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To begin, you will have needed to have a nice line of chain stitch.  So to begin, cut the end of your chain stitch and start this from scratch. (assuming you were practicing)

Make a slipknot.

Chain 21.

Now is the time to turn.

For the single stitch, two chain stitches count as one.

Skip the first two chains.

Stick your needle through the third chain stitch.

YO (yarn over) and pull the loop through the chain.
You will have 2 loops on your needle now.

YO again and pull the yo yarn through both loops.
You should have 1 loop on your needle.

Stick your needle through the next chain stitch.

YO and pull through.

YO and pull through both loops.
You should have 1 loop on your needle

Do you see what you are doing?

The final loop on your needle should be the loop you
Yarn Overed the last time.
If this is not so, keep trying.

Single stitch to the end of the chain.

Now for turning. 

Remember I said that a single stitch equals two chain stitches?
So, chain two. This counts as the first stitch of the next row.

Turn your project over so you can work down the other side. 
SKIP the first single stitch.

In the second stitch, stick your needle through the top two loops.

The loop facing you is the called the front loop. 
The loop behind the front loop is the ???
back loop. 
Unless your pattern specifies which loop, use both.
And continue making the single stitch.

Your work will eventually be even.
That is what you are working for,