the Judgment League Avengers to a standstill. [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]


Kokoro befriends Haloroma, an other-dimensional entity, after helping to free the alien spirit from its imprisonment within a human host. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #27]

Elasti-Girl spends time with Project Cadmus, learning the limits of her powers from rival scientists Henry Pym and Ray Palmer. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #39]

Young Billy Mar-Vell is transformed into the adult Captain Marvel by shouting the alien word "Kree!" [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #17]

Kokoro and Haloroma join the Mutant Outsiders. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #27]

Madelyne Pryor is manipulated into becoming the Red Queen. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #22]

Dare loses her one remaining eye in battle with the shape-changing drug addict Nuke. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #35]

Diana Prince finds Trevor Castle dying from injuries in an alley, and nurses him back to health. [BULLETS AND BRACELETTES #1, APR 1996]

The Challengers of the Fantastic gain an alien robot pet named Cosbie. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

The Mutant Outsiders battle the demons of Mephisto's Apokolips. [MAGNETO AND THE MAGNETIC MEN #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #27]

Freelance & Punisher join forces for the first time to combat the grisly horror of the disfigured Pelt Man. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #50]

Wanda Zatara uses her sorcerous energies as the White Queen to atone for the misdeeds of her father. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #11]

Captain Marvel joins the Judgment League Avengers. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #17]

Dick Grayson, the agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. code-named Moonwing, attends classes at Oxford. During his absence from active duty Jason Todd assumes the role of Moonwing. [BRUCE WAYNE: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, APR 1996]

Blaze Allen, amateur mystic, spurns Night Spectre's desire for a human pawn. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

Dare and Catsai meet when they are hired to kill each other by the same man, Tombstone the Ravager. After comparing notes, the two assassins shared information, and took the job back to their mutual employer, resigning in lethal style. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #57]

The Red Queen and White Queen destroy each other in Alice Arcade's giant chess set. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #22]

The Amazonian Diana Prince and the Apokoliptian Big Titania meet under unspecified terms, but wind up becoming good friends. [BULLETS AND BRACELETTES #1, APR 1996]

The Black Bat (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Barbara Gordon) helps smuggle out a Hydra prototype jet pack. Tony Stark duplicates and perfects the invention for SHIELD use. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #7]

Iron Lantern fights the gigantic robot shark called Great White. [IRON LANTERN #1, JUN 1997]

Niles Caulder, formerly the Chief of the defunct Legion of the Strange, organizes a new team of young superhumans to teach them how to protect a humanity that hates and fears them.  He calls this team the Doom Patrol.  Cliff Steel, a.k.a. the Automaton, helps to run the school/team.  [DOOM PATROL (vol II) #48 (DC), NOV 1991]

Piotyr Rasputin and his brother Alexi become criminals in Russia. During a robbery, Piotyr's mutant power transforms him into Ferro Man. Alexi, jealous of his power, abandons Piotyr. [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

The Judgment League Avengers recover the frozen body of Super-Soldier and unthaw him. The World War II hero joins the JLA. The verified members at this time include Canary, Goliath, Angelhawk, and Captain Marvel. [SUPER SOLDIER #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #43] [AMALGAM CLASSICS: POWER BLAST #2 of 9] Please see Appendix 3 for more details

Super Soldier petitions the courts for the right to use his own name, due to the heavy merchandising associated with the costumed character. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #1, JUL 1992]

Will Magnus builds the Crimson Whirlwind, an android intended to infiltrate the JLA and destroy it from within. His plan fails when an air elemental takes the soulless form as its own, transforming the synthezoid into a powerful force for good. Note: The known members of the JLA at this time include Super Soldier, Canary, and Captain Marvel. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #47]


SECRET CRISIS OF THE INFINITY HOUR -- In brief: Thanoseid acquires the Infinity Links, forging them into the Infinity Loop. With the Loop in his power he will destroy all of reality in exactly one hour. His first act is to erase Super Soldier from existence. It takes the combined efforts of the heroes from Earth, New Genesis, Apokolips, and the future to stop Thanoseid, his ally Doctor Doomsday, and a planet full of supervillains, in order to break the Infinity Loop. The casualties run high; the Golden Age Speed Demon, Scott Free, Orion, and the modern-day American Girl perish in the conflict. Super Soldier, on the other hand, returns to continuity in time to help repair some of the damage. At the story's end, Doc Alternity succeeds in his task of re-spinning the Infinity Loop. [BULLETS AND BRACELETS #1, 1996] [SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP #1, JUN 1997] [THORION AND THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #43] [AMALGAM CLASSICS: POWER BLAST #9 of 9] [SECRET CRISIS OF THE INFINITY HOUR: CANVAS CARDS #1-9 OF 9]

Upon the death of the Golden Age Speed Demon, Night Spectre obtains the soul of Jay Garrick. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

Dare the Terminator battles Bane Simpson, a Hydra agent named Nuke who is infused with a super-soldier serum called Venom. Note that this Nuke does not appear to have any relation to the Nuke that cost Dare an eye. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #75]

Firebird recovers from her coma and is reunited with Apollo and the JLA: New Blood. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #21]

An odd relationship exists between Dark Claw, Catsai, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Bruce Wayne. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

Father Hellstrom presides over the wedding of Blaze Allen and Iris West. In attendance are the Ringmaster, Puck, Blob, Miss Miracle, the Flying Gambonnos and Night Spectre, who kills Iris and steals her soul. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

Dark Claw is caught in an explosion caused by someone wearing a mask identical to Ferro Man's. This could have been Ferro Man's spiteful brother Alexi Rasputin, looking to discredit his mutant sibling. [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

Merlin answers a summons from Blaze Allen and grants him the means to see Iris' soul rest in peace; by bonding him with the demon Etrigan, creating the new Speed Demon. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

MUTANT FALL -- The Brotherhood of Mutants, led by Magneto, are attacked by Will Magnus' Sentinels and killed. Note that if Flash and Scarlet Witch were indeed members, they may have escaped into the future. Mister Mastermind is also known to survive, though his membership cannot be proven either. [MAGNETO AND THE MAGNETIC MEN #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #48]

The Mutant Outsiders defeat the Tyranoids of Latkovia. [MAGNETO AND THE MAGNETIC MEN #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #27]

