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No future is absolute in comics, although certain possible futures seem determined to happen no matter what factors change before them. In at least one instance, a possible future of the Amalgam Universe has been definitively removed from continuity, only to be replaced by a nearly duplicate future, as seen in SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP #1. Presented below are all the futures depicted for the Amalgam Universe, in the order they will occur, regardless of whether or not they can still occur.

10 - 40 YEARS FROM NOW --<

Brother Brood and the brood-infected Niles Cable launch a takeover of the entire Earth, using Brood/Mutant hybrids. Over time, humanity finally overthrows the Brood Empire, but blames Mutantkind for the aliens. Mutants are forced into hiding, living in caves and being hunted as animals. This future was eliminated by the actions of Niles Dayspring and Niles Cable in the Modern Age. It is unclear whether this was the catalyst for the Sentinel takeover suggested by the existence of Lord Nimrod's alternate future. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]


DOOM FORCE SPECIAL – Niles "The Head" Caulder's latest team, Doom Force (Spinner, Flux, Scratch, Crying Boy, and Shasta the Living Mountain) face off against Anton & Una Zero.  Please see CRISIS ON EARTH-612 for further dates and events regarding Doom Force. [DOOM FORCE SPECIAL #1 (DC), APR 1992]

20 - 25 YEARS FROM NOW -- >

KINGDOM X -- Fredd, the evil twin clone of Captain Marvel, comes close to beating the forces of the Judgment League Avengers and Challengers of the Fantastic. He is only defeated when Reed Richards pulls some techno-mecho-wonder-cocoon thing out that closes in on Fredd and shunts him off to another when and another where. Fredd (the second "d" is because he's evil, or so he says) appeared in the Microverse of the present-day Marvel Universe, claiming to be from the future of an alternate world. This world can be verified as Amalgam based on the existence of Snapper Jones, although there is no way to know if this is supposed to be a possible future of the mainstream Amalgam Universe, or some divergent timestream. As my pal Anwar pointed out, the artwork in this story resembles an amalgamation of Marvel's EARTH X and DC's KINGDOM COME, although it is never designated as the Amalgam Universe' KINGDOM X. [CAPTAIN MARVEL (vol III) #16 (MARVEL), APR 2001]

30 - 40 YEARS FROM NOW --<

Lord Nimrod assembles his X-tremists to hunt down mutants. The Ultimate Sentinel discovers a means of traveling through time, and journeys into the Modern Age to attempt to the destroy the JLX in the past. Firebird of the JLX is also believed to have ties to this future, though whether this means she is from the future, or her powers come from this time, or something else entire, has never been stated. Given that Nimrod is stated to be from an alternate future, it is reasonable to assume that he originates from an era that is comparable to the DAYS OF FUTURE PAST storyline that was first seen in UNCANNY X-MEN #141-142. This timeline may have been erased when X-Patrol prevented the Brood/Mutant occupation from taking place. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

Dark Moon, a.k.a. the 'Lunar Avenger', defends Skyline City (The "Bad Apple") from the extra-dimensional Moon Shade. Despite the use of his Angelwing aircraft and help from Moon Knight of the Marvel Universe Moon Shade succeeds in draining Dark Moon's lifeforce, killing him. Although this story took place in the Modern Age for Moon Knight, it is the nature of the reality he visited that justifies placing it in the near future, as Skyline City's Dark Moon is obviously based on Gotham City's Bat-Man in DC Comics (as seen in the DARK KNIGHT RETURNS). Although there is no evidence to confirm the reality in which this story takes place (other than being a Cross-Time of the Marvel Universe), the amalgamation of DC and Marvel elements suggests that it is at least a variation of the Amalgam Universe. [MARC SPECTOR: MOON KNIGHT #42 (MARVEL), SEP 1992]

2098 --

Vance Cosmic, Living Lightning Lad, and Psi-Girl, inspired by the exploits of Spider-Boy, found the Legion of Galactic Guardians. [SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP#1, JUN 1997]


Mig-El Gand is pulled out of the Phantom-Negative Zone by Martinex 5 and rehabilitated with a spider D.N.A. serum based upon the original Spider-Boy's research. Mig-El becomes Spider-Boy 2099. [SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP#1, JUN 1997]

Kang the Time-Conqueror orders the Frightful Five to destroy Martinex 5's Time Square Generator, causing the Chronal Collapse of 2099. [SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP#1, JUN 1997]

