Mining Town town of Columbia, California

Columbia is the heart of the richest gold mining area in the Mother Lode. It's history can be traced back to the original gold rush. In 1850, the first miners began arriving and, within a month, about 6,000 miners, most living in tents, called Columbia home. By the end of 1852, the new community had more than 150 stores--including lots of saloons.

Today Columbia is unique in California. It's a state park but it's also a living community. Original buildings with their iron doors have been restored. There are guided tours, stage coach rides, live theatre, horseback riding, gold panning, restaurants, shopping and two 1850's era saloons. Because Columbia State Park is also a town, admission is free and it's open 365 days of the year.

To pass up Columbia would be to pass up perhaps the best opportunity to see how life really was in the wild west.

This wonderful community is located out of the town of Sonora, California. The whole area is filled with original buildings, and is loaded with history about the Gold mining era of the late 1800"s

Located near Columbia is the Stanislaus River. At the bottom of the Stanislaus River, on the Italian Bar Road, is located the mining community of

"Italian Bar"

This is a mining community owned by LDMA, ( Lost Dutchman's Mining Association).

 This is the some of the town of

Columbia, California.

It has been restored, and is as if you had walked back in time..... sure,,, there are retail stores in most of the Front street buildings, but the structers are just like it was then. Gives a good feeling just walking up the center of the street, and imaging in your mind,

150 years ago.

St Charles Place is now a restored Bar, and is very nice inside


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