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The IBM Luggable PC

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IBM PS/2 Model P70

While PS/2-P70 was the official name, everyone called this machine the "Luggable." It came along around 1988 or so. This model has an Intel 386 CPU; there was also a 486 version. This one has 4MB of memory and a 30MB hard drive, and a 3.5" diskette drive. The display, which folds out from the unit, was monochrome, with a weird orange color (like this.) IBM called it a "Gas Plasma Display." This system was "portable" if you had a strong back (it weighs about 20 lbs.) and a place to plug it in --- no batteries here! I used it as an upgrade from the PC XT to connect from home to the host e-mail system at work, and to connect to the cc:mail system at LANDA. (Any former LANDA members out there, please say hello.)

Some genius IBM engineers in Poughkeepsie, working under Head Genius Bill Beausolleil, made up a version of the 486 model that had a S/370 co-processor card. It could actually run mainframe programs, as well as PC software. Incredible but true!

They've come a long way from this early "mobile" PC to today's ThinkPads!

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