CHRONAL COLLAPSE -- The Legion of Galactic Guardians inadvertently trigger a Chronal Collapse, rebooting reality, by pulling Spider-Boy from his proper place in history and engaging him in multiple time-hops. His return from 2104 triggers a reboot that replaces the Legion of Galactic Guardians with a 'Post-Boot' version of the team. [SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP #1, JUN 1997]

2104 --

Spider-Boy, thrust forward briefly from the year 2099, encounters the remnants of the post-boot Legion of Galactic Guardians, who send him back with the hopes that he will change their world for the better. [SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP #1, JUN 1997]

c. 2960 --

Mercury is unable to stop Professor Kang from defeating the Flash and Scarlet Witch. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

Mercury, fleeing a Sentinel attack, journeys to the Modern Age and joins JLA: New Blood. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

Mercury returns to the future to escape the Armageddon Agenda of the Modern Age. [JLX UNLEASHED#1, JUN 1997]

c. 2990 --

The Fantastic Legion is founded. While nothing about this team is known other than it's name, it is believed to be from the future. The law of probabilities would suggest that it could not be from the same era as the Legion of Galactic Guardians. Assuming that it is not yet another temporal counterpart of the LOGG2099, the Fantastic Legion has been placed at a point in time appropriate for counterparts to the Legion of Super-Heroes from DC continuity. [JLX #1, APR 1996] [SPIDER-BOY#1, APR 1996]

The Fantastic Legion encounters the Way-Cool Spider-Boy from the Modern Era. It is unclear whether this meeting takes place in the Modern Era or the Future. It is placed here as appropriate to the Fantastic Legion's continuity. [JLX #1, APR 1996]

c. 3180 - 3230 -- APOCALYPTIC FUTURE

Niles Dayspring is raised by the Ashkani. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

Niles Dayspring encounters Stryfe and Despayre. It is not clear if this is a reference to actual figures from his time, although the existence of characters named Stryfe and D'spayre in the Marvel Universe suggests that it is. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

Niles Dayspring journeys to the Modern Age, to a point after his older self traveled to, in order to prevent the future from occuring. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

Niles Dayspring and Raveniya the Healer, one of his Ashkani teachers, become lovers. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

Niles Dayspring, now calling himself Niles Cable, experiences Brother Blood's Slaughtering Zealots and survives Mr. Immortus' Concentration Camps. Note that these encounters may not have taken place in this era. They are placed in this time because of their relationship to Niles Cable's personal history. [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

Raveniya becomes Trijenskot the Warrior and falls in battle. As she dies in Cable's arms, she implants within him a portion of her soul-self. [EXCITING X-PATROL #1, JUN 1997]

Niles Cable journeys to the Modern Age to found the X-Patrol of legend. [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996]

A Note about the Ashkani: I contend that Paige Guthrie's Dial H.U.S.K. transformations actually draw upon the powers, abilities, personalities, and even skins of various female members of the Ashkani. The fact that Paige's skins and the Ashkani are all essentially one-shot throwaway characters helps to draw the connection, while her mysterious transformation into Niles Cable's former lover Raveniya all but verifies it. If this is true, the known members of the Ashkani include Paige's former husks Artemisty Knight, Mary Marvel Girl, Wonder Girl, & Polaris, as well as the known members Black Orchid the Unknown, the Atomic Black Knight, Raveniya, DeadDevil: Man Without Life, Silver Tornado (a void elemental), Prez: Master of Kung Fu, Vigilante Kid, the Sea Devil Dinosaurs, and the Microstar Mincronauts. Seen but not named members include Johnny Quicksilver [Johnny Quick / Quicksilver], Red Hawk [Hawk-Man / Red Raven], Atom-Man [Atom II / Ant-Man], and a man closely resembling Sgt. Rock.

c. 3999 --

Moon Ghost patrols space as an intergalctic law enforcer. His headquarters is the Ghost Moon. The extra-dimensional Moon Shade ambushes him at home, killing him. Although this story took place in the Modern Age for Moon Knight, it is the nature of the reality he visited that justifies placing it in the far future, as Moon Ghost is obviously based on the Hanna Barbara cartoon character Space Ghost (now part of DC Comics’ ‘Beyond the DCU’ stable of characters).  Although there is no evidence to confirm the reality in which this story takes place (other than being a Cross-Time of the Marvel Universe), the amalgamation of DC and Marvel elements suggests that it is at least a variation of the Amalgam Universe. [MARC SPECTOR: MOON KNIGHT #42 (MARVEL), SEP 1992]

c. 5700 --

Hal Stark arrives from the Modern Age to protect the Earth as Iron Lantern 5700. He assumes the civilian guise of Arn Manning while in this era. [IRON LANTERN #1, JUN 1997]

