"Shieldsboro Rifles"

   Company F,
3rd Mississippi Infantry (Mounted)


Hancock County, Mississippi, CSA*

Organized circa May 5, 1861, at Shieldsboro (now Bay St. Louis), Hancock County, Mississippi.

For a brief history of the 3rd MS Infantry (and most other Mississippi Confederate units), please refer to the unit histories section at http://www.mississippiscv.org  

A full history of the 3rd (“To Live and Die in Dixie”) is available from its author, Hon. H. Grady Howell, Jr., at 103 Trace Harbor Road, Madison, Mississippi 39110.

(Officers and soldiers are listed in alphabetical order; all ranks are “private” unless otherwise specified).


Coakley, William L. -- Commissary Sgt., 1st Lt., & Adjutant

Colly, John G. -- 2nd Lt.

Cowan, A. S. -- 3rd & 1st Lt.

Eager, Robert --Capt. & Lieut. Col.

Joyner, Redding A. -- 4th Cpl., AQM Sgt., 1st Lt., & Capt.

Raymond, Peter -- 3rd Sgt., 2nd & 1st Lt.

Saucier, John -- 1st Lt. & Capt.

Sones, Lott M. -- 2nd & 1st Lt., Adjutant

Spence, William F. -- 4th & 1st Sgt., 3rd & 2nd Lt.

Toulme, John V. -- 1st Lt. & Capt.

Wilkinson, Howard -- 1st Cpl., Ord. Sgt., 3rd & 2nd Lt.


Ackerman, F.

Addison, E. W.

Alexander, Frank -- 2nd & 1st Sgt.

Bayard, Louis -- 4th Cpl.

Beck, Charles

Bontemps, Raphael

Bourgeois, Auguste

Bourgeois, Bernard

Bourgeois, Edmund

Bourn, Francis M. -- 1st Cpl., 4th Sgt.

Bowen, Benet

Bowen, James

Carco, Henry

Carron, Napoleon

Carver, David

Carver, Edwin

Carver, Elihu

Carver, James -- 5th, 4th, & Color Cpl.

Carver, John B.

Colson, William -- 2nd Cpl.

Courtenay, Talma

Cowan, Charles

Cuevas, Charles

Cuevas, James

Cuevas, Raymond

Dannaples, Charles

Dedeaux, Theodore

Delahoussage, Octave

Dubuisson, Eugene

Dubuisson, Octave

Dubuisson, Sylvain

Eager, Charles -- 2nd & 1st Cpl.

Ennis, Henry

Ennis, James

Favre, Charles

Favre, Eugene

Favre, John

Favre, Louis

Favre, Lucien

Favre, Simon

Fayard, Adolph

Fayard, Alfred -- 2nd & 1st Cpl.

Fayard, Alphonse

Fayard, Claudius

Fayard, Eugene

Fayard, Henry

Fayard, Lawrence Jr.

Fayard, Lawrence Sr. -- 5th & 4th Sgt.

Fayard, Oscar

Garcia, Manuel

Gorce, H.

Graber, Albert

Gusman, Bartholomew -- 1st & Ord. Sgt.

Guteman, George -- 4th, 3rd, & 2nd Cpl. & 3rd Sgt.

Holden, James, M. -- 4th & 1st Cpl., 3rd & 2nd Sgt.

Hook, Peter

Johnson, S.E.

Johnston, Charles V.

Johnston, Edmond -- 3rd Cpl.

Johnston, George W. -- 3rd Cpl., 4th & 3rd Sgt.

Johnston, Louis C. -- 4th, 3rd, & 2nd Sgt.

Johnston, Richard R.

Jones, James

Kesler, Daniel

Ladner, Cherri

Ladner, Delmas -- 4th Sgt.

Ladner, Etienne

Ladner, Francis -- 1st Cpl.

Ladner, Jack

Ladner, Lawrence

Ladner, Louis

Lampkin, Samuel R.

Lancier, F. N.

Leebrook, Henry

Lipple, Peter

Lizana, John -- Acting Color Cpl.

Luc, Hermogene

Luc, John

Merritt, Sherrod A.

Moore, P.M.

Murphy, John -- 3rd Cpl. & 1st Sgt.

Murphy, Thomas

Necaise, Edmond -- 4th & 3rd Cpl., 5th & 4th Sgt.

Noble, Patrick -- 2nd Cpl.

Ogden, James N.

O’Pero, Julius

Redding, Walter C.

Rossetto, Peter

St. Tuall, August -- musician (drummer)

Saucier, F. N. -- 3rd Cpl.

Saucier, Napoleon, F.

Saucier, Victor

Scherges, August

Sohl, John

Steinfeltz, John

Thomas, Frederick

Tierney, Joseph

Wadison, E.

Whitaker, Alexander -- 2nd Cpl. & 5th Sgt.

Whitter, McMillan

Wyett, J. G.


*Source: Muster Roll courtesy of Hon. H. Grady Howell, Jr., from his history of the 3rd MS Infantry, “To Live And Die In Dixie”

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