"Dahlgren Guards"

 Company H,
3rd Mississippi Infantry


Harrison County, Mississippi, CSA*


Mustered into State Service at Pass Christian, Mississippi, September 4, 1861.

For a brief history of the 3rd MS Infantry, please refer to the unit histories section at http://www.mississippiscv.org.  An incredible, full history of the 3rd Regiment Mississippi Infantry ("To Live and Die in Dixie") is available from its author, Hon. H. Grady Howell, Jr., at 103 Trace Harbor Road, Madison, Mississippi 39110.

(Officers and soldiers are listed in alphabetical order; all ranks are “private” unless otherwise specified). 


Bond, Alexander --Corporal, 3rd Lt., 2nd Lt. 

Cannon, Daniel --3rd Lt. 

Curran, Daniel A --2nd Lt., 1st Lt., Captain 

Dale, John J. --2nd Lt., 1st Lt.

Green, Ashbel --Captain 

Saucier, John --1st Lt.

Saucier, Pierre --1st Sgt., 3rd Lt., 2nd Lt. 

Stearn, N. J. --2nd Lt.

Wilkerson, Howard --Corporal, Orderly Sergeant, 3rd Lt., 2nd Lt. 


Baird, William

Beall, Augustus M. 

Beall, William A.

Berean, F. F. --Sergeant 

Bisbee, C. M.

Blackwell, Anderson H.

Bond, Alfred

Bond, Andrew 

Bond, Cephas

Bond, Martin --Corporal 

Bond, Rufus M. 

Bond, S.

Bond, Thomas 

Bond, Wilkin

Bonds, Carroll 

Bounds, D. W.

Bounds, George Washington 

Bounds, Solomon

Bounds, Stephen M. 

Bounds, Woodward 

Britland, James

Burrell, J. H. --Sergeant

Callen, Stephen --hospital nurse 

Carver, Leon

Carver, Michael 

Casanova, Jas. 

Cassinova, F.

Cassinova, Joseph

Clark, Samuel L. --Corporal 

Cortes, Peter 

Coston, J. W.

Cronier, Charles

Cronier, John B. --Corporal 

Crosby, John

Dale, Crocket 

Dale, E. J. 

Dale, J. T.

Dale, Thomas

Dale, Stephen M. --1st Sgt. 

Daniel, Wiley 

Dashmer, W. J.

Deakle, William 

Drew, Levi

Felts, James M. --Sergeant 

Gamble, J. W.

Gordas, Andrew 

Graber, Albert

Griffin, Marion

Griwaschesky, Francis

Hadden, Wiggin 

Hansbery, J.

Head, James

Henderson, Nicholas 

Henry, Michael Fitz 

Hester , Goodman 

Hester, John

Hewes, Frederick S. --Commissary Sergeant, Adjutant

Hickman, William 

Hicks, William

Holley, Alfred --Corporal

Holley, Nicholas --Corporal, Sergeant 

Johnston, William 

Keel, William S.

Kestler, James W. 

Leroy; Emile

Lewis, James Jr. 

Lewis, James Sr.

Lewis, William 

Lizana, Ernest

Lizana, Roselius 

Lott, John

McAllister, James T. --Corporal (same as below?)

McCallester, J. T. (same as above?)

McDonald, Charles 

McNeal, Anthony

Martin, Ferdinand C. 

Moon, W. L.

Moore, George --Corporal 

Moore, William L.

Moran, George --Corporal 

Necaisse, Charles 

Netto, Frank

O'Neal, Joseph 

Page, Daniel 

Page, Robert 

Palmer, John 

Perkins, John

Priester, Henry G. 

Redmond, John

Redmond, Thomas 

Robinson, G. A.

Rodgers, F. --Sergeant 

Rogers, George W. 

Rouse, Hezekiah 

Sammill, G. W.

Saucier, David --Corporal, Sergeant 

Saucier, Edmund

Saucier, John B. --Sergeant 

Saucier, Joseph 

Saucier, Julien 

Saucier, P. N.

Saunders, J. A.

Scarborough, John --Sergeant 

Sellier, Romain 

Sign, R.

Smith, Clayton 

Smith, Gabriel

Smith, L. D. --Corporal, Sergeant 

Smith, Peyton 

Smith, Rufus

Smith, Selanthiel 

Smith, W. J.

Smith, William 

Sperier, Alcide 

Sperier, Arthur

Sperier, Paul --Corporal, Sergeant 

Spikes, Daniel 

Spikes, Westly 

Spindler, Henry

Stroud, E.

Stroud, John B. 

Stroud, W. B.

Stroud, W. P. --Corporal 

Sumrall, John

Sutter , Emanuel 

Terrill, John

Wells, George 

White, Henry

Williams, Louis

Williams, William --Sergeant 

Wyers, Joseph

  *Source: Muster Roll courtesy of Hon. H. Grady Howell, Jr., from his history of the 3rd MS Infantry, "To Live And Die In Dixie."  Transcribed by Jim Huffman, Adjutant & Editor, Gainesville Volunteers, SCV Camp #373, Picayune, Mississippi.

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