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The concept of Hypertime has become almost synonymous with Multiverse in DC continuity. It allows for an infinite variety of timelines to exist simultaneously, separate but equal, with the possibility that two or more of these timelines may overlap from time to time. While travel from one Hypertime to another is possible, as seen in 'HYPER-TENSION' [SUPERBOY #61-64, 1999], it is considered much more hazardous than traversing the Multiverse of old (which was eliminated during the cataclysmic CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS maxi-series). It appears much more probable that these realities will interact on a more subtle level, such as accommodating paradoxical time travel [THE KINGDOM #1-2, 1998]. Most Elseworlds, including the Tangent line of comics, have been shown to exist as Hypertimelines of the DC Universe.

Marvel continuity has a similar concept in Cross-Time, which has been most often explored in the adventures of Captain Britain, Excalibur, and Kang the Conqueror. On at least one occasion, the mainstream reality (Marvel Universe) has overlapped with another, creating a piecemeal world that shared characteristics of each timeline [EXCALIBUR: WEIRD WAR III, 1992]. Alternate realities such as those shown in issues of WHAT IF..? fall into the category of Crosstime, as do non-Marvel worlds such as the TimeSlip Earth, Earth-Other of the Squadron Supreme, and the New Universe, as they are all represented in the AVENGERS FOREVER mini-series.

The DC VS. MARVEL / MARVEL VS. DC mini-series is but one demonstration of two realities that are NOT related via Hypertime or Crosstime overlapping each other.  Were these worlds compatible, the merging would have been indistinguishable to those living on either Earth (as it appears in numerous ‘shared reality’ crossovers).  The Amalgam Universe was the result of a forced combination caused by Access, the Spectre, and the Living Tribunal, according to the events shown in the story [MARVEL VS. DC #3, DOCTOR STRANGEFATE #1, DC VS. MARVEL #4, 1996].  However, the continued existence of alternate dimensions that contain the Marvel Universe and DC Universe characters [X-PATROL #1, APR 1996] suggests that the Amalgam Universe exists separately, or that other parallel timelines remained unaffected by the amalgamation.  The appearance of Doctor Strangefate, even as a ghost residing within the mind of Marvel's Doctor Strange, would imply that the characters of the Amalgam Universe possess some form of existence that is not dependant on the collision of DC and Marvel [DC / MARVEL: ALL ACCESS #4, JAN 1997].  Likewise, the existence of the Spectre at a time when he is supposedly amalgamated with Nightmare as Night Spectre, suggests that all three realities contain the capacity to survive the Amalgamation [SPEED DEMON #1, APR 1996] [DC VS. MARVEL #4, 1996].

It is my personal conclusion that the Amalgam Universe is a Cross-Time of the Marvel Universe, but not necessarily a Hypertime of the DC Universe. Although there have been mainstream references to the DC vs. Marvel Crossover in DC Comics [EXTREME JUSTICE #18, 1996] [GREEN LANTERN #87, 1997], there have never been any inclusions of Amalgam Universe elements in any dealings with Hypertime to date, as seen in the afore-mentioned THE KINGDOM and HYPER-TENSION stories, the DC ONE MILLION 80-PAGE GIANT, or the WORLD'S FUNNEST Elseworld one-shot.  Marvel, however, uses the character Thorion as a member of a Cross-Time variant of the Avengers (thereby verifying Thorion's membership in the Judgment League Avengers) in AVENGERS FOREVER #12.  The Amalgam Universe character Snapper Jones is also mentioned as sharing a bond with a future counterpart of Captain Marvel from an alternate reality [CAPTAIN MARVEL (vol III) #16].  It is also worth noting that the 'Bizarro Worlds' visited (or created) by Access and Dark Access in UNLIMITED ACCESS #4 (1998) may be 'Hyper-Cross-Times' of the Amalgam Universe.

The following is a list of the known 'Hyper-Cross-Times' of the Amalgam Universe published by Marvel or DC Comics.






World discovered by Reed Richards. It is known to have a Golden Age team called Spitfire and the Blackhawks, and a modern team called Infinity Kickers, Inc.



