Hello, and Welcome to my tape trading site. I was a big Days fan for many years, and my collection consists of the time frame from 1986-1992(some in between years, and 2006+),with the below ones from 1985. All tapes are 1st generation originals.

I will include dates and brief highlights. All tapes are recorded in SLP mode( 6 hours per tape), unless noted otherwise. All tapes are full shows, complete with commericals. I don't do edits when copying. The tapes are listed in order, starting with 1986. Each Year will have a break stating when the next years tapes begin, so you will need to scroll through the whole list for later years.



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1985#2:1st: Marlena takes Roman's gun out of the closet, and puts it in her purse, as she prepares for her "trip" with Stefano.shane wakes up a sleeping Kimberly, as they worry about not hearing from Bo. Hope and Bo try to hide out in the dressing room, when they notice the prism is changing colors, as Sonia approaches in the hall. marlena calls jimmy to go to the laverty farm to meet with stefano. sonia catches bo and hope, as hope keeps up her cover as a security guard. in the meantime bo hides the prism in a custom for the ice show. hope helps bo escape from sonia, by having him "knock" her out,and take her gun. when sonia learns, she fires hope from her security job, as hope goes to get the prism. eugene has a vision about marlena being in trouble, as marlena is being escorted to stefano's. bo, then hope catch up with shane and kimberly, and hope tells them the prism is gone. kimberly goes to see bronsky to learn what's going on. shane and bo figure out stefano has marlena. kimberly returns and tells shane and hope what she has learned from bronsky. shane elects hope to go undercover as a russian ice skater. bo finds marlena

2nd:Anna asks eugene and calliope to take zack to the ice show, so she can plug her designs while she is there. eugene's lawyer arranges a "date" for him.kimberly and shane talk about his cover, as they grow closer. marlena is talking with stefano at the farmhouse, as she has him convinced she's going with him to carcass, as bo watches. shane and hope discuss her getting the prism out of the head piece, as hope worries about bo. marlena learns stefano is mrs laverty, as he goes on about family and his tumor.Larry calls bronsky to learn what is going to happen, as he tries to get gwen to leave with him. while marlena keeps stefano talking, bo takes off to find the twins. bronsky pressures kimberly to make a decision on his proposal. marlena is finally able to pull the gun on stefano, but is overpowered when jimmy comes in, as she stefano and jimmy struggle for the gun.

3rd: bo jumps nurse honeycutt in the car. hope searches for the prism, but is unalbe to take it when some skaters come in. shane continues to keep an eye on things, as a stage hand. jimmy is shot in the shoulder during the struggle for the gun, and is unable to go to the ice show, so stefano plans to go. tony sees stefano, and they have a confrontation before stefano has an attack. marlena tries to reason with jimmy, as bo comes in and jumps him and ties him up. marlena has a reunion with the twins, and fills in bo about stefano. tony locks stefano in the room andre held him in. the ice show finally begins after the delays in looking for the prism. jasmin accidently lets stefano out. bronsky drags kimberly out of the arena, as shane is busy backstage.

4th:don argues with marlena about what's going on with her letter and stefano. the ice show continues, with hope skating and trying to get the prism, as bo and shane also try to find a way to get it. shane spots bronsky forcing kimberly to leave, and takes off after him, but bronsky pulls a gun and takes off with kimberly. gwen talks to chris about larry, and chris assures her she did the right thing. he then tries to get pete and melissa to talk. marlena tries to explain to don about stefano and her letter, and the ice show. shane gets bronsky at the airport and learns the prism is going to explode, as shane and kimberly race back to stop it. bo is grabbed by stefano, as he tells hope to stay on the ice skating, since she has the prism. sonia then gets the prism and gives it to stefano, as hope wakes bo( who was knocked out) and he chases after stefano. marlena comes face to face with stefano on the cat walk with a gun, and she shoots him, as he drops the prism and it starts a fire. bo comes to help, as stefano falls to his "death"

#5: Hope,tony and don watch as bo saves marlena and stefano falls. bo and marlena work their way through the fire, as the fire department arrives, as bo is then trapped when the ladder marlena used collapses.after bo is resuced, shane and kimberly arrive and fill in bo and hope about recovering the prism, which was going to explode. alex argues with anna, who refuses to leave when a mysterious stranger comes to her rescue. a television reporter tells the police he has a video tape of marlena shooting stefano, as marlena is arrested for "killing" stefano. the mystery man with anna gives her his coat, after her fur is left in the building. he then escorts her home - in his rolls royce! shane and kimberly place the prism in the ice case it arrived in, as they take it out of the building. anna learns the identity of her hero: prince Nicholas. marlena is charged with murder, and placed in jail,despite don's insistance she be released. everyone gathers at the police station to support marlena. bo,hope,kimberly and shane talk about the prism, as shane debates about giving it to the ISA.

#6:anna tells calliope about her prince charming, and how she thinks she has dreamt him up. don goes to see marlena in jail, and tells her the arriangment has been postponed until the city can appoint a special proscutor. bo talks to neil about hope's condition, after she was shot by honeycutt. melissa sits with bo, while they wait for news about hope's condition.calliope and eugene discuss their situation, and where they go next. shane goes to the ISA without the prism. he explains he threw it in the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, since it has too much power. before he can be fired, shane quits the ISA!prince nicolas has a rose delivered to anna while she's at the salem inn. alice holds vigil with bo at the hospital. neil tells bo hope came through the surgery and should be fine. kimberly arrives and talks to bo about shane. prince nicolas has a surprise waiting for anna at her office. shane goes to the hospital and learns about hope. he then tells bo and kimberly about the prism and quitting the ISA. marlena is allowed a visit with carrie and the twins.

#7:kimberly and shane go to the park cafe for lunch, and talk about it being a new life for them.ivy gives pete a sweater, and invites him to dinner. melissa's court date arrives( for the trouble she got in with Barry Reed). shane and kimberly talk about what happened- over a cheesecake. melissa is placed on probation. kimberly and shane head to the body connection to work off their cheesecake. linda talks to larry about a business arrangement between them. shane and kimberly go back to her apartment and have a cup of tea, as they grow closer.

#8: Marlena's arriangment finally arrives. kimberly tries to calm down bo, as hope has a relapse. tony talks to anna about marlena and stefano. tony then learns about prince nicolas. bo keeps a vigil over hope, as neil explains her condition. shane arrives and talks to bo about hope. the judge gives marlena a bail hearing until a special proscutor can be appointed. just as bail is about to be set, Hart Bennett arrives, and objects to bail, as he and don argue. the bail is finally set at $2 million, thanks to hart. prince nicolas courts anna in fashion. kimberly talks to bo about shane quiting the ISA, and her past. while having lunch at the park cafe, kimberly runs into an old friend- Hart. kimberly talks to shane about hart, and his role in marlena's case. marlena is released on bail, after tony helps and people contribute to her cause. kimberly and shane talk about what the future holds for them. hope wakes up as bo sits by her side. Bo then proposes to Hope who accepts!

1985#3: March8-27,1985: 1st: Shane and Marlena are talking in her office about the case, when he invites her to join him and Kimberly at Blondies. Calliope puts up a good front with Eugene about his engagement to Madeline, as he assures her things will be back to normal soon. melissa goes to visit ivy, as they discuss the baby and if it will look like PJ(Pete), as ivy tells melissa she is keeping the baby, and asks her to be the Godmother.shane goes to pick up kimberly and they discuss marlena's case, as kimberly tries to explain what happened earlier( when Hart was there), and she didn't let shane in.hart receives a cold reception at blondies when he questions liz about marlena, as don and marlena arrive to meet with shane and kimberly. calliope drowns her sorrows with alex, as eugene and madeline arrive also. hart goes up to kimberly while she is with shane, marlena and don, as marlena is surprised that kimberly knows hart. shane then figures out hart was the man in kimberly's apartment earlier. marlena and hart have a confrontation, as he's determined to win the case. ivy tries to tell pete about the baby, as melissa walks in...

#2:alex and linda discuss their scheme, when she spots hart and gets an idea. kimberly and shane return to her apartment, and share a passionate kiss. melissa runs out when she sees ivy and pete talking, as pete goes after her, and learns she and ivy know each other. gwen tries to get larry to promise her he won't get involved with linda and alex's scheme. shane pulls back from kimberly, but swears it's his past that bothers him, as he opens up to her. linda approaches hart with a proposition, as larry observes.melissa tells pete about her friend ivy and how she just put it together he is PJ, as he tells her he still plans to break up with Ivy, but melissa blurts out Ivy's pregnant. shane and kimberly plan to appeal to hart on marlena's behalf. linda's plan to set up hart gets ruined, when shane and kimberly intercept. ivy confirms she's pregnant, as pete tries to take it in. kimberly's pleas to hart for marlena go on deaf ear. pete talks to melissa, as she plans to leave for NY.

#3:Gwen tries to get romantic with larry,as he puts her off. bo brings hope home from the hospital,as they discuss getting married and her planning on being a cop. alex and anna argue about jasmin and how she's not wearing an AD design. abe and don question sonia about the prism and the KGB, as she says she was trying to save her brother. tom has a grandfatherly talk with hope. mickey tries to get hope to change her mind about being a cop, to no avail. hope and bo get romantic. The KGB grabs sonia at the police station, as don tries to stop them. alex shows tony,anna and jasmin the release she (jasmin) signed for him to use her image. howie pays bo and hope a visit. sonia escapes and makes her way to don's apartment.

#4: Abe arrives at Don's with a state department offical, who is trying to locate sonia. marlena goes to see kimberly and asks her about hart.pete calls melissa to try and arrange a meeting between them, as ivy arrives at melissa's wanting to talk. kimberly fills marlena in about hart as she starts to get a feel for who hart is. sonia continues to hide, as don describes what he seen at the police station when she was taken. after abe and the offical leave, don finds sonia, who begs for his help. ivy tells melissa about her talk with pete about the baby and asks melissa for advice. pete arrives and melissa stalls him while ivy is there. as marlena is leaving, kimberly develops a headache and almost passes out, as marlena becomes concerned. kimberly tries to convince her she's fine, but this time passes out, as hart arrives and carries her to the couch. marlena watches hart with kimberly, and sees a softer side to him. pete and melissa decide they have to tell ivy about them, but after ivy returns again, they decide he needs to marry ivy. marlena goes to see don to fill him in about hart,and finds him with his own problems with sonia and leaves. hart and marlena bump into each other and discuss kimberly. pete asks ivy to marry him.

#5:alex tries to run a sweat shop to try and beat anna,to no avail. kimberly's eye problems begin, as she's unable to focus while doing a photo shoot in her apartment. bo goes to visit hope with a boquet of flowers as she laments over everyone planning their wedding for them. anna tries to avoid a strike, but learns calliope is also striking, as prince nicolas arrives to help. kimberly sets up an appointment with neil. hope runs her wedding idea by bo, as they joke and discuss the police academy and norma. kimberly sees neil, who examines her and recommends she get her eyes checked. shane discusses his job offer with bo, and how he would need to move to stockholm. shane then goes to see kimberly,looking for a reason to stay in salem. bo works at the fishmarket,as shawn and caroline discuss their ideas for the wedding with him.prince nicolas saves the day for anna. after kimberly and shane discuss his job offer, she shows him the door. bo and hope discuss the plans for the wedding and how they are getting out of hand, as they then get romantic.

#6: Hart goes to check on kimberly, as she worries about his drinking. bo and hope continue to lament over their wedding and how everyone wants to help. shane goes to say good-bye to bo and hope. ivy and pete go to see melissa and she asks melissa to attend their wedding. privately pete apologizes to melissa, who agrees to attend. hart and kimberly discuss marlena's case, and how it's his last chance,as she defends marlena. hope tries to convince shane to stay, but he's determined to take the job. bo and hope later discuss kimberly and shane, as kim walks in and learns about shane from them. bo and hope disagree about where they are to be married, but later kiss and make up. kimberly finds shane in her apartment as they discuss his leaving and he looks once more for a reason to stay. bo and hope discuss pete and his plan to marry ivy and how melissa fits in. the wedding arrives, but pete is a no show, so the justice of the peace tells her to return later, as melissa sets out to find pete, and reassures ivy "PJ" will be there. bo tells hope they should call off the wedding, by eloping instead. hart gets drunk at shennigans, as kimberly finds him there and takes him back to her place to sober up. shane returns as kim is trying to keep hart quiet, but he yells for kim to come back to bed, as shane is left speechless in the doorway. melissa finds pete, as ivy wonders if she is going to get married.

#7: kimberly tries to explain to shane it's not how it appears, but he takes off as hart rambles on. bo and hope discuss their plan to elope, and how they will keep it a secret. melissa tells pete ivy is waiting,as he's confussed. kimberly blurts out to hart how she feels about shane, and how he ruined it for her, but she takes off to try one last time. marlena visits bo and hope, and sees they are grining from ear to ear, but they keep mum.marlena, alice and marie discuss planning an engagement party for bo and hope, as they are at shennigans planning their elopment.pete arrives at shennigans after his talk with melissa. kimberly catches up with shane at the airport and explains about hart, but he's too stubborn to listen and leaves.melissa watches pete and ivy get married. kim returns to her apartment and rants to hart about shane, as he realizes she loves shane, and plans to get him back to salem. ivy learns the truth about pete and melissa.

#8:kimberly goes to help shawn out at the fishmarket, when caroline is sick and they discuss shane. hope goes to see melissa and tells her about her and bo's plans to elope.marlena goes to the market and notices something is bothering kim and invites her to lunch. hope and melissa discuss what eloping will do to everyones plans for the wedding, but decide she should do it.pete and ivy try to adjust to married life. hart and don argue while trying to select a jury for marlena's trail.shawn tries to comfort kimberly, when in walks none other than shane, as kim is overjoyed, but learns he's there to see bo,after hart called him back for marlena's trail. shane and hart go to blondies to discuss the supeona,as marlena and kimberly are there as well. kimberly then blast hart out for interferring with her life, as shane watches.

#9(1st part): kimberly is at shennigans looking over some photos she took, when shane arrives wanting to speak to her, but she tells him she's waiting for someone.pete and ivy discuss trying to make a go of their marriage, when they discover the apartment has been broken into, and pete knows who did it and wants to get revenge. melissa goes to see hope and learns alice knows about the elopement. hope and bo learn from farmer henry that their car is going to take longer than expect to be fixed, so he offers to drive them to get married. in the meantime, melissa and alice think hope is asleep. kimberly and marlena discuss shane, and how it won't work between them, as eugene interupts to speak to marlena. shane then uses this time to talk to kimberly. melissa and alice find hope's note saying she and bo learned they knew about the elopement and that they have taken off to elope. after talking with henry's wife emma about her wedding, bo and hope decide not to elope after all. kimberly tells marlena about her past with hart, and gives her the option to use it if it will help her case. kimberly then tells shane to forget their talk before, that things can't work out for them, as shane is left speechless.

1985 #4: March 27,1985-April11,19851st:(conclusion from above last):Marlena tells Eugene to drop the smear tactics against Hart, after talking to kimberly. melissa talks to Iann about Ivy and Pete. shane is baffled by kimberly's change in attitude about them. bo and hope tell alama and henry they decided to wait to get married, and they have decided to go to new orleans- on back of henry and alama's truck.

#2: kimberly joins neil,liz, calliope and eugene at blondies for a party for marlena, when shane arrives to join as well. chris waits for gwen to arrive at shennigans, unaware of what is happening with larry. bo and hope try to keep warm in back of the truck, on their ride to new orleans.just as chris leaves, an upset gwen comes in. marlena is surprised by the pre-trail party don has brought her to. when hart arrives, kimberly intercepts him, as shane watches. bo and hope discuss their wedding plans. kimberly tells hart about her conversation with marlena about him and tries to show him what a good person marlena is. gwen and larry have a heart to heart about how megan died. shane and kimberly have a heated discussion after her talk with hart. bo and hope get "seperate" hotel rooms for the night, as he later returns to hope's room.they then agree to wait until their wedding night, as alama arrives with a basket of food she prepared. marlena goes to the courtroom with don, to get a feel of what it will be like, as hart, who is there already, hides. larry freaks when gwen drinks the poisioned juice. shane and kimberly share a very tense dance. hart comes out of hiding, as he and marlena talk about what she knows of his past with kimberly. bo and hope's romantic encounter is interupted again.

#3:melissa talks to iann about the ballet classes for the kids.pete and ivy talk to chris about gwen's condition. marlena's trail begins, as kimberly and shane arrive, but sit on opposite sides. shawn arrives and gets kimberly to sit with shane. pete and ivy start to get closer, and share a kiss, as melissa walks in shennigans and sees them. hart presents the news videotape to the jury-against don's objections. shawn tries to play matchmaker between kimberly and shane. chris offers to let the ballet classes be held at the body connection, not knowing melissa is teaching them.hart calls alice as his 1st witness, and puts her through the wringer. marlena questions don on the 1st day of the trail.melissa tells ivy about the ballet classes and they end up arguing about pete.kimberly apologizes to shane for shawn trying to play matchmaker.pete learns of melissa and ivy's fight, and is angry.

#4: melissa storms into the body connection after her argument with ivy.pete and ivy talk about melissa and the ballet classes.liz brings noelle to see her doctor, after she's not well, and talks to neil about gwen's condition.larry sits with gwen, as she awakens and asks him if he tried to kill her.bo and hope arrive in new orleans. larry tells gwen the juice was meant for him,as she's not sure to believe him or not.bo and hope tell alama and henry they are getting married in new orleans, so they will only need 1 room, as henry and alama get into an argument about staying for the wedding. pete talks to melissa about her fight with ivy. chris overhears larry talking to marie about gwen, and punches him in the mouth.bo and hope have a disagreement about money and different lifestyles( he calls her an heiress, and she's used to wasting money). pete surprises ivy with a home cooked dinner.

#5:tony and alex argue about the design calliope is working on, when alex mentions his fashion show. anna feels cooped up in prince nicolas's castle, when he announces he has to leave her alone again. marlena's trail continues,as she arrives with don and hart is optomistic about his case. kimberly arrives at the same time as shane, and he asks her about what she's keeping from him, as they get into a debate, but the balif announces court is about to begin, and they go inside. tony finally reaches anna by phone and tells her about the problem with alex and the fashion show. hart calls shane as his next witness. prince nicolas wants anna to design something for his great aunt the dutchess, as she squirms, after calliope refuses to send her some sketches.kimberly develops another headache and dizzy spell in the courtroom, as shane grabs her and taks her to the hall. he tells her he's concerned about her, but she insists she's fine, as she tries to focus. hart calls stefano's henchman, jimmy next and he implies marlena and stefano had a thing going between them, and when he broke it off, she killed him.. shane offers to take kimberly home, but they end up getting a bite to eat instead. prince nicolas tells anna she must go home to settle things, and he'll go with her.after spilling some of eugene's invisible ink on one of calliope's designs, the material starts to disappear.shane and kimberly discuss him staying in salem, and he asks her out on a 1st offical date, to which she accepts.

#6:calliope and tony go over the latest sketches she made, when anna arrives, gwen tells larry she's not going home with him. bo and hope continue to have problems, when she asks point blank if they are getting married or not.bo tells her he's been thinking about it and they need to talk. chris offers gwen a place to stay, but she says she's leaving salem. anna and tony talk about her relationship with prince nicolas, and she accuses him of being jealous. bo and hope return to oak alley, where he picks the lock for them to get in. then they discuss feeling like they've been married since their first time there.liz comes home and finds noelle passed out on the floor and rushes her to the hospital. neil and liz watch noelle, as she tells him what happened at home. after making love, hope wakes bo when she hears voices, and he discovers some workmen out in the hallway, as they make a hasty escape back to their hotel room. after spilling eugene's vanshing liquid on the dress, anna comes up with an idea for alex's fashion show.neil tells liz noelle is in a diabetic comma.

#7: neil tries to get liz to rest,but she's too concerned about noelle. chris and ivy talk about gwen leaving town and then her and pete. marlena's trail contiunes with don planning on putting marlena on the stand in her own defense. neil explains to liz about noelle's diabetic condition. melissa goes to see iann, upset about pete and ivy,but he doesn't have time to discuss it with her. marlena takes the stand in her own defense, as don questions her and gets her side of the story out. pete finds melissa at the cheatin heart, and drags her out. melissa then tells him they need to forget each other. she then heads to ianns office and apologizes for storming out on him, as they discuss her situation. noelle finally awakens, as neil and liz watch over her.

#8: chris talks to liz at the hospital about noelle. jasmin goes to see alex, as calliope tries to listen in at the door. marlena's trail continues, as hart drops the charges against her, stating there is no case. neil talks with liz and chris about noelle and feels guilty. after discussing the evidence in chambers, the judge agrees to dismiss the charges against marlena. tony defends calliope to alex, when he catches her easedroping. marlena talks to hart about what he did. prince nicolas comes back and tells anna his father died, and he's now the king. eugene,calliope and madeline discuss his wedding before the celebration party for marlena gets underway at shennigans. prince(king) nicolas asks anna to marry him.

#9: prince(king)nicolas asks anna for her answer. melissa goes to the body connection to teach her class, and pete is there. soon after ivy arrives, and makes it clear pete is her husband. shane goes to kimberly's with some boxes with clothes in them for their 1st date- horseback riding.prince(king) nicolas tells anna the duties behind being a queen, as anna accepts his proposal, just as tony walks in to discuss "business". anna tells tony her good news, as he tries to hide his jealously. linda visits iann, and tries to get information about melissa, but he won't devulge anything.ivy keeps a watchful eye as melissa teaches the ballet class. while shane is teaching kimberly how to ride a horse, she develops another headache, but covers it with shane as a case of nerves. tony insists anna has to stay until the fashion show, but she insists she needs to be with nicky, who agrees to wait until the fashion show to leave for his country. after returning home bruised, kimberly soaks in a bath, when shane brings in some english bath salt, supposedly to ease the saddle sores.

#10(1st part, concludes on next tape to follow): bo and hope wake up in bed back home, as they discuss planning their wedding. tom tells neil and liz noelle can go home. calliope keeps guard at the elevator, as anna and eugene break into alex's office and spray the clothes for the fashion show with his disappearing solution. bo and hope go to see shawn and caroline and tell them the wedding will be the 1st week in may. they then announce their business venture of being PI's together, as hope and caroline get ready to attend the fashion show. kimberly is hired to take photos at the fashion show, as a mysterious figure wearing a ring with a dragon lurks around. calliope sets the guidelines for eugene and madeline's wedding and honeymoon. prince(king) nicolas gives anna an engagement ring, as she introduces kimberly to him. the fashion show gets underway, as suddenly the models clothes start to dissolving off of them.

1985#5 April 11-April 23,1985Continued from previous tape: Alex's fashion show turns out to be a hit, despite anna's scheming.liz and neil show noelle on her doll how to do the insulin shots,as liz does noelle's. alex tries to buy the formula from anna, after eugene sells it to her. the man with the dragon ring continues to lurk, as kimberly snaps more photos. prince nicolas is lured away by a phone call, and is killed by the man, as hope comes in and sees the whole thing.

#2: the man(dragon) pushes hope aside and runs out, as she checks on the prince and calls bo. she tries to chase after the guy, but is unable to catch him. eugene tries to keep anna from seeing the prince, but is unable. chris comforts melissa after she's robbed. ivy talks to melissa and recongizes the description of the mugger.don returns home to find sonia has cooked him dinner. shane decides to take a chance on a relationship with kimberly and heads to blondies to tell her. bo and tony console anna, as shane arrives and learns from kimberly and hope the prince was killed. kimberly realizes she may have photographed the killer, as bo,hope,shane and kimberly head back to her apartment where she develops the film. abe sees the dragon mark on the prince's neck as he investiagates. ivy gets melissa's purse back from the viper who took it.kim's black and white photo's are blurred, so they need to wait for the photo processing lab to do the color ones.as hope works with a police artist, abe arrives and mentions the dragon head mark, as shane reacts strangely, but covers,until kimberly gets him to tell her about the dragon and his connection to him. shane tells kimberly the dragon killed his wife.

#3:ivy and pete discuss how she got melissa's purse back, when melissa comes by to see ivy. anna awakens as tony comforts her.kimberly notices her vision is getting worse, when shane comes by. she calls the photo lab and learns someone claiming to be her already picked up the film. melissa and ivy reach a truce. shane and kimberly fill in abe and hope and it;s decided hope and kimberly need protection from the dragon, as shane feels it's his fault they are in danger. hope and kimberly discuss shane, and kimberly agrees shane is special, not admitting she loves him. shane goes to see nickerson for help and learns emma was the dragon's mark all along. tony promises anna he'll learn who killed prince nicolas. shane tells kimberly what he learned about the dragon- how anyone who is connected,even remotely to british royalty is a target. ivy's brother speed returns.

#4:madeline goes to see eugene on their wedding day, as he's sulking.liz tries to deal with giving noelle insulin shots, when neil comes home to check on her.speed tells ivy and pete he's moving in with them, as tension builds.calliope goes to see eugene,followed by his lawyer, who is suspicious. neil tries to get liz to leave the house and act normal again. marlena goes to see eugene and tells him she'll be at his wedding for moral support. madeline undergoes a drastic makeover,thanks to eugene's mother. speed tries to blackmail linda.marlena and calliope attend eugene'e wedding to madeline. speed tells pete about his new job with alex, as they argue about ivy. calliope arranges to get a room next to eugene and madeline's on their honeymoon.

#5:calliope just gets to her room, when eugene and madeline arrive. tony and bo talk about prince nicolas's murder, as tony hires bo to find the killer. kimberly tries to calm down shane, as they work on finding the dragon before he strikes again. bo and hope talk about her returning to the police academy after their wedding.eugene stalls madeline on their honeymoon,as calliope comes in dressed as a waiter with champagne with strawberries, which madeline is alergic to. shane fills in bo about the dragon, then enlist his help. calliope continues to interfere. kimberly and shane search through the royal linkage to discover who may be the dragon's next target, as shane figures it out and runs out to stop the dragon.the dragon strikes again, the next victim is sonia romanoff, the russian defector, who has royal ties.

#6:while having breakfast with ivy, pete warns speed to be careful with alex. eugene catches up with calliope at anna dimera designs, as she and anna are talking. shane goes to kimberly's and they discuss the dragon killing sonia. melissa runs into linda at the body connection, where she had donated some music tapes for the ballet classes. linda then mentions her birthday and invites melissa to join her.kimberly drives shane to the airport to pick up an ISA file from England on the dragon. while there, shane spots a woman that looks like his dead wife emma. alex tries to buy eugene's formula. calliope tells anna about her shennigans. melissa takes pete to the hospital, after he's injured falling off a ladder. ivy walks in the apartment and sees melissa helping pete with his shirt, as pete tries to explain what happened. kimberly and shane return to her apartment, where she fixes him some breakfast, but he has a nasty headache. Kimberly then messages his temples to releive the pain, which leads to a passionate kiss. melissa tells ivy exactly what happened at the body connection and runs out, as pete goes after her.

#7: After liz and neil leave,Janie,their houseguest, opens the door and finds a badly beaten youung man(Tod), who falls down. bo goes to kimberly's and shows shane the newspaper article about the dragon striking in france. pete goes to see melissa, and insists he wants to be with her, but she sets him straight. when hope arrives at kimberly's bo tries to keep the news from her, but she gets it out of him. ivy argues with speed about pete and melissa, and throws him out of the apartment. before neil can give liz more information about noelle's diabetes, she reads up on it, and is shocked. bo tells shane he'll join him in france, when shane gets a call from england, regarding donovan manor( his family estate). shane later invites kimberly to join him in england while he checks on the estate, but she's not sure it's the right thing to do.