New Gotham Detective Clark Bullock arrests crime boss Fat Freddy Fanelli, who is sent to prison for a minimum of 10 years. [BAT-THING #1, JUN 1997]

Sinistron, Will Magnus' greatest creation, captures Apollo, but the mutant escapes; damaging Sinistron in the process. The injured robot then kidnaps Will Magnus to repair him, and leaves his former master with no memory of the encounter. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #63]

Doctor Strangefate defeats Baron Wotan, but only by doing something despicable to Dr. Bruce Banner. It is very likely that Banner had been recently freed from the curse of Solomon Grundy, but Xavier required the mindless elemental's strength to stop Wotan and caused Banner to transform once again. This, however,  cannot be confirmed. [DOCTOR STRANGEFATE #1, APR, 1996]

DARK CLAW: THE MURDER GAG -- Dark Claw and Bruce Wayne both track tthe criminal known as the Jackal, and both fall into his trap. Jason Todd, the agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. wearing the Moonwing uniform while Dick Grayson is at Oxford, is caught in an explosion meant for Bruce and Logan, and is believed dead. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson mourn his death but the body is not recovered. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996] [BRUCE WAYNE: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, APR 1996]


Big Titania, shattered by the death of Scott Free, abandons all hope and rejoins the Female Furies. [BULLETS AND BRACELETS #1, APR 1996]

Logan mourns the loss of his partner Sparrow, and puts her uniform on display in the Barrow. [DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1, JUN 1997]

The JLA discover that Marko Xavier, a financial and political supporter of the team, is really Mister X, who is associated with ties criminal activities, and sever all ties with him. [MAGNETO AND THE MAGNETIC MEN #1, APR 1996]

Captain Makoa leaves Hawaii to join the New York Special Crimes Unit. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

DEATH OF SUPER-SOLDIER -- Super Soldier "dies" but he gets better. No other details of this story are known, except that it enraged some fans. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1997]

Speed Demon kills the alien creature Doomsday. [This may have occurred during the DEATH OF SUPER-SOLDIER. [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #13]

Lord Nimrod and his X-tremists journey to the Modern Age and fight the JLA: New Blood. Before he retreats Nimrod suggests that Firebird's origins lie in the future. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

Blaze Allen erects a statue honoring the alien mystic Rintrah. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

CAT UP A TREE -- Classic Catsai and Dare storyline. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

Pepper Ferris is possessed by the Star Sapphire jewel and becomes the villain Madame Sapphire. Iron Lantern battles Madame Sapphire and removes her powers, causing her to lose all memory of the event. [IRON LANTERN #1, JUN 1997]

Trevor "Castle" Castiglione and Diana marry on Paradise Island. [BULLETS AND BRACELETTES #1, APR 1996]

Jubilation Lee flees to a shopping mall after her parents are killed by Sentinels in New Gotham. She helps Dark Claw escape a Sentinel trap and soon becomes the new Sparrow. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #4]

MICROVERSE SAGA -- Spider-Boy is accidentally shrunk down to sub-atomic size by Dr. Palmer's White Dwarf Proto-type and enters the microverse world of Tamojoran. The Arach-Kid meets Princess Koriand'ru, who has joined the rebels of Tamojoran rather than serve as a puppet ruler. When the Princess, called Shatterstarfire by her people, is betrayed by those same rebels, Spider-Boy rescues her from the Gordanians by taking her with him back to the Amalgam Universe. [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996] [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #42]

Vengeance reveals himself to be Eobard Thawne. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

CLONE SAGA -- Spider-Boy storyline. All that is known is that the "Spiderboy clone business" was not well received by some fans. It seems likely that Project Cadmus attempted to replace Spider-Boy with a clone following his disappearance into the Microverse. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1997]

Kyle O'Brien temporarily replaces Hal Stark as Iron Lantern, calling himself the Green Guardsman. [IRON LANTERN #1, JUN 1997]

Wonder Woman and Shatterstarfire pair up as allies, but wind up fighting each other. [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

Mister Mxyzptlk teleports from the DC Universe to a world similar to the Marvel Universe. In this reality, the 5th dimensional Imp closely resembles a discolored Impossible Man. It has been theorized that the two impish characters are one and the same being from this appearance. This has been contradicted by their encounter in SUPERMAN / SILVER SURFER #1 (1996). It is possible, however, that the world traveled to was a Hypertime of the DC Universe that is similar to the Marvel Universe. This may have been the Amalgam Universe or one of its counterparts, and the heroes seen in this world could in theory be members of the Super-Four seen in UNLIMITED ACCESS #4. This would make Mr. Mxyzptlk into the Impossible Mxyzptlk, an amalgam of both tricksters. As unlikely as this may seem, it is a credible feat for a creature of the 5th dimension. [SUPERMAN (vol II) #50, DEC 1990]

Frankie Rayner becomes the successor to the power of the green flame and assumes the identity of the Jade Nova. [DOCTOR STRANGEFATE #1, APR 1996]

Wonder Woman has a falling out with Super Soldier and leaves the JLA. [JLX #1, APR 1996]


AGE OF APOKOLIPS -- All that is known for certain is that Magneto assumed the role of savior during this event that "changed the face of the world," and that it involved the possession of one of the M'Kryptaan Crystals. It is theorized that after the Age of Apokolips, Warlord Ghul became known as Ra's A-Pocalypse. [MAGNETO AND THE MAGNETIC MEN #1, APR 1996]

Speed Demon destroys the demonic Vengeance, and takes his skull for study later. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

Using the Hyper-Hat, Niles "Super-Chief" Caulder locates missing Doom Patrol members Cliff Steel (Automaton) and Jane.  Fellow members Dorothy Spinner and Joshua Clay accompany Niles in the Doom Saloon on a mission to rescue them from the menace that is the Mocker.  [DOOM PATROL (vol II) #48, NOV 1991]

MUTANT HUNT -- Story in which Dare kills Jericha, who may have been Dare's daughter. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

Sam Guthrie, better known as the mutant hero Torpedo, dies under unrevealed circumstances (possibly during MUTANT HUNT). [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

Gold-Kidney Lady puts an amnesia block on Lobo the Duck so he can not interfere with her plan to cleanse the universe. [LOBO THE DUCK #1, JUN 1997]