Doctor Strangefate sought to recreate the Amalgam Universe in the Marvel Universe reality. He succeeded in amalgamating several members of the JLA and X-Men together before being stopped.



Access and Dark Access each amalgamated a team in the DC Universe, approximately ten years in the past. Access created the X-League [Justice League America, Young Justice / X-Men, Avengers] while Dark Access created the Brotherhood of Evil Gods [New Gods of Apokolips / Brotherhood of Evil Mutants].



Dark Access pursued Access through several different 'bizarre realities.' The first one had Unfriendly Neighborhood Spider-Clone #1 (and #2 and #3) swinging across a Bizarro version of Marvel's New York City.



Dark Access pursued Access through several different 'bizarre realities.' The second had a very Kirby-esque Bat-Man and Robin fighting a MODOK-like Two-Face at the Double Helix-DNA Project.



Dark Access pursued Access through several different 'bizarre realities.' The third had an amalgam of the Fantastic Four and the Superman Family, including the Bottled City of Latveria and a caped Silver Streaky the Surfer Cat.



Dark Access pursued Access through several different 'bizarre realities.' The last one had Caine and Abel as the caretakers of the House of Monsters and the House of Creatures, with several giant Marvel Monsters (Fin-Fang-Foom, et al) in the background.


LOBO THE DUCK #1 (1997)

Lobo the Duck's adventure clearly took place at least partially outside the timestream, as is evident by the large number of established characters shown to be dead. It is possible that this WAS the mainstream Amalgam Universe, and that at the end of his adventure he caused the events to be undone. It is more likely that Lobo the Duck began in the mainstream, but crossed into a parallel reality through his dealings with Bat-Thing, who carries within himself the Nexus of all Realities.



This series is set in the reality of the fictional Dark Claw: The Animated Series cartoon. It is possible that the events shown also occurred in the Amalgam Universe. The 'animated' Sparrow is stated to be older than the AU Sparrow, however, which designates the animated series as a Hyper-Cross-Time.



Little is revealed about this temporary reality, other than Magneto's role as savior, and the fact that it was responsible for "changing the face of the world".



This crossover story, an amalgamation of DC's CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and ZERO HOUR with Marvel's SECRET WARS and INFINITY GAUNTLET, did not cause many continuity changes, so far as is documented.   The most significant change is the erasure of Super-Soldier from the early days of the Modern Age.  It is therefore proper to refer to the "Post-Secret-Crisis" reality as a Hyper-Cross-Time of the current mainstream AU.


DOOM PATROL (vol II) #48 (1991)

Not actually a straight DC / Marvel amalgamated reality, it shares enough similarities with the AU that it could be considered part of the mainstream.  As there is no published evidence to support this, Earth-612 can at least be presented as possibly existing in a parallel reality.


CAPTAIN MARVEL (vol III) #17 (2001)

This alternate future is shown but never named.  As it is obviously an amalgam of KINGDOM COME and EARTH X, there is little doubt that it exists as a "What Else If?" Hyper-Cross-Time future of the mainstream Amalgam Universe




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Although the Amalgam Universe does not have a history of Golden Age or Silver Age retcons, one significant contradiction exists in the form of Super Soldier's modern origin. Most accounts agree that Super Soldier was thawed out from a block of ice by the Judgment League: Avengers in the fourth issue of the team's series. [SUPER SOLDIER #1, APR 1996] [AMALGAM CLASSICS: POWER BLAST #2 of 9] [AMALGAM HOLOPIX #5 of 6]. However, the Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour erased his presence from the timeline, causing him to appear for the first time at the end of the titanic mini-series [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #43] [SECRET CRISIS OF THE INFINITY HOUR: CANVAS CARDS #9 of 9]. One account even suggests that "The JLA was founded by Super-Soldier, in order to have a ready group of super-powered beings like himself, without allegiance to a particular country or political group. And to play poker." [AMALGAM TRADING CARD #17]

There is no clean resolution to this situation, without cataloguing all three variations. I have chosen to place Super Soldier's return one month prior to the Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour, allowing him to make critical appearances without contradicting the statements that he had just returned to continuity and had not had the opportunity to meet the new American Girl before her death in the Secret Crisis. [AMALGAM CLASSICS: POWER BLAST #9 of 9]. This also supports the statement on the letter page of SUPER SOLDIER #1 that the war-time hero made a "recent return to comics in the pages of JUDGMENT LEAGUE AVENGERS and ACTION AND SUSPENSE", despite SUPER SOLDIER #1 coming out in 1996 and JUDGMENT LEAGUE AVENGERS #4 reportedly being published in March, 1964.