#8:Marlena runs into hart, who's way off the wagon and depressed. ivy tries to play the dutiful wife, and fix pete breakfast, but he's in a hurry. she helps him with his shirt, since his arm is still mending. shane goes to see kimberly, wanting to know what she decided about england. after talking, he tells her he'll leave her a ticket at the airport, and if she comes he'll know his answer. marlena tries to convince hart to get help for his problems. hart sees linda and blast her out for the article she wrote about him. alex gives speed an assignment. hart swallows some pills with a bottle of liquor. marlena goes to see kimberly about hart. she then convinces kimberly to go to england with shane. linda finds hart and calls for help. kimberly gets a call about hart, as she and marlena go to the hospital. ivy sets up a romantic dinner for pete. marlena stays with hart, so kimberly can get to the airport. shane waits for kimberly as long as he can, as he boards the plane, kimberly arrives but has another spell and misses the flight.

#9: liz introduces janie to chris, and he suggest she be the singer at pete's new club, jump, but she's reluctant. calliope and eugene discuss his situation at home, when madeline comes in with a letter about his inheritance. bo goes to see tony about the dragon being in france, as hope walks in and hears them.anna later apologizes to hope for encouraging bo to go after the dragon, as hope worries she'll never get married. madeline spoils the mood by telling eugene and calliope there can't be an annulment now, after what happened, as eugene insists she's lying, and sets out to clear things up. alex meets with speed and his viper friend about their plan for the brady fish market. kimberly is working at the market, when bo comes in. he sees something is bothering her and learns it's shane. madeline goes over the scheme with eugene's mother. kimberly and bo take a walk and he convinces her to go to england and be with shane. when she returns to the market she encounters speed and his friend destroying the place, as they take off. tod changes janie's mind about jump. bo and hope convince kimberly to get ready for her trip,since they will clean up the place, as the dragon watches from outside.

1985 #6:April 25-May6,1985#1: Ivy brings pete breakfast, as he puts the finishing touches on the grand opening of jump. kimberly goes to the airport to get her ticket for england. shane arrives home to donovan manor and catches up on things. he learns from simmons someone familar with the estate has been inside the house recently. hope talks to tom about her wedding plans, as the dragon watches her. chris talks to pete about melissa. linda and alex discuss their plans for the riverfront. kimberly tells hope about her plan to surprise shane when she arrives in england, as hope warns her to be careful with the dragon on the lose. shane talks with simmons about a special lady(kimberly) he left behind in salem. pete has the offical opening of jump. liz encourages janie, who has a bad case of stage freight. shane is awaken by a knock on his door, and is surprised to see it's kimberly.

#2: bo arrives at jump as hope almost leaves to get him, thanks to the phony message left by the dragon to lure her away. shane is surprised and angry to see kimberly, thinking she is playing another game. the dragon continues to stalk hope. tod tries to encourage janie to go back up on stage. kimberly explains to shane what happened and how bo encouraged her to go there. shane then takes her bags to a room upstairs. bo and hope talk about melissa being in New York and about bo not joining shane in france. pete blows it big time with ivy. the dragon tries to attack hope, but she fights him off, as bo chases after him. the walls between kimberly and shane come down, when they finally admit they love each other and make love for the 1st time. alex learns shennigans was trashed, per his orders. tod brings janie home and goes to leave, when savannah is at the door. he rushes her off, as she warns him not to brush her off too easily. bo and hope go back to the loft where he attempts to calm her nerves.

#3:chris finds shennigans in ruins. alex meets savananh at the salem inn. bo and hope relax in the loft, as they discuss how their lives will be after they are married. kimberly and shane bask in their new found love. tod arrives for his meeting with savannah, and interupts alex hitting on her. when tod tells savannah he's not returning to their "business", she turns the heat up. madeline sticks to eugene like glue. shane brings kimberly breakfast in bed, as she covers her continued vision problems. ivy confronts speed's partner, chino on the trashing of shennigans after she finds his bandana on the floor. bo and hope talk, as he tells her he's going to look for the dragon with shane, and that he wants her to go stay with doug and julie is switzerland, but she refuses, and he gives in. eugene falls asleep in shennigans. after spending the day shopping, kimberly and shane have a romantic evening alone.

#4: alice talks to marlena about hope's bridal shower at carolines,as hart arrives to speak with her.tony finds anna looking at the ring prince nicolas gave her, as she defends herself and her feelings to him. they then have a blow up and he leaves. alex tries to discuss business with jasmin, but she has tony on her mind. hart tells marlena he was discharged from the hospital, after trying to kill himself with the pills and booze. he goes on to apologize for what he has put her through. eugene becomes salem's newest love lorn columnist. calliope and anna discuss tony. eugene goes to marlena for advice. jasmin goes to see tony and wants him back. hart goes to marlena's house depressed, as she tells him she can't treat him, but gives him another doctors' name and wishes him luck. before he goes he makes a remark that she will never be bothered by him again. anna walks in on jasmin trying to suduce tony, and throws her out, as tony lets anna have it. marlena and alice talk about hart sitting in his car outside her house, as she explains why she can't help him. after alice leaves,marlena hears a gun go off and runs outside to hart's car. alice comes back and marlena says it's too late,hart is dead.

#5 alice goes to get marlena for hopes bridal shower,but she feels bad about hart.kimberly and shane read an article about a documentary on the royal family, and hope to see the dragon in it. alice, tom and mickey try to reassure marlena what happened to hart wasn't her fault. pete runs into melissa and they discuss her trip to NY. the documentary doesn't turn up anything on the dragon, as kimberly and shane get romantic in front of the fireplace. hope and friends have a blast at her bridal shower. pete and ivy argue about melissa. while getting some ice for the party, melissa sees someone vandalizing her car. she runs up and tells the others, as hope arranges for them to attack the creep with frying pans and rolling pins. while going to get a surprise for kimberly out of his safe, shane is in for a surprise when it's empty, except for the cameo he went to retreive. he explains to kimberly the items where in there before he went to salem, and the only other person who knows about the safe is his dead wife Emma.

#6: hope and melissa talk about her car being trashed by the viper chino, when bo joins them. pete and ivy discuss jump, and when he goes to give her some money to go shopping, he finds his wallet empty. kimberly's vision gets worse, as shane returns from the pawn shop with the jewerly from the safe-pawned by a woman dressed like the one he saw at the airport in salem. neil meets savannah when she goes to visit tod. kimberly and shane wonder if emma is alive, as he thinks it's just a trick of the dragons'.bo calls shane and fills him in about the dragons attempt on hope and hart's death, as shane plans for kimberly and himself to return home. savannah talks with neil about liz being in a music video. melissa talks to iann about chino,and how she really feels it's over with pete for good, since he was a viper like chino. pete finds chino and tells him to give speed a message, to return the money he stole from him. bo and hope discuss kimberly and shane, and what if emma is alive what does that mean for them. chino gives ivy the money back that speed stole from pete to bail him out, as he tells her he vanadalized melissa's car for her.kimberly and shane return to salem,and she has a bad headache, but covers again.she then calls neil and asks him to come over and examine her.bo,shane and hope plan their next move in the dragon case.

#7: Neil goes to check on kimberly when she misses their appointment. chris asks bo and hope their wedding date, as hope says sometime in May. shane then asks bo to return to england with him. pete talks with tod about janie singing at jump, and hopes this time she will follow through, when melissa comes in and meets tod, as they hit it off. hope tells shane and bo she is in this case with them, like it or not. neil gives kimberly a preliminary idea of what's going on, a viral infection in her eyes, but needs to wait till the bloodwork comes back to know more. shane comes up with a cover for bo for the party in england.pete gets jealous of tod and melissa. bo becomes a rock star at jump- thanks to shane, and he's a big hit to boot.shane goes to see kimberly and gives her the cameo. he tells her he's returning to england on the case, as they share a tender moment. pete finds melissa in the fishing shack, and tries to reach out to her, as they argue and then get romantic and make love for the 1st time.

#8(1st part. cont on next tape):bo and hope wake up shane, wanting to know what the ISA thought of their plan for england and the dragon. eugene works on his column, when calliope walks in and he covers.pete and melissa bask in the afterglow.shane tells bo and hope they have the green light and they leave later that day, as they head off to tell the folks, shane wonders how he will leave kimberly behind. he then calls her and arranges to meet with her before he leaves.madeline reads "betina's" column, as eugene watches her reactions.pete learns ivy is in the hospital with toxemia. anna and tony plan to go to chicago for a fashion seminar.

1985 #7:May 6-17,1985(2nd part from above):after reading "betina's" article, anna decides not to go after tony so aggressively. kimberly goes to see shane and they share a tearful good bye. eugene tries to get madeline to let him out of their "marriage". melissa opens up to iann about what happened between her and pete. pete goes to see ivy in the hospital. bo, hope and shane arrive at the airport, as shane is distracted thinking about kimberly, when she comes running to join them in england.pete tells melissa about ivy, and blames himself. they agree they can't see each other again, and share a tender good bye.

#2:eugene continues to maskaraid as betina, as calliope wants to know what he's up to, as madeline comes in to remind him he's meeting with her family. tod and liz have an argument about him changing, as he snaps at her. tom goes to see marlena about her resignation, as she's determined to quit. after tod berates janie, liz and her have a heart to heart. alex tries to learn more about savannah, but she's closed mouth. tod arrives and savannah tells him she's got orders to start their business up, but he refuses to get liz involved. abe tries to change marlena's mind, as they end up arguing. tod tries to charm janie into doing the video, but his cover gets blown when she sees him with savannah. abe and marlena clear the air between them, as they discuss missing roman. liz agrees to do a video for savannah,as tod discourages her.

#3:pete goes to visit ivy, who is doing better.melissa talks to caroline about bo and hope's wedding, and asks if they are still having it. eugene calls marlena and invites himself over there. neil explains to pete and ivy about her condition(toxemia). linda talks to mickey about melissa, while waiting for larry welch.kimberly returns to donovan manor after a photo session, and tells shane about bo, the rock star. they then talk about hope being the only one to identify the dragon. marlena and eugene discuss her leaving her job. larry agrees to be the front man in the real estate scheme linda is involved in. eugene tries to get marlena to give him some advice for his column, but she refuses to help. chris tries to help pete with his situation with melissa and ivy. larry double crosses linda.

#4: eugene asks marlena out to dinner, as alice mentions betina's column, and marlena recongizes the similarities between her talk with eugene and the answer betina gave. calliope and tony discuss the columm while he is waiting for anna. abve talks to the commissioner about the new chief(Cates). anna causes tony to have an anxiety attack. iann is angry with melissa for being late to her appointment with him. abe is furious when he realizes his promotion is up to the new cheif. eugene goes to see calliope and they discuss betina and how she doesn't like betina, not knowing it's eugene. after talking with abe, marlena sets out to meet the new cheif. anna and tony arrive in chicago and are shocked to learn they are booked in the same suite. as marlena is leaving, a man is at her door(cates), but she brushes by him.eugene asks alice for advice. marlena meets richard cates, and they argue about abe. he then gives her a letter roman wrote to him about marlena when he first meet her while protecting her all those years ago.

#5: tony and anna have quit a time sharing their suite- and bed. the police bring a slick looking man(Theo)into cates office. shane has kimberly develop the pictures she's just taken so hope can sse if the dragon is in them. bo and hope discuss the dragon and getting back in time for their wedding.they conclude the dragon will be at the maskaraid ball and that is where he'll try and strike next. melissa runs into pete at the fish market, and he offers her a ride to her class. neil learns from caroline that kimberly is in england with shane, and he worries about her condition. cates put theo in jail when he has no identification on him, as he insists his brother is a big wig in the department.savannah reports a hit and run accident,as abe has the man brought in from lockup, and is shocked to see it's his brother- theo.abe offers to help theo with his case, but he says he's off the police force, and nobody can know he was(is) a cop. tony and anna's bickering turns into romance.

#6: tony and anna wake up the next morning in bed. chris and pete talk about the vandalism and conclude it's the vipers work. marlena goes to see abe while looking for cates to return the letter. iann gets freaked when a former client(Jake), who is very disturbed shows up in his office ranting and raving. abe and marlena talk about cates being roman's police instructor in the academy. eugene works on his column.shane has a meeting with some british royality, to try and warn them of the dragon. melissa runs into abe and marlena on her way to iann's office. as melissa walks in with latoya in tow, jake grabs her and holds a gun on her. chris, shawn,eugene, and mickey have a meeting about the problems on the riverfront, and how to resolve them.iann tries to talk jake into letting the girls go. kimberly and shane talk about his meeting and bo's upcoming concert at convent gardens. iann tells abe, marlena and cates about jake, as cates tries to get them out. marlena goes to talk to jake on the phone to buy some time,as abe and cates work on a plan.pete learns of melissa's situation and storms into the police station, as iann holds him back. cates sets up a sharp shooter, as marlena wants to try one more time. melissa reaches for the gun, as she and jake struggle for it and it goes off.

#7:eugene goes to see marlena about the medal she's getting from the police for helping with melissa and jake. bo and hope talk, as he has butterflies before the concert. location scenes of st james park, england.... with kimberly and shane. emma meets with the dragon about their plan for the concert. kimberly and shane arrive as bo goes on stage. marlena tells eugene for roman's sake she'll accept the award the police are giving her. bo is a hit with the girls in england. while hope is fixing a speaker, the dragon lurks, as kimberly, shane and bo don't notice as hope runs from the dragon. betina lovecraft does a phone interview with linda. the dragon catches hope and takes her to a remote castle. kimberly, shane and bo look for hope, when her vision problems start again. hope lies to the dragon about what she knows.cates visits marlena and praises what she did with jake, and invites her to dinner.hope escapes from the dragon and a chase ensues

#8:pete pampers ivy when she goes to jump for a message. melissa talks to pete about what happened at the police station, as iann listens. emma overhears some young girls talking about the concert, and how the nobility wasn't there. hope hides in a moat from the dragon. kimberly and shane search the grounds of donovan manor, looking for hope. hope flags down some american tourist and gets a ride back to donovan manor.melissa talks to ivy about her condition as ivy learns pete was at the police station. bo returns and tells shane and kimberly what he learned about a chase with a girl, as emma listens. hope runs into donovan manor and tells them about the dragon. shane learns the castle belongs to the duke of earl, an old friend of his. emma goes inside donovan manor and looks around, as kimberly hears a noise,emma runs and hides,dropping a picture of her and shane. bo and hope discuss their wedding, as they plan the next step in catching the dragon.

#9: kimberly asks shane if she can wear an old dress she found in the attic to the ball, having no idea who it belonged to. hope decides to go for a bike ride around england, as shane warns her to be careful. emma meets with the dragon and they discuss lady joanna and the ball.more location scenes in england. hope finds a quaint church on her bike ride and goes inside, where bo finds her. they talk about it being the kind of place they would like to get married in. bo then rides hope back on the handle bars of the bike. while getting ready for the ball,kimberly notices shane is distracted by memories of emma. bo and hope admire kimberly in the gown, as shane is shocked but covers. the ball begins, as they search for the dragon. emma arrives with the dragon, who instructs her to kill lady joanna. bo performs with the band. kimberly and shane share a romantic dance,as emma watches. she follows kimberly in the ladies room and talks about her dance partner,shane and the dress kimberly is wearing. shane spots emma and is shocked she is alive.

1985#8:may20-may 31,1985:tod goes to see savannah and she gives him a contract for liz to sign.calliope and liz talk about savannah's offer. shane is shocked when he sees emma and quickly approaches her, as kimberly watches. emma seems to be in some kind of trance, as they take her to the sitting room. kimberly then tells shane of her earlier conversation with emma. tod and savannah's conversation is interupted(again) by alex. the dragon lurks at the ball. kimberly tells bo and hope about emma, as they keep a look out for the dragon. hope spots the dragon, as bo gives chase. shane and kimberly try to control emma, when she hears God save the queen being to play. more location scenes in england. shane starts to believe emma's connected to the dragon. bo and the dragon have a sword fight to the bitter end.

#2:iann changes melissa's appointment to her house instead of his office, after the incident in the police station with jake. shane and kimberly talk about the duke of earl being the dragon, and emma's return from the dead. bo and the dragon fight, as hope approaches, and the dragon grabs her. chris questions eugene on all the letters he has received, but eugene says it's from his lonely hearts club. madeline sends a letter to betina about her marriage, as eugene writes a reply. hope gets free as bo ties up the dragon and they rejoice. shane tries to reach emma again, but she's confussed, so they decide to head back to donovan manor- all 3 of them. bo and hope talk about going home to salem and their wedding. they then fill in kimberly and shane of their adventure with the dragon. alex talks to savannah about being an investor in her video company. shane apologizes to kimberly for all that's going on, as they bo and hope get ready to meet with british royalty for capturing the dragon, as emma listens. as a token of their appreciation, bo and hope are given a true royal wedding in england- complete with their family and friends. melissa and iann share a kiss, as he insists it's wrong.

#3: theo listens about the dragon being caught, and bo and hope's wedding in england. melissa and chris receive their invitations, as theo comes up with a scheme to get there as well. tom and alice go over last minute plans. bo and hope walk through london, talking about their wedding, after talking with the police. she gets tired and falls asleep standing, as bo tries to get her to walk. emma has a dream about the dragon coming for her, as shane goes to comfort her. shawn and caroline arrive in england, as shane plays host. when bo can't get hope to wake up, he "borrows" a milk truck to drive them back to donovan manor. chris and melissa meet theo, when abe arrives at shennigans. shane finds kimberly walking through the park, and they talk as the walls start to come up again. the dragon breaks out of jail. theo asks abe to get him an invite to bo's wedding, but abe knows he's up to something. bo gives hope a music box as a reminder of their wedding in england.

#4: shane checks on emma before he heads out for bo and hope's wedding. hope heads to the church, as the dragon watches her. as bo goes to leave, he's arrested for stealing the milk truck. the dragon gives emma her next assignment. bo escapes from the police handcuffed. marlena gives hope the poem she and roman used at their wedding. shane learns bo hasn't arrived at the church and becomes concerned, as bo walks in with the handcuffs on, after he borrows a cops horse to get to the church. shane manages to get the cuffs off and bo heads for the shower. bo and hope's royal wedding begins. since liz was unable to attend, bo takes her place and sings to hope at the alter. the cops discover the dragon has broken out of jail, as he and emma head to the church. bo and hope are married in style. as they leave the church, emma is there with a gun pointed at them. when hope screams a shot rings out.

#5: theo is headed to england on a plane, dressed as a piolt. shane sneaks up behind emma and grabs the gun. he tells bo and hope to leave. a cop comes in and tells them the dragon was spotted with emma, as shane asks if she's working with him. bo and hope head to the hotel in a royal carriage. abe restores order inside the church, as everyone waits for news on what's happening. kimberly suffers another headache,as chris checks on her. shane uses his ISA authority to take emma home, after she has no idea what has happened. kimberly spots shane comforting emma, and heads back inside the church. theo cons his way into the hotel where bo and hope are staying. back at donovan manor for the reception, kimberly intercepts a phone call from the dragon, warning bo and hope are the next targets. the police question her, as shane returns with emma. bo and hope are dragged to jail on their honeymoon. bo calls shane to bail them out. the walls between kimberly and shane go higher because of emma. bo and hope are put in adjoing cells. more locations scenes in england with bo and hope.

#6: anna and tony return to their hotel room and discuss alex crashing the wedding and their problems with him. shane and kimberly work on a plan to get bo and hope out of jail. as bo and hope are being transfered, their "barrister" arrives, and it's theo. bo, hope and theo break out of the paddy wagon, as shane and kimberly await their arrival at the police station. they then learn of the breakout and that they are headed to the airport. theo assures bo and hope he'll get them out of england when they arrive at the airport. kimberly and shane watch the plane with bo, hope and theo on it, but it's not off the ground yet, as shane works his magic on the bobby, who allows them to leave. kimberly and shane celebrate saving bo and hope, as emma interupts. bo gets theo to level with him, as theo tells him he needs bo's help to catch a friend(danny grant) killer. he needs bo to be the rock star and get into a video company. kimberly's eyesight worsens, as she tells shane she should go back home so he can sort things out with emma,but he wants her to stay.

#7:tod pays savannah an early morning visit and tells her he's quiting their business.emma and shane look at some old photo's as kimberly walks in and sees them. when emma cries about needing shane, he's forced to comfort her, as kimberly runs out. bo and hope return to salem to find a mob of reporters, thanks to theo. bo blast theo out for spreading rumors about him being a rock star. anna awakens to learn tony has checked out and is furious. bo and hope have their honeymoon in his apartment under shennigans. shane catches up with kimberly, but when her vision starts acting up, she takes off. tony returns and he and anna argue. tod agrees to stay on with savannah, provided liz and noelle are unharmed.theo pleads with bo to help him. emma finds kimberly leaving,as they share a tense moment. shane tries to stop kimberly, but can't as they share a tender good-bye.

#8: kimberly returns to her apartment, as neil arrives after she phoned him. she informs him her eyesight is getting worse. he tries to calm her, as she's afraid she's going blind. melissa goes to see iann after returning from england.marlena talks to jake, and he's surprised she helped him, as there's an explosion in the police station. abe drags cheif cates out,as marlena tends to him. madeline shows eugene her letter from betina, and is disappointed until alex walks in. neil examines kimberly's eyes and feels she's out of remission and wants her to go to the hospital. marlena learns during the explosion jake took off. neil gives kimberly bad news. cates tries to leave the hospital, but marlena and abe calm him. kimberly almost walks by marlena,when she can't see her clearly. she covers about having seen neil for a flu she caught while in england. melissa gives iann a watch and a kiss. kimberly refuses to accept shane's call from england, as she tries to cope with her condition. iann tries to set melissa straight.

#9:shane comforts emma, as she awakens from a nightmare about a man coming for her. he then asks if she wants to see marlena, and proceeds to take her there.kimberly gets up and is almost totally blind and calls neil, who tells her to stay put, as he heads over.marlena talks with shane about emma and what the doctors in england have learned, then she goes to have a session with emma alone.neil convinces kimberly to go see a specialist in clevland, as she makes him promise not to say a word to shane about her condition. bo goes to see shane at his apartment, and learns emma came back to salem with him. they then argue about kimberly, as shane tells bo that's why he came back, since she wouldn't talk to him when he called. shane calls kimberly while neil is there, and kimberly lies about being busy with a new job to talk and quickly hangs up the phone, as shane decides to go there and talk to her.. when he arrives, kimberly fakes her eyesight and pretends to be headed to clevland on a job. shane tries to reach her, but gives in to her leaving, but doesn't give up on them. neil returns and he and kimberly head to clevland.

Blind storyline #1: June 12,1985: bo and hope's love making is interupted by theo, who comes to get Bo, the newest "rock star". kim and neil return from seeing the specialist in clevland. shane goes to see kim and she hides her blindness from him, and tells him to go back with emma. shane agrees to emma's request to lease a house for them, but lets her know they will have seperate bedrooms. chris and savanah get acquainted at shennigans. hope and howie talk about bo and his singing. kim calls shane, but hangs up when emma answers.

June 13,1985: marlena and richard cates talk in the hospital cafeteria, as she turns him down for a date, as alice overhears and plays matchmaker. pete surprises melissa with dance equipment at jump. hope and bo catch up at shennigans' as he's sporting a black eye, curtesy of the vipers. kim tries to adapt to her new life, and tells neil she's decided to tell the family she's blind and then calls a family meeting. theo and bo set up their plan to search the video company. ivy and melissa talk about their friendship, and how they both love pete. bo learns of kim's condition from hope and goes to see kim with roses. he then leaves in a huff, thinking shane knows and choose emma over kimberly.

June 14,1985: neil goes to check on kimberly, whose still trying to adjust. shane and emma move in their new house, when bo comes to deliver a "house warming" present- a right hook to shane's jaw!. kimberly meets with the counselor for the blind. melissa tries to hide her feelings about not going to the prom. shane finds bo and is shocked to learn about kimberly being blind. iann comes to take melissa to the prom. bo and theo commenstrate at the cheatin heart, when patch walks in. shane calls kim, but she refuse to come to the phone, so he heads over to see her. when shane arrives, kim thinks it's neil, as shane stares at her heartbroken.

June 17,1985: Marlena and richard prepare to have dinner at her house. bo and theo get drunk, as they reminince, patch watches. kim feels shane's face and knows who it is now. a very touching kimberly and shane moment. melissa throws herself at iann. shane tries to reach kim, as she pushes him away. hope goes to get bo, who is busy with two girls, and hope puts them in their place and blast out theo. patch and savanah meet on the dock, and they get interupted by chris. shane professes his love to kimberly, and leaves broken hearted. after marlena burns the dinner, she and richard go for a walk on the pier, then go to have some pizza, as he tries to get closer to her.

June 18,1985: tony goes to anna's design company looking for her, when calliope tells him she's not back from her vacation yet, when anna comes in and announces she's back. tony then acts like he didn't miss her at all. iann tells melissa he's asked to be transfered. abe tells marlena her patient, jake sellers was beaten and is in the hospital. anna and tony squabble, as calliope and eugene try to play matchmaker. anna and tony later make up, when they each try to surprise the other with dinner.

June 19,1985: chris gives savanah a cold shoulder when she joins him at shennigans. shane takes emma to her session with marlena, but can't get kimberly off his mind. richard and marlena argue about her hiring jake as her gardner. bo sneaks up on hope, as she's snooping through his jacket pocket, as theo again interupts them with news of a concert date for him. Bo reminds theo they are woking on a case, and not real rock stars. emma overhears shane tell marlena he loves kimberly. hope rejoins the police academy. savanah agrees to bo's demands and reacts strangely when he mentions danny's name. hope and norma go on a field assignment, and their hatred for each other shows- big time. savanah hires patch to take care of bo and theo.

June 20,1985: eugene argues with his mother about giving away some of his inheritance,when linda sues him. melissa practices her dancing at jump, as pete comes in. bo and theo try to learn savanah's connection to danny. eugene and calliope talk about him loosing his inheritance. music montage with pete and melissa( the way we use to be) bo and theo arrive at jump, after finding a connection between savanah and danny. patch follows bo, and is determined to get him.

June 21,1985: Calliope and eugene discuss tony and anna,and their concern over not being able to locate them, while anna and tony spend a romantic encounter together. alice plans melissa's graduation party. shane looks for emma and is unable to find her, but finds a note she left. emma goes to see kimberly about shane, and learns kim is blind. shane learns emma lies in her note about where she was going. emma tells shane she learned about kim after she visited her, as shane tries to set emma straight on his feelings for kimberly. shane goes to see kimberly and apologizes for emma's visit and about them.

June 24,1985(NOTE: This tape has the 1st 30 min, then continues on the next tape): tony asks anna to marry him, and is shocked when she turns him down. pete goes to give melissa a present, and learns she's not home. melissa goes to see iann, as he tries to convince her she can't go back if they move forward. anna does her best to explain to tony, but he doesn't understand. tony and anna settle their differences: he gives her his share of anna dimera designs. melissa keeps thinking of pete. ivy goes to jump and talks to tod, and realizes it's her and pete's 6 month anniversary, and prepares a celebration.

Tape 2 Blind storyline: June 24,1985(conclusion from 1st part above): anna and tony celebrate their getting married(again). pete comes home and is surprised with ivy's special anniversary dinner. melissa and iann are about to make love, when they are interrupted by a woman who comes home. ivy finds pete's gift for melissa's graduation.

