sth #29 Sonic the Hedgehog #29
Corner Box:  No. 29 Dec. $1.50  (no picture)
Cover:  Sally is in a roboticizer and Sonic and Dulcy watch in horror.

"Steel-Belted Sally"
Script:  Angelo Decesare
Pencils:  Art Mawhinney
Inks:  Rich Koslowski
Lettering:  Mindy Eisman
Coloring:  Barry Grossman
Editor:  Scott Fulop
Managing Editor:  Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Chief:  Richard Goldwater

A long time ago dragons filled the skies of Mobius.  However, Robotnik took control and roboticized all of the dragons, including Sabina.  Sabina's daughter, Dulcy, escaped and has now teamed up with the freedom fighters.

Part One:
Sonic rides on Dulcy's back.  A hovercraft chases Dulcy, who manages to dive quickly.  The hovercraft crashes into a cliff.  Sonic looks inside the crashed hovercraft to find a mysterious device.  Meanwhile, Robotnik complains that his hovercraft has not arrived.  Snively says that it crashed.  Robotnik says that the hovercraft was transporting a de-roboticizer and commands Snively to have the hovercraft self-destruct.  Sonic hears a noise and runs away from the hovercraft as it explodes.

Back at Knothole, Rotor says that the de-roboticizer can be used only one more time.  The de-roboticizer could be used to make Bunnie back to normal, but Bunnie suggests that it should be used as part of a plan to turn somebody into a robot.  Sally is impressed with the idea and says that she will be the one to be roboticized.  Days later, Rotor puts a small device behind Sally's right ear.  The device will allow her to maintain control of her mind after being roboticized.  After saying her goodbyes, Sally leaves.

Part Two:
In order to make things believable, Sally runs away from a group of swatbots and screams.  She is soon captured and roboticized.  Snively says that he found a device that was a neuro-overrider.  He explains to Robotnik that it would have allowed Sally to keep her free will.  Robotnik decides to put Sally to work.

Meanwhile, the freedom fighters wait in an underground entrance to Robotnik's lair.  Sonic leaves to make a distraction so Sally can find her way to the meeting area and be escorted back to Knothole for de-roboticization.  When Sonic returns, he finds the freedom fighters in handcuffs.  Sally tells Sonic to surrender.

Part Three:
Sonic is handcuffed and Robotnik destroys the neuro-overrider device.  Snively explains the only reason why the freedom fighters have not been roboticized is that they know they have a de-roboticizer.  Sonic says he doesn't have the de-roboticizer and the freedom fighters are taken away.  At sunset, Dulcy flies toward Robotropolis, worried that the freedom fighters have not returned.  She spies in a window of Robotnik's headquarters and discovers the freedom fighters in the roboticizer.  Snively says that to celebrate Robotnik's victory, Sally will activate the roboticizer.  Dulcy pulls out the de-roboticizer she brought with her and breaks the window.  Robotnik commands Sally to activate the roboticizer, but Dulcy quickly uses the de-roboticizer.  Sally turns back to normal.  Dulcy then breathes fire onto the control panel and catches Robotnik's pants on fire.  Sally works to free the freedom fighters.  When they return to Knothole, Dulcy is thanked for her help, and Sally apologizes for not being able to finish the mission.

Sonic Art - 1 page

"Growing Pains!" (part 2 of 2)
Script:  Mike Gallagher
Pencils:  Dave Manak
Inking:  Harvo

To recap from Sonic the Hedgehog #28, Tails was tired of being treated like a child and set off on his own.  Tails boarded his Sea Fox, a submarine, and soon found an uncharted island.  Upon reaching the island, Tails rescued Fiona, a female fox, and fell in love with her.  Unfortunately, Fiona was actually a robot and lured Tails into a roboticizer.

Robotnik enjoys Tails' screams until they suddenly stop.  He walks up to the roboticizer, which suddenly spews mechanical parts.  Tails appears, explaining that he used the fur from his tails to clog the machine.  Tails approaches Robotnik, but Fiona punches him.  Fiona continues to fight Tails, who flies toward a palm tree.  The palm tree captures Tails, but Tails uproots the tree and uses it to hit Robotnik.  Fiona pushes Tails into the water as Robotnik escapes.  Tails remembers his love for Fiona and cannot stand to hit her.  Fiona repeatedly dunks Tails underwater, but she suddenly stops.  Tails thinks that she still loves him, but he realizes that Fiona rusted.  Upset over the loss of his beloved, Tails takes Fiona out of the water and sets her up against a stone.  Tails then begins to pick up the trash left behind Robotnik.  To his surprise, Tails finds a piece of paper showing Robotnik's operations on the opposite side of Mobius.  Tails' first thought is to contact Sally to tell her the news, but the freedom fighters would take the mission and leave Tails behind as usual.  Tails decides to take the mission, proving that he is capable.

(Tails' next adventure begins in his mini-series)

Sonic-Grams highlights:
 ~ Tails used to be 5 until he ate from the "Tree of Wisdom" in Sonic the Hedgehog #14.  The side effect is that Tails had grown for five years, making him 10 years old
 ~ Dylan is a porcupine
 ~ Bunnie is from the Southern Quadrant of Mobius
 ~ Antoine is 18
 ~ Rotor's real name is Rotor--Boomer was just a nickname to make fun of his voice
 ~ Sonic and Robotnik are not half-brothers

(Summary by Silver Starr)

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