Dark Claw temporarily loses his adamantium claws. [MAGNETO AND THE MAGNETIC MEN #1, APR 1996]

General Annihilus "breaks" the Phantom-Negative Zone. [SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP#1, JUN 1997]

Paige Guthrie, sister of Sam Guthrie (Torpedo) finds a strange dial in an Appalachian cave. The device triggers her mutant power and focuses it to transform her into Wonder-Girl. Each use of the power brings a different heroine and persona, whenever she dials H-U-S-K. [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

Captain Krypton of the Excalibur Friends is drawn through a dimensional nexus into the lighthouse headquarters of the Excalibur team of Earth 616. The name of Captain Krypton and his team are suggested by Mikel Midnight; no names are given in the story. Although Captain Krypton is an amalgamation of Superman and Captain Britain, it is unlikely that the hero originates from the main Amalgam Universe. [EXCALIBUR #50, MAY 1992]

Winterstick, the man who taught Dare martial arts, isn't doing so well. This likely suggests that Winterstick is dead, but without a body it cannot be verified. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

Carol Danvers calls in some markers at Langley to gain access to the Supercrays under Maryland in her quest to track down the Hyena. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996]

Trevor Castle and Diana have a son, Ryan Castiglione. [BULLETS AND BRACELETTES #1, APR 1996]

Uatu the Guardian kills Sinestro, blaming the crime on Hal Jordan, a member of his Starbrand Corps. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

Dr. Dabney Donovan secretly adds evil DNA to Reed 'Prof' Richards' diet in an attempt to replace him as Project Cadmus' chief scientist. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

JADE INFERNO -- Doctor Strangefate and Myx battle Mephisatanus for the soul of Frankie Rayner, the Jade Nova. Strangefate pays a terrible price for his victory, which he hides from Myx and Rayner. [DOCTOR STRANGEFATE #1, APR, 1996]

Lobo the Duck tells Bevarlene that he loves her and that he wants her to have his ducklings. [LOBO THE DUCK #1, JUN 1997]

Mariner is framed for the destruction of several Roxxon oil tankers by Will Magnus. Tensions flare among the mutant and non-mutant members of the JLA over what should be done. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

Uatu sends the Starbrand Corps to scour the universe for the "Madman" Jordan. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

Trevor and Diana divorce. Diana gains full custody of Ryan. [BULLETS AND BRACELETTES #1, APR 1996]

Magneto builds five robots (Bismuth, Antimony, Nickel, Cobalt, and Iron) to carry on in the place of the fallen Brotherhood of Mutants, as the Magnetic Men. [MAGNETO AND THE MAGNETIC MEN #1, APR 1996]

Daryl Rutabaga plants a bug on Jonas Turnip's spacecraft while it is laid up in the Netherplace. [LOBO THE DUCK #1, JUN 1997]

Bat-Thing encounters Alicia Murdock the little blind girl and Bingle-Burry the two-headed dog. [BAT-THING #1. JUN 1997]

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents fail to capture the Mariner, and the JLA is asked to step in. The Mariner is locked up and held for trial. [JLX #1, APR 1996]


One by one, Uatu the Guardian kills the remaining Corpsmen, all the while framing the crimes on Hal Jordan. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

AMAZONS: THE CONTEST -- Diana challenges her sister Ororo for the right to be Wonder Woman. Although Ororo's mutant weather-manipulation and Diana's god-given powers make them almost evenly matched, Ororo is victorious. Both Amazons return to America following the contest. [AMAZONS #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM CLASSICS: POWER BLAST #6 of 9]

The New Blood members of JLA, under the guidance of Mister X, help the Mariner escape imprisonment. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

Jimmy Urich reports on E. Nigma Fisk's involvement with Doctor Strangefate, which may have started before Fisk was elected Mayor. The Gotham Gazette article infuriates Mayor Fisk. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

Bruce Wayne discovers the location of Hydra Base Omega. [BRUCE WAYNE: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, APR 1996]

Unknown persons kidnap Ryan Castiglione, infant son of the Punisher and Freelance, from Diana's home. [BULLETS AND BRACELETTES #1, APR 1996]

Dark Claw tracks the Hyena to Gotham Gazette printing plant. The Pack provide cover for the Hyena's escape. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996]

The Big Question anonymously hires Catsai & Dare to assassinate New Gotham Mayor E. Nigma Fisk, a.k.a. the Big Question. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

Chief scientist Reed 'Prof' Richards, influenced by the evil DNA in his body, frees Bizarnage from his containment unit at Project Cadmus. The deranged D.N.Alien bonds to Johnny 'Red' Storm and proceeds to attack the genetic research facilities at Project Cadmus. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

Dark Claw and Sparrow observe the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier departing New Gotham airspace in a hurry. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996]

Uatu the Guardian's attempt to kill former Starbrand Corpsman Hal Jordan in New Gotham's Crime Alley is interrupted by Speed Demon, who incinerates them noth for their crimes and takes possession of their souls. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

Axel Asher, the guardian of the multiverse known as Access, hides shards of the DC and Marvel realities within Batman and Captain America to prevent the Brothers from destroying either world. At the same time, the Spectre and the Living Tribunal replace both universes with the Amalgam Universe. [MARVEL VERSUS DC #3, 1996]

Niles Cable and Elasti-Girl organize Ferro Man, Dial H-U-S-K, Shatterstarfire, and Beastling into the X-Patrol, headquartered in the 'X-Building' in New York City. [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

Magneto and his Magnetic Men are defeated while trying to prevent Sinistron from kidnapping Kokoro. [MAGNETO AND THE MAGNETIC MEN #1, APR 1996]

Catsai & Dare storm Arkham Tower, defeating Deadeye, Lethal, and Wired, before reaching the Big Question. The Big Question rips Dare's horns from her head in hand-to-hand combat. In retaliation, Catsai defeats Fisk and leaves him hanging from an antenna on the 107th floor . [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

Freelance and Punisher defeat Hand ninjas while searching for their kidnapped son Ryan. Monarch appears as a hologram and uses a Boom Tube to send the duo to Apokolips. [BULLETS AND BRACELETTES #1, APR 1996]