June 25,1985: bo and theo discuss him doing another concert, and Bo doesn't want to. pete tries to explain to ivy. melissa is shocked when iann introduces the woman as his wife. theo talks to savanah, and gets distracted by some green stuff, and has to explain to bo the concert is still on. savanah and chris get more acquainted, as they discus alex. savanah tells a contact to hide the film, when he calls about being tailed. iann goes to talk to melissa, and tries to explain. bo brings shawn a vcr, and he thinks bo's rock lifestyle is changing him, and not for the better.

June 26,1985: shane and emma unpack their boxes sent over from england, when emma comes across a scraf- that shane reconizes as kimberly's. marlena tries to explain to jake kim is blind, when she doesn't shake hands with him when they are introduced. Liz returns home from her trip to new york. emma and shane argue about him and kimberly- again. richard talks to jake about his work at marlena's. savanah tells tod the film is in liz's tote bag, and he needs to get it. shane goes to return the scraf, as kimberly makes her way to her apartment, and is startled by shane's presence. shane and kimberly share a tender moment when he gives her back her scarf. tod gets the film canister,but hides it in neil's medical bag. neil goes to see kimberly and they talk about shane, when she knocks down his bag- as the canister rolls under her couch unnoticed. emma's plans to seduce shane fail. kimberly picks up her cameo and thinks of shane.

June 27,1985: calliope tries to check on eugene's case with linda in court, but is unable to learn anything, as anna comes in and tries to calm her.tony puts his foot in his mouth by saying he'd marrying anna right there. marlena and richard bicker about jake not returning to his cell. bo and hope go to alice's to pick up her things, as alice is depressed about mike not coming home. calliope helps anna find something to wear for her wedding. bo and hope dig up some old movies to cheer up alice. abe finds jake at the horton's, as he calls richard, who in turn tells marlena. patch watches as bo shows hope the edits he made of the movies. tony tells anna they can't get married at city hall, but gets cut off before he can explain.

June 28,1985: anna is fit to be tied, as calliope tries to calm her, as tony pounds on the door. bo and hope tell chris and melissa about their film fest to cheer up alice. savanah turns the heat up on tod about the film canister. tony and anna argue, but later make up. tod goes to neil's office and looks up kimberly's address when he can't find the film and finds a parking ticket. bo spots patch at shennigans, and takes off after him,promising hope he'll be back. hope surprises alice with a house full of people. patch jumps bo on the pier, and promises to pay him back soon. hope gets to see herself as a child-iceskating and at a party. savanah sends patch to kim's apartment. bo gets back in time to get in the family picture, as hope wants answers.

July 1,1985: pete buys melissa some ballet tickets, without revealing his identity. emma sees the picture kimberly gave shane of the firehouse, and hides it. shane comes home and notices it's missing. abe escorts kimberly home from the party at the horton's. savanah and patch arrive outside of kimberly's apartment, as she orders him to get the film. iann tries to explain to melissa about dale, his wifre. emma covers with shane about the picture, as he accuses her of hiding it. patch breaks into kimberly's apartment, unaware she's there. he hides when she comes out, then notices she's blind and continues to search. shane calls kimberly and invites her to go to the park with him, as emma overhears.

July 2,1985: melissa goes to jump and finds the ballet tickets. hope takes one of her police exams, and talks to abe about her fears. bo goes to the dock looking for patch. alice talks to bo about the party, and her plans to visit michael and get him to move back home. hope goes down the pier to study, as patch hides and watches her. pete brings ivy a hand made cradle for the baby. patch and hope come face to face for the 1st time. carrie talks to anna and tony about them getting married.patch lurks around hope, as she tries to study for her next police exam, as bo comes and they come face to face.

July 3,1985: Kim tries to curl her hair for her date with shane, when alice comes by and lends a hand. shane gets a job offer from scottland yards in england. marlena talks to abe about helping other inmates like jake, as he tells her she needs to talk to richard cates about that.alice talks to kim about her and shane, as kim insists they are just friends now that emma is back. emma tries to pursuade shane to go back to england, but he doesn't want to go. kim and shane spend some quality time in the park, but she refuses to help him with his job offer. marlena presents her plan to the hospital board and richard cates. shane brings kim home and tries to pass of a british flag as a US flag on her, as they share a tender moment over some earl grey. as shane tries to get close to kim, she continues to push him back. shane later calls kim and tells her he may take the job in england, just to try and see what reaction he gets out of her, but she contines to hide her feelings.

July 4,1985: Hope goes to shennigans and tells bo and chris she passed her police exams. theo walks in on patch and savannah talking and he covers by asking her out. neil goes to check on kim, and they discuss shane. emma and shane talk to marlena about him leaving her alone to check the job offer in england. bo and hope get romantic. marlena and richard argue. theo tells bo about the delivery he heard savannah tell patch about, as bo decides he needs to go with him, and sends hope to prepare for her celebration without him. bo and patch get in a fight, as hope waits for him to come back. chris and savannah get down. kim goes to shennigans to test her wings, unaware shane and emma are there as well.patch searches kim's apartment and finds a film canister, but not the one he's looking for.

July 5,1985(NOTE: this is the first 30 min: second 30 min follows on next tape): liz rehearses at the recording studio, as neil comes in and watches her. kim has lunch with bo and hope at shennigans. as norma comes in and yells at hope she won't be partners with her.melissa invites pete to the ballet. bo talks to kim about shane after hope leaves with norma to fix things. theo tells bo about the film he found at the studio. abe informs hope and norma they are indeed partners and to live with it.. kim has desert with neil and noelle and talks about her love of working with kids. hope talks to bo about her problems, as she tries to learn what he and theo are up to.

Tape 3 Blind storyline:July 5,1985(continues from above): hope and theo argue about what is going on with him and bo at the recording studio. hope learns theo was a cop, but because of this case, he got kicked out.pete and melissa talk about him defending her honor with iann,by slugging him.

July 8,1985: Alex hands over his share of AD designs to anna, thanks to tony. marlena and richard discuss roman. kimberly gets an uninvited vistor- emma who doesn't say a word then blast kimberly out for her problems with shane.to top it off she then tries to steal the cameo. when kimberly realizes she took it, she demand emma give it back, but emma throws it at a window, breaking the glass, and telling kim to find it if she wants it. when kimberly goes to find it, emma takes it and leaves, as kimberly crawls around feeling through the glass for the cameo. tod tells savannah he wants out. alex pulls a fast one on tony and anna, by keeping calliope in his employment. anna breaks into alex's hotel room and steals his contract with calliope, then gets stuck on the ledge when he returns with savanah. kim calls neil and fills him in on emma. she then asks him to look for the cameo, unaware emma took it with her.

July 9,1985: hope and norma barb, as they try to deal with being partners. savannah tells patch the film he got from kim's wasn't the right one, and orders him back there. bo has lunch with kim as they share a tender moment. bo then finds the roll of film on the floor and convinces kim to have it developed. shane returns from england, and emma tells him her verison of her visit with kimberly. hope and norma are assigned to the riverfront. savannah calls her boss(victor) to let him know the shipment is on track, with liz as the unwitting curior. bo and theo walk in and theo decides to get a piece of the shipment liz is bringing. shane goes to see kim and learns about emma's visit from her point of view. they end up arguing and he leaves. hope and norma follow patch. kim and shane bump into each other at shennigans, as he pours his heart out to her. patch trashes kim's apartment looking for the film. kim returns and falls over a chair, and thinks emma is the culprit.

July 10,1985: hope tells norma the number patch called was the police special unit(McBride) bo and theo get a video from the recording studio.kim finds the phone and calls emma, but shane answers and when kim won't tell him what's going on, he goes there and is shocked. shane then leaves and confronts emma on the break in. savannah and tod talk about bo being so tempermental again during a recording session. tom comes home and pops the tape into the vcr and it's normal until the tape goes blank, and bo sees what the problem is- a bag of heroin. shane goes back to kim's after his talk with emma- who denies doing anything. hope and norma are reprimanded for not following orders. bo and theo go back to the studio to look for clues. shane comforts kimberly while they wait for the police to arrive.

July 11,1985:Anna and Calliope go over the design for her wedding gown.Ivy asks Pete if he'll ever love her,as her brother Speed walks in. Alex goes to get Calliope to go to work, per her contract with him, when Anna and Calliope just gloat at him.Liz decides to redecorate,and starts with Neil's den, much to his dismay.Eugene's mother tries to get him to appeal the decision in the case with Linda, but he refuses. Alex infors Anna her trick didn't work, since he has copies of the contract.Pete learns Ivy's in the hospital, after having pains with the baby.

July 12,1985:shane looks for the letter from England, as Emma comes and and convinces him to go out. He then comes across Kim's cameo, and is livid. Neil learns Ivy needs to have her appendix out. Bo and Theo try to listen in on Savanah and Tod's talk. Hope and Norma are on duty on the riverfront. Eugene drives a cab and goes on after losing his inheritance to Linda. He then discovers his passenger is Linda and he hastily throws her out. shane argues with emma over the cameo. savanah tells patch the signal for the shipment, as bo and theo listen. hope and norma see the light flashing on the pier, and go to check it out. hope finds patch, who overpowers her, as bo comes out with knife. emma learns from liz about the auction and has some "things"( the picture kim gave shane of the english firehouse) to donate.Bo and patch fight as hope watches, and finally gets patch away. bo then refuses to tell hope what is going on and takes off after patch.

July 15,1985: shane and emma barb, as her tells her he's returning the cameo to kim.she then decides to give shane's picture for the auction. marlena goes to see kim and they discuss shane. she then gives kim a book of tickets for the auction. bo finally comes home after being out all night, as hope asks where he's been. shane goes to kim's to change her lock. savanah argues with patch about blowing the shipment, when bo and hope arrive on the pier. shane returns after he and kim have an argument, and he returns the cameo to her and tells her she can do what she likes with it and leaves. hope asks abe to assign her and norma to the riverfront,but abe refuses. emma covers when shane asks where the picture went. kim calls shane and tells him he must be crazy to think she would throw away or give away the cameo, then hangs up.

July 16,1985: abe teases marlena over richard, when he invites her to lunch. eugene goes to see anna, who is hiding out from alex. pete goes to visit ivy in the hospital after her surgery, and they talk about melissa. eugene and anna talk about calliope and alex's injunction. melissa and pete argue at shennigans, and she tells him she doesn't want anything to do with him. eugene treats alex to "lunch" to try and butter him up over calliope's situation. pete goes to jump to take pictures of the body connection's water damage and ends up snapping photos of melissa dancing. marlena and richard grow closer, as he asks why she is still wearing her wedding ring. alex catches on to eugene and anna's plan.

July 17,1985: alex practices being an auctioneer at shennigans, when chris threatens to throw him out,when savannah comes in and settles things. marlena and bo have breakfast with shawn and caroline and discuss hope, when he spots patch and takes off. shane comes to see kim and she sees she's wearing the cameo, and they joke about him coming to take it back. bo and patch fight in an alley, as patch reminds bo of stockholm, as bo gets a weird reaction and patch takes off. alex gives speed his new orders for the riverfront. kim makes some tea and burns her hand, as shane tends to it. larry welch and emma talk briefly at shennigans, when marlena comes in and talks to her. shane and kim share a tender moment over a cup of earl grey, and end up kissing. linda, alex and shawn are robbed in the fish market. shane and kim's moment is interupted when linda calls about the robbery and shawn being taken to the hospital.alex talks to speed about the vipers botching up the robbery. emma confronts kim at the hospital about getting the cameo back and shane.bo waits for patch in the alley of shennigans, and fights with him about the robbery at the fish market, when chris comes and breaks it up. bo then has another flashback of patch and him in stockholm.

July 18,1985( 1st part): kim learns from marlena the picture she gave shane is up for auction. shane looks for the tickets to the auction and asks emma what she did with the picture of the firehouse. liz tapes a music video. patch tells savannah he couldn't get into neil's because of the auction, but he'll look for the film the next day. bo continues to get flashes of him and patch in stockholm. when hope comes home to get ready for the auction, bo backs out of going with her, but she gets him to give in. marlena notices something is bothering kim, but she covers. emma tries to stop shane from going to the auction, but is unable to. kim runs into bo at shennigans and tells him about the picture, thinking shane gave it for the auction (part 2 is on tape 4 to follow)

Tape 4 Blind storyline Conclusion:

July 18,1985(2nd part):patch goats bo on to meet him on the pier. emma tries to but the photo back before the auction begins, but is unable to. hope catches bo looking at his knife and wonders what he is up to, as he covers about not going to the auction. shane bumps into kim before the auction and is puzzled by her odd behavior, unaware emma donated the photo she gave him. bo and hope go to the stables and discuss their past feelings.

July 19,1985:bo and hope dance and get romantic in the stables. shane tries to get emma to tell him what she wanted so badly, as he discovers what she has done, and is livid. shane tries to talk to kim but the auction begins, as he decides he's going to buy back the photo- at any cost! melissa is shocked as a reporter confronts iann about her and him. shane bids against a mystery man(Victor) for kim's photo, as she tries to convince him to quit, but he's determined to prove he didn't give it away. shane has it out with emma, and tells her to go back to england. bo buys hope a music box at the auction. shane takes kim aside and explains to her what happened and how he loves her and is leaving emma, unaware emma is listening and vows to make shane love her again, even if she has to get rid of kim. bo and patch come face to face on the dock and confront each other.

July 22,1985: shane tries to talk to kim, but she doesn't want to hear what he is saying. victor orders savannah into his limo. bo and patch confront each other, as patch swears he's unarmed, and bo needs him. shane accuses kim of running away from her feelings, as he insists he's leaving emma for his own well being, as emma interupts. hope and kim discuss bo taking off, as they decide to go to shennigans. victor tells savannah about the phone call regarding the pictures, and he orders her to find the caller and the pictures. kim and hope discuss shane, as she feels she's be a burden on him. shane gets a visit for nickerson,his old ISA boss, who wants him to return to the ISA to catch-Victor!. kim calls shane and apologies for not being understanding about his situation with emma. anna and tony get married( unaware alex hired a phony preist).

July 23,1985: anna packs her bags for her honeymoon, when tony comes to get her. hope talks to bo aboutleaving so early and what is bothering him, but he clams up and leaves. melissa reads the newspaper article about her and iann.pete talks to ivy about speed spreading that story to the newspaper. savannah tries to trace down where the photos are, as patch come in with the wrong photo's. hope finds bo and they make up. victor helps pete pay ivy's hospital bill.

July 24,1985: anna and tony are confronted by a man tony knows from his past.kim learns shane is living above blondies, when he tells her he left emma. hope worries about bo, as he hides what's bothering him by making love. kim and shane talk about his situation with emma, and how nickerson asked him to return to the ISA, and how he refused. Neil comes to get kim to show her the site for the abuse clinic. Liz performs "Friends and Lovers"(1st time), as shane reaches for kim's hand, but she pulls back. kim meets victor at the fishmarket, and learns he bid on her photo. shane meets victor at blondies, as the discuss kim and the photo.

1985#9 July 25-August 6,1985#1: emma "bumps" into shane while at blondies with larry. shane informs emma he's going through with their divorce. kimberly and marlena go to visit shawn, who's still in the hospital after the robbery at the fishmarket. when they mention the auction and victor, there's tension in the air. they learn caroline, shawn and victor grew up together.melissa learns from pete her classes are cancelled,due to the rumors of her and iann. patch ransacks melissa's car looking for the photos. abe talks to cates about his lack of judgement with iann.patch steals melissa's purse while she's at the body connection, but gets caught and hauled off by mcbride,as melissa follows. shane visits shawn and they discuss him and kimberly. shane then runs into kimberly, and they learn of victor's donation for an abuse clinic at the hospital. marlena talks to richard about his son's custody. mcbride and savannah threaten patch for the film, as melissa watches. when it looks like patch is going to be killed,melissa takes off as gunshots ring out.

#2:anna takes calliope for a tour of the gardens she and tony are to be married in, as eugene gets a bad vibe. kimberly helps caroline care for shawn when he returns from the hospital. ivy questions pete about the money for her hospital bill. melissa hears patch mention the pictures and that they are some kind of clue to a treasure map, as she takes off. patch overpowers mcbride, as savannah grabs the gun and settles things. melissa runs to pete for help and shows him the pictures and what she has seen. when victor goes to the market, kimberly thanks him for his donation, as caroline sends her back up to shawn. she then tells victor to stay away from kimberly.tony and anna's wedding is cut short when she's kidnapped by bubba su, who wants anna for himself. pete and melissa find victor's pictures in the garbage he threw them in. they head for the bus station to hide them in a locker, and call victor for help. victor then sics mcbride on them. when mcbride searches the lockers at the bus station, melissa tells pete he is the cop she saw with patch.

#3:alex and linda discuss their plan to burn down shennigans. mickey comes in and asks if she has seen or heard from melissa. shane goes to blondies, and attempts to get a table, when he's told it's reserved for victor. kimberly accepts a dinner invitation from victor. caroline tries to change her mind, to no avail. pete and melissa watch as mcbride searches the lockers looking for the pictures. bo and theo go to new york to search danny's apartment, and find a clue- a message from savannah. chris and savannah heat things up inside shennigans. as the arsontist starts a fire outside. shane is surprised to see kimberly with victor. they share a dance and talk about victor, as shane and victor compete for kimberly. pete and melissa go on the run. chris catches the arsonist.

#4: marlena goes to see mickey about melissa being missing. pete and melissa find a hotel room for the night, and pose as newlyweds. chris and savannah talk to a fireman, and chris covers for the firebug,but has a plan for him.pete and melissa go over the plan for their next step, when a sherrif arrives and they cover.calliope and eugene rest after searching all over for anna, as tony comes in unlucky as well.mcbride goes to mickey's looking for melissa. after getting into an argument, melissa and pete go their seperate ways. tony, eugene and calliope come up with a plan to get anna from buba. melissa goes home and sees mcbride there. pete catches up with melissa. calliope gets stuck with anna. pete and melissa agree to go to victor for help- not knowing he's the enemy.

#5marlena and mickey talk to abe about melissa disappearing. hope and norma debate about their assignment, when hope learns of melissa. calliope and anna wait for eugene and tony to rescue them, when buba come for anna. shane watches kimberly and victor as they leave blondies. he then calls nickerson about helping the ISA with Victor. before he leaves, he notices kimberly left her purse behind and takes it with him. emma tells shane she's moving in the lodge above blondies too. shane meets with nickerson and agrees to work with the ISA to bring down victor. tony and eugene come to the rescue. cates wants to search for melissa on the sly since she's on probation. ivy realizes pete is with melissa. shane returns kimberly's purse and they discuss victor. marlena and cates grow closer. shane lays the ground work for his plans for victor.

#6: liz tells neil the video should be completed, as they get romantic and he mentions having another baby. savannah summons tod and orders him to get melissa and pete and the pictures. pete and melissa hear a news bulletin on them. mcbride reports to victor on his assignment, as he searches for the kids and the pics.pete and melissa arrive at victor's and she spots the police car. they hide when mcbride and victor come out, and hear them talking as pete realizes victor is after them and they take off. pete calls ivy and warns her not to tell anyone he called, as mcbride arrives to question her. pete and melissa head to los angeles, the 1st clue to the treasure.

#7: shane bumps into victor at blondies, and he invites shane to his house, which was previously shane's. tod tells savannah pete and melissa went to LA, as she warns him to find them. pete and melissa arrive at the airport, and try to figure out where to head next. anna, tony, eugene and calliope arrive home, as anna is depressed they haven't gotten remarried. shane meets with nickerson and they discuss victor and his invitation. shane sets his plan in motion. savannah reports to victor about the kids, and the hitman she hired. shane arrives at victor's, and is escorted to his gaming room, where kimberly is trying her luck. pete and melissa begin their adventure at the hollywood studio. shane and victor discuss their horses, as shane baits him into a horse race. he then warns kimberly to stay far away from both of them if she knows what is good for her.

#8:hope drives norma crazy, going on and on about missing bo. alex is shocked to learn from savannah tony and anna are getting married that night. pete and melissa are locked in the studio, with the hitman on their tails. hope learns a little personal details about norma, as they arrest a flasher in the park. when alex tries to crash the wedding, tony slugs him. pete and melissa spend the night on the game show set. anna and tony are finally remarried. hope and norma get to know each other and become friends. neil realizes liz doesn't want to have another child, as she explains her reasons. tony and anna head on their honeymoon.

#9:(1st part):chris sets up a meeting at the fishmarket to discuss who's responsible for all the violence. kimberly and marlena arrive before the grand opening of the child abuse clinic, and kimberly calls to invite shane, but ends up leaving a message that is intercepted by emma.pete and melissa continue to be trailed by the hitman. chris informs everyone alex is the culprit, and they need to take care of him in their own way. emma talks to larry about staying in the country. pete and melissa look at the pictures again for the next clue.

1985#10:August 6-August 19,1985:#1(continued from above):kimberly talks to marlena at the clinic and wonders where shane is, not knowing he never got her message. emma tries to shock shane by revealing she's learned about kimberly's past, but she's the one that is shocked when he doesn't deny knowing all about it, and still prefers kimberly over her.victor tries to run linda out of town, after learning of her part in alex's plan for the riverfront. the ribbon cutting cermony at the abuse clinic gets underway without shane.

#2: ivy finds speed packing up pete's things. hope and norma listen to bo's message on the answering machine. kimberly vents to chris about her parents financal problems with the market, as shane comes in and she's cold and angry towards him. shane tries to understand her mood, but is unable to figure it out, as victor arrives and interupts them. ivy argues with speed about her marriage to pete. norma tries to be a friend to hope as they discuss bo. victor "arranges" for shawn and caroline to keep their business, as kimberly overhears him. hope talks to norma about learning more about patch,like his full name for starters. shane learns emma took kimberly's message for him. kimberly tells caroline what victor did for them, as caroline warns her not to tell shawn.with chris's help, hope and norma arrest patch on suspicion of starting the fire. emma finds a new target:iann. hope questions patch and learns he was in the merchant marines the same time bo was, as he realizes what she's up to. shane goes to see kimberly and clears the air with her. patch hits on hope, as she tries to learn about him and bo

#3:a young man(mike horton's arrival) arrives in salem and has a broken van. eugene plans a special breakfast for him and calliope while they use tony's penthouse.cates goes to marlena's house and finds the door open, as they summize it was jake that left it open, while working there. pete and melissa's hollywood adventure continues, as the hitman lurks. cates reads his son kevin's letter to marlena, and she's touched by how much he misses and loves his son. eugene and calliope are rich again, when he discovers he has a winning lottery ticket. the young stranger goes to the horton house and picks the lock and makes himself at home, borrowing a tool box, as jake walks by and sees him in there. when jake goes in to check it out, he's caught by the police. at the police station marlena defends jake when cates tells tom what happened.

#4: marlena helps out at the hospital after a train accident sends in numerous victims. after working on his van, the youung man heads to salem. shane talks to liz about moving out and wanting to board his horses at her stable. emma overhears shane mentioning his plans to ask kimberly to go horseback riding. savannah talks to victor in the stables about getting his pictures, but he's skeptical of her.pete tells melissa he can't find the pictures, as the hitman picks them up while searching for them. while they look for the pictures, they discover their 1st clue. when the super tells ivy her rent check bounced, she insists it's good, as speed defends her. emma meets victor and tips him off about shane's plans. the hitman reports to savannah, who orders him to finish the job.while driving ivy has severe pains and crashes.the guy in the van(mike) finds her and takes her to the hospital. marlena and abe disagree over jake. victor beats shane to the punch by taking kimberly riding.shane learns what emma did and blasts her out, as kimberly walks in on them arguing. mike operates on ivy and saves her and her baby boy. tom is shocked to see the doctor his his grandson, michael. the hitman falls to his death chasing pete and melissa.

#5 hope talks to caroline about bo being in new york with theo. eugene and calliope get bombard after the news of their winning the lottery gets out. mike checks on ivy as she thinks it's pete. melissa and pete stop running long enough to regroup. hope looks at bo's steamer trunk for clues to him and patch. mike introduces himself to ivy offically. neil and mike argue about his procedures and his attitude, as tom settles things. mike defends his actions with ivy. melissa calls home and leaves a message on mickey's machine. hope goes to patch's and searches for clues. mike takes ivy to the nursery to see her baby. hope hides fast when she hears patch return. when he takes his shirt off she sees the tatoo like bo's and wonders.

#6: savannah tells tod about the hitmans death. victor calls and tells her he's on his way over there. tom talks to mike about the board meeting and his future at the hospital. theo and bo talk about danny and savannah's connection, as bo's anxious to get back home.suddenly there's a knock on the door, and it's hope, who wants to help them catch danny's killer. alice arrives home and learns of mike's problems. mike and alice clear jake of breaking in the house. theo is mad at bo for telling hope what they are doing. ivy goes to the board meeting and defends mike and his actions. savannah sends tod to los angeles to find pete and melissa and get them back home. bo and hope have a romantic mini honeymoon while in new york. mike learns ivy saved the day for him. abe and theo return to the apartment to find denise has taken something laced with drugs.

#7: bo and hope are making out when she questions him about his tatoo, savannah runs into chris at shennigans, and is cold towards him. melissa and pete buy tickets with her credit card, as tod hears where they are headed. abe and theo work on denise, as he finds the herion, and abe thinks she's a dealer. hope and bo plan to spend a wonderful time in new york, and their 1st stop is a street fair, where bo wins hope a giant teddy bear. theo tells abe the drugs are part of his case, and abe can't tell anyone anything. savannah orders tod to get the pictures, as he comes up with a plan. tod "bumps" into pete and melissa at the airport. abe gets theo to tell him about danny, and theo warns him to keep quite, as there is police coruption involved. mickey is reunited with mike. bo freaks when hope gets a fake tatoo like his. pete is suspicious of tod, when he helps them get away from a cop, by punching him. bo wipes the tatoo off hope's arm and has a flashback of another woman with the tatoo.

#8:tony and anna celebrate the last night of their honeymoon in paris. shane checks out his new communications room. victor checks on savannah about tod having pete and melissa. anna bargains the hotel bill, due to the fact she's flat broke. tod plays dumb with pete and melissa as they level with him. savannah orders tod to get pete back home. victor pays shane a visit at his new house. kimberly goes to see neil before shane picks her up to take her to his new house. neil notices a change in kimberly's eyes, but she's scared to hope it is true. victor learns and arranges for a specialist to see her.tod, melissa and pete hear the bulletin on them. shane takes kimberly to his house, and after a tense moment, they share a romantic kiss. tod tells pete about ivy and the baby, as pete secretly wants to sneak home and see them.anna calls eugene to try and hit him up for some money, but changes her mind. pete gives tod his "schedule" for his return flight home and getting back there.tod then calls savannah and fills her in on when pete should arrive.

:#9: kimberly goes to see neil and learns of the specialist that's there to see her. shane receives a housewarming gift from victor: a pool table. they then play a game-which shane masterfully wins. pete is on his way home, but his plane is delayed, as he sits next to a english lady(peachy). savannah and mcbride talk about catching pete, and if they can trust tod. bo and hope location scene's in NY(inc:central park, rockefeller center, handsome cab ride). tony and anna return home. mike goes to visit ivy as a friend, as they discuss pete and melissa.pete spots savannah and mcbride at the hospital. neil and the specialist tell kimberly her blindness is now hysterical, and her eyesight should return. pete finally sees his son in the nursery. peachy arrives at shane's as he fills her in on victor.

#10(1st part):while reading the newspaper article, liz worries about tod. emma arrives with a housewarming gift for shane, as peachy opens the door. kimberly goes back to victor's with him, as she's confused and angry over the news. victor does his best to cheer her up by inviting her to stay there, where there's no pressure on her.

