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Starching does not have to be difficult.
Simply follow the instructions on the bottle of fabric stiffener and you should be ok. 

However, I have discovered a few things I would like to share with you so you won't make the same mistakes.

Fabric stiffner out of a bottle needs to be watered down. 
The less water, the stiffer the piece of crochet will be.  If you add more water, it won't be as rigid. (we're talking about crocheting here ladies)

I thought I was going to be smart.  I wanted a real stiff piece.  So, I stiffened it in straight stiffener.

It ended up gloppy and it was hard to press the excess out. 
Moral of this story, pratice stiffening first, if you can. 
If you practice, then you will know exactly how much water to add. (pratice makes perfect.)

ONE MORE thing.
When I got married, I crocheted my headpiece.
I know, how cute. 

After starching it, I tried to clean the gunk off the pretty white beads. (sigh) The varnish stuff came off the beads with the stiffener.  I ended up with ugly beads. So, I made the headpiece over again.  This time, before the stiffener stiffened, I wiped the beads down.

Another moral, to save you from a headache, wipe off your embellishments before the stiffener dries.  If you can wait to put on the embellishments, I would, Wiping off each little bead took me a looonnnggg time.