Carol Danvers, the Huntress, breaks into Logan's New Gotham apartment and discovers he is Dark Claw. Logan reveals portions of his origin to her, and takes her to the Barrow, deep below the bedrock of New Gotham. Dark Claw, Sparrow, and the Huntress deduce Hyena will attack Air Force 1. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996]

Selina Luthor (a.k.a. Madame Cat) kills her father the Green Skull and appoints herself as Hydra Supreme. Upon his death Lex Luthor's Planetsmasher Program is activated. Most likely this was not the real Green Skull, but a Life Model Decoy (LMD). This is supported by the difference in appearance and personality of Lex Luthor in SUPER SOLDIER #1. [BRUCE WAYNE: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #61]

Quentin Carnival performers Miss Miracle, Puck, and Blob try to run Wally West out of the circus. Shortly afterwards, Wally witnesses the Speed Demon transform into his uncle Blaze Allen. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

Bizarnage is recaptured by Spider-Boy. King Lizard breaks out of Project Cadmus after Bizarnage shorts out the power grid. Altered by Dr. Pym's particle accelerator, the rapidly-growing King Lizard is engaged by the New York Special Crimes Unit in downtown Manhattan. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

The god Poseidon, intent on slaying the last survivor of The Arabian Princess, captures Wonder Woman. Ororo forces Poseidon to realize that by attacking The Arabian Princess, he was killing off one of the few people who still honored the Greek sea god. Humbled by this revelation, Poseidon lets her go. [AMAZON #1, APR 1996]

Super Soldier battles the World War 2 Nazi-created Ultra-Metallo in Washington D.C. Upon defeating the robot, Super Soldier confronts Lex Luthor, the Green Skull, and realizes his diminished power levels are due to K-Radiation fall-out. [SUPER SOLDIER #1, APR 1996]

Access finds himself in the sewers of New Gotham, and must deal with the Abominite. Doctor Strangefate senses the presence of Access in New Gotham, and realizes the young man could 'undo' the Amalgam Universe. He instructs Myx to summon the Skulk, Jade Nova, and the White Witch and orders them to bring Access to him. [DOCTOR STRANGEFATE #1, APR, 1996]

The Green Goblin is betrayed and attacked by Siliconman and the Scarecrow, his partners in the Terrible Three. Unknown to Osbourne, Siliconman and the Scarecrow are possessed by Night Spectre. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

The JLA, consisting of Super Soldier, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Angelhawk, Goliath, Canary, and Dark Claw, battle Mariner and the renegade New Blood heroes, now called JLX, over the Atlantic Ocean. Fighting breaks off when Angelhawk feigns back injury and the JLA rush him to shore. Using Mariner's Wavecruiser, they find Atlantis, where Will Magnus and his Sentinels ambush them. Mister X exposes himself as J'Onn J'Onzz, and Magnus is forced to flee, but not before damaging the dome that protects the city. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

Magneto and his Magnetic Men travel to Genosha to free the thousands of mutants held captive there by Sinistron. After a battle against five mind-wiped mutants and Sinistron himself, the evil robot is defeated. [MAGNETO AND THE MAGNETIC MEN #1, APR 1996]

Dark Claw and Hyena battle on board Air Force 1 above Gotham International Airport. Hyena escapes again, and Dark Claw is rescued by the Huntress and Sparrow aboard the Clawcopter. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996]

Speed Demon vs. Night Spectre over the soul of Norman Harvey Osbourn, the Green Goblin. Night Spectre uses his pawns Siliconman, Scarecrow, and Arrowcaster in the battle that eventually takes them to the Nexus of Fear, where Blaze Allen and Etrigan separate for the first time. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

Diana and Trevor Castle battle Big Titania and the Female Furies in Granny Harkness' Orphanage. Trevor raids the tomb of Orion to steal the Astro-Sled, which he uses in combat against Kanto. Titania realizes that Diana is her true friend, Diana realizes that Kanto is her son Ryan sent back in time by Thanoseid to be raised on Apokolips as an assassin, and Thanoseid uses the Omega Effects to banish Titania and Kanto to New Asgard. Diana and Trevor are returned to the alley where they first met. [BULLETS AND BRACELETTES #1, APR 1996]

Bruce Wayne leads S.H.I.E.L.D. in an assault on Hydra Base Omega. Among those agents participating are Moonwing (Dick Grayson), Huntress II (Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Black Bat), Tony Stark, Joe Rock, and Nick Fury. While Selina Luthor, Baron Zero, Nuke, Deathlok (Jason Todd), attempt to repel them, the Terra Cannon is fired, destroying the island base. [BRUCE WAYNE: AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #7]

Access is brought to the Tower of Strangefate (Arkham Tower) after facing the Skulk, Jade Nova, and the White Witch. Doctor Strangefate attempts to purge the shards of the old worlds from Access, a process that would also destroy the young hero, but discovers they are not hidden within him after all. Access escapes Doctor Strangefate's Sanctum by leaping through a window and teleporting away. [DOCTOR STRANGEFATE #1, APR, 1996]

X-Patrol flies in the X-Jet to the island-nation of Latveria (other texts refer to this nation as Latkovia, implying that references to Latveria may be in error) to prevent Doctor Doomsday from using a dimensional portal to gather warriors from other realities. During the fight Dial H-U-S-K takes the forms of Polaris and Mary Marvel Girl, while Beastling assumes the shapes of a dragon (possibly Lockheed), an octopus, and Sasquash. Note that Marvel's Wolverine & Spiderman and DC's Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are all seen in the Dimensional Portal, proving that the DC and Marvel Universes, or analogs of each, co-exist with the Amalgam Universe.  [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996] Please see Appendix 2 for more details

Spider-Boy defeats King Lizard by feeding it Dr. Palmer's fractured White Dwarf Proto-Type, shrinking it out of this plane of existence. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

Wally West becomes "Kid Demon" by bonding with an unnamed demon with the help of Merlin. He races to the Nexus of Fear and helps Blaze Allen and Etrigan defeat Night Spectre, by freeing Night Spectre's captive souls (including those of Jay Garrick and Iris). Night Spectre uses his newly-acquired bond to a human host to escape the devastation. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

Diana Prince: Freelance, arrives at Ororo's home in Baton Rouge and passes out due to injuries sustained earlier. [AMAZON #1, APR 1996]