1985 #11:August 19-August 29,1985

#1(2nd part from above):shane sends emma packing with her gift. pete gets back to find tod going through his things, as tod covers. pete tells him about the traffic at the hospital, but that he was able to see his son. tony takes anna to blondies, and reminds her it's her turn to pay and orders the most expensive items on the menu.shane fills in peachy about kimberly. mcbride reports to victor about not being able to catch pete. larry suggest to emma she get remarried. kimberly has a terrible nightmare, as victor comforts her.shane is shocked to see kimberly at victor's when he arrives for his dinner date.

#2:bo and hope return home and he runs into theo, and they are still angry with each other. patch then comes in shennigans and starts with hope, as bo sees him and they eye on another. mike goes to see ivy about going home, but she's not excited. pete works at the job in the bar when melissa walks in and asks about his trip. abe talks to bo and theo about their case. bo asks abe to give hope an assignment to keep her off his back.patch and bo discuss hope, and how she's trying to find out about his past. norma and hope are put on special assignment. bo talks to hope about dragging patch to the police station and questioning patch about him.pete and melissa discuss the danger they are in and where to go next. after arguing,pete tells melissa about going to see his son. bo, theo and abe have a meeting with cates, and they fill him in on the case. pete and melissa decide to split up the pictures and mail them to the next places: chicago and boston. bo surprises hope with some flowers, after their argument, as patch comes in, and he and bo almost go at it, until hope keeps them apart. tod asks for reassurances if he gets the pictures that pete and melissa won't be hurt.

#3eugene and calliope discuss being rich, as his mother plans to spend the money. victor goes to see caroline on her birthday with a present and they discuss their 1st date on her birthday. shawn takes caroline to blondies for a birthday celebration.liz and mickey discuss the missing trio. tod gets silver, the bar owner, to keep quite about finding him going through melissa's purse. tod sneaks off and finds the pictures pete hid. eugene is shocked to learn calliope bought a baseball team.

#4:liz and savannah discuss the premiere of her music video. eugene and calliope try to spend their money, as they talk about how they were happy with no money. anna tries to come up with a plan to ask eugene for some money. kimberly goes to the stables with victor, and runs into shane, as he asks if she has gone home yet. victor then arranges dinner for the 3 of them. when their alone, shane asks kimberly what is wrong, but she feels he's pressuring her, and she can't take that right now.marlena arrives at liz's to watch the video with the others, as they discuss career and family. tod brings savannah the pictures, as she calls victor with the news.shane tells peachy of his dinner plans, as she plans to bug the place. victor informs savannah that is not all the pictures, and he explains about danny( in flashbacks). eugene donates all his money to the child abuse clinic. shane joins kimberly and victor for dinner, as peachy plants the bugs. savannah sends tod back with a plan to get pete and melissa. shane tries to get kimberly to leave victor's but she refuses, but he doesn't give up that easily he warns.

#5:theo and bo discuss liz's video being promoted, and how it's probably a cover for the drug operation.hope and norma get off their shift, as bo rushes off to avoid being alone with hope. patch comes in as hope watches him, and and comes up with an idea. marlena goes to blondies to have dinner with mickey and eugene, as they tease her about cates. melissa and pete look for tod and discuss their next clue:1200 jackson street, as she discovers the pictures are gone. pete suspects tod,when he comes in and is able to sneak the pictures back. hope tells norma patch can help her with what is bothering bo, as norma warns her to stay clear of him.hope talks to patch about him, bo and stockholm. he tells her to meet him on the pier-alone. theo talks to bo about avoiding hope. savannah tells tod she's sending patch there to help. patch meets with a hitman and gives him his instructions for pete, melissa, and tod if he gets in the way. bo learns of hope's meeting on the pier. tod confesses to pete and melissa and swears to protect them.

#6: shane returns from victors furious kimberly didn't leave. melissa gets caught by the hitman, but gets into the elevator and closes the doors. hope comes face to face with bo, not patch on the pier, as they argue and she asks him who britta is. peachy and shane listen to kimberly talking to victor about her condition. this is when shane learns kimberly's blindness is hysterical. the hitman chases after the trio, after shooting the guard on duty. when kimberly knocks over a lamp, victor discovers the bugs. hope pleads with bo to open up to her, and he admits steve(patch) was his best friend, but clams up when he gets to britta. tod gets shot saving melissa from the hitman. the trio steal a car and take off. abe tells mickey about the stolen car and the shooting. shane goes to victor's to get kimberly to go home, as she insists she's going to, but wants to do it on her own, as they share a tender moment. shane finds neil and they discuss kimberly's condition. neil advices shane to help kimberly he should stay away from her. so when she calls about going horseback riding, shane is forced to turn her down.pete and melissa take care of tod, as he tells them about savannah and her plans.

#7:tony goes to anna dimera designs, as the place is being emptied of the furniture. mickey tells liz and marlena about the shooting. pete,melissa and tod run into a rancher, who helps them with tod's condition. liz tells savannah she can't do the tour now with tod missing, and possibly hurt. calliope teaches anna how to use a sewing machine, when tony walks in.abe goes with the sherrif and talks to the rancher,as pete and melissa hide. the rancher, earl,covers for them. melissa wants to give herself up, as pete tries to calm her, when earl tells them to help with tod, who's having a seizure. melissa takes off and calls maggie. calliope gets her baseball team to sew for anna.

#8:shane goes over his plans for victor with peachy.kimberly is in a funk mood while having dinner with victor at blondies, and asks him to take her home, as emma walks in and overhears and has a plan to share.shane plans to use a survaliance van outside victor's to montior things. victor arrives as peachy hides the plans fast. kimberly is "stalked"( all part of the v/e plan) in her apartment, as victor comes to her rescue and moves her into his place. emma goes to see shane-again as she irrates him by mentioning kimberly rejecting him.

#9(1st part):tony awakens anna by kissing her, and reminds her it's her turn(again)to pay for dinner, as she calls eugene for help. melissa takes care of tod, as he awakens and she fills him in. bo goes to the market looking for kimberly when he sees a moving van outside her apartment. he tells caroline what he found, and she has no idea what is going on. victor calls marlena to talk to kimberly, as she fills marlena in on the person in her apartment. pete and melissa kiss, as they grow closer again. tony continues with his charade with anna. marlena goes to the market and tells bo and caroline about kimberly moving into victor;s, as bo heads there to bring her home. kimberly hears bo in the foy talking with victor and tries to calm him down. eugene encourages anna to tell tony the truth, that she's broke.kimberly tries to explain her reasons to bo for staying at victors.

1985#12:August 29-September 10,1985:#1(part 2 from above): kimberly calms bo down after he learns she's living at victor's. after bo leaves, larry warns victor to watch out for bo. anna meets with an art dealer to sell the oriental statue she stole from buba. melissa reminds pete of his responsibilities at home before they go too far. marlena tries to get caroline to talk to her about victor. bo lets it slip in front of shawn about kimberly's living arrangement, as shawn goes there to bring her home, but kimberly says no, so shawn leaves.

#2: anna covers with tony while talking to robert, the art dealer's assistant. alice notices marlena is jumpy, as she waits for cates to return to town. pete, melissa and tod start to suspect earl, as they plan to leave. marlena decides to go out to dinner with alice, after she learns cate has returned and didn't call her. as she goes to get ready, cates is at her door, and invites her to dinner. anna takes a mere $100 for the worthless statue. cates tells marlena about his trip and his son, and how he wants to get custody. earl helps the trio when the cops head their way. marlena and cates get romatic. alex and larry crash anna's promtu party, as tony throws them out. robert and his boss,claus admire the statue with the emerald eyes that they conned anna out of. marlena gets cold feet with cates.

#3: tony blows a gasket when he learns anna gave the statue away for $100, as he tells her the eyes were emeralds. mike and ivy talk about the baby's progress. pete, melissa and tod literally fly by the police. ivy tells mike about needing a job, and he finds her one at the hospital. savannah talks to victor about finding the trio, as he gives her 1 week to find them. kimberly arrives to join victor and talks about avoiding her family, since she can't explain her condition. pete,melissa and tod hook up with a carnival enroute to chiacgo. alex talks to robert and claus about tony and anna's statue. caroline catches up to kimberly and wants an explaination,as kimberly defends victor and wants to know what the real problem is with victor and her. anna and tony confront claus, as he assures anna he'll make things right.

#4: alice goes to see marlena in her office, as cates calls. anna tells calliope about the statue. shane and peachy sit in the van and watch victor's house. they listen to his phone call, and intercept a call victor is making to larry. bo wakes up when he hears hope listening to norma's message about patch. he tries to warn her she's looking for trouble, as she asks him to level with her. cates invites marlena to dinner, as she tries to avoid him.ivy tells mike about her new job. victor plans to redo kimberly's room, as peachy poses as a french designer. victor tells larry to arrange a meeting with the other branches of his organization, as peachy overhears while there. bo "calls" steve in front of norma to arrange a meeting. cates goes to marlena's office and plants a kiss on her and leaves. norma fills in hope about bo's conversation. hope finds bo with a peace offering. anna gets conned again. as bo and hope get romantic, he thinks of patch( in flashbacks).

#5:anna plans a dinner party to celebrate her good fortune. when tony arrives she send him away until his surprise is ready..... a picaso. victor goes to see caroline, after she returns his birthday present to him. marlena, alice and hope plan a girls night out.pete and melissa argue about staying at the carnival,as the owner suspects them and sends another worker, chip, to learn about them. anna's party begins. marlena, alice, hope and maggie arrive at carolines, as victor leaves. chip tries to pump melissa for information, when pete comes to the rescue. tod watches liz's appeal to him while her videop airs.

#6 tod assures melissa pete will be back, after they argue and he leaves. marlena goes to see cates, who gives her a taste of her own medicine. then he kisses her as an apologizy for the incident in her office. pete returns, as tod tries to make the peace. cates and marlena share a good laugh. denise and latoya's father goes to abe's to bring them home. when he goes to hit denise, abe comes in and they end up arguing. pete and melissa figure out the next clue. marlena helps cates clean up his office, they then go back to her place, and he falls asleep on her couch.

#7: bo and theo meet with abe and cates in the park. they fill them in about the drug case, as hope comes along. shane and peachy plan her disguise for victor's meeting-an italian chef named gino. marlena goes to pick up kimberly for a post labor day concert in the park. savannah arrives and she and victor discuss the pictures. the trio arrive in chicago, as melissa wonders what happens between her and pete when they get home. bo covers with hope about the case. cates wants to pull rank on bo and theo's case,as they try to convince him to let them continue. chef gino arrives to set things up at victor's,as shane arrives to intice victor into a horserace, and plants a bug on him. marlena and kimberly run into cates and abe in the park. cates apologizes to marlena for falling asleep on her couch,as she gets called away. marlena brings kimberly back to victor's, as shane listens. the carnival owner calls the cops on the trio. as the meeting begins, peachy is asked to go in the kitchen. victor then takes his jacket off, as shane is left with nothing to hear. victor then sends gino upstairs with kimberly with a plate of food. gino/peachy gets kimberly to open up about her feelings for shane,as he listens. as peachy goes to take kimberly to see shane, victor's bug falls off his jacket, and gino isn't permitted to leave until everyone is searched. shane barges in to save peachy with a lame excuse of victor stealing a jockey he wanted. he whispers to kimberly to back him up, which she does reluctantly. tod hold melissa back as the police grab pete.

#8:tom,alice,mickey and maggie join in the festivities in the park. claus and robert return to find tony and anna waiting for them. melissa and tod find pete, as the police have a guy who looks like pete. claus plays dumb when tony and anna tell him the picaso is a fake. tod gets the pictures out of the trailer,as he pete and melissa take off. maggie questions cates about the search for the trio. claus tells alex of his vistors, and how he's done with their schemes. mcbride talks to the pete look alike and is feed the false lead pete left with him. liz tells marlena and cates about her recording a new song(friends and lovers) at the recording studio, as theo hears and makes the connection with the drug ring. the trio get jobs at a hotel, while they search for the next clue. robert and alex decide to go out on their own. marlena and cates continue to grow closer. a drunk anna returns to find claus dead. mcbride checks in the same hotel the kids are in.

#9:(part 1) tony tells anna about claus being murdered, as she's upset and tells him what happened. robert tells abe anna killed claus because he conned her. kimberly calls shane for an answer to what he pulled, as she heads over there, he tries to come up with an answer.hope talks to bo about his investigation and their dinner plans. norma gives hope a message from patch regarding the secret bo's keeping. anna tells tony about her meeting with claus and finding him dead. savannah talks to carl anderson about his and liz's new song. shane talks to peachy about kimberly heading over for an answer. peachy tries to show him it could be to their advantage to have kimberly living at victor's, but he's dead set against it.norma tries to convince hope not to meet with patch. bo and theo go to "watch" carl anderson and liz rehearse their song, as savannah throws them out. kimberly and shane talk about his performance over the jockey. shane tries to convince her to trust him and leave victor's. abe brings anna in for questioning. kimberly returns to victor's and tells him she may move out, as he acts like it doesn't bother him. hope goes to patch's place, after bo breaks their dinner date. liz and carl record friends and lovers, as savannah plans a party to remember. hope finds a note from patch.theo and bo begin their search.

1985#13:september 10-september 20,1985#1(2nd part from above):liz and carl record friends and lovers, as bo and theo search the recording studio. as she leaves patch's place, hope drops her scarf. anna pleads with tony to help her,as she's arrested for claus' murder. bo and theo find the proof they need.

#2 hope lays in bed,restless, as she thinks of patch's note. she pretends to be asleep when bo kisses her to wake her up. when bo tries to get romantic with her, hope jumps out of bed as bo asks what's wrong.shane goes to the stables with peachy and discusses his talk with kimberly,as he wonders if he reached her at all. kimberly then comes in with victor, as shane fumes. melissa, pete and tod are asleep, when she hears someone at the door, so they quickly hide. it turns out to be a hotel guest, and they are able to run him out of the room with the "ghosts" that are there.hope hides what's bothering her from bo. shane "apologizes" to victor for his outburst, as they go for a ride, and peachy stays to talk to kimberly. when they return, kimberly tells victor she is going home, as shane is very pleased with the news. bo gets hope's scarf from the waiter at shennigans and learns hope was at patch's apartment. the trio search for their next clue in the rose garden, as mcbride searches for them. kimberly stumbles upon victor's secret room, as he pretends it's no big deal, just a lot of delicate machines. hope tells bo about her visit to patch's when he returns her scarf and they argue and he takes off. shane goes to victor's for dinner, when kimberly returns from her apartment after it's flooded(thanks to victor). mcbride calls for maid service as melissa goes to his room

#3: tony and anna discuss her problem, after he bails her out of jail. mikes goes to pickup ivy for dinner, when he tells her the baby can come home. as they leave, ivy receives a surprise gift- a baby carriage from victor. bo talks to abe about hope taking an undercover case. melissa delivers the towels, and see's mcbride's identification on the table. she quickly takes off and warns tod and pete. victor and savannah discuss the party and the trio. when cates comes in with marlena, bo slips him a note. bo and theo show abe and cates the photo's from the studio. tony meets with claus' wife tracy. pete gets an advancement on his paycheck,while melissa and tod spot mcbride. cates doesn't want to do a bust yet despite abe, theo and bo's pleads. mcbride chases tod as pete comes along and helps tod get free and they take off.

#4: cates arrives at marlena's with flowers and wine. theo and bo discuss savannah celebrating with liz and carl at shennigans, as they plan to bring her down.pete, melissa and tod find a new hide out. cates and marlena joke about her cooking, when he wants to go chineese. savannah invites chris to the party at the recording studio. abe and theo meet with bo about the drug bust, as abe worries. mcbride gets himself on the case. cates checks in with abe and warns him he's not taking the responsibility if something goes wrong. he tells marlena there may be a drug bust, as they discuss diner and get closer. they then get romantic, as cates carries marlena to the bed. the party at the studio gets underway. pete tries to get romantic with melissa, but she stops him. all hell breaks lose at the recording studio when liz is shot. cates and marlena make love, but get interupted with the news on liz, as it's revealed cates is working with them.

#5: tony tries to get anna to relax, as she's determined to prove tracey is the killer. marlena and cates discuss the raid and liz getting shot, as they head to the hospital. the ambulance arrives for liz, as bo and theo search for the drugs. mcbride tells abe he didn't mean to shot liz, as everyone heads to the hospital. savannah plays innocent as bo and theo continue to search.mike works on liz with the specalist, as calliope and eugene try to locate neil in new york. abe insists to cates the drugs were there,as cates plays it to the hilt of being outraged. bo and theo come up empty and their cover is now blown, as they try to figure out who the leak is. savannah, mcbride and cates discuss him missing bo and shoting liz. mike tells marlena,abe and chris liz's vocal cords have been damaged.

#6:emma goes to the abuse clinic and rearranges the furniture,as kimberly comes in and feels her way around, after almost stumbling over a chair. mike then comes rushing in with an abused little boy he refuses to return to his parents.bo insists to chris there were drugs at the studio, as they argue and hope comes in and breaks them up. pete tries to cheer melissa up, as tod returns with more bad news. hope learns from chris about the drug bust and liz's shooting. shane meets mike when he comes to talk to kimberly. larry comes in and starts with mike, as shane spots emma lurking. she covers by saying she bought some toys to keep up the tradition on their anniversary. the trio go to a cemetary to find rose march's grave for their next clue.kimberly and shane banter about victor, when she thinks the toys were from him. bo and theo argue with cates about being set up, as bo insists he's not going to give up.mike lets larry have it when he and kimberly talk at shennigans. shane gets kimberly to open up about staying at victor's. bo goes to shane for help. melissa calls hope and mentions mcbride is trying to kill them, as she gets cut off by the punk chasing her in the alley.

#7: anna and tony discuss liz and the shooting, as eugene fills them in on liz's condition. tracey arrives to deliver some news to tony. hope tells norma about melissa's message about mcbride.the punk from the dumpster grabs melissa as pete and tod come to the rescue. hope and norma decide to tell chief cates about mcbride,unaware he's one of the bad guys. melissa fills in pete and tod about calling hope. tracey fills in tony about her life with claus. melissa tells pete what hope told her about the baby being sick, as pete decides he needs to go back and help.hope fills in bo about mcbride. tracey shows tony a clipping about claus and a blonde named-anna. hope and norma wait on the pier for cates when shots ring out, as norma gets hit.bo comes and covers hope, and chases after the shooter. cates arrives and acts innocent. pete and melissa share a tender good bye.norma tells hope it was cates that shot her before she passes out.

#8: shane and peachy discuss him wanting to win the horserace with victor, and his conversation with bo. peachy gets shane to open up about kimberly, as he feels there is still a chance for them. emma enters the stables and sets a bomb to blow up kimberly. marlena learns from abe and mcbride norma was shot. mcbride cons his way into norma's room. hope and bo race off, as she tells him about cates setting her and norma up. bo then spots someone following them- chief cates! victor walks in on emma, who's jumpy, but covers her tracks. kimberly talks to anna and tony at the party victor is having. abe asks if marlena has seen cates, as they discuss her relationship with him. bo and hope try to lose cates, as he shots at them.mcbride finishes off norma before she can wake and talk. marlena goes to visit liz, who wants to know about her condition. neil arrives at the party and learns of liz's shooting from kimberly and victor.shane goes back to the stables to wait for the trainer, when peachy tells him about the party, so he heads there. emma lures kimberly to the stables with a message from "shane" bo and hope crash, as cates finds bo, but hope was thrown clear. cates drags bo to his car, as a man driving by finds hope and takes her away. cates watches and takes bo away, unable to grab hope.. neil goes to see liz and reassures her. cates returns to the hospital and talks to marlena about norma's shooting. cates has mcbride hide bo and hope's car at his boat house. the man( brother francis) watches hope sleep, as bo is locked in a jail cell, as the cops don't believe his story. when shane doesn't show up, kimberly goes to leave, but the bomb goes off and malfunctions, causing a fire and trapping kimberly.

#9: hope calls out for bo, as francis tries to help her. bo continues to try and get out of the cell cates put him in. mike and ivy discuss the baby needing a blood donor,particularly pete, since he has a rare blood type as pete listens to them talking. kimberly is trapped as shane is walking by and hears her screams and runs to help. when he goes to get them out, the door is blocked, so he goes to find another way, when kimberly warns him of a falling beam.pete gets ivy's attention,as they arrange for him to give blood. shane and kimberly make it outside, as they realize she can see. victor learns about the fire, as he, emma and alex head to the stables. francis tries to calm hope, as he has a doctor look her over. kimberly and shane's celebration is short lived, when victor arrives. she then pretends to still be blind, as shane is puzzled. shane does get victor to let them go to the hospital to be checked out. when they get to the hospital, shane arranges for mike to "keep" kimberly there overnight. after victor leaves, shane takes kimberly to his house. after rejoicing kimberly and shane discuss him working for the ISA again and how she can help him with victor. they then celebrate their recaptured love, as shane carries kimberly to the bed. mike brings the baby to ivy and pete, as they name him charles peter.

1985#14:Sept 20-October 2,1985:#1: shane watches kimberly as she sleeps. when she awakens he refuses to let her go back to the hospital just yet. tod and melissa find a farmhouse to stay in after leaving chicago. pete tries to get a ticket back to chicago, but doesn't have enough money. kimberly and shane bask in their love, as she finally sees peachy for the 1st time. they then discuss her plan to help shane by spying on victor. theo goes to abe's office, looking for bo, when cates comes in and blast them out for the "fumbled" drug raid.pete returns to the apartment and learns ivy's christening charlie and victor is the godfather. shane brings kimberly back to the hospital for mike to "release" her. while talking with caroline, victor comes to check on her. after he leaves kimberly questions caroline about her attitude towards victor. tod and melissa pose as newlyweds and stay with the owners, who are not your typical farmers.shane talks to theo about bo and hope missing and learns about the drug case. mcbride catches pete outside the hospital chapel. shane and kimberly share a private moment before he heads to washington to see nickerson about the drug case and bo and hope's disapperance.ivy moves into victor's guesthouse. mcbride calls victor with the news on catching pete.

#2:melissa helps grace in the kitchen, as tod comes in raving of her cooking, leading to grace( who can't light a stove) getting melissa to do the cooking(although she doesn't know how to cook). mcbride has pete tied up in ivy's apartment when savannah comes in. brother francis tends to hope as she calls for bo. he tries to reassure her she's safe and how he only found her on the side of the road. marlena talks to tom and alice about all the young people( melissa, tod,pete, bo and hope) missing as they try to find answers. cates comes in and tells them nobody has heard from hope, as he then asks about bo and hope's habits, as marlena insists they didn't just take off, something happened.tod and melissa try to cope with life on the farm, as they wonder about pete. hope learns more about where she is, as she keeps the details of what happened to her from francis, but panics about finding bo. tod calls ivy's, as savannah tries to force pete to go along, but he warns them not to return to salem. eugene teases marlena about liking cates. francis sneaks hope to a pay phone, and when she calls her place to look for bo, mcbride answers, so she hangs up. she then calls alice's and learns bo is missing. when alice tells her about cates being there, hope covers about going to catch a plan and hangs up. cates and savannah discuss hope's call to alice.

#3:tony tries to locate felicity york, the woman named in claus' will.kimberly goes to shane's and speaks to peachy about what she and shane are up to with victor.savannah checks in with mcbride, who's guarding pete. while talking with peachy, kimberly witnesses a "carpet" cleaner drop a bug. with her back against the wall,peachy comes clean with kimberly about who she really is and warns her to watch out for victor.savannah and mcbride continue to threaten pete, as they wait for tod and melissa to call back. tony tries to find out about felicity from robert, but he plays dumb. bernado( the viper) climbs through the window in ivy and pete's apartment and finds pete tied up. he fills in pete about ivy's move to victor's as pete asks him to help him get free.when mcbride comes in with the phone ringing, bernado knocks him out,as pete tells melissa he'll get to where she is at the farm. anna shows tony the braclet with the engravement and how it's date monaco 1980. bernado promises pete he'll take care of mcbride, but before he can get out he's shot dead.

#4:while at the hospital, cates and marlena discuss liz's condition. they then talk about his son's custody, as she cheers him on. neil goes to visit a depressed liz with roses. alice and theo discuss bo and hope and their situation. hope dreams of cates shooting at her and bo, when francis comes in and calms her down. bo is trying to get out of jail, but the guard doesn't buy his story. marlena and cates go to visit liz,as he explains about the drug raid. hope tries to convince francis she has to find bo, as he reminds her of the danger. savannah interupts cates and marlena's chat to fill him in on the pete and bernado situation. he warns her not to cancel miami, as she's afraid of the consequences. cates goes to see bo about hope's whereabout's, but bo has no idea where she is. neil brings noelle to see liz. cates continues to lead his double life with marlena.

#5: tod and melissa wake up in bed together, as he has his arms around her, when pete climbs through the window, wondering what is going on between them.francis wakes hope,who's dreaming of bo. he tries to get her to eat, as she wants to sneak out. the warden calls for a doctor when bo is found laying on his cell floor nearly dead.savannah meets with mickey for legal help, but he turns her down. melissa and tod fill in pete on their cover. pete "arrives"and introdues himself to grace and conrad(the farm couple).a nurse arrives to tend to bo. kimberly and victor have breakfast at the salem inn,as he plays dumb about what's going on. when emma spots kimberly alone, she joins her and plays some more games on the"blind" kimberly. bo tries to convince michelle, the nurse, to help him.while leaving with victor, kimberly pays emma back.pete,melissa and tod learn of a barn dance and worry about their cover being blown.kimberly goes to bo and hope's as mcbride also goes there. when kimberly comes out of the bathroom, she spots mcbride and puts on the blind act, as he tries to hit on her. when the phone rings, he restrains kimberly from answering it. michelle agrees to help bo.francis agrees to sneak a note to the brady fishmarket for hope.

#6: tod finds a young girl hiding in the barn. she introduces herself as amy and says she was looking for a place to stay while her broken car is repaired. hope warns francis of the danger in delivering the note and to watch out for cates and mcbride. bo continues to try and reason with the guard. kimberly struggles with mcbride to get to the phone. when he goes to get it, she runs out. it turns out to be michelle who's calling for hope, but he says she has the wrong number. kimberly returns to victor's and sneaks the paper out of meelosh pocket that victor gave him in the salem inn. when she calls the number she's shocked to learn it's mcbride's number at the police station. caroline, alice and abe return from norma's memorial, as they discuss bo and hope.marlena goes with cates to the market,as francis comes in and hears a voice from behind.... mcbride calling out to cates. michelle tells bo about the call and leaves. marlena and abe discuss norma and how it reminds her of roman, when cates comes and tells them his good news:he's getting custody of his son kevin. mcbride and cates discuss getting abe out of the way. melissa,pete and tod keep up their cover. kimberly calls peachy and arranges to meet with her. francis tells hope he wasn't able to deliver the note and about norma's death. bo tries to convince michelle he's telling the truth and begs her to help him.

#7:calliope takes out her frustrations by "painting" anna's place. kimberly goes to see shane, as peachy tells her she missed him.mike is at the abuse clinic, when latoya wonders in from the emergency room with bruises on her. marlena listens to mike talking to her about "falling" off her bike,as her father comes in and wants to take her with him. he insists abe did this to latoya(a blunt lie of course),as marlena and mike don't buy it and she calls the police.anna and calliope talk and she tells anna she wants to help her prove she didn't kill claus by finding the real killer. eugene arrives and calliope gets him to "paint" with her. peachy gets kimberly to admit she didn't move out of victor's house like she promised shane she would,as kimberly fills her in with her encounter with mcbride and the note. abe arrives with mcbride and preston is taken away, as abe tries to calm latoya.peachy lets kimberly see shane's communication room,as she contacts him. kimberly then fills in shane on mcbride, but doesn't let on she's still at victor's. mcbride and preston discuss the plan to get abe. cates suspends abe, as peachy goes to see him, and fills him in on mcbride.