Other notes of interest regarding Super Soldier:

Throughout the various references to him, Super Soldier is spelled both with and without a hyphen.  Although it is not totally consistent with the published work, I am assuming that when he first appeared, Super-Soldier was spelled with the hyphen, but that the hyphen was dropped by the younger generation when he returned fifty years later.  It is this assumption that determines how Super Soldier is spelled in my timeline, despite what the specific references may use.

In SUPER SOLDIER #1, an unidentified volunteer stamped 4-F by the military is given the super-soldier treatment.  This volunteer has blonde hair, and appears to correspond with the Marvel Universe Steve Rogers in every way, except in powers.  The name Clark Kent is used by Super Soldier at his job with the Daily Planet in the present. It is my belief that the volunteer's real name is Steve Rogers, and that the Clark Kent identity is a manufactured cover supplied by the military.  The DC Universe does not supply any precedent for Clark Kent being born to human parents on planet Earth, with the exception of a few Elseworlds (such as LAST SON OF EARTH or REALWORLDS: SUPERMAN) published after Super Soldier's two appearances.  There is, however, no evidence to support that Super Soldier's real name is anything other than Clark Kent, and so this theory has not been incorporated into the timeline.


Dark Claw's continuity problems arise from his longevity and a lack of established retcon.  Logan, who is often referred to as Logan Wayne in the Amalgam Trading Cards, tells his personal history to Carol Danvers, the Huntress [LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW #1, APR 1996].  While a few elements of Bruce Wayne are present, it is mostly consistent with Logan's life in the Marvel Universe, modified to allow for his presence in New Gotham.  The difficulties begin when his age is factored in.  His account claims that he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force as soon as he was old enough.  This would imply he was 17 or 18 at the time.  It is not known whether or not Logan was active during World War 2, so the year, or even decade, of his enlistment cannot be determined.  This also makes earlier moments in his life, such as the death of his parents when he was five, living with his uncle in Alberta Canada, and being sent to a home in Edmonton run by nuns, impossible to date.

Further complications are associated with the integrity of this information.  It seems unlikely at best that Logan would choose to reveal so many personal details of his own life to a potentially hostile agent the first time he meets her.  If any of his 'facts' were fictions thrown in to mislead Carol Danvers, no one can say what is and what isn't his actual history.

Finally, there is the anomaly of the Golden Age Dark Claw.  [AMALGAM CLASSICS: POWER BLAST #3 of 9] [AMALGAM HOLOPIX #1 of 6]  In all other cases, the Amalgam Universe Golden Age heroes remained in the Golden Age, or were brought into the present as Golden Age characters (as with the Mariner, Speed Demon, and Guardian Angel).  Although TALES OF THE AMAZONS is stated as running for almost 50 years, there is no evidence that Diana or Ororo appeared until the Silver Age.  It is because of this, and the obvious dissimilarities between the modern and original Dark Claw characters (The Golden Age Dark Claw did not have real claws and was never involved in the Weapon X Project) that I believe it is more appropriate to list them as separate characters, rather than attempt to 'time-crunch' fifty years worth of Dark Claw continuity into a ten year period full of contradictions.

My personal preference is to believe that Logan was born in New Gotham as Wayne Logan.  He remained in New Gotham after his parents died, and at age 18 he claimed his inheritance.  He began his career as Dark Claw shortly before World War 2 broke out, fighting crime both in New Gotham and abroad.  At some point after the war he moved to Canada when his uncle fell ill, and joined the RCAF some time after that.  When he eventually moved back to New Gotham, after the Weapon X Project, he retained his inheritance, but assumed the identity of Logan Wayne to avoid questions regarding his apparent age.  His recounted origin to the Huntress was crafted to expose only his current cover, as a smoke screen to make her believe she had all the information and needn't dig any deeper.  This version would place Logan's birth in 1919 (or earlier), but of course there is no support for this theory and, thus, it is not included in the timeline.

Please note that the recent ORIGINS mini-series by Marvel Comics places the birth of the MU Logan around 1885.  Certain elements of this story, such as Logan witnessing the murder of his wealthy father, lend themselves well to an amalgamated Bruce Wayne / Logan character.  Such characterization would diverge even further from the origin Logan told the Huntress, however, and could not be considered for inclusion here unless later canon validates it.

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