Super Soldier helps Dark Claw track down the Hyena in New Gotham. When Hyena tries to escape, he encounters Access, who shunts him away before reaching into Super Soldier and Dark Claw to withdraw the key components needed to restore the Marvel and DC realities. [DC VERSUS MARVEL #4, 1996]

Apocalypse kidnaps Apollo from the ruins of Atlantis, and sends Thanoseid to destroy the remains of the ancestral mutant haven. The JLX are aided by Magneto and the Magnetic Men in repelling Thanoseid. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

REIGN OF THE SUPER SOLDIERS: Story involving multiple Super-Soldiers. [SUPER SOLDIER #1, APR 1996]

Wally West visits the grave of his parents before leaving New Gotham along with Blaze Allen and the Quentin Carnival. [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996]

Catsai seeks the aid of Doctor Strangefate and Diana Prince (a.k.a. Freelance) in reviving her appearantly dead partner Dare. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

Spider-Boy and Insect Queen's first date is interrupted by the reappearance of Mystallo. [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

X-Patrol takes the wounded Niles Cable to the island of Corto Maltese, where they battle the Legion of Evil Mutants. [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

Doctor Strangefate allies himself with Mephisatanus in order to prevent the Amalgam Universe from being split asunder. Speculation is that the demon tricked Strangefate, and caused the Mage Supreme to become a phantom in the Marvel Universe as part of a plot intended to get Charles Xavier out of the way. [DOCTOR STRANGEFATE #1, APR, 1996]

Dark Claw discovers which side the Huntress is really on. [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996]

Magneto and his Magnetic Men battle X-Patrol while investigating strange goings-on at Star International. [MAGNETO AND THE MAGNETIC MEN #1, APR 1996]

High Father Odin of New Asgard makes a new pact with Thanoseid, trading his son L'Ok D'Sadd to Apokolips in exchange for the Hammer of the Old Gods (Mjolnir). With the ancient artifact, Orion is resurrected as Thorion the Hunter. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

June Masters, Cadmus' resident robotics expert and daughter of the villain Multi-Masters, cures Reed Richards of the evil DNA infecting his body. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Spider-Boy meets the Fantastic Legion. It is not specified whether this meeting takes place in the Modern Age or the Fantastic Legion's future. It is placed here to represent when it occurred in Spider-Boy's continuity. [JLX #1, APR 1996] [SPIDER-BOY #1, APR 1996]

In order to continue his existence on Earth, Thorion the Hunter gains a mortal host; master locksmith Don Free. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Wonder Woman (Ororo) meets up with the JLX. Kitty Sandsmark becomes Wonder Cat. [JLX #1, APR 1996] [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

X-Patrol battle Amanda Deathbird's Imperial Suicide Squad. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

Thorion the Hunter battles the brothers Kalibak and Hyde. Just before they physically overwhelm him, the potion that transforms them into monsters wears off, giving Thorion easy victory. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Speed Demon and Mercury have a 'reckoning', and determine that Mercury is a descendant of Blaze Allen. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

Dark Claw battles Bloodcrow in the Lowtown section of New Gotham. [DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1, JUN 1997]

AGE OF DOOMSDAY -- Storyline which may reveal whether Terra-X or Jericha is the daughter of Dare the assassin. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

Dr. Bongface, who has control of the Crystal Rod of Doom, captures Jonas Turnip, Gamorola, and Billie the Millie. They are narrowly able to escape with the help of a demigod. [LOBO THE DUCK #1, JUN 1997]

The Brotherhood of Injustice tries to force Runaway to rejoin, but are defeated by JLX. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

Hawk and Dagger join X-Patrol. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

Thorion the Hunter reacquaints himself with Big Sif, who had been lover to Orion before the Secret Crisis. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Lord Nimrod and The X-tremists return to battle the JLX. The JLX trounce them. [JLX #1, APR 1996] [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Dark Claw defeats Cybercroc. [DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1, JUN 1997]

Catsai and Dare adopt new costumes. [ASSASSINS #1, APR 1996]

Terra-X, a mutant with geological powers, joins X-Patrol. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bruce Wayne has his back broken by the drugged-up, gun-toting anti-hero Banisher! [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Thorion the Hunter faces the bizarre villain Absorbing Bug, who can ingest any material and split into dozens of little creatures with those properties. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Extreme Works and JLX meet under dubious conditions, and Sunstorm temporarily joins JLX. During his stint with the team he changes costumes and begins using his full translated hero title: Sunfirestorm. Note that Sunstorm and Sunfirestorm are not specified to be the same individual, but it seems reasonable since both are amalgamated from Marvel's Sunfire and DC's Firestorm, and both are associated with the JLX for a time. [JLX #1, APR 1996] [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Terra-X betrays X-Patrol, handing them over to X-Stroke the Eliminator. Shatterstarfire is not present for this mission. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

Thunder Man returns, and encounters S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Bruce Wayne. [This may be a reference to Thorion the Hunter, who possibly was Orion the Thunder Man before his death. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

Steppenorn the Wolf Queen fights Thorion the Hunter to a draw. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Spiral Harley joins the Hyena's pack. [DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1, JUN 1997]

Angelhawk is discovered to be a mutant and joins JLX, as does the female metamutant Iceberg. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Thorion the Hunter meets with the New Asgod of Death, the Silver Racer, for the first time since his resurrection. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Lobo the Duck imprisons Doctor Bongface in a spanglite cage on the Moon. [LOBO THE DUCK #1, JUN 1997]

Runaway temporarily absorbs Wraith's personality. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Devilance the Storm Giant mind-controls Thorion the Hunter and uses him to attack New Asgard. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Kokoro takes up for a time with the JLX. Nightcreeper becomes romantically inclined towards Kokoro, as does Angelhawk. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Apollo and Firebird travel back in time to the Wild West and encounter Ra's A-Pocalypse. [GENERATION HEX #1, JUN 1997]