#8: marlena sees abe at blondies, and discusses how angry she is about cates suspending him. michelle goes to see bo, as he asks her for a pen and paper to write a letter. mcbride fills in victor, as kimberly walks in and sees them. while teliing marlena the suspension may be for the best, theo comes barging in. victor covers by saying he was talking to his "accountant" abe fills in theo about mcbride. bo is able to convince michelle to get the paper and pen for him, as he steals a syringe and vival out of her bag. cates tells marlena his son never arrived at the airport, as a bus boy comes to the table and says hi dad to him. victor insists kimberly have neil look at her eyes again, and arranges for him to come to the house, even though she insists there is no change, not wanting to blow her cover. bo is able to stab a guard with the syringe and get out of his cell, but is quickly caught. neil comes to examine kimberly and is in for a shock... he learns she can see, as she begs him to keep her cover for her. being a good friend, he reluctantly agrees.. victor goes to meet mcbride on the pier and runs into savannah. he warns her to keep her libido in check with chris. mcbride tells victor cates is moving the drugs to his boat house, where he stashed bo and hope's car,as abe and theo observe them.


#1:melissa and amy discuss the harvard barn dance with grace while doing chores.when grace mentions inviting the local police, melissa drops the dishes. marlena talks to cates about worrying about abe, after he was suspended. kimberly goes to see caroline, as she tries to encourage her to move out of victor's, but she won't say why she dislikes him so much. when kimberly spots peachy there she goes to speak to her, when victor comes in. they quickly cover in front of him, as peachy lets it be known shane's returning from his trip later.victor tells kimberly he's going on a business trip to miami. melissa covers about being nervous,as pete and tod try to help her, but amy observes them and wonders.cates tries to get kevin to give up his job and register for classes.savannah talks to cates about the drugs, using her "lawsuit" as a cover. calliope, anna and eugene plan a welcome home greeting for liz. victor offers to hire a PI to locate bo, as caroline is reluctant. victor tells kimberly the problem with him and her parents was a bad business deal years ago, as caroline agrees to go along with his idea. kimberly talks to peachy about not believing the story victor told her, as she agrees to move out when victor is away. marlena and cates both have the same idea about their fishing trip, when they end up at the brady fishmarket. anna tells calliope and eugene tony's been evicted from the penthouse, as eugene comes up with an idea. victor surprises kimberly by inviting her to go to miami with him.

#2: the barn dance begins, as the trio try to maintain their cover,as a woman there tells grace she knows she has seen them somewhere before. peachy goes to the airport to pickup shane, when kimberly walks in with victor.shane and peachy come up with a plan, as kimberly catches on, when kimberly "faints" victor agrees she should stay home, and takes her back to his house before he takes his flight. hope tells francis she has to leave, as he tells her being there is the safest place for her.tod gets jealous when amy mingles with some guys, as melissa calls him on it. francis brings hope some clean clothes, when he walks in on her taking a bath. he then tells her he'll get her some food, so she can finish her bath alone.kimberly searches victor's desk, and finds a letter from caroline telling him shawn can never know what happened between them. when she goes to talk to caroline about her relationship with victor, she doesn't get any answers, even after confronting caroline about having an affair with victor years ago. francis and hope get to know each other, as she worries about bo. victor returns when his flight is cancelled. shane and peachy arrive at kimberly's apartment before she does, and he fills her in on his trip to the ISA and on victor's organization. kimberly comes in and peachy quickly leaves. kimberly tells shane of her discover at victor's and that she has to stay there to learn what the hold is he has on her family. pete calls chris and learns about bo and hope, but when he hears savannah in the background, he hangs up. shane and kimberly get romantic, when victor knocks on the door. hope and francis get caught by his superior.

#3:cates,marlena,kevin and carrie go to his cabin for their fishing trip, as he tries to sneak off to hide the drugs.michelle goes to see bo, as he tries to convince her he's telling the truth. hope believes francis turned her in and wants to leave,as he stops her.kimberly and shane think fast, when victor is at her door. shane gets a neighbor to pretend to be a plumber, and victor buys it. bo tells michelle where the accident happened, and there should be some proof there. hope talks to brother martin and he assures her francis didn't squeal, as she tells him how francis saved her.shane meets with peachy after kimberly heads back to victor's. he decides if she can't return, he's going there, despite peachy's warnings. marlena and cates try to get romantic, but the twins, then carrie and kevin interupt. cates uses the time to slip out and visit bo. hope pleads francis case.shane sneaks up on kimberly through her bedroom window, as they have a romantic evening under victor's nose. michelle returns with bo's wallet,as he proves to her it's his, and she offers to help him get out. brother martin agrees to let hope stay- in the kitchen on a cot. marlena and cates spend some quite time alone.

#4:calliope and eugene discuss her painting as a cover to find claus killer and help anna. abe talks to kimberly,mike and denise about latoya and where she is going to live, as mike comes up with an idea: mickey and maggie. marlena and carrie talk with cates about going for a hike, when kevin comes in with the suitcase filled with the drugs.cates lies about having old papers in it and wanting to put it in his boathouse. mcbride talks to one of their drug contacts, and learns he withheld some of the drugs from cates, as they agree to go out and sell it and keep the profits for themselves. mike runs his idea by mickey and maggie. theo fills in abe on mcbride, as abe heads to the police station to get his paycheck. everyone enjoys marlena's pumpkin bread( a 1st for her cooking)neil checks on liz, who's still depressed. he invites her to go to lunch, and she has a surprise waiting for her at blondies. emma asks alex about her offer to him- to marry her( purely business). abe calls cates and tells him he knows who the bad cop is. kevin talks to marlena about getting his father to buy him a car. while hiding the drugs in the boathouse, cates hears a knock on the door- kevin.mike tells kimberly of his talk with mickey and maggie. abe arrives at the cabin,as cates returns. he warns kevin to stay out of the boathouse, saying it's not safe structuly. abe tells cates about mcbride, as he fakes anger.mickey and maggie meet with latoya and discuss her staying with them. kevin doesn't listen and goes in the boathouse and finds bo and hope's car, thinking cates bought it as a surprise for him.

#5: mike drags his sister,jennifer into his place, demanding to know what she is doing and to clean up the makeup and attitude. tod, melissa, pete and amy hit the road in her car.cates meets with theo, abe and shane about their setup of mcbride. mike talks to jen about her conning everyone, where nobody knows where she really is, as she wants to go back to her friends on the street. he agrees not to tell their parents and grandparents if she stays there. amy tries to get the trio to open up to her, as she gets close to pete, this causes tod to blow a tire while driving her car.cates sees savannah walk into shennigans and calls her to fill her in on mcbride.after mike leaves, jen decides to pocket a few things around the place. shane goes to the pier to buy the drugs from mcbride as they planned. chris and savannah get romantic, when he sees jen on his couch,as she uses the moment to leave. michelle goes to shennigans to deliver the note from bo to alice. shane, abe and theo bust mcbride, as cates comes and takes mcbride aside. he tells him to make it look like he overpowered him and take off fast. when mcbride does, cates orders them to open fire, shooting and killing mcbride. mike returns to find jen is gone, as he heads to the warehouse to find her, but the girls there cover for her.michelle fills in alice as she reads bo's note about cates.

#6: hope continues to hide out in the monostary, worrying about bo. francis tells hope about the guest they are having there. cate covers up with the press about mcbride's death,as shane, theo and abe listen.alice comes up to them for help, when cates comes up to her.michelle tells bo she gave the note to alice, when a guard comes in and gets suspicious. he then finds a notepad under bo's mattress that matches hers, and drags her out. a cop wakes up the 4some( pete, melissa, tod and new memeber amy),who are asleep in amy's car. she covers for them, then wants answers. hope worries about someone finding out she is there, as francis assures her she's safe. he then teaches her how to make bread, as they pour flour on each other, and get reprimanded by brother martin. alice quickly covers with cates, as shane senses something is up. when cates leaves, she shows them the note, as abe is shocked, they come up with a plan to get bo out of the prision.pete and tod surprise melissa and amy with some new clothes. hope spots marlena and tom in the monstary, as it turns out they were the guest francis was referring to.shane,theo and alice get in the prison. hope comes close to talking to marlena and tom, but cates arrives and she's unable to make contact.alice gets into bo's cell and fills him in on the plan. when bo gets"sick" a guard(theo) calls a doctor(shane) who wants to take bo to the hospital now!

#7:calliope and eugene try to keep anna calm, as tony comes back from his trip. hope is upset about cates, as francis feels bad for not being able to do more. cates returns to the prison, as bo, theo,shane and alice hide in another cell. hope tries to figure out her next step, as she tells francis nobody suspects cates, as he tries to keep her calm. anna tries to dodge tony's questions about why he would be upset,when the landlord comes in to know when they are leaving. emma finds herself a new husband to be: larry welch! shane, bo,theo and alice make a run for it, as bo tells them he has to find michelle. after reading the classified ads, eugene notices felicity has replied and demands to meet with one of them alone, so tony volunteers to meet with her on the pier. tony meets with felicity for a brief moment, as she disappears in the fog. alex goes to the gallery and sees a video of himself killing claus. at the end is a message about the $1 million,as he realizes he's being blackmailed and tears the tape apart. pete, melissa, tod and amy head to boston and their next clue. bo and michelle set up cates, and bo injects him with a needle as they all leave. bo tells them now they have to find hope.

#8: cates brings marlena roses at the hospital, as she wonders why. he then tells her he has to cancell lunch, but wants to take her to dinner. upset and not watching where he's going, mike knocks some pills out of a nurses hand and jumps on her about it, as marlena sees it and talks to him about it.. he explains it's due to his sister, jen and her problems. in the warehouse jen's friend matt looks for money in her purse and finds her id and realizes who she is and comes up with an idea. shane goes to see kimberly at the fishmarket and tells her they have found bo. theo talks to bo in the tunnel where bo is hiding, as alice comes in to work on their plan for cates. mike apologizes to the nurse, chrissie-lynn and makes a new friend.matt convinces jen to gp along with his plan to steal some money from mike's van. theo thinks abe should be the one to arrest cates when they all go over their plan. shane fills in kimberly about bo, as caroline comes in and they tell her about bo being found. cates talks to another cop- graham about bo being out there and they have to catch him. abe tries to locate marlena, but is unsuccessful.theo fills in abe about the plan to nail cates. kimberly and shane return to the fishmarket to find victor back from his trip. victor takes kimberly back to his place, as shane watches. mike is unable to catch the thieft, but realizes jen is involved. abe goes to see cates and cates pretends he has found hope on a phone call.he repeats an address for abe to hear, as abe takes off,cates sets his plan in motion to kill him. jen goes to get mike when matt is stabbed. theo goes with abe to "save" hope... not knowing it's a set up. shane takes kimberly to the tunnel to see bo, who is shocked to learn kimberly can see. cates sets a gun at the door, to shot the person who opens the door. kimbely fills in bo about her helping shane with victor, as he's not pleased with this latest development. abe and theo arrive at the cabin, when abe sees cates drive off, he realizes it's a set up and calls out to theo to stop as he reaches for the doorknob.


#1:tony tries to calm anna about his meeting, when eugene and calliope arrive. he asks them to babysit anna so she won't try and interfere.jen waits for news on matt, when mike comes out and tells her he'll be fine, they then end up arguing about her needing to clean up her act.kevin goes to see marlena and offers to help her with dinner. they discuss him being the new kid in school,as they wait for cates to arrive. abe tries to stop theo when he realizes it's a setup, but it's too late.... as theo opens the door and the gun goes off, shoting him.marlena feels it's bad timing that she has to go to the convention, as she's getting to know kevin. abe craddles theo and promises they'll get cates, as theo dies in his arms. tony talks to alex about felicity "telling" him alex killed claus, but alex doesn't buy it and calls robert to learn who felicity is, as he figures she is the blackmailer.cates finally arrives at marlena's and is visibily shaken, but covers. mike convinces jen to go back to his place, as she returns the money matt stole from him. tony talks to tracey about alex, as she's convinced anna killed claus.tracey is the next one to get a blackmail note.mike returns to find jen having a party. after throwing everyone out, he locks her in the bedroom so she won't leave. cates and marlena share a good bye kiss before she leaves. denise tries to console abe, who's set on getting cates for killing theo.

#2: pete and melissa search for their final clue in boston. tony talks to tracey again about felicity being the killer abe and alice arrive in the tunnel, as bo wonders where hope is. abe fills bo in on the set up and that cates killed theo in the process. anna shows tony another note she found, supposedly written to claus by her. melissa and pete worry about the people back home, as he spots a pay phone. she agrees to let him call, but times the call, since she knows it's being traced.while he is on the phone, low and behold patch comes in and is surprised he's found them. abe convinces bo to stay put as they plan their next move. tod and amy arrive, as they talk to pete and melissa about what they have learned so far, unaware patch is watching and listening. peachy sets up a survaliance van as abe watches a strange car, learning cates is in it.pete takes melissa to a houseboat for them all to stay on while in boston. cates talks to graham(the other bad cop) about hope making contact with bo, and how it will be soon.peachy poses as a car washer named betty and hands graham her card, with a bug in it to listen to him and cates. melissa and pete tour boston(location scenes) patch calls savannah with the news of finding the trio. abe and peachy listen to cates talking about finding hope.

#3: abe and peachy continue to monitor cates converstation,as graham tells cates he has a way to move the drugs, as peachy and abe follow them to the site they are headed.jen and her friend nancy are arrested when they try to get a meal from an undercover cop. francis arrives at the fishmarket,and slips hope's note into a loaf of "special" bread he give to caroline. victor sends caroline a locket with pictures of them in it, as she hides it from shawn.mike intercepts a phone call from the police about jen and heads to the police station. tom and alice discuss what has happened to theo, and hope missing, and how cates is so dangerous. marlena returns home early from the convention, unaware of what is happening. abe listens to cates talk about his operation and how theo caused all the problems, as peachy tries to keep him calm and reassures abe they'll get cates. marlena is puzzled when she can't reach anyone. abe learns cates is hiding the drugs at his boat house, as cates and graham notice the van and realize they are being followed. marlena reaches cates on his car phone, as he's shocked she's back and relieved she's still in the dark. he sends graham to his boat house while he goes to see marlena. cates acts nervous, as marlena wonders what's wrong, but he covers so easily again. he gets a call about the red truck that picked up hope after the accident and takes off to investigate.wilson( yet another bad cop) learns the truck is from the monastary and fills in cates. caroline gives alice 1/2 of the loaf of bread francis gave her-unaware of the note. mike gets jen out of jail. alice finds 1/2 of the note in her bread and calls caroline for the other half, as they rejoice to learn where hope is. cates arrives at the monastary and tries to find a way to get in.

#4: bo talks to alice, who shows him the note from hope and fills him in about where she is. liz goes to shennigans to take her mind off tod missing. tod, amy,pete and melissa cook the lobster they bought for dinner for their breakfast on the houseboat, as patch watches from outside. francis reassures hope it shouldn't be long before the note is found. hope then asks him for her gun-if they don't find her soon she has to risk leaving. chris tries to reassure liz everyone will be found safe soon. patch calls savannah and fills her in, as he's confident he'll find the pictures. bo takes off to get hope. cates is awakened by a knock on his car window by a priest offering to assist him, but cates pulls a gun on the priest and orders him to walk into the woods.when tod goes out,patch comes in the houseboat with a knife, as amy is terrified. cates enters the monastary dressed as a priest. francis tries to change hope's mind by kissing her, then he apologies and leaves. patch searches the houseboat and asks amy where the pictures are.pete and melissa get caught in the rain looking for their next clue- a grasshopper. amy plays dumb with patch, and then throws the pot of boiling water with the lobster on him. as she struggles with patch, tod returns and fights patch, who ends up leaving with the pictures. bo arrives at the monastary, but is refused entry when he tells them his story, so he finds his own way in. francis goes to confession after kissing hope-unaware the priest is cates. patch calls savannah again and tells her he got the pictures. hope returns to the room to find her clothes and gun waiting. cates finds where hope is at and goes to open the door with his gun in his hand.

#5: while pete and melissa search for the final clue,patch is right there with them, unbeknownist to them.marlena drives to cates cabin, after her talk with kevin about the red car and the registration belonging to a person named hope. abe and shane arrive at the cabin and find hope's car in the boathouse. shane radio's peachy as he and abe plan to confront graham in the cabin. cates is interupted when francis returns. cates then enters the room with his gun pointed at hope, as francis stands in front of hope and gets shot.bo comes in from behind and fights with cates. graham tries to work out a deal with shane and abe, and when that doesn't work, tries to escape, but is caught by peachy. cates escapes during his fight with bo, as bo chases after him,but he's able to drive off. just when their about to give up, pete and melissa find the clue, as patch comes out of hiding.hope tends to francis, as bo returns. cates arrives,as shane tries to be sure abe can handle it. shane then hides as abe awaits cates to come in. marlena arrives and goes to the boathouse, where she finds hopes' car and is speachless. pete and patch get into a fight, as pete knocks him down. abe confronts cates in a very tense moment. cates tries to pull his gun on abe, but shane shots him in the arm to disable him. when marlena comes in, cates tries to escape,but abe shots him dead, as marlena watches in horror. shane and peachy talk about bo calling about hope. marlena is heartbroken as she covers cates body. patch gets up,gets a crowbar and tries to pry the plaque off the wall,as pete and melissa watch, and come up with a plan. pete and patch have another round at each other, when pete and melissa are able to get the plaque and escape. bo and hope reunite as francis is taken to the hospital. kevin arrives at the cabin as marlena tries to stop him from entering. shane answers a phone call, where the caller says the big boss and the girl want to go ahead with their plan for miami, as shane realizes this is far from over. kevin is heartbroken when marlena tells him his dad is dead, as she and peachy try to comfort him when cates body is taken out.

#6: shane goes to see kimberly and victor at shennigans, and tells them about cates, as savannnah is watching and listening while there. When shane mentions cates is dead, the look savannah gives victor says volumes. bo and hope get checked out at the hospital, as she worries about francis. abe cleans out cates things in his office, as he sees a picture of marlena on his desk and feels bad about what she is going through. abe then tells a cop he plans to clean up the corruption on the force and he's starting by talking to graham. marlena comes back home with kevin as alice is there and tries to comfort them. graham reluctantly tells abe the name of the other bad seed- joe wilson. mike gives hope an update on francis. kevin talks to marlena about his father, and how abe killed him, as he defends his father. marlena talks to alice and wants to know everything she knows about cates, and is shocked when she hears the details.victor acts shocked while talking to shane about cates. shane then mentions the gathering at kimberly's folks and he escorts her over there. victor warns savannah about that look, and to keep her cool. bo and hope celebrate at shawn and carolines, as shane and kimberly arrive to join them. shane then fills in bo about the phone call he intercepted at cates cabin and about the miami connection. later bo and hope go to visit francis, as she prays for him to be alright. abe goes to see marlena, as kevin screams at him for killing his father. caroline and kimberly get in a disagreement over victor, when suddenly he's there to take kimberly back to his place. when he leaves caroline tries to get shane to tell her what is going on with him and kimberly, but he keeps mum, but promises to do his best to get her out of victors.. abe tries to explain to kevin as marlena tells him they both need to hear the truth about richard cates. savannah opens up to chris about her life. hope and bo return to their place and celebrate being back together. marlena and abe comfort each other.

#7:anna and tony discuss the article in the paper about cates, as he leads into her problems. tony then spots felicity's classified ad to him, requesting to meet with him---alone. victor goes to see caroline and invites her to lunch. tod tells pete and amy he's learned patch is in jail for hitting a cop after his encounter with pete and melissa, so this will get him off their case for a bit he explains. kimberly delivers a message to kimberly from shane regarding their meeting. she then tells kimberly about the drug ring still being in effect, so shane went to the ISA to keep them on the case, so he can prove victor is the king pin. abe comes over to them and watches savannah talking with chris, and tells them savannah is the woman refered to in the call shane intercepted. when pete wakes melissa, he notices she is very ill. tod reads about cates and the drug ring, as melissa worries about victor getting them. robert(claus' assistant) is the next person to be blackmailed. tod and pete realize melissa was bitten by some kind of bug, so they try to find her help. tony follows felicity to the gallery, where he sees robert running out in a hurry after he viewed the tape. tony then sees it and then finds several versions of the tape, and is confused. victor tries to rekindle his past with caroline, but she rebuffs him, so he turns his attentions to kimberly, mumbling if he can't have the mother, he'll have the daughter. tony goes back to the pier to meet with anna then disappears. victor buys kimberly a dress that reminds him of one her mother wore years ago, as she gets a strange feeling from him.

1985 #17:October 25-October 30,1985

#1: anna panics when she can't find tony on the pier, as eugene comes and gets a weird vibe. a cop searching asks if tony may have fell in the water, since he can't find anything. tod and amy return to salem to bring bo and hope to boston to see melissa. bo and hope return home, after dodging some reporters. as they get romantic, shane is at the door with an offer of a paid vacation, as he fills them in about miami.savannah goes to see victor, as he lies to kimberly about it being a male business associate. savannah tells him about patch being in jail in boston, and how they lost the trio again. he warns her to get a grip, as she tells him she wants out before she ends up like cates, but he warns her she's in this to the bitter end, and it may be that for him if he doesn't find the clues and the treasure.tod and amy work on a plan to get to bo and hope without being seen. kimberly and victor arrive at neil and liz's for the surprise party for bo and hope, when she spots shane. they arrange to meet on the patio, as emma walks in and fumes when she sees them talking. on the patio, kimberly fills in shane about savannah's visit to victor, as they arrange to meet later, unaware emma has heard everything and has a plan to prevent them. bo and hope announce they are going on vacation to miami, as savannah and victor both react to the news. tod and amy follow bo and hope to the party, and she dresses as a maid to get to them. emma decided to put a sleeping pill in kimberly's drink, but kimberly spots her and switches the drinks, unaware victor has seen her do this, and now is getting suspicious. anna and eugene arrive at the party and fill in calliope about tony. amy gets liz to go to the patio, but before tod can talk to her, savannah comes out there. tod and amy finally get to bo and hope, who are taling with shane, and they tell them about melissa and needing to go to boston. bo and hope then agree they need to go to boston. victor arranges for neil to examine kimberly's eyes again after what he seen at the party.

#2:savannah calls victor with news on patch getting out of jail. kimberly walks in on their converstation, still unaware of his plans. melissa and pete hide in an old warehouse, waiting for bo and hope, as patch is lurking outside.victor insist kimberly have her eyes checked. shane searches the recording studio for clues to miami. mike and chris discuss jen staying with them, as she comes in and she and mike end up arguing. bo and hope arrive, as pete and melissa show them the clues. bo and hope tell them they are sending them back home, as pete protest, then agrees when melissa tells him she's had enough and wants to go home. kimberly sneaks a phone call to shane to ask for help with victor and the exam. neil arrives and kimberly secretly pleads with him to keep her cover, which he does, but victor is still suspicious. patch sneaks inside and listens to bo and hope talking to pete and melissa before they head home. neil fills in shane about kimberly, then learns victor has decided to call in a specialist for a 2nd opinion. patch sneaks up on hope while she's alone in the warehouse going over the clues. after a little of his torture, he gets the clues from hope, then refuses to let her go, but hope gets the upper hand on patch, as he leaves. shane comes to kimberly's rescue. chris decides to go to miami with savannah, but she does everything she can to discourage this,as he wonders why.patch calls savannah and tells her he go the clues. bo and hope figure out the clues: a dolphin and home, as they conclude it leads to miami. victor sets kimberly up, and discovers she can see.

#3: shane meets with nickerson, who discusses his relationship with kimberly. calliope and eugene try to cheer up anna. tod and amy wait for the cost to be clear,so they can come out of hiding. mickey and maggie discuss melissa and her situation, as they grow closer. kimberly's blind act is blown sky high, as victor discovers she can see and is furious. she does her best to try and explain her reasoning, but he decides shane is the culprit( after his chat with witch emma). nickerson warns shane to keep his emotions in check, as shane reminds him of what he has done for the ISA through the years. nickerson then tells him how important it is to find victor's book with the names and dates. mickey meets with anna about the case against her. eugene fills in calliope and anna on his plan to find tony. tod and amy hide when savannah shows up at liz's to tell her someone seen tod the night of the party. victor tells kimberly he saw her switch the drinks and now she is going to be taken care of by him, and she may even fall in love with him one day. before this can happen however, she needs to end her relationship with shane. under victor's watchful eye, kimberly has no choice but to tell shane it's over, as shane is shocked. he storms out in disbelief, as kimberly wonders what she has done. when she's in her room alone, shane climbs in her window, and tells her he knows someone forced her to say those things, and finally gets her to tell him about victor learning she can see, as he promises to protect her.

#4: pete and melissa hide out in their fishing shack back in salem, as she misses her family and wants to see them. victor waits for savannah to come with the clues, as he orders his plane to be ready for take off. kimberly comes downstairs and tries to listen in. peachy and shane talk in the van about patch being back from boston.patch goes to the studio and gives savannah the clues he took from hope. bo and hope arrive in miami and stay at a run down hotel, as they work on solving the mystery. pete convinces melissa to lay low, as they wonder where tod and amy are.patch and savannah argue about him getting only the last 2 clues, as shane and peachy listen. bo calls pete at the pay phone they agreed to, and fills him in and reminds him to lay low with melissa. eugene tells liz and neil about his vibe about a girl( amy) and there is a connection with tod. pete sends a coded message to liz and neil's for tod and amy, who hear it and realize where they are. victor keeps kimberly under house arrest, while savannah arrives with the clues. victor figures out it has to be at his house in miami. bo and hope try to figure out a way to get in the orange bowl, where they believe the next clue lays. shane pays patch a visit at the studio, and roughs him up, as he demands to know where bo and hope are, since he hasn't heard from them since they were all together in boston. patch warns shane not to push it and open up a can of worms..... since bo will be ruined when all is revealed. tod and amy catch up with melissa and pete. peachy and kimberly talk outside victors' as neither of them can hear victor's meeting with savannah. victor tells kimberly to pack a bag-their headed to his house in miami. bo finally reaches shane and fills him in, as shane plans to go to miami as well. patch learns savannah is headed there and decides to tag along as well. tod finally gets to see liz. victor and kimberly leave the back way, as peachy comes up the front door, and learns where they are headed. seems good ole amy is working on a scheme of her only with none other than stefano's right hand man,petroff.

MIAMI ADVENTURE(This is a 2 volume set):October 31,1985:The miami adventure begins.everyone else involved arrives in miami.pete lets ivy know he's back. amy slips and tells pete,melissa and tod that victor is in miami.

November 1,1985:Kevin comes back to live with marlena.bo and hope go to the orange bowl.kim and shane's love making is interrupted by the sprinkers. shane falls into victor's alligator trap.

November 4,1985:Kim pulls shane out of the alligator pit. kim tells shane she overheard victor talking about the purse,power and the pawn. peach takes pete and melissa to shane's for safe keeping. melissa's 18th birthday and pete sneaks maggie in to see her.

November 5,1985:mike hides jennifer from the cops. anna mourns tony's disapperance. steve breaks into bo and hope's hotel room.jennifer reveals herself to tom and alice.

November 7,1985:savannah meets with steve on the dolphin while bo and hope sneak aboard.kim distracts victor while shane searches his room. eugene tries to find tony with his smell-o-meter. anna prepares for the grand jury hearing.

