No, not the food.  These stitch combinations end up puffy and pretty.

Most magazines or patterns will explain how to make popcorn stitches.  However, for learning purposes and buidling your confidence in reading those confusing patterns, I will explain the basics of the popcorn stitch.  Please remember, it varies according to instruction.

We will use the double crochet so you can see it better.
Row 1:
We'll begin by making a foundation chain.
Chain 10.

Row 2:
Skip the first three (
3) chain stitches (ch) and double crochet in the fourth chain (4th ch).

Double crochet in the next chain. (
DC in next ch)

Row 3: (
here's where it gets complicated. I have faith in you.)
Begin by making one double in the next chain, but don't do the last draw through.  Keep the last 2 loops on your needle. (
This means it's half closed.) Yo and draw through only one loop this time.  So, there should be two loops left on your needle.

Make a double in the SAME chain stitch as the first double. Finish this one like normal. Ignore that loop left over from the first double crochet. You don't need it yet.

Repeat the above paragraph three more times. (
You should have a total of 5 dc.)

Now, YO and draw through both of the loops. (
finish together)

Make sure it is tight.  They have a tendency to wiggle free.
If it's puffy, you did it right!!:)

Alright, double crochet (
dc) in the next 3 ch. And you are ready for row 4.

Row 4:
Chain 3 (
the ch 3 equals a dc)
DC across the row in each stitch. (
When you reach your popcorn stitch, do a dc in the part where you finished together.)(You should have 7 dc is you did it correctly. Rember the ch3 counts as 1 dc.)

Row 5 and 6
do rows 3 and 4 again for a little more pratice.

Just a few tips.
When you first make the loop you will ignore, make sure it is tight. They also have a mind of their own and want to come loose. It's not a big deal if they do though.

Please remember. This is the way I do it. There are several different ways of making a popcorn. Each one of them are correct. If a pattern tells you to do it a different way. It is up to you.