DARK FIREBIRD CONTRACT -- Firebird, pyrokinetic metamutant Beatrriz Gray, succumbs to Mister Mastermind's mental shenanigans, who is using his master molds to pose as her family. Even Niles Cable, who claims he is her son from the future, is unable to restore her sanity, as she becomes Dark Firebird. When the JLX try to rescue her, Bea sees them as Mister Mastermind's Axis cohorts. Mister X eventually represses her Dark Persona at great personal risk to himself. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Jocasta the Sentinel betrays Will Magnus and donates her AI personality to recreate Cerebro. It would appear that the JLX were responsible in some way for Magneto's Cerebro being destroyed, possibly during the Dark Firebird Contract affair. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

FINAL ONSLAUGHT -- Uatu the Guardian escapes from the underworld still very much insane. His attempt to destroy the world is prevented by the Challengers of the Fantastic, who use a Mother Cube to cure his dementia. Realizing the damage he has caused Uatu takes an oath of non-interference. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Blue Jacket and Wonder Gold of the JLAvengers ask the JLX to help repair the damaged android Red Vision. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Dr. Strangefate, believing the Amalgam Universe destroyed, tries to recreate it in the Marvel Universe. He manages to create a makeshift X-League from the X-Men and JLA, but is stopped by Access and Doctor Strange, who restore the Amalgam Universe within a pocket dimension guarded by Access. [DC / MARVEL: ALL ACCESS #1-4, 1996-1997]

Iron Lantern defeats Doctor Whiplash and his magnetic whip, leading to the revelation of Whiplash's ties to the 100. [IRON LANTERN #1, JUN 1997]

The JLX discover the location of New Atlantis, reuniting Mariner with his people. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Dark Claw defeats the Omega Beast and has the Russian terrorist incarcerated at Arkham. [DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1, JUN 1997]

Will Magnus captures the Magnetic Men. Magneto frees them. [MAGNETIC MEN FEATURING MAGNETO #1, JUN 1997]

Maxwell Hodge, life-long friend of Warren Hall (Angelhawk), agrees to help Will Magnus. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

The Impossible Mod poses as Nickel's 'Dad' and destroys the Magnetic Men. Detective Dinosaur discovers the deception too late. [MAGNETIC MEN FEATURING MAGNETO #1, JUN 1997]


Spider-Boy and Insect Queen get engaged. [SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP#1, JUN 1997]

LEGACY OF APOCALYPSE -- Dark Claw battles Ra's A-Pocalypse in the desert. When Ra's and Ubuwong flee in a plane, Logan is forced to shoot them down with a missile. Lady Talia's attempt to save her father from the wreckage leaves 90% of her skin burnt off. [DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1, JUN 1997]

Thorion the Hunter, Bald'r Lightbringer, and Infinity the Beta-Ray Man repel Granny Gullin, the Boar God from Supertown, New Asgard. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Fat Freddy Fanelli escapes prison and seeks revenge against New Gothan Detective Bullock. [BAT-THING #1, JUN 1997]

ARMAGEDDON AGENDA -- In brief: Legislation is passed authorizing legal and financial support for Will Magnus' war on mutants. Sentinels attack the JLX in Atlantis, destroying half the kingdom. Mariner is exiled. Wraith disappears with help from the Shadow Guild. Mercury flees to the future with help from Iriskani. Lord Maxwell Hodge kidnaps Firebird and triggers her Dark Firebird personal. The rest of the JLX are captured after a battle that leaves Mr. X crippled, Apollo catatonic, and Angelhawk stripped of his wings. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Bruce Wayne recovers from his injuries and resumes active duty as the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

H.E.C.T.O.R. manipulates Black Brand and Sonicorn into fighting Iron Lantern. [IRON LANTERN #1, JUN 1997]

Hawk goes insane and kills Dagger. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

Thorion the Hunter resumes his mundane duties on Earth as Don Free, Master Locksmith, alongside his assistant Oberon Foster. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Mister X, actually the Skrull J'Onn J'Onzz, is set to be extradited to the Kree Empire for charges of treason. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Three mutant lives are lost while they are obtaining an active sample of Will Magnus' Insectobots for Magneto to study. [MAGNETIC MEN FEATURING MAGNETO #1, JUN 1997]

Lobo the Duck is hired by the Offending Society to help them fight a mystery villain who is destroying the planet one city at a time. After defeating the Green Skull and Thanoseid, the heroes discover that they were only pawns in the plot. [LOBO THE DUCK #1, JUN 1997]

H.E.C.T.O.R. and the Weaponers of A.I.M. invade the Earth. Iron Lantern and Mariner defeat them by reversing the polarity of H.E.C.T.O.R.'s Ion Cannon. [IRON LANTERN #1, JUN 1997]

Jericho joins X-Patrol. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

The Hellfire League of Injustice, consisting of Savage Shaw, Lord Maxwell, Dark Firebird, and Mistress Maxima, meet in a temple in Senegal, Africa to summon Fin Fang Flame. The ancient dragon awakens, receives his instructions to eradicate all mutants, and incinerates the Hellfire League of Injustice. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Gangster Huggy Maddox is killed by the Bat-Thing in the shadows of the River Drive area of New Gotham. [BAT-THING #1, JUN 1997]

Spider-Boy inadvertently uncovers Scavulture's plan to steal the Black Diamond Soul Gem. [SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP#1, JUN 1997]

Logan, disguised as Patch Malone, is attacked at Lenny's Bar by cyber-ninja assassins working for Lady Talia. Sparrow picks up Logan outside the bar in the "Clawmobile." [DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1, JUN 1997]

Senator Grimm helps negotiate peace between the Communist State of Gorillagrad and Wakanda. Wakanda's King Bronze Tiger and Gorillagrad Secretary of State Kragoff are in attendance. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Thorion the Hunter prevents the Steppenwolf Trolls from enslaving Bugs in the Neutral Land between Apokolips and New Asgard. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Iron Lantern takes H.E.C.T.O.R. to Oa the Living Planet for imprisonment. [IRON LANTERN #1, JUN 1997]

Terra-X tricks Shatterstarfire into thinking she has been captured by the Cult of Brood. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

Magneto restores the Magnetic Men to life and gives them human identities with the aid of Mister Mastermind. [MAGNETIC MEN FEATURING MAGNETO #1, JUN 1997]

NGPD Detectives Christina Montoya and Clark Bullock stop Far Fanelli's men from murdering Francie and Kellie Sallis. Bat-Thing kills Fat Fanelli and returns to his home in Gotham Swamp. [BAT-THING #1, JUN 1997]