November 8,1985: Pete introduce melissa to charlie. bo and hope are stranded on the yacht during steve and savannah's meeting. kim and victor walk in on shane and janet. ivy tells mike to stay out of her problems with pete.the hospital rapist attacks.

November 11,1985:steve kidnaps hope and torments her with fake acid.amy gets tod to make a list of the drug ring particpants.ivy thinks mike is the hospital rapist. shane disguises himself as panama jack. ivy takes charlie away from pete and melissa.

November 12,1985:steve leads bo and shane to hope. victor has a trantula put in shane's bed. pete proposes to melissa.

November 13,1985:victor shows up instead of shane for breakfast in bed with kimberly.steve gives savannah the last clue and chris bugs their conversation. liz needs voice thearpy. caroline finds out kimberly went to miami with victor. ivy tells mike the rapist was wearing his shirt.

November 14,1985:victor has a maid keep kimberly under house arrest.shane and victor compere in a yacht race. chris spies on savannah and gives the information to shane.bo wants to leave miami and hope doesn't.

november 15,1985:bo and hope find the book and give it to shane.bo and hope find a map to the treasure and go to find it.kim begins to detain victor. shane attempts to decode the book with victor's computer. nickerson and petrov(with the pawn) en route to the meeting at victor's estate.

November 18,1985:The drug deal on victor's yacht goes down, the boat explodes at the end.shane is locked in victor's study.savannah and steve take bo and hope hostage on the yacht. kim sleeps with victor to save shane.

November 19,1985: kim sleeps with victor to distract him from killing shane.amy escapes and tod is arrested.chris turns savannah in. miami finale with "Just a job to do" video.

november 20,1985:bo and hope search for the real book at the kirakis estate.shane fidns the book and a snake;kim kills the snake. bo and hope find film in kim's trash can. bo visits patch in the hospital.

November 21,1985: Victor, who is in jail, offers Larry Welch the deal to take the fall for him.Chris packs to leave miami--- he later visits savannah in jail. liz is going to washington,DC for the diabetes research function.the rapist is ready to go into marlena's office.

November 22,1985:bo, hope and kimberly are back in salem.victor in salem jail; shane visits him and tells him he has the book. shane turns over the book to nickerson. larry welch arrested and victor is released from jail.victor and kim agree to keep secret their encounter. party at horton's to welcome everyone home and to meet jennifer. rapist is hiding in marlena's office closet, he rapes maggie.

:1985 #18:November 27-Dec 10,1985

#1:kimberly is sick to her stomach,as marlena and caroline come to get her for Thanksgiving shopping. victor meets with savannah about what happens next. peachy and shane go to washington, where shane confronts nickerson about his involment with victor. hope goes to see patch in jail, as she wants to know who the pawn is. patch hits on hope, but refuses to give any answers, and continues to play games with her about bo's past. before shane can do anything, nickerson destroys victor's book, then kills himself.patch plays a "song" on his harmonica about bo,himself and a girl named britta, as bo comes and makes hope leave. marlena bumps into chris on the pier, as they comfort each other over cates and savannah's betryal.marlena then reflects on it being a year that roman died. caroline mothers a sick kimberly, as she wonders is she really has the flu. bo tells hope what patch said was true, as he fills her in about his past. shane returns to find kimberly sick, as he tells her about nickerson killing himself, and how victor is free. peachy and shane learn petroff and a patient( the pawn) have arrived in salem, as nurse honeycut(stefano's goon) cares for the bandaged man. bo goes back to see patch and warns him to leave hope alone, as patch asks about roman and the secret. he then tries to make a deal with bo to get him out and he won't tell the rest of the story, but bo refuses.

#2: marlena,alice, melissa and jen return from christmas shopping, as kevin is there to speak to marlena. eugene uses his device to track down claus, who he believes has tony. kimberly talks to peachy about still feeling sick, as she recommends she visit neil. jen talks to alice about problems she's having with a girl in school(veronica). kevin tells marlena his mother wants him to live with her, as he debates about doing this. eugene, calliope and anna go to the cabin and see claus. peachy asks kimberly is she could be pregnant, but she denies it could be, as she heads off to see neil to be sure.jen talks to melissa about her resentment towards her parents. marlena talks to alice about how she's grown close to kevin and is going to miss him when he goes home. eugene sends calliope to get the sheriff,as he tries to prevent anna from going in the cabin without a plan. kimberly learns from neil she's pregnant from her time in miami, and worries victor could be the father from the time she slept with him to save shane's life. anna confronts claus, and wants to know where tony is, but he claims to have no idea. robert and tracey come in and knock out claus and anna, as eugene stops them with his lazer stun gun. calliope then returns with the sheriff. kimberly returns home and tells peachy it was a false alarm she's not pregnant, just the flu.

#3: hope tries to reassure bo patch can't do anything to them and what happened was in the past.kimberly worries about her pregnancy when shane comes in to take care of her and her"flu".petroff talks with honeycut about the pawn, as he asks him how he feels to be home in salem again. jen gets teased by some girls about trying to steal one of their boyfriends. ivy tries to calm an overworked mike before he gets in more trouble. bo goes to see shane and figures out petroff is hiding in the lafferty farmhouse-which is stefano's. they set a plan in motion to find out, as shane tells kimberly to stay put.hope finds francis teaching at the university, as they discuss his future and how it's changed since he meet her.peachy dons a wig and disguise and goes to the lafferty farmhouse and takes pictures with a spy cam as she speaks with honeycut. shane and bo distract the guards outside to get a lay of the land. petroff talks about nobody knowing who the pawn is when the bandages come off. neil goes to check on kimberly as they discuss her pregnancy. jen pays back veronica by chasing off her boyfriend. hope goes to see kimberly, and they discuss bo sharing his past with her. shane, bo and peachy return and have kimberly develop the film. bo asks shane to get patch out of jail, under the rouse of him helping them catch victor,but shane senses there is more to the story. bo looks at the picture and tells them it's kate honeycut, as they all wonder if stefano is alive and is the pawn.

#4:emma and alex have breakfast,as he's on cloud 9 over claus being alive. they then discuss her getting the $1 million from both tracey and robert, and their upcoming wedding. alex then gets summoned to victor's. calliope, anna and eugene return to the penthouse as they discuss trying to find tony,as mickey arrives with divorce papers.melissa and maggie put up their christmas decorations,as jen is in a foul mood, until they mention mike calling about veronica's condition after the car accident. anna is blown away as calliope tries to comfort her.alex meets with victor, who blackmails him into selling him the property he and linda swindeled. mike prevents a medical tradegy from occuring with veronica.jen goes to see mike and tells him veronica's accident is her fault. hope tells alice about bo putting out patch's eye,causing them to become enemies. anna reads a letter from tony, explaining his decision. mickey goes to see maggie after sending her roses. he tells her he's worried about her since the rape, and invites her to dinner-alone. eugene gets a letter from tony explaing his real reasons for the divorce and to help anna to cope.

#5:eugene brings marlena a christmas tree, as they discuss calliope being at anna's to help her cope. anna gets rid of tony's things, as mickey arrives and she wants to sign the papers. maggie is nervous about her"date" with mickey, when there's a knock on the door.Thinking it's mickey, she has melissa get it, but it's pete, who's come to talk to melissa. savannah goes to see chris and tries to win him back, but he refuses to give in and throws her out. alex and victor discuss their new business arrangement. pete tells melissa he plans to get ivy to leave victor's and he wants to support his son. they then discuss their wedding plans after his divorce goes through. mickey tells anna tony is giving her 90% of his assets, and convinces her to give the clothes to charity. carrie hands marlena the decortation roman made,as they work on the tree. ivy and pete tie up lose ends, as they agree to get a divorce, but she refuse to leave victor's. alex and victor try to find a way to steal the pawn, and keep shane and bo off their backs at the same time.

#6: eugene and calliope decorate a tree for anna, as she wakes from a hangover in a bad mood. kimberly assures neil she'll go see the OB-GYN he's referred her to, as hope comes there looking for bo. she tells kimberly about the possibility of patch being released from jail and how she's scared. victor receives an invite from petroff to see the pawn. shane,bo and peachy listen to the plan petroff has for victor. kimberly tries to reassure hope it'll be alright.victor RSVP's petroff, as shane listens to them discussing the pawn. shane decides they should have some company at their meeting. shane,bo and peachy return to his place, as hope tells bo about patch. when he's not surprised by the news, hope is furious. shane tries to explain why he helped get patch released. later shane tries to reasure kimberly their plan for the pawn will work and they'll be able to stop victor's game. hope tries to get kimberly to open up to her about what's bothering her, but she covers. shane and bo plan to get in the bomb shelter-unaware victor has a set up waiting for them to trap them inside. shane replaces victor's limo driver, as hope, bo and peachy find the open trap door.

#7: shane drives victor to the farmhouse. petroff tells the pawn of victor's visit and how he plans to kill him. bo, hope and peachy look for the door to the farmhouse from the bombshelter. kimberly tries to convince herself the baby is shane's, as caroline arrives after she calls her over. kimberly then gets cold feet, but finally tells caroline she's pregnant and it may not be shane's. when caroline wonders if victor is the other man, kimberly denies it. shane gets into the farmhouse,as petroff's plan to kill victor backfires, and he's lead to the woods.shane tries to get the trap door open from inside, as peachy,bo and hope are being gased in the tunnel.caroline advices kimberly to have the baby and not say anything to shane. honeycut joins forces with victor after petroff is taken care of. they then decide to take the pawn to his place. in the meantime shane saves bo and hope as peachy is in the other end of the tunnel, but she's saved as well.bo searches for clues to the pawns' identity at the farmhouse after the others leave.

#8: kimberly joins marlena at the rape prevention seminar she's holding. ivy comes in with charlie, as kimberly holds him and thinks of her baby. maggie comes to join them as well, as marlena tries to warn her it may bring up memories. hope goes to see larry in jail about victor. bo and shane discuss getting the pawn, whom they believe is stefano. honeycut tends to the pawn at victor's. larry tells hope he can't help her. alex reports to victor about his progress with the riverfront project. shane goes to see victor on a fishing expedition about where he has the pawn. bo runs into patch on the pier, and tells him to keep his mouth shut, since he got him out of jail. after some bantering patch agrees not to say anything to anyone-unaware hope is listening.marlena tries to comfort maggie, as she remembers the night she was raped. kimberly listens and feels like that is what happened to her with victor.hope calls howie for help about bo's converstation with patch and the past. shane fills in bo about his meeting with victor. shane goes to pick up kimberly at the clinic and watches her as she holds charlie.

#9(1st part.. cont on next tape):pete goes to see chris at shennigans about making some changes at jump- to make more money to provide for ivy, charlie and melissa. marlena brings maggie home, and tries to reassure her she didn't let anyone down,like she believes she did. shane watches kimberly with baby charlie,as ivy comes in. he comments on how kimberly glows holding the baby, as kimberly thinks of her baby. ivy fills mike in about maggie breaking down at the meeting. pete takes melissa to a "surprise" party for 2 at jump. shane asks kimberly to help him with a blueprint of what victor was using the upstairs rooms for when she was there, so he can figure out where the pawn may be. as they get romantic, his ISA phone rings. shane learns the ISA wants him to replace nickerson as the acting head. he's shocked as he tells kimberly the news. they discuss it, as kimberly tells him it's his decision to make. when she mentions them maybe settling down and having kids, shane tells her one day he'd like that after they travel and do things first, so she delays telling him about the baby. shane decides he needs to talk to bo before he leaves for washington, as caroline comes over to check on kimberly.

1985 #19:December 10-24,1985

#1:(part 2 from above): mickey goes to see maggie and gives her a shoulder to lean on. caroline tries to get kimberly to tell shane she's pregnant, but she wants to wait. pete brings melissa home,as they discuss his situation with ivy, unaware she's planning to leave town. shane returns home as kimberly tells him her father doesn't understand their situation, as shane implies he's the man she's going to marry. when kimberly tries to get him to ask her, he plays dumb, having a plan in mind.marlena and chris share a good time together at shennigans. kimberly and shane share a romantic evening together before he leaves for washington.

#2: peachy delivers a note to kimberly, with instructions for her to follow to the letter. bo keeps an eye on victor's house from the van.victor gives honeycut some photo slides to show the pawn to try and trigger his memory. marlena comes into shennigans, as she and kimberly discuss her raising the twins alone. chris later joins marlena and they discuss savannah being jealous of her. abe comes along and offers marlena a job on the police force as a police shrink. alex talks to victor about the canary operation, bo learns some medical supplies are being delivered for the pawn, and reports back to peachy. kimberly is lead on a mystery, starting with a trip to a spa with a facial and then given a luxerious fur coat, as she's whisked off on a private plane to vermont to a hideaway resort. bo listens as shawn barges into victor's about him buying up all the properties on the riverfront. melissa and pete discuss the future, now that the bad times are behind them. chris tries to reassure pete ivy will be back,when savannah comes in and chris gives her a cold shoulder. victor shows the pawn pictures of marlena,alex,bo,anna, caroline,abe stefano and roman to jog his memory. kimberly figures out shane is behind this adventure, but can't find him anywhere. when she walks over to a candle lit table, there is a velvet box with a ring, as shane comes in and asks kimberly to marry him. shawn and chris try to pursade some locals victor is bad news,as savannah defends him. the pawn stares at the picture of roman, as victor tells him who he is. honeycut assure victor the pawn should be talking soon. after they leave he gets up and goes to a mirror and utters who am I

#3:chris talks to pete and melissa at jump, as tod joins them. chris informs them tod is the new owner now.eugene and calliope go to see anna and announce they are getting married on new years eve. kimberly is at a lost for words, as shane asks her to marry him. she quickly recovers and accepts his proposal,as they celebrate their future. after a phone call from peachy, and a broken bed, things start to improve for kimberly and shane, when two skiers get lost in the snow and come knocking. a quick thinking captain donovan saves the night,as he and kimberly pick up where they left off. tod tells pete he considers them partners, even though he's the new owner. pete tells melissa about ivy leaving town. marlena and mike talk about the success of the rape seminar, as they discuss his battle with the doctor who operated on veronica( jennifer's enemy at school). while pete and melissa are discussing ivy leaving town, she comes in from behind them. ivy tells pete she went to hatti and got a divorce, so all he needs to do is sign and return the papers to make it final. jen sneaks in to see veronica, as they become friends.when a nurse comes to take her for x-rays, jen hides. the rapist plans to strike again. eugene and calliope try to figure out where the wedding will be held, after inviting everyone. the rapist sneaks into veronica's room and grabs jen, but she's able to get away after a struggle, but as marlena comes in and sees him, he knocks her down and runs out. chris helps marlena up as mike comforts jen and promises to get the creep.

#4:hope wakes up as bo watches her and says he got in late after his and peachy's spying on the pawn at victors. jen tries to make light of her incident, when mike comes and she runs to him for relief. kimberly and shane return home from vermont and tell caroline they are engaged. victor talks to honeycut about her continued work with the pawn,as the pawn sneaks downstairs and listens. bo and hope talk about patch, and him staying away from patch,as hope wonders what secret he's keeping from her regarding roman. when victor goes to the fishmarket,caroline notices the tension between kimberly and him, when she shows him her engagement ring.jen gets defensive with hope and mike as they discuss her being attacked. bo and shane meet about their plan to catch victor, when the ISA informs him he's been suspended. peachy learns shane's suspension has to do with an incident in stockholm, as bo reacts strangely. hope gets a case while she becomes howie's partner. kimberly returns home and shane tells her the latest.honeycut puts up a poster board of the pictures for the pawn, as victor plans to transfer him to a private insitute. bo plans a trip to mexico to talk to a friend of roman's about when shane was in stockholm

#5: hope reads bo's note while she's at shennigans, trying to figure out what's up. anna tells eugene she's going to try and get tony's board seat at the hospital. mike informs dr curry about his intent to go to the board with his evidence. shane vents his frustration over his situation to peachy, as she tries to assure him things will work out. he then learns peachy and abe are going after the pawn without him, but he plans his own scheme to help them get the pawn. hope asks eugene and anna for their help on her case: to catch this jew theif magican, who is going to be at blondies. liz tries to sing and gets frustrated when she can't. shane bumps into shawn at shennigans, and they set up a plan to distract victor.mikes steps in when dr curry admits he was right about him.anna tries to butter up victor for the seat on the board, shawn goats victor into a meeting at the fishmarket. shane is puzzled when victor comments on his job situation, tod watches jen set up a date for veronica, and asks to fill in as her date for the dance, but she turns him down.

#6: hope and eugene listen to kleptin, the magican planning his next hoax at blondies.the pawn is shown the pictures again to try and trigger his memory. victor returns and wants him moved to a private insitution in the morning. peachy and abe watch victor, as they plan their next move. shane finds kimberly at blondies with caroline. he tells her he can't join her, since he has to be at victor's to help peachy and abe. tod tells neil and liz his plans for the body connection. shawn tries to pursuade the others to join with him, as victor comes in.peachy and abe make their move to the pawn's room,as a snag hits- the garage has an explosion and causes a fire. honeycut then orders an ambulance to move the pawn- as shane shows up as the driver. kimberly struggles with her decision about the baby. hope gets herself to be kleptin's new assistant in his magic act. when honeycut discovers shane , they end up crashing. the pawn then gets up from the stretcher as the others are unconscious.

#7:kimberly gets a call at blondies from peachy, who is looking for shane, victor returns home and searches for the pawn-who's gone. the pawn escapes from the ambulance, as shane lays unconscious. kimberly fills in peachy about shane's plan. hope, anna and eugene try to get kleptin to chose anna's pearls for his next trick. kimberly calls around looking for shane, to no avail.victor learns honeycut decided to move the pawn. honeycut wakes and learns the pawn is gone, as she leaves shane there.while driving down the road patch sees the pawn and picks him up. after talking they head back to patch's room, where he decides to hide him at.liz and neil find the ambulance with shane, as he awakens looking for the pawn. they call peachy and tell her what happened,as they bring shane home.victor learns of the pawn being gone, and shane's involvement. kimberly gets back and checks on shane, who's upset about losing the pawn. to cheer him up, kimberly gives shane a present- a baby's rattle, as he's overjoyed about the baby. hope bust kleptin with abe's assistance. patch goes to see victor and tries to tell him he has the pawn,but decides to wait when victor offers a big reward.

#8:hope is interviewed for her cracking the jewel theif case, as she mentions being partners with howie, as he walks in. victor talks to savannah about their search for the pawn. patch continues to care for the pawn at his place, as the man doesn't utter a sound. patch then asks him what bo would do if he knew he was there, implying he knows his identity. savannah summons patch to victor's to search for the pawn-unaware he has him. kimberly worries about telling shane she's pregnant,as he comes in and they talk about their relationship and how it's come so far.peachy then comes in and they tell her the news of the baby. after a little buttering up,howie agrees to let hope be his partner. patch meets with savannah, as she warns him not to cross victor. kimberly tells caroline about shane's reaction to the baby, when shane comes in and learns the news from peachy: he's being investigated for esponiage, as he's shocked. it has to do with an incident in stockholm years earlier that was in nickerson's files. kimberly returns home, ready to plan their wedding, when shane breaks the news to her. hope and howie go to patch's to get info about bo, but patch refuses to let howie in(since he's hiding the pawn)he then comes out and decks poor howie, as he sees hope and realizes she's in on it. patch warns the pawn they need to lay low until the time is right. chris and savannah in the meantime start to get close again.

#9(1st part):pete goes to see ivy about spending christmas eve with charlie. marlena and maggie talk about her egg nog, as alice brings out the christmas decorations for the tree. hope worries bo won't be back from mexico in time for christmas, as melissa comes to pick her up for the tree decorating, but hope wants to wait a while longer to see if bo comes back. while driving home, bo runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere. he has a flashback of him and steve(patch) at christmas, talking about britta, when he looks at a switchblade patch gave him for a present. in the meantime,patch plays a christmas tune on the harmonica bo gave him for a christmas present a long time ago. when he leaves the apartment, the pawn searches it. pete and ivy argue about charlie, as she wants to have him with her. victor sends savannah to patches about the pawn. bo finally arrives home. while praying in the hospital chapel, anna meets francis. patch returns with a mangy christmas tree for him and the pawn. when savannah knocks on his door, patch quickly hides the pawn from her...

1985 #20:December 24-Jan3,1986

#1:the horton Christmas present exchange gets underway. jen refuses to speak to her parents when they call, until mike pursuades her. bo and hope's celebration is cut short, as they head to tom and alice's. anna pours her heart out to francis. pete gives melissa an engagement ring. patch tucks the pawn into bed as they listen to the christmas carolers

#2: the brady family christmas celbration gets under way, as shane and bo discuss the pawn. tod joins liz and neil for a family christmas, as pete and melissa come over with charlie before heading to the children's party at the hospital. marlena and anna commensarate together. kimberly and shane share a reminder kiss under the mistole. matt and nancy, jen's friends from the warehouse steal the brady's christmas presents. santa eugene is hit with the kids. as marlena, maggie,mickey, liz and alice tell the story of christmas. when nancy and matt get caught, they blame it on jen. bo and hope learn kimberly's pregnant, after caroline gives her a box with yellow, pink and blue yarn in it. abe questions jen and she tells him what she knows about nancy and matt. caroline gives kimberly her mothers' kniting basket, unaware of an old letter from her to victor that is in it. in the spirit of christmas, the brady's let matt and nancy off the hook.shane gives kimberly a present for their baby- a sterling silver engraved cup that reads baby donovan.

#3: calliope and eugene show anna his latest invention: an alarm for nurses uniforms to battle the rapist. jen announces to mike, tom and alice she's not going to the dance, since she doesn't have a date. shane tries to figure out how victor got him into this mess with the ISa and where he's hiding the pawn,as kimberly does her best to keep him calm. despite her misgivings. kimberly allows shane to meet with janet, victor's maid who has a crush on him to learn about the pawn. anna decides to wear the uniform to the hospital board meeting. after tom spins a tale about alice going to a dance alone, jen decides to go to her dance after all.emma and alex go over their wedding plans, as they spot shane with janet. shane is able to learn victor doesn't have the pawn anymore before janet is "called" away. shane is offered a deal by the ISA: confess and blame it all on nickerson, but he turns it down flat. jen is a big hit with the boys, so to get even another jealous girl arranges for a bucket of paint to fall on jen when she's crowned queen of the dance.

#4: mike and alice learn from tod what happened to jen. kimberly goes to see bo and hope and asks if he knows anything about what's going on with shane's problems, since he was in stockholm at that time. patch and the pawn's breakfast is interupted when victor comes to see patch about finding the pawn. victor also offers patch another job-convincing a fisherman named vinnie to fall into line so he can proceed with his riverfront project. bo tells kimberly he can't help her, as he hides his secrret from her and hope, as hope gets suspicous. vinnie tells shawn and caroline of his encounter with victor's goons. before patch can leave, bo goes to see him- so he hides the pawn again. bo and patch talk about stockholm and the past-including bo poking out patch's eye.mike finds jen in the warehouse and convinces her to go back with him. patch reveals a secret to the pawn before he sets out to destory vinnie's boat for victor. when victor gloats to caroline and kimberly about his plans for the riverfront, there's an explosion on the docks. bo learns hope is howies' new partner, and is not happy. victor, caroline and kimberly head to the dock, when they learn vinnie's boat exploded.

#5: kimberly, caroline and victor learn vinnie is alright, but he tells them he doesn't know where shawn is. eugene talks to his best man-marlena about calliope and the wedding, and how it may not happen, since she's afraid of needles and won't have a blood test. just then calliope and anna come in,and she's carrying a vival of blood, but it later is revealed to be cow's blood from a butcher shop.kimberly spots shawn in the water, as victor dives in and saves him. while pete and melissa are decorating jump for new years eve, a piece of the ceiling comes down. neil surprises liz with a new dress for the wedding, but she's afraid to go to the reception, since everyone may ask her to sing and she can't.eugene, marlena and anna convince calliope to let marlena take her blood, when alex and emma come for their's and are gloating. alex and emma then decide to sabatoge the wedding in favor of their own.kimberly and victor talk at the hospital, and agree not to mention what happened between them in miami.

#6:alex has calliope and eugene detained on their way to the park for the wedding. bo goes to see shawn in the hospital, as shawn tells him victor saved his life. emma has all the wedding guest go to the salem inn-where she and alex are getting married. kimberly worries about shawn being hurt again, as shane eases her fears.victor bursts into patchs and yells at him about shawn and warns him any future assignments he gives to patch no brady is to be hurt.shawn is confused when bo tells him victor is responsible for vinnie's boat exploding, but he can't prove it yet. as the wedding starts,emma comes down the isle,as marlena and anna figure eugene and calliope must be at the park, and everyone gets up and leaves.... including the minister that anna takes with her.patch talks to the pawn about changing the bandages, and learning what he looks like. calliope and eugene finally arrive at the park, and only find a late bo and hope, when suddenly everyone else arrives,as they are finally married in style.kimberly and shane ring in the new year in front of a roaring fire, after he gives her a cradle for the baby. emma digs up a priest to marry her and alex and beat the midnight deadline she has. when patch returns with some party stuff, he finds the pawn is gone. bo surprises hope with a new place for them- the loft.

#7:bo and hope awaken in the loft, and discuss fixing up the place, when they have their first visitors: pete and melissa, who are carrying cardboard cut outs of bo and hope from their wedding.maggie talks to marlena about doing volunteer work again at the hospital.mike tries to comfort ivy as she looks at her final divorce papers. pete and melissa talk about where they are going to live once they get married. while mike is talking to nurse chrissy-lynne, the rapist lurks. ivy calls pete and tells him the divorce is final, as she hides her feelings from him. patch goes to the loft looking for bo, and has an encounter with hope, as he plays his cat and mouse game with her about losing the pawn. bo finally comes back and he and patch banter, as patch tells him he was "robbed" and fishes to see if bo knows anything. patch then checks at the hospital for the pawn. the rapist strikes again.

#8:patch is angry when there is no sign of the pawn at the hospital. marlena and maggie talk about her returning. bo and abe talk about the explosion, as bo is convinced victor is behind it. as they talk about victor and how he has the pawn somewhere, the pawn is listening from under the docks.victor goes to patch's and finds some medical supplies and starts to get suspicious. hope goes to see kimberly with a baby present, and senses something is up when they talk about who the baby will look like. shane returns and asks if peachy called with any information about his case. he fills hope in and mentions it has to do with stockholm, which gets a rise from her.maggie finds chrissy-lynne, the latest victim of the rapist. bo talks to kimberly about victor and the explosion, then asks if there's anything shane is keeping from him. later shane and bo conclude they need to break into the ISA and read the file on him to be able to defend himself against the charges.a homeless woman finds the pawn nearly passing out and takes him to the hospital, where he passes out. neil tries to change his bandages, but he gets upset, so neil calls in marlena to calm him, which she is able to do. patch almost hears the homeless woman talking about the pawn, but is a little too late, but he encounters a dock worker who remembers seeing him around the time of the explosion. patch is able to convince him to keep quiet. kimberly and shane bump into victor at the hospital. she cuts off shane before he's able to tell victor she's pregnant.victor and bo learn about the pawn from marlena, but during the commuction over the rapist, the pawn escapes. kimberly tells shane she wants to keep her pregnancy private until they are married.patch returns to his place to find the pawn back there.when he goes to change the bandages he finds the supplies are gone, and realizes someone is on to him. honeycut then calls and summons patch to victor's,as he tells the pawn they are in trouble.

