Hi, my name is Snowy.
I was born August 24, 1974.

I have been a Christian since I was six
I love the Lord. He is everything to me.

I also have a wonderful husband.
I thought I would never find a man like the one I have. He is incredible.

We have a dog and cat.  They get along just fine.

I drive a '87 Jeep Wrangler. It's black, with a black soft top and tan hard top.
I love driving it w/o a top in the summer.

Currently, I am in school at Eastern University of Kentucky (EKU). I study french as my major and ASL as a minor.
I plan on living in France for at least a semester at some point in my college career.

I started learning sign language at the age of eight.  Back then, ASL was not Considered a full language by hearing people. I was told in high school that I would never be able to learn ASL because I am not deaf. Well, look at me now.

I enjoy reading, crocheting, backpacking, and camping. No, I am not a domestic, but I love doing things like the above mentioned.

I am working on getting a photo.  If you have any suggestions, they would be most helpful.  I love making new friends, so e-mail me.

My family left to right
Ben (my brother)
Robin (his new wife)
Dwaine (my fiance)
and don't forget my dog Ma Petite Amie
             we call her Amie (AH-me)