Just as Reed Richards discovers the existence of Universe-2, with heroes such as Spitfire and the Blackhawks and Infinity Kickers Inc., Uatu the Guardian breaks his oath of non-interference to warn the Challengers of the Fantastic about the coming of Galactiac. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

CHRONAL COLLAPSE -- Spider-Boy escapes death at the hands of Scavulture by travelling to the future year of 2099. There he meets the Legion of Galactic Guardians of 2099. He is then saved from the Frightful Five's attack by travelling a further five years into the future, to the year 2104. Spiderboy then travels back five years to 2099 and finds the Legion of Galactic Guardians of 2099 rebooted. He helps the LGG work the Phantom-Negative Zone Projector and is then sent back to his original time. There he resumes his battle with Scavulture. The Yancy Legion reveal themselves to be the time-displaced Legion of Galactic Guardians. Mig-El Gand receives a near-fatal blow from Scavulture's Neron Claw. Spider-Boy and the Legion of Galactic Guardians take him to Project Cadmus where he is placed in the Phantom Negative Zone for safe-keeping. Mig-El then comes back as Spider-Boy 2099 to save Spiderboy's life from Kang the Time Conqueror. [SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP #1, JUN 1997] Please see Appendix 1 for more details

Pepper Ferris, Stewart Rhodes, Happy Kalmaku, and Senator Ferris attend a test flight of the S-14 experimental jet, at Stark Aircraft outside Coast City. Iron Lantern saves Pepper, the pilot of the S-14, from crashing in a freak accident. [IRON LANTERN #1, JUN 1997]

Lady Talia ambushes Dark Claw in the Barrow, following a Danger Cave exercise. Talia avenges her father's death by delivering Logan a 'deathstroke', but his healing factor saves him and they both have to live with what they have done. [DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1, JUN 1997]

The Challengers of the Fantastic battle Galactiac atop the Baxter Building in New York. The colossal robot is repelled with help from the Silver Racer and Red's Johnny Stormtrooper clone, who perishes in the fight. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

In London, the Sinister Society (Chemodam, Quasimodox, Soniklaw, Kultron, Vance Cosmic III, Deathborg, and Black Vulture) capture the Magnetic-Men. [MAGNETIC MEN FEATURING MAGNETO #1, JUN 1997]

Fin Fang Flame "all but levels New York". [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

During a reception Hal Stark holds for Senator Ferris, Pepper Ferris is transformed into Madame Sapphire and resurrects Great White. [IRON LANTERN #1, JUN 1997]

Shatterstarfire and Niles Cable battle the Cult of Brood under ground on the island-nation of Zenosha. Niles is captured by Brother Brood. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

L'Ok D'Sadd forfeits his own life to trigger Ragnarok by releasing the Infinity Essence from the Mother Cube to awaken the Promethean Giants tethered to the Ego Mass. Thorion the Hunter sacrifices himself to stop it, wielding the Astro-Force to redirect the energies and destroy the Ego Mass. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Magneto assaults Will Magnus' compound on Krakoa the Living Dinosaur Island, but breaks off the attack to rescue the Magnetic-Men. [MAGNETIC MEN FEATURING MAGNETO #1, JUN 1997]

Fin Fang Flame overtakes JLA International and JLA West. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Kyle O'Brien, aid to Senator Ferris, steals Iron Lantern's Power Battery. Iron Lantern Battles and defeats Great White, but crashes to Earth when his power runs out. [IRON LANTERN #1, JUN 1997]

The X-Patrol go to Zenosha to free Niles and defeat Terra-X and Brother Brood. Jericho reveals himself to be Niles Dayspring, Cable's younger self. Dial H-U-S-K uses the forms of Artemisty Knight the Bionic Amazon Archer, and Raveniya the Healer (one of Cable's Ashkani teachers and former lover). The transformation of Paige into a member of the Ashkani supports my claim that her 'Skins' are manifestations of female Ashkani. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997] Please see Appendix 1 for more details

Fin Fang Flame attacks the Judgment League Avengers in New York. Amazon escapes and releases the JLX. The JLX free Apollo's brother Chaos from Aim-Star Labs and travel to Japan to combat Fin Fang Flame. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Manhattan is obliterated by Gold Kidney-Lady. Dark Claw, Dr. Strangefate, Hawkhawk, Skulk, Spider-Boy, Super Soldier, Vikki Valkyrie, and Wonder Woman are among the casualities. [LOBO THE DUCK #1, JUN 1997]

Magneto frees the Magnetic Men and together they overpower the Sinister Society. The Sinister Society agree to join the fight against their creator, Will Magnus, but when they arrive at Krakoa they find Will Magnus gone and the Island devoid of all life. [MAGNETIC MEN FEATURING MAGNETO #1, JUN 1997]

While eating at Al Forbush's Subterranean Diner (one of the few buildings to survive the Manhattan disaster), Lobo the Duck is confronted by rival bounty hunter Ambush the Lunatik. Both are in pursuit of "the same supreme unknown villain" who destroyed Manhattan. After a brief scuffle, Lobo devours the competition. [LOBO THE DUCK #1, JUN 1997]

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier crashes in Tokyo while combating Fin Fang Flame. NATO goes to DefCon 2 and considers using nukes. The dragon is finally beaten by the JLX when Apollo absorbs all solar energy from it. The JLX, and Amazon, flee to avoid recapture. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Before he is able to reveal the identity of the villain who destroyed Manhattan, Jonas Turnip is ambushed by his estranged brother, Daryl Rutabaga. Unwilling to "get between kin", Lobo the Duck, Impossible Dawg, Billie the Millie, and Gamorola abandon the battling brothers. [LOBO THE DUCK #1, JUN 1997

Thorion the Hunter is reborn as Thorion the Celestial, using the bodies of the Promethean Giants to forge his new form, and the Ego Mass itself becomes his ship and armor. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Captain Marvel (C. C. Batson) of an alternate DC Universe meets Waverider in the mists of Hypertime and encounters images of several other alternate Captain Marvels. Two of these Captain Marvels resemble former Marvel CMs Monica Rambeau (Photon) and Mar-Vell. There is no evidence to support including these figures in the Amalgam Universe, but likewise there is no evidence to contradict it. [POWER OF SHAZAM! #27, JUN 1997]