Tapes for the year 1986:

Tape 1: 6 shows per tape

1986(Jan 7 ) (1st generation starts with this tape and all that follow)

SLP Mode: Excellent Quality 1st generation

Characters: Mike, Ivy,Abe, Shawn, Caroline, Shane,Kimberly, Maggie,Mickey, Tom, Neil,Miss Peach.

Highlights: Mike is question about a nurses rape. Shawn is determined to prove Victor was behind his recent accident. Shane works on his plan to break into the ISA h/q. Maggie has a scary visit from LaToya's father. Kim chooses Neil as her doctor during her pregnancy, and tries to figure out when she conceived the child. Maggie buys a gun for protection.

Jan 9,1986: Characters: Mike, Ivy, Robin Jacobs, Bo, Hope, Patch(Steve),Shane, Kim,Peachy,Jennifer, Alice, Victor, Caroline,Tom�

H/L: Robin's 1st day at University Hospital. Bo and Hope at the warehouse he's working at with Patch.Hope argues with Bo when she learns Patch is his boss. Shane splicing tape of a ISA officals voice to get into file room. Jennifer candy-stripes at hospital 1st day. Mike puts his foot in his mouth with Robin- the new chief of surgery. Robin puts Mike in his place.

Jan 10,1986: Characters: Jennifer, Pete,Chris, Bo,Hope,Shane,Peachy,Matt(friend of Jenn's from street),Savanah, Patch, Caroline,Alice..

H/L: Jenn's friend Matt comes looking for more money from her. Hope is worried Bo and Shane's plan won't work. Hope distracts Patch, so Bo can slip away from work. Savanah talks to Caroline about Victor. Patch is livid when he realizes he was duped by Hope. Shane and Bo break into the H/Q at ISA.Bo finds espionage file on Shane,and flashes back to himself in Stockholm.

Jan 13,1986:Characters: Chris, Savanah,Kim,Emma,Peachy,Shane,Bo,Anna,Marlena,

Alex, Iann�

H/L: Chris and Savannah kiss, after she saves Matt in the alley of Shenanigans. Kim and Emma have a heated confrontation at Shane's house. Peachy holds a gun on Bo and Shane at the ISA, but later lets them go. Anna is confronted by two thugs on the dock when Brother Francis saves her. Kim dreams Emma told Shane Victor is the baby's father. Bo flashes back to Stockholm, and vows not to let Shane take the rap.

Jan14,1986: Characters: Melissa, Pete,Alice, Jenn,Mike, Robin, Tom,Kim, Shane, Peachy, Neil,Emma,Hope,Alice�

H/L: Melissa and Pete finalize their wedding plans. Mike skips an important meeting with Robin to help a child in the abuse clinic. Emma goes to Neil as a new"patient". Flashbacks of Bo and Hope dancing at other times to their song(Tonight�) Emma comes with a baby present and taunts Kim, till Shane comes home and throws her out. Mike is reprimanded by Robin. Shane wants to get married-now.Kim starts to have pains.

Jan15,1986: Characters: Jenn, Todd, Alice, Tom, Mike, Shane, Neil, kim, Robin, Caroline, Liz, Alex, Emma�

H/L: Jenn talks to Todd about being excluded from a hip party. Kim is in the hospital, and appears to be fine, for now. A couple of girls argue about Jennifer and the party, as Todd overhears them. Mike and Robin are both invited to dinner by Tom and Alice. Jenn gets revenge, by putting glue in their shampoo bottle, then going to the party with both girls dates. Shane warns Emma to stay away from Kim.

Tape 2:

6 shows(Excellent Quality)

SLP Mode

1st part of tape has a clip from tv's bloopers with DOOL bloopers.


Jan 17,1986:Characters:Patch,Pawn(AKA John Black),shane, Kim, Bo ,Hope, Chris, Savanah, Alex, Victor,Emma,Marlena, Maggie,Shawn�

H/L:Patch's houseguest, the pawn, plans his escape. Shane tries to hide things from Kim, for her own sake. Hope surprises Bo in New York City. Emma makes a pitch to Victor to join his organization. Patch offers Victor the pawn for $1 million.

Jan 20,1986: Characters: Shane,Emma, Alex,Victor, Mickey,Maggie, Marlena, Chris,Pete, Melissa, Bo, Hope, Peachy, Patch, Caroline, Savanah..

H/L: Shane follows Emma back to Victors. Mickey and Maggie celebrate at Blondies. Patch is sweating bullets after the pawn splits. The pawn wanders into Brady's fish market. Patch does some nice covering with Victor.

Jan 21,1986: Characters: Anna, br Francis,Mike, Robin,Marlena,nurse Christy-Lynn, Hope, Bo, kim, Shane,Iann, Jake, Abe, Tom, Patch�

H/L:Robin and Mike continue to bicker. The jacket the rapist was wearing has Mike's name tag on it. Abe shows it to him and says he needs to get a alibi. Bo goes to Patch's and they discuss the pawn. Patch reminds Bo he holds the key to Shane's freedom. Robin defends Mike to the nurses.

Jan23,1986: Characters: Pete, Chris,Marlena,Liz, Neil,Maggie,Mickey,Shane,Kim,Melissa,Calliope,Eugene,Victor,Alex, Shawn..

H/L: Pete is strong armed by the loan shark. Liz's dinner party isn't going as she planned. Shane learns the case has been dropped. Victor is determined to get Shane.

Jan24,1986:Characters: Pete, Melissa, Kim, Shane,Bo,Hope, Emma,Victor, Alex,Pawn, br Francis,Maggie, Alice,Liz, Neil,Patch, Caroline.

H/L: The loan shark continues to turn up the heat on Pete. Shane tells Bo and Hope the good news. Victor enlist Emma's help with Shane. The pawn wanders into a rescue mission. He sees a plaque on the wall, and choose a name-John Black. 1st time see face of John without bandages. Kim finds Caroline's letter to Victor.

Jan27,1986:characters: Hope,liz,bo,Victor,Kim, shane,Caroline, Shawn..

H/L:Bo awakens at Victor's house, after he was beaten at the warehouse. Kim reads Caroline's letter to Victor, and believes she is Victor's daughter, the baby that is refered to in the letter.Liz imagines she is singing again at Blondies. (Gloria Loring sings Greatest love of all.)

Tape 3:

6 shows (excellent quality)

SLP mode : 1986

Jan 29,1986: Characters: Patch, Savanah, John, Shawn, Caroline, Kim, Shane, Chris, Marlena, Neil�

H/L: Patch and Savanah sit at Shenanigans with a sketch artist hired by Victor to draw a sketch of the Pawn. John comes in and observes the drawing from another table, and it doesn't resemble him at all. Patch walks by John, but doesn't recognize him. Shane is puzzled by Kim's mood swing. John saves Marlena from a hold up attempt. He is then introduced formally to her and Chris.

Jan 30,1986:Characters:Hope, Howie, Marlena, Chris, Savanah, Bo, Shane, Pete, Melissa, Victor, Emma, Alex, Kim�

H/L: Shane is arrested after Emma's story comes out. Hope sneaks Pete's ring that Melissa gave him away from a fence she helped bust, and questions Pete about it. Emma and Victor gloat in their success.

Jan 31,1986:Characters: Marlena, John, Peachy, Bo, Kim, Abe, Mickey, Tom, Hope, Neil, Caroline, Iann, Melissa, Jennifer, Shawn, Emma, Victor,Alex, Shane..

H/L: John talks to Marlena about a job working security at the hospital. Bo and Hope work on a plan to help Shane. Kim discusses Amnio with Neil. The rapist tries again with Marlena, but John saves her. The rapist is revealed to be Iann. Bo charges into Shane's bail hearing and says he's the spy.

Feb 3,1986:Characters: Marlena, Tom, Carrie, Alice, Melissa, Iann, Bo, Shane, Kim, Victor, Hope, Caroline, Emma, Alex,John, Mickey, Maggie, Pete, Neil, Shawn�

H/l: Bo tells his story, as all hell breaks lose in the court room. John tries to figure out his identity. Bo is arrested and Shane is released.

Feb 4,1986: Characters: Melissa, Pete, Shane, kim, bo, hope, Patch, Victor, Peachy,Emma, alex, Iann, Marlena, Chris, John, Ivy�

H/L:Hope tries to convince Bo to get Patch to set the record straight. Patch has a proposition for Victor regarding Bo.

Feb6,1986:Characters: Shane, Emma, victor, Kim, bo, patch, Ivy, Pete, John, Marlena, Chris, alex�

H/L: Shane has the upper hand with Emma and Victor. Flashbacks of Patch/Bo/Britta in happier times. Pete asks Chris for a loan. Victor offers to help Pete with his problem. Patch agrees to help Hope with Bo.

Feb7,1986:Characters: Mike, Robin, Jenn, Marlena, Tom, Alice,John, Kim, Shane, Caroline, Robert,, Shawn, Nancy.

H/L: Shane is reinstated into the ISA, and vows to help Bo. Mike and Jenn try to cheer up her friend Nancy, who is a cancer patient at the hospital, but when Robin walks in, she blows a fuse. Shane and Kim have a romantic encounter.

Tape 4: 6 shows, excellent quality. 1986

Feb10,1986:Characters: Shane, Kim, Neil, Marlena, Caroline, Bo, Melissa, Hope, Patch, Emma, Alex, Tom john, Anna..

H/l: Flashbacks of Patch and Britta in bed, and Bo finding them. Melissa spills the beans to Bo about Hope and Patch. Kim has the amnio, as Emma lurks. Bo escapes from jail, and Shane helps him get out of the country and to Stockholm.

Feb11,1986:Characters: Kim, Shane, Shawn, Caroline, John, Patch, Hope, Marlena, Lars, Victor, Alex, Calliope, Maggie, Jenn..

H/L: Shane fills in Kim on the Bo situation. John breaks up a brawl at the fish market. More flashbacks of Bo and Patch.

Feb14,1986:Characters: Shane, Kim, Robin, Ivy, Iann, Mike, Pete, Chris, Victor, Melissa, Alice, Marlena, Jenn, Maggie, Mickey, Anna, br Francis, Savanah, Emma.

H/L: Victor pays off Pete's loan. Shane and Kim try to figure out who sent all the baby stuff. Emma and alex crash the wedding.

Feb17.1986:Characters Hope, Bo, Patch, Melissa,Pete, Maggie, Mickey(full house)

H/L: Patch informs Bo and Hope they are on the Swedish news, as he puts the tv on, and Bo's picture pops up. The police coming looking, but Patch covers. The double wedding of Maggie and Mickey, and Melissa and Pete begins.

Feb19,1986:Characters. Kim, Shane, Abe, Melissa,Pete, Hope, Bo, Patch, Britta, Shawn,..

H/L: Abe questions Shane about Bo. Bo comes face to face with Britta. Shane works on defusing a bomb delivered to the fish market.

Feb20,1986:Characters: Marlena, Chris, Savanah, Shane, Abe, Kim, Emma, Victor, Alex, Liz, Neil, Noel..

H/L: Emma pumps an intern about amnio. Kim wants to know what Shane is hiding from her. Chris gives Savanah a cold shoulder. Later she goes to see Marlena and a masked man enters Marlena's office, and Savanah is stabbed. (all part of her plan).

Tape 5: 6 shows, excellent quaility.

Feb 24,1986:Characters: Hope, Ingrid, Bo, Patch, Britta, Lars, Mike, Robin, Neil, Kim, Shane, Marlena, Mickey, Maggie, Iann, John, Liz, Emma..

H/L: Bo is frantic when Hope doesn't arrive in Stockholm, unaware Ingrid and the KGB have her. Mike asks Marlena's advice about asking Robin out. Emma changes Kim's amnio test.

Feb25,1986;Characters: Shane, Liz, Kim, Neil, Patch, Britta, Lars, Hope, Bo, Ingrid, Emma, Alex..

H/L: Kim debates having the baby, after the amnio results. Hope plans her escape, but is caught by Ingrid. Bo calls Shane for help.

Feb 26,1986: Characters: Robin, Mike, Kim, Neil, Emma, Victor, john, Marlena, Liz..

H/L: Kim decides to have the baby. Emma tells Victor Kim is pregnant. Mike is angry at Robin for breaking their date. Victor confronts Kim.

Feb 27,1986:Characters: Kim, Ivy, Marlena, John, Shane, Bo, Britta, Hope, Ingrid, Caroline, Emma, Victor, Patch..

H/L: Kim talks to an abortion counselor. Marlena gives John a piece of her mind. Shane arrives in Stockholm. Victor hires John for the security of his estate. Hope is "shot" by Patch. Kim crashes her car.

Feb 28,1986: Characters: Melissa, Pete, Iann, shane, bo, Patch, Hope, Britta, Ingrid, Chris, Marlena, Caroline, Kim, Savanah, Maggie, Neil, abe, Lars, Victor..

H/L: Bo holds Hope's "dead" body. Hope makes a great "corpse" Kim is brought to the hospital, and it doesn't look good. Shane learns of Kim's accident.

March 3,1986: Characters: mike, Jenn, robin, john, Marlena, Pete, Melissa, Victor, Caroline, Shawn, Kim, Shane, Neil, Iann, Jake, Todd..

H/L: Jenn goes to Mike when she gets in trouble at school. Shane arrives at the hospital. Victor and Pete "talk".

Tape 6 Excellent quality, 6 shows,SLP speed.

March4,1986:Characters: Neil, kim, shane, Peachy,Marlena, John, Melissa,Iann, Patch, Hope,Britta, Alice, Pete, Jake, Abe..

H/L: Shane finds Kim's abortion pamphlets. Iann freaks out Melissa. Patch and Britta are staying at Bo and Hope's. shane confronts Kim, then storms out. Iann is finally caught.

March5,1986:Characters: Pete, Melissa, Jenn, bo, Hope, Abe, John, Marlena, shane, Maggie, Mickey, Patch, Britta..

H/L: Hope goes to visit Bo at his hideout. Melissa gives her statement to the police, and encounters a very sick Iann. Britta agrees to testify for Bo.

March 6,1986:Characters: Marlena, John, Kim, Neil, Bo, hope, Shawn,Chris, Abe, Savanah,,Caroline, victor, Hope, Alex..

H/L: Marlena and John bicker. Abe investigates the "attack" on Savanah. Bo sneaks in to see Kim.

March7,1986:Characters: Britta, Hope, Bo, Patch, John,Robin, Mike, Kim, Neil, Shane, Shawn, Caroline, Abe..

H/L: Bo refuses to stay put. Patch visits Victor about their deal. While he is there, he sees John, but can't place him. Mike's van breaks down with Robin in it on the Jewish sabbath. Shane fianally goes to see Kim.

March 10,1986:Characters: Bo, Hope, Marlena, Carrie, John, Kim, shane, Anna, Victor, Calliope, Alice, Caroline,alex, Emma�

H/L: Bo and Hope work on a plan to find the recently escaped Britta. Shane takes Kim home from the hospital, but freeze her out personally. Victor goes to see Kim about the baby, and makes noise.

March 11,1986:Characters: Jenn, Melissa, Pete,victor, Chris, Savanah,, Marlena, Kim, Emma, alex, Caroline, Todd..

H/L: Savanah and Chris grow close again. Emma taunts Kim -again, until Shane intercepts her. Jenn sells copies of a test from school to classmates. Victor goes over business about Jump with Pete.

Tape 7 Excellent quality, 6 shows, SLP speed.

March 13,1986:Characters: Calliope, Anna, John, Shane, Peachy, Kim, Hope, Abe, Patch, Britta, victor, Caroline.

H/L: Shane throws himself into his work. Calliope plays matchmaker. Abe catches Bo. Victor gives Patch his orders for Britta. John tries to remember his identity.

March 13,1986:Characters: Mike, Jenn, Todd, Chris, Savanah, Kim, shane, Alex, John, Marlena, Emma, Robin, Nancy, Victor..

H/L:Kim and Shane get close again, for a short time. John thinks he may be Stefano. Jenn is in real trouble at school. Shane and John watch Kim's meeting with Victor on the security camera's.

March14,1986:Characters: Bo, hope, Britta, Kim, victor, shane, John, Marlena, alice, Alex, Patch, Emma.

H/L: Shane learns the truth. Victor strong arms Kim. Hope feels excluded when Bo, Britta and Patch go on about their past. Shane and Kim argue, as she fills him in on the details.

March 15,1986:Characters: Bo, Hope, John, Anna, Carrie, Marlena, Kim,Caroline, Jenn, Alex,Calliope.

H/L: Hope questions Bo about his feelings for Britta. Carrie is afraid of John. Kim blames Caroline for her troubles.

March19,1986:Characters: Kim, Neil, Robin, Jenn, Mike, John, Marlena, Alex, Victor, Peachy..

H/L: Kim tells Neil about Shane.Alex tells Victor the real John Black is dead, as John listens from afar. The jig is up for Jenn. Robin tries to mend fences b/t her father and Robert.John creates his own past.

March 20, 1986:Characters: Patch, Britta, Alice, robin, Mike, Kim, Peachy, Shane, Ivy,Shawn..

H/L: Britta is going stir crazy.Shane calls for Peachy, freezing out Kim. At the abuse clinic, Kim plays with baby Charlie. Kim plans to leave Salem for good.

Tape 8 Excellent quality, 6 shows, SLP speed

March 21,1986:Characters: Britta, Hope, shane, Peachy, Kim, Neil, Tom, Alice, John, Marlena, Victor, Bo, Carrie..

H/L: Hope and Britta have a talk about her feelings for Patch. Peachy and Neil each talk to Shane and Kim. John tries to befriend Carrie.

March 24,1986: Characters: Jenn, Todd, Pete, Bo,Shane, Kim, victor, Peachy, Melissa, Maggie, Mickey.

H/L: Victor insists Kim is not leaving town, that she is to stay with him, but Peachy steps in. Bo learns from Shane there is a problem, and Kim is gone. Kim stays with Peachy, as Shane's pride gets in his way.

March 26,1986:Characters: jenn, mike robin, melissa,todd, shane,kim,maggie,nancy, tom,alice,pete, chris, mickey, savanah. H/L: Mike and Jenn plan a surprise for Nancy. Melissa yells at Pete about the booze at jump.Kim and Shane try hard to stay apart. money laundrying is pete's next tast.

March 27,1986:Characters: calliope, marlena,john, bo, hope, shane,,kim, neil, liz, todd, peachy. H/L:kim and shane bicker. marlena senses something is not right with john. peachy sets up dinner for shane and kim. kim returns shane's ring to him.

March28,1986:Characters: mike, robin, marlena, john, shane ,bo,hope, britta, patch, nancy, jenn,victor.H/L:robin tries to apologize to mike about nancy. marlena is determined to learn about john. nancy goes home. bo is frustrated over kim and shane. john asks victor about the pawn.

March 31,1986:Characters: todd, neil, mike,robin, jenn, abe, bo, hope, patch, britta, chris, savanah, shane. H/L: robin teaches mike about her culture. todd fights the urge to drink. hope offers her support to shane. savanah and todd get in a car accident after drinking at jump.

Tape 9 excellent quality. 6 shows, SLP mode.

April2,1986:Characters: patch, britta, shane, neil, liz, calliope, mike, robin, marlena,john, hope, tom, chris,alex, anna,victor. H/L: liz mourns Todd's death. Mike and robin argue about Todd's death. John wants to stop his sessions with Marlena, but agrees to continue for a while. hope is worried about shane. Liz wants to see Pete for Todd's death.

April3,1986:Characters: bo, britta,hope, john, kim, shane, neil,jenn, alice, victor, abe, peachy,emma. H/L: John writes a letter to Shane, impiicating Victor with Britta in Stockholm. Kim and Shane can't stop running into each other.Shane goes over the plans with Abe for the ballet.

April4,1986:Characters: john, marlena, britta,patch,peachy, bo,hope,shane, maggie,anna, melissa, victor, abe, doug, mickey. H/L: The day of the ballet concert arrives.marlena clears the air with john. doug arrives to surprise hope. after hearing lars pleads, britta runs on stage, ruining the plan.

April8,1986:Characters: bo, hope, shane, patch,shawn, caroline,victor,liz, britta,neil,peachy,ivy. H/L: victor demands caroline meet with him, after he finds the letter. hope tries tog et patch to admit he still cares for britta. liz tells victor off about todd. vic learns bo is his son.

April10,1986:Characters:victor, patch, bo,britta, kim, shane, liz, neil, pete,caroline, shawn.H/L:patch comes to collect from vic, but he's not ready to pay up yet.kim is frantic when she can't find caroline's letter. liz and pete argue about todd. shane and kim feel the baby kick for the first time.

April11,1986:Characters: Mike, Robin, Shawn, Marlena,Caroline, John, Bo, Hope, Shane,Patch, Mickey, Kim,Alice, Britta,Anna.H/L: The wait is on for Britta to testify for Bo.Everyone rallies around Bo. Robin defends mike to an outside doctor's complaints. Britta covers her involvement with Victo. Victor and Shane argue about Kim. Shots ring out.

Tape 10Excellent quality. 6 shows, ep mode.

April14,1986:characters: John, Marlena, Liz,shane, Victor, Kim,Neil, savanah, Alex, Chris,Carrie. H/L: Shane and Victor argue when Kim comes along. Shot'r ring out and it's victor's bodyguard, who is shot in the hand by Shane. Savanah feels guilty about Todd. Marlena helps John with his memory. Carrie is still uncomfortable with John.

April 16,1986:Characters: bo, hope, britta,lars,steve,kim,emma,victor,shane,alice, alex. H/L:Britta is in a hurry to leave town.Emma shows Kim she's a volunteer at the hospital now. Shane and Victor:round2.

April 18,1986:Characters: mike, robin, shane, bo, hope, kim, victor, britta,john, anna,steve. H/L: Mike and Robin discuss the miners. Bo is determined to nail Vic. Britta goes to Victor for "help".steve starts to put it together that John is the pawn, as John covers. robin and mike are trapped in a mine.

April 21,1986:Characters: steve,britta, victor,kim, shane,alex,pete, melissa, jenn, john.H/L: steve searches for john. victor demands action. kim and shane share a tender moment during a thunderstorm. pete tries to turn down victor, but alex warns him against it.. john goes to shane for help.

April 22,1986:Characters: liz, neil, kim, peachy, mike, robin, tom, alice, abe, mickey, maggie. H/L: Mike works on getting him and robin out of the mine. abe starts a search for them. kim asks peachy to be her coach, unaware that shane wanted to be it, and left her a note, that emma intecepted.

April 23,1986:Characters: mike, robin, john, marlena,bo, hope, shane, steve,britta,jenn, alice,mickey, maggie, abe, tom. H/L: John calls marlena and asks her for help.shane fills in bo and hope on the plan to nail victor.steve and britta mask in the afterglow. mike and robin are rescued.

Tape 11 excellent quality, 6 shows, SLP mode.

April 25,1986:Characters: kim, peachy, shane, patch, bo, hope, neil, lars, john, marlena, abe,melissa, victor, pete, emma.H/L:Neil fills everyone in on Britta's condition after she is shot. marlena wants answers from john. peachy and kim plan to attend her 1st childbirth class.

April29,1986:Characters:bo, hope, shane, kim, emma, neil, britta, alex, victor, marlena, john.H/L: Shane learns Emma took the note he left for Kim. Marlena sees the tatoo on John's shoulder of the phoenix. Victor "talks" to Britta. Marlena calls Bo and tells him John is Stefano. Bo, Hope and Shane go after the Pawn, John.

April30,1986:Characters: kim, peachy, shane,bo, hope, john, marlena,caroline, victor, maggie. H/L: Kim thinks Shane stood her up. Shane, bo and Hope arrive to the cabin, but nobody is there. Marlena and John argue in the car and crash, but are okay, and take off again, with Shane, Bo and hope on their trail.

May1,1986:Characters:pete, melissa, bo, hope,shane, john, marlena, jenn, calliope, anna, abe, alex, lars. H/L: Pete works on sabatoging Jump. Marlena tries to escape, but can't. A brawl starts when Pete hits Abe at Jump.. Marlena is taken by the KGB.

May 2,1986: Characters: kim, caroline, shane, bo, hope, marlena, john,ingrid, anna, robin, mike, shawn, victor. H/L: Kim is worried about Shane when she doesn't hear from him. Marlena is used as bait to get John. Hope gets them out of jail. The white water rafting adventure begins.

May 5,1986:Characters:melissa, maggie, lars, steve, britta, victor, shane, bo, hope, marlena, john, pete. H/L: Victor pays Britta another "visit". Pete is reprimanded by Abe. Bo and Shane search for Hope, after their raft capsizes.

Tape 12 Excellent quailty, 6 shows, SLP mode.

May 6,1986:Characters: chris, savanah, victor, mike, robin, bo, shane,neil,liz,anna,doug, eugene,alex. H/L: Bo and Shane continue to look for Hope. Robin pays Mike a visit on his day off. Eugene tells Doug about his vibe about Hope and water. Bo and Shane finally find Hope.

May 7,1986:Characters: marlena, john, shane, bo, hope, peachy, kim, victor, caroline, liz, neil. H/L: Marlena has a dream about Roman. Shane sends a signal to Peachy. Before Peachy can tell Kim, she suffers a stroke. Shane stops Bo from going after "Stefano".

May 8,1986:Characters: kim, peachy, shane, bo, hope, marlena, john, calliope, anne, eugene, neil, victor, abe, alex.H/L: Bo is getting impatient, as Shane wonders what happened to Peachy. Marlena continues to run from John, but he catches her. eugene works on his time machine. Kim goes to find Shane, unaware Victor is on the helicopter with her.

May9,1986:Characters: steve, britta, bo, hope, shane, marlena, john, kim, victor,tom, alex. H/L: Kim and Victor argue in the helicopter. John tries to assure Marlena he won't hurt her. The helicopter is spotted, and Bo sees Victor with Kim. Kim and Victor continue to argue and the helicopter crashes. Shane spots Kim and Vic with the KGB.

May 13,1986:Characters: melissa,pete, steve, britta,alex, kim, victor,shane,maggie.H/L: Shane knocks out Ingrid, as Victor tries to deal with the KGB. Melissa is nervous about dancing for Lars. kim and Shane are caught before they can escape.

May 15,1986:Characters: jenn,mike, glenn, kim, shane, john, marlena, bo, hope,calliope, anna, eugene, victor. H/L: Bo and Hope catch up to John and Marlena, as Bo aims at him, believing he is Stefano. Jenn has boyfriend troubles, as Mike teases her about it. Kim and Shane get untied and after a effort,they escape. John tells Marlena to go with Bo and Hope, but she refuses.

Tape 13 Excellent quality, 6 shows, SLP mode

May 16,1986:characters: John, marlena, bo, hope, alex, emma, kim, shane, victor. H/L: Hope spots Marlena and John, and rushes back to tell Bo.Kim goes into labor in the wilderness. Marlena learns John's true identity.After a few scary moments, Shane delivers the baby.

May 19,1986:Characters: hope, ingrid, shane, kim, john, bo, marlena, victor. H/L: Kim and Shane have a boy. Marlena sees Bo fighting with John, and yells he's Roman. Marlena and Roman embrace, as Bo watches. When Shane goes for help, he returns to find Victor with Kim and the baby.

May 21,1986:characters: robin, alex, mike, victor, neil,kim, shane, caroline, shawn, liz. H/L: Victor learns from Neil when Kim and the baby are arriving back in salem. Alex tries to butter up Robin, to no avail. Victor insist a blood test be taken, but Neil stops it. shane and victor argue about the baby. The blood test are taken. Kim names the baby Andrew.

