Camp Outdoor Shop / Sierra Trekkers-Cebu  
Mt. Guiting-guiting Climb Itinerary  
Oct 28 - Nov. 03, 2005  
Oct 28 Fri. 6:00    pm Depart for Masbate (Trans-Asia)  
Oct 29 Sat. 7:00    am Arrived Masbate  
  8:10    am Depart for Mandaon, Masbate (V-Hire)  
  10:00  am Arrived Mandaon, Masbate  
  10:10  am Depart for Kajidiocan, Romblon (special trip, pumpboat)  
  3:00    pm Arrived Kajidiocan, Romblon  
  4:05    pm Depart for Manong Lee's place @ Tampayan, Magdiwang (rented tricycle)
  5:30    pm Arrived Manong Lee's place  
Oct 30 Sun. 7:45    am Start Trek to Mayo's Peak  
  5:30    pm Arrived Mayo's Peak  
  Set-up camp  
Oct 31 Mon. 6:45    am Start trek to Peak of Deception  
  10:00  am Arrived Peak of Deception  
  10:30  am Arrived Summit  
  11:40  am Start trek back to Mayo's Peak  
  4:00    pm Arrived Mayo's Peak  
Nov 01 Tue. 9:45    am Break Camp, start trek back to Manong Lee's place  
  10:15  am Arrived Bulod spring (h20 source at Mayo's peak);   
  10:20  am Depart Camp 3 for Camp 2  
  11:40  am Arrived Camp 2  
  12:15  pm Arrived Camp 1  
  12:45  pm Arrived 2nd river ( source of h20 during summer)  
  1:30   pm Arrived Manong Lee's place  
    C  E  L  E  B  R  A  T  E  
Nov 02 Wed 12:00 pm Depart Manong Lee's for jeepney terminal  
  12:10 pm Arrived jeepney terminal for Kajidiocan  
  12:30 pm Depart for Kajidiocan  
  1:40   pm Arrived Kajidiocan  
    Overnight at Rebecca's lodging house (just along the seashore).  
    No regular pumpboat trip to Mandaon  
Nov 03 Thu. 9:00    am Depart for Mandaon, Masbate ( m/b Augory)  
  2:00    pm Arrived Mandaon, Masbate  
  2:30    pm Depart for Masbate proper  
  4:10    pm Arrived Masbate proper  
  6:00    pm Depart for Cebu  
Nov 04 Fri 7:30    am Home sweet home