Pepper Ferris does not know that Hal is really Iron Lantern, but Madame Sapphire does, and when she realizes just what that shooting star is, her submerged love for Hal spurs her to save him. She powers up his armor with sapphire energy, and the two of them go looking for the lantern. They catch up to Kyle just as he's realized that Mandarinestro is about to kill him, and save both his life and the battery. Kyle becomes the Green Guardsman, and the three of them open up a can of whupass on Mandarinestro -- which, for all their power, would go badly for them if not for the timely arrival of Tagak, Lantern-Lord. [IRON LANTERN #2, proposed by author Kurt Buseik JUN 1997]

Finally overcoming the amnesia block that was put on him, Lobo the Duck realizes that it is the Gold Kidney-Lady who was responsible for the destruction of the world's cities. Lobo travels to the moon and makes short work of the Gold Kidney-Lady, who intends to "cleanse the kidneys of the world - of the galaxy itself". But Gold Kidney-Lady is still able to activate her Gravitoninoutometer, causing the moon to careen earthward at impossible speed. [LOBO THE DUCK, JUN 1997]

SECRET OF THE WAITING PHOENIX SAGA -- A blast from Dark Claw's past, whom no one ever thought would come back, returns. [DARK CLAW ADVENTURES #1, JUN 1997]

Doctor Doomsday steals the cosmic power of the Silver Racer and battles the Challengers of the Fantastic. He is defeated by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Susan "Ace" Storm. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Lobo the Duck is able to save the Earth, with the help of the Godthing. [LOBO THE DUCK #1, JUN 1997]

The JLA pursue the JLX due to the defection of Amazon. The two teams put aside their differences to fight Mongslaught. [JLX UNLEASHED #1, JUN 1997]

Bat-Thing teams up with Lobo the Duck. [BAT-THING #1, JUN 1997]

Rocky Grimm returns to Suicide Street to confront the Yancy Newsboy Street Gang and meets the Infant Mite Terrible! [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Detective Dinosaur investigates the death of all life on Krakoa, leading him to Magneto and the Magnetic-Men. [MAGNETIC MEN FEATURING MAGNETO #1, JUN 1997]

Thorion, Bald'r Lightbringer, and the warrior realm of the New Asgodians try to defeat L'ok D'sadd and his evil hosts once and for all. [THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1, JUN 1997]

Bat-Thing, Alicia Murdock, and Bingle-Burry meet Howard the Mxztplx in the nexus. [BAT-THING #1, JUN 1997]

The Magnetic-Men find their human identities have become real, while everyone else, including Magneto, is now a robot. [MAGNETIC MEN FEATURING MAGNETO #1, JUN 1997]

The wedding of Spider-Boy and Insect Queen takes place. The event receives tremendous media coverage and is attended by guest-stars galore. [SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP#1, JUN 1997]

The Challengers of the Fantastic join with Bronze Tiger, king of Wakanda, to fight the Red Ghost, Comrade Grodd, and Congo-red when the communists of Gorillagrad march to take over the world. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Access travels to the early part of the Modern Age in the MU and creates amalgams based on members of the JLA, YJ, Avengers, and X-Men (collectively called the X-League) to combat Darkseid and Magneto, who have amalgamated (with the help of "Dark Access") the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the New Gods of Apokolips into the Brotherhood of Evil Gods. When Access fights Dark Access, they journey through several possible 'bizarro' amalgam realities. [MARVEL / DC: UNLIMITED ACCESS #1-4, 1997-1998] Please see Appendix 2 for more details

June Masters serves as referee between Red's old girlfriend Corinna Evans and Dream Crystal of the Un-People. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Thorion joins the Judgment League Avengers. [AVENGERS FOREVER #12 (MARVEL), FEB 2000]

Diablo the Volcano Man, the Radioactive Kra, Drabny the Fixer, Multi-Masters and Ultivac the Multi-Robot return as the Challenger Haters of Evil. They challenge the Challengers of the Fantastic, battle, and lose. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]


The Challengers of the Fantastic meet the Thunder Crusaders (No-Fly, Dynashield and all the rest) in a crossover with Radiotower Comics. This crossover was proposed in a letter by imaginary fan Irene Olshevsky Jr, but there is no evidence that Amalgam Comics published such a story. [CHALLENGERS OF THE FANTASTIC #1, JUN 1997]

Thorion the Hunter joins several members of the Marvel Universe' Avengers and their many cross-time counterparts to fight the Time-Keepers and their evil doppelgangers of the Avengers during the Destiny Wars. [AVENGERS FOREVER #12 (MARVEL), FEB 2000]

Snapper Jones is bonded with Captain Marvel Boy. This event is deduced from the details related by Fredd, an evil twin clone of Captain Marvel from an alternate future who wound up in the Microverse. It cannot be determined if this happens in the established Amalgam Universe, but there is nothing in it that is contrary to continuity. Note that this does not mean that the Judgment League Avengers or Challengers of the Fantastic memberships necessarily change to match the story, since they are seen only in an alternate future that resembles an amalgamation of KINGDOM COME and EARTH X. The name Captain Marvel Boy is suggested by Crazy Ivan. [CAPTAIN MARVEL (vol. III) #16, 2001]


Diana Prince: Freelance passes through the TransWorld Transport Terminal Station in the extra-dimensional city of Neopolis while traveling between realities. Also at the station at this time is Ultra the Multi-Skrull, enroute to the Grand Junction Universe. This appearance takes place in a story published by America's Best Comics (ABC), an imprint of WildStorm, itself a subsidiary of DC Comics. Diana is used only in a cameo, while the more prominent Ultra the Multi-Skrull is a Marvel/DC amalgam that is original to this story, whose point of origin in space-time is never explored. [TOP 10 #8 (ABC/WILDSTORM), MAY 2000]

Emperor Joker in the DC Universe refers to the Amalgam Universe. Note that the Joker possesses the 5th dimensional powers of Mister Mxyzptlk at the time. [EMPEROR JOKER #1 (DC), OCT 2000]

Reed Richards is involved in an interdimensional conference call with several of his counterparts to brainstorm a solution for a problem on Earth-616 (MU) [FANTASTIC FOUR vol III #58, OCT 2002]






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