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July 8, 2001

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PG; Drama;
Episode Tie-In/

Xalax Sun made a choice to meet her young
daughter, but the end of the story was not what
she ever intended.  (Written pre-The Choice.)

"A Daisy, A Baby,
& A Hynerian Stork"

Section One, Two, Three, Four (final).

PG; Drama.

The crew find themselves drawn by Moya into
the 'job' of protecting another Leviathan -- but
when the bad guys start taking hostages, the
job becomes a lot more personal.

"History Lesson"

G; Humor.

A look back at the crew from some time far in
the future . . . although they might not look so
familiar from that vantage point.   ;-)

"Daddy's Little Girl"

G; Drama;
Episode Tie-in

The eighty cycles of Katralla and Tyno's stasis
have been and gone.  Now, the new Princess
must come to terms with her parentage, the
past, and the future.

"Song From Another Sea"

G; Slightly Angst.

After a gift from a telepathic race allows each
crewmate from Moya to share experiences of
their different homes with the others, Aeryn
finds her thoughts lingering on one in particular.


G; Angst;
Series X-Over.

In the aftermath of  That Old Black Magic,
Zhaan gets emotional support from an old, but
unexpected, friend.

"Lurk Who's Coming to Dinner"
One & Two, Three & Four, Five, Six, & Epilogue


One author with the ability to visit fandom realities.
Add a couple of (sometimes very) willing cohorts
and a few unusual gift ideas.  Now, buckle up!

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