You might be addicted to Sonic the Hedgehog if . . .
  1. You can name over 20 Sonic the Hedgehog games without looking at anything
  2. You know what the following abbreviations mean:  SU, AoSTH, SatAM, DC, SA, SA2, SADX, and SA2:B
  3. You plan on naming your kids Miles, Amy, Sally, Sonia, etc
  4. You’ve gotten your friends to like Sonic even though they’ve never even played a Sonic game before
  5. You have almost every issue of Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog series (insert equivalent name if you’re from another country)
  6. You’ve wondered why Sonic Spinball is so hard for the Genesis (and downloaded an emulator just to beat the game)
  7. You know all of the lyrics to all of the Sonic games and Sonic Underground
  8. You’ve gotten in debates concerning Sonic the Hedgehog
  9. You perk up whenever you hear the word “sonic”
  10. You constantly search eBay for Sonic merchandize
  11. While waiting for a response or something to happen, you start tapping your foot and say “I’m waiting”
  12. You were disappointed to find out that the Sonic drive-in has no connection to Sonic the Hedgehog
  13. Your family gives you Sonic merchandise for Christmas and your birthday
  14. Your friends give or tell you any information that they’ve heard about Sonic
  15. You’ve done household chores (or got a job) to get money for Sonic games
  16. You’ve played every Sonic game
  17. You wish you would have Sonic’s speed
  18. Whenever you see a robot, you fight the urge to destroy it and free the animal that is trapped inside
  19. You’ve wanted to get an emerald
  20. You’ve wondered what would happen to you if you found seven emeralds and 50 rings
  21. You want a pet Chao
  22. You wonder what would happen if you picked up an animal and gave it to someone
  23. You wonder what Sonic’s true feelings for Amy Rose are
  24. You wonder why Knuckles keeps on getting tricked by Robotnik
  25. You’ve tried to figure out exactly how Tails uses his tails to fly
  26. You wonder why Amy Rose is so popular in Sonic Adventure
  27. You want a pair of Soap shoes
  28. You wait anxiously for the day that all SatAM episodes are released on DVD
  29. You’re trying to figure out when the next Sonic cartoon will be aired
  30. You submit something to Sonic websites
  31. You've loved Sonic for over 10 years and your friends and family know you won't change
  32. You wait by ponds and lakes hoping that a ring will rise to the surface

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