May 22,1986:Characters: kim,shane, caroline,bo, hope,roman, marlena,robin, mike, liz, anna, neil, victor, peachy(new one),alice,alex, emma,doug. H/L: Bo tries to accept John as Roman. John tries to remember his life as Roman. Kim turns down Shane's offer to go home with him until the test are back. kim and Shane go on a "date" to Blondies. Liz and Carl Anderson sing Friends and Lovers.

May 23,1986:Characters: steve, emma,robin, abe, Kayla(Mary Beth Evans 1st scenes) Full house at Blondies. H/L:Neil and Liz celebrate her triumph return. Emma has a job for Steve. robin is caught in an explosion. Bo and Hope celebrate their 1st anniversary. Liz sings Tonight, I celebrate my love(Bo and Hope's song) Steve breaks into a nurses apartment(Kayla), per Emma's orders. Mike rescues Robin. When Bo pulls a gun on Victor, Caroline stops him by telling him Victor is his father.

May 26,1986:Characters: robin, mike, neil, hope, shawn, alice, shane, kim, bo, caroline, victor, alex, emma. H/L: Robin worries about her career, due to the hand injury.. Everyone runs when they hear the gun shot, and are shocked by Caroline's confession. Bo is devasted. The aftermath of the confession affects a lot of people.

Tape 14 Excellent quality, 6 shows, SLP mode.

May 27,1986:Characters:steve, kayla, pete,mickey, melissa, bo, kim, victor, lars, ivy. H/L: Steve calls Kayla and tells her he's watching her. mickey has a heart to heart talk with Pete. Kim tries to talk to Bo about the recent events happening in their lives. Steve leaves his mark in Kayla's apartment. Kim calls Kayla about Bo.

May 28,1986: Characters:roman, marlena, carrie, bo, hope, shawn,caroline, kayla, kim, shane, emma, victor. H/L: Roman moves back in with Marlena and the kids. Shawn moves out on Caroline.Kayla arrives home. Carrie has a hard time accepting John. Kim and Shane talk about the DNA results being in. Hope tells Bo he will always be a Brady, despite how he is feeling. Kayla goes to see Bo. Emma alters the DNA results.

May 29,1986:Characters: mike, robin, savanah, chris, kayla, steve,neil,kim, shane, victor, emma, calliope, anna, eugene, abe, alex, peachy. H/L: Mike checks on Robin after the surgery on her hand.Savanah is up and about after the accident. Chris welcomes Kayla home. the test say Victor is Andrew's father,thanks to Emma. Eugene and Calliope are accepted for the Newly Wed game. Steve collects from Emma. shane tries to reassure Kim . shane talks to Peachy about his feelings. Alex learns what Emma did, as she admits Shane is Andrew's father.

May 30,1986:Characters: bo, hope, shane, kim,roman,marlena,victor,shawn,kayla, caroline,abe, carrie. H/L: Shane is not allowed in the nursery, now that is is not the father. Victor and Shane argue. Kayla tries to get through to Shawn. Victor plans to sue for custody. Carrie runs away, but Roman finds her. Kayla and Roman share a reunion.

June 3,1986:Characters: bo, hope, caroline, robin, mike, kim, victor, shane,shawn. H/L: Bo refuses to talk to Caroline when she calls.Robin and Mike argue about her wanting to go home. Kim and Shane discuss Andrew and their future. Kim is forced to tell shawn the truth about Andrew and Victor, and he doesn't take it very well.

June 5,1986:Characters: bo,hope,roman, steve,victor,caroline,kayla,shawn, kim, shane. H/L: Shane argues with a court appointed investigator over Andrew's custody fight.. Roman tries to talk to Bo about Victor and the past. Kayla tries to negotiate with Victor about the family and him. Kim plans to move back into her apartment, in order to get her life in order. Steve goes to the Brady Fish Market and scares Kayla. Caroline goes to see Victor, and she's carrying a gun.

Tape 15 Excellent quality, 6 shows, SLP mode.

June 6,1986:Characters: shane, bo,kim, roman, caroline,victor, marlena,anna, alex, tom, peachy. H/L Kim goes to see Roman to get the keys to her old apartment from him. He tries to dissuade her, but is not able to. Bo learns about Kim's new living arrangements from Shane. Marlena and Anna debate Victor funding a clinic on the waterfront. Bo goes to see Victor, pretending to be drunk, to plant the new security device Shane showed him. With Bo's arrival, Caroline is unable to go through with her plan, so she and Victor meet somewhere else. Shane and Kim share a tender moment at the hospital, as Peachy is released. Roman and Marlena have a romantic dinner. Caroline pulls a gun on Victor, as Bo and Shane listen.

June 9,1986:Characters: Eugene, Calliope,kim, Hope, Caroline, Victor, Bo, Shane, Anna, Shawn, Tom. H/L: Caroline is determined to stop Victor. Shane and Bo get there and hear a shot ring out, but Victor has gotten the gun away from Caroline before she could hurt anyone. Kim talks to a little boy named Jeremy at the abuse clinic.Eugene has another vibe- and it's not good. shane watches Kim talking to Jeremy about what makes a family. bo has an offer for Victor: Bo will be his son, if he leaves the Brady's, all of them, alone. Victor counters the offer by saying Bo and Hope are to move in his house. Hope reluctantly agrees.

June 11,1986:Characters: neil,marlena,roman,bo, hope, kim, shane,victor,robin,mike, anna,shawn, caroline, carrie. H/L: kim and Shane meet with Victor, who tells them he is dropping the custody suit, since Bo is now moving in as his heir. Anna and Roman wait for news on Carrie's condition, after she is hit by a car. Kim and Shane go to see Bo, but he won't admit what's he's doing. Shane and Kim discuss their future. Bo and Hope move into Victor's. Shane and Bo "argue" at Blondies, as Kim and Hope try and stop them, Bo takes a swing at Shane. Carrie wakes up as Roman talks to her. Hope is having a hard time adjusting.

June 13,1986:Characters: kim, shane ,emma, caroline, kayla, shawn,bo, hope, steve, neil, doug. H/L: victor tries to get to know Bo and Hope. Emma taunts Shane and Kim about Victor, as Kim sets her straight. Kayla runs into Steve as she is leaving the Brady Fish market. Bo fills in Shane on his new "job" for Victor. Kim goes back to her apartment to find Shane waiting with a romantic candlelit dinner. hope tries to talk to steve about Britta leaving. Emma has a plan for andrew. Kim and Shane have a romantic reunion.

june 16,1986: Characters: Marlena, roman,bo, victor,kim, shane,emma,neil,savanah, alex, caroline, carrie, peachy.H/L: bo and Victor disagree about his new lifestyle. Shane serves Kim breakfast in bed. Emma tries to forge Kim's signature, as Alex walks in. Caroline tells Roman Bo's new address, and he suspects something isn't right. Emma goes to see Kim with some "papers" for her to sign for the clinic. Emma calls the adoption doctor, and makes finally arrangements.

June 18,1986:Characters: victor, alex,hope, kim, kayla, roman, bo, emma, shane, marlena, matt. H/L: Emma continues to lurk around the nursery, as Shane comes along and asks her what she is up to. Hope puts Victor in his place. Kim and Kayla tell Roman and Bo about their plan for Shawn and Caroline. Everyone gathers at roman and marlena's. Bo watches from outside, as the plan works, and Shawn and Caroline are back together. Emma tries on her disguise, as Alex tries to warn her.

Tape 16 Excellent quality 6 shows slp mode 1st generation.

June 20,1986:Characters: mike, robin, matt,jenn,alice, marlena, roman, carrie, shane, emma, kim, abe. H/L: Mike goes to see Robin, but she has her father cover for her. Matt gives Jenn his grandfathers watch and acts strangely and leaves. Kim tells shane they can take Andrew home.Emma listens to their converstation, and works on her plan. Jenn tells Marlena about Matt, and she goes to see him. Marlena finds Matt out on a ledge. Kim and Shane run into Roman and Carrie at the park. Marlena goes outside the ledge to get Matt, and just as she has him in, she slips.

June 23,1986:Characters: Steve, Kayla,Chris, Kim, shane,Neil, Emma, Victor, Marlena, Matt, Jenn, Roman, Tom, Caroline,Glenn, Abe. H/L: Kayla tells Chris she's returning to Cleveland. Kim and shane wait in neil's office to take andrew home.emma, dressed as a nurse, goes to the nursery and pretends to be the relief nurse. marlena slips off the ledge. abe holds back roman, as the paradmedics work on marlena. kayla tells chris she'll be back, and she's still thinking about running the new clinic on the waterfront. per victor's orders. steve watches kayla and everyone she talks to. marlena is rushed to the O R. emma takes andrew, shane learns andrew is missing. kim goes to the nursery and hane has to tell Kim andrew is missing.

June 24,1986: Characters:bo, hope, roman, neil,kayla, steve, kim, shane,victor, liz,savanah,emma, abe, anna. H/L: neil tells roman marlena has sliped into a coma. steve watches kayla on the phone at her apartment. shane and kim are frantic over andrew, when shane sees victor, he grabs him, demanding to know where andrew is.victor has no idea what is going on, and bo defends him to the others. steve tells kayla he was visting a girl named christy in her building, as he continues to scare her.

June 26,1986:Characters:roman, anna, melissa, ivy, pete, shane,hope, britta,lars,abe, eugene,maggie, jenn,mickey, glenn,peachy. H/L: carrie is missing-again. shane and hope talk about the article and andrews picture in the paper, and the search going on. ivy slips to melissa that victor is the investor in the dance company. melissa confronts pete. britta calls lars, and he tells her to come back, but she refuses. eugene tells shane and hope of a vision he had that andrew is in Cleveland. Jenn, feeling guilty about what happened to marlena, spends a lot of time volunteering at the hospital. Carrie goes to see marlena, as roman watches.

June 27,1986:Characters: victor, bo, kayla,chris, savanah,steve, shane, hope, kim,neil, tom,alex, emma,caroline. H/L: Kayla sees Steve and tells him she was looking for him. shane wants hope to pose as his wife, but she can't do that, as kim walks in wanting to know what is going on. shane fills her in, and she insists on doing the part. after steve and kayla exchange some words, she gives him the picture of britta he dropped at her place. emma tries to offer words of comfort to shane and kim, but he picks her up and throws her out of the resturant.. kim and shane meet with a lawyer who does adoptions. kayla needs to give her answer about running the clinic. while kayla is alone in the clinic, a drunk person approaches her, and steve comes to her rescue. hope tries to tell bo she's pregnant, but can't seem to find the words.

June 30,1986:Characters:melissa, lars,steve,kayla,shane,kim, abe, victor. H/L: kayla goes to the shipping company,looking for bo, and encounters steve. bo comes and tells steve to leave his sister alone. the lawyer calls shane and tells him to go to the hotel room where he is staying, that he should have a baby boy for him. kayla tells bo she's moving back home, and is going to run the waterfront clinic. steve reports back to victor about bo and kayla's talk. After learning she sat behind the person who took andrew, kayla feels terrible that she never looked at the woman's face. kim and shane meet with the lawyer, who hands them a baby, but it's not andrew.

Tape 17 excellent quality, 6 shows,SLP mode, 1st generation.

July 3,1986:characters: melissa, lars, hope, bo, victor,calliope,anna, kim, shane, jenn, mike, robin,glenn,tom, alice,neil, savanah,pete, doug. H/L:melissa and lars are stuck in a single room when they get to NYC for the ballet. Hope gets interrupted by Victor as she tries to tell Bo she's pregnant.shane sets up another meeting with another adoption lawyer in Cleveland.At the 4th of July picnic, Mike gets dunked in the dunk tank by robin.shane and kim have another false lead, until a secretary, Ms Harris tells them she may be able to help. Hope finally tells Bo she's pregnant, and he doesn't take the news that well.

July 7,1986: Characters: steve, kayla, melissa, lars,pete, kim, shane,britta, chris,emma. H/L: Kim and shane wait to hear from the doctor in Cleveland. Britta surprises Lars in NYC. Kayla goes to Steve's to check on his head injury he got at the warehouse. kim and shane get into an argument over how to handle the situation. they later meet with the doctor emma gave the baby to. for $50 thousand, they can have a 2 month old baby boy. Emma tells steve to find out everything kayla heard on that flight to cleveland. the doctor gives shane and kim 2 days to come up with the money. steve goes to the clinic to return kayla's scraf, and she "checks" his wound.

July 9,1986:Characters: anna, roman,calliope, eugene, hope, steve,victor, shane,kim,peachy,neil, abe,chris,liz,kayla,marlena. H/L: As shane and kim discuss the money, peachy comes in with it from the isa.anna and roman think calliope needs help to deal with eugene's "death", not believing her story that she is the only one that can see him, since he went to another dimension in the time machine. When hope goes to the warehouse to talk to bo, he isn't there, and she and victor get into a discussion about bo. shane makes arrangements to meet with ms harris again. everyone thinks calliope has lost it at the memorial for eugene. hope goes to the clinic to see kayla, while she is there, steve comes in. kayla puts him off,and while hope and he are talking, she almost faints, and he realizes she is pregnant. she tells him not to spread the news. When steve goes back to the clinic, kayla blasts him for his attitude.

July 11,1986:Characters: mike, robin, savanah, neil, kayla, steve, kim, shane, abe, roman. H/L: Neil goes to work at the clinic with Kayla, as Savanah volunteers to help out at the desk.Victor's bodyguard Nick, has a job for a couple of thugs. they are to send a message to Steve, courtesty of Victor. Robin is upset after veiwing her latest xrays, which show she should have more movement in her hand. Steve calls Kayla sweetness, and she tells him to stop it. when he says he needs medical attention, she makes him take a number. kim is upset that abe and roman are involved, but they reassure her nothing will go wrong. ms harris gives shane the instructions for the exchange. savanah and steve run their game on neil and kayla. kim waits in the park, as Kayla comes along. Ms harris sees her, and remembers who she is, and aborts the plan. kim and shane argue again. kayla finds a beaten and bloody steve on the docks. he fight her as she tries to help him.

July 15,1986:Characters: mike, jenn,robin,glenn, steve,kayla, kim,peachy, shane, abe, alice, emma. H/L: Steve wakes up at his apartment, and finds kayla asleep in the chair next to him. robin shows mike the improvement in her hand. kayla and steve argue again. he apologizes and she checks him over. kim gets upset when she sees shane and abe brainstorming.later, they share a romantic encounter. steve tells emma he knows what she did to kim and shane, but she proclaims her innocence. steve then calls kayla to come over and he gets the doctors name out of her.

July 17,1986:Characters: kim, shane, kayla, steve, victor,bo, abe, roman, marlena, alex, carrie. H/L: kim and shane work together to find andrew. kayla goes to see them and tells them about the note she got- that the doctor she worked for, dr dennison, has andrew. steve goes to see victor about kayla. bo talks to abe about some cargo he is waiting to arrive. kim figures ms harris recongized kayla, and that is why she took off. shane books a flight to Cleveland for him and kim. marlena finally wakes up, as carrie and roman sit with her and talk. kayla goes to see steve about the note, and really blasts him out. kim and shane confront dr dennison. marlena lapses back into a coma. shane and kim bug the office and hide in a broom closet and listen as dennison calls someone and tells them to get rid of the baby.

Tape18 excellent quality, 6 shows, slp mode, 1st generation

July 18,1986:Characters: melissa,lars, roman, bo, alex,hope, abe,kim,shane,pete, maggie, mickey, britta. H/L: Roman listens as melissa and lars discuss britta.bo goes to the docks and tells alex the orders have changed, since the cops are on to them. kim and shane listen from the broom closet as the doctor has a visitor, ms harris. kim and shane later follow her to find andrew. abe searches the cargo, but too late. kim and shane are forced out of the car and locked in a basement, with andrew. ms harris comes in and demands the baby from kim, as the thugs knock out shane. melissa convinces lars to go to roman for help for britta.

July 21,1986:Characters:bo, hope,victor,alex, kim,shane,steve,kayla, emma,calliope, jake. H/L:shane tries to come up with a way out. kayla goes to steve for answers about dr dennison. she then tells him she's worried about shane and kim, who went to cleveland, and she hasn't heard from them in a while. he tells her know that she's desperate, she comes to him. after a few barbs are exchanged between them, Kayla slaps Steve and leaves. Steve tells emma he has enough on her to send her away for a long time. emma finally spills the beans about where dr. dennison has a hide out in cleveland. hope is afraid bo is getting too comfortable with victor, but he does his best to put her at ease.kayla goes to bo for help. steve watches as dennison and harris talk about what to do with shane and kim. kayla talks to hope about steve. kayla believes steve is lying, as bo and hope work on opening the door to free kim and shane. emma beats kim and shane back to dennison's office, and burns the file he has on andrew. kayla and steve go at it again, as bo steps between them, until the police arrive and arrest Steve, who tells Kayla and Bo to tell them he did nothing wrong, but they don't say a word.

July 23, 1986:Characters: bo, hope, victor roman, britta, lars, kim, kayla, steve, peachy. H/L: bo and hope discuss steve, victor and andrew's kidnapping. roman grabs britta, as lars tries to convince her to trust roman. kayla goes over everything she knows about steve and the note with shane at the police station, as steve is brought in. shane interogates steve, but he sticks to his story. kim thinks the police blew it again by arresting steve, if they didn't maybe he would have lead them to andrew is her thinking.kim talks to bo about victor and his involvement, and bo defends victor,again, as kim thinks he just sold out. steve goes to see kayla at the clinic. he tries to make her believe he is telling the truth, but she doesn't buy it. britta hides outside the clinic and watches as an angry steve leaves.

July 28,1986:Characters: melissa, jenn, pete, mike,steve,kayla,shane,peachy, kim,roman, robin, mike,max, frankie, britta. H/L: Kayla treats a little boy named Max that steve brough in. shane and peachy try to get a connection to emma and the kidnapping.roman brings a file from dennison's office with kim's signature on it. a hostage situation at the hospital gets worse, as melissa and jenn are being held, and melissa gets shot. pete comes through the window and gets the guy to let him get melissa help, but he keeps jenn there with him.. kayla and steve have a hard time getting max to take his shirt off so she can treat him, then Kayla sees the burn marks on him. kim denies signing any adoption papers. shane remembers the time emma came to kim to sign some forms for the clinic. kayla tells steve she is worried about max and frankie. after steve leaves, a sick britta comes in the clinic as kayla tries and help her. when steve returns, britta leaves again.

July 30,1986:Characters: eugene, calliope, jake,hope,bo, victor,roman,shane, kim, emma, alex. H/L: eugene calls calliope, while she is with jake to find him. kim sees shane at the hospital but he doesn't tell her what he is up to. before bo can tell hope about victor's party, victor comes in and tells her. alex tells emma about the picture shane is passing around the hospital. emma manages to stay a step ahead of shane. eugene is recaptured by the nutty professor. shane and kim share a passionate kiss.

July 31,1986:Characters:mike, robin, kim, shane, jenn,glenn,melissa,peachy,lars, emma. H/L: mike and robin's relationship continues to blossom. kim goes to see shane, and he tries to comfort her, as they end up in bed. jenn can't get her mind or eyes off glenn, since he saved her at the hospital. as kim and shane make love, they make promises to each other. shane later confronts emma with the picture and his accusations. emma then takes it out on a clueless kim. kim goes to shane for answers.

***** Patsy Pease(Kim) on Merv Griffin show: she talks about Kim being in labor and how she prepared for this turn for her character. also about her coming from North Carolina, and her grandmother who allowed her to go to New York to become an actress.

Tape 19 Excellent quality, 1st generation, 6 shows, SLP mode

August 5,1986:Characters: mike,chris, robin, pete, melissa, emma,kim, shane,maggie,mickey, eli,lars, robert, mitch, jamie,abe,alex. H/L: Kim tries to get emma to tell her what she knows about andrew, but emma takes the defensive with kim, as shane comes along and tells kim to leave emma alone. he tries to explain privately his logic to kim, but she's not listening to any of that.eli suffers a heartattack, as robin is at mike's making a special lunch.shane shows jamie, the nurse, the picture, and she identifies the woman as the relief nurse. she later backs her statement to abe, as shane and abe go to bring emma in.Emma was there watching shane, and has a leg up, as she packs to go to london. emma is caught at the airport by shane and abe and is arrested.

August 6,1986: Characters: jenn, calliope, jake, kim, shane,abe, eugene,emma. H/L: Jenn gets jealous when she sees Glenn surrounded by several girls. calliope "calls" eugene. kim waits at the police station, as shane tells her emma hasn't said anything and they may have to release her. the nutty professor continues to hold eugene hostage. emma is brought in, as shane and kim work on his plan. emma insist she doesn't know dr. dennison or ms. harris, and now wants to speak to her attorney, calliope and jake find eugene, but are confronted by the professor. emma wants to make a deal with shane, until she realizes it was a set up, and clams up.

August 7,1986:Characters: Kim, shawn,calliope, jake,eugene, steve,frankie, max, bo, hope, victor, kayla.H/L: kim goes to see shawn, who is babysitting the twins. she fills him in on the emma situation. calliope tries to find a way out, as eugene comes to them and tells them he is working on a way out too. steve is awaken by frankie and max, who barge in, and frankie tells him he needs to fix this mess he made. the friction continues to build between bo and hope, as he choose to go to europe with victor. frankie fills steve in about kayla and the social worker, as they come in the door, and steve yells nobody is taking max. bo goes to kim for help with hope. steve scares the social worker off, then argues with kayla. steve and kayla later work together to help frankie and max. she agrees to hide them in her loft, as they look for someone to take them both in together. when they return to steve's apartment they see frankie being restrained by the police as the social worker takes max away. steve tries to hold back frankie, as kayla watches.

August 12,1986:characters: neil, hope,kim,shane, kayla, frankie,steve,emma, alex,victor, eugene, abe,chris, caroline. H/L: shane watches kim working at the abuse clinic. frankie charges into the emergency center and tells kayla to tell him where max is, then he starts throwing things off the counter, as steve comes in and stops him.neil tells hope the stress test showed she has more stress now then before, and this is not good for her pregnancy. alex tries to get emma to tell him where andrew is, but she insists she doesn't know. she then tells him she plans to plead insanity as a defense. kim argues with shane when he says he is taking on another case. eugene is returned to salem, accompanied by dr, vertigo's goons. calliope comes back with jake and fills in chris and abe, who think she is crazy. victor tells kim about a lead he got on andrew. steve and kayla argue, as she tells him she plans to make things right. kim goes to see emma in jail, but emma puts on her insane act. shane tells kim not to go with victor, the lead will not pan out, but she won't listen. kayla learns max has run away again, and frankie goes to look for him. steve tells kayla he has a lot to teach her, and leaves. victor arrives,and kim goes with him.

August 15,1986:Characters: Kayla, frankie, roman, marlena, kim, shane,victor, steve,max, abe,caroline. H/L: roman tells marlena she can go home. victor and kim arrive back home after the false lead. kayla finds steve with max at his apartment. kayla argues with steve for not telling her max was there. frankie comes in, and he tells her she's not taking max anywhere. shane and kim argue again, and this time it looks like it's the end of their relationship. shane goes to see roman, as kim goes to see marlena. kayla tells frankie her parents will take him and max. kayla and steve bring the kids to the brady fish market. steve and kayla share a tender moment, when she kisses him on the check. marlena and roman have a romantic homecoming.

August 19,1986:characters: shane, peachy, kim, neil, savanah,roman, marlena,britta, liz, abe, victor,alex, emma. H/L: Shane tells peachy he feels responsible for what emma has done. marlena is excited about the wedding, as she fills in roman with the details.peachy fills in kim about emma's hearing.liz sets the record straight with savanah about neil. alex goes to see emma before the hearing, giving it one last shot, but she won't talk. victor gives emma some "friendly" advice.

Tape 20 excellent quality, 1st generation, 6 shows SLP mode.

August 22,1986:characters: kayla, steve,kim, shane, calliope,marlena, maggie, alice, carrie, mickey, shawn, gregory, britta, abe(full house of characters). H/L: steve sneaks up on kayla outside the clinic. shane and kim discuss not getting into a fight again. as roman goes to leave for the church, he gets a phone call from gregory, the tatooo artist from stockholm. kim gives shane his ring back. steve drives kayla to the church, when her car battery dies. britta sees gregory on the docks, and tells him he is in danger being there. the wedding begins. steve has a daydream about him and kayla, as britta approaches him. she tries to get his shirt off to see his tatoo, but he spots a body floating in the water, and dives in to get it.steve pulls out the body and it's gregory.

August 25,1986:Characters:Liz, roman, marlena,kim, steve, britta,neil, kayla,chris,alice,mickey,maggie, mike. H/L: roman and marlena are remarried. kim thinks of what may have been with her and shane, then prays to God to look after Andrew, where ever he is.Roman arrives on the docks and learns gregory was killed. steve tells britta to leave him alone, as she tries to seduce him again. steve listens on the docks as kayla and chris talk about their past relationship. roman and marlena skip the reception to go home.

August 27,1986:Characters: roman, marlena, kim, neil,liz,bo, victor,steve, kayla,shane. H/L: roman and marlena plan a trip back to west virgina, and the kgb cabin.Steve carries Hope into the clinic, and she tells kayla she's afraid she's losing her baby. steve tries to keep hope calm, as kayla watches him. victor watches bo handle a business deal in greece. shane tells roman he and kim have broken up. neil examines hope and at first she appears to be alright as long as she rest, but she later suffers a miscarriage. kim goes in to talk to her and she asks kim to call bo. when victor answers, kim just tells him to tell bo to call hope. when victor relays the message, bo choses to call hope later, rather then get into another fight with her on the phone. shane arrives at the hospital after a nurse at the clinic tells him kayla's sister was taken there by ambulance. he's releived she alright, but sadden by the news of hope's miscarriage.Kayla tells steve she has seen a softer, caring side of him, despite him denying it's true.

August 29,1986:Characters: kim, kayla,hope, steve,bo, shane, roman,marlena. H/L: Steve is waiting at victor's for bo to arrive, and when he does, steve tells him about hope. shane gets home and is grabbed by a couple of thugs. roman and marlena try to figure out where the kgb cabin is, when he steps on a landmind, but with some clever thinking, all turns out well. kim and kayla talk with hope, as kayla gets her ready to go home. hope tells them she is angry at bo for not being there. peachy walks in on the thugs holding shane. they tell him they want the letter roman gave him but he plays dumb, and before they let him go, they stab him in the arm. bo learns from neil the stress hope was under caused her miscarriage. neil treats shane's wound, as kim comes in his office. he brushes it off as nothing and leaves. bo tries to talk to hope, but she's very angry at him.

September 1,1986:Characters: mike, ivy, shane, shawn, kim, roman,marlena,robin, eugene,jake, abe, pere, max,frankie. H/L: Ivy brings baby charlie to mike with a medical emergency. shane goes to talk to shawn, but when kim calls to go over there, shawn comes up with a plan. marlena tries to help roman remember his past.shawn stalls shane until kim arrives. kim and shane make small talk, as they continue to fight their feelings.kim tries to play peace maker b/t frankie and shawn. shane later comes back for his notebook, and overhears shawn asking kim if she still loves shane. after shawn leaves, shane tells kim he still loves her and leaves before she can respond.

Tape 21 excellent quality, 1st generation, 6 shows, SLP mode.

September 4,1986:Characters: frankie, Jenn, glenn, liz, neil, melissa,pete, roman,marlena,victor,kim, caroline. H/L: Jennifer and Glen invade Frankie's spot on the beach, and he lets them know. Neil comes home and finds liz with her hollywood friends. melissa and pete are having money problems,and victor overhears them discussing it. he then offers pete a solution. kim brings neil to her place to rest, after seeing him in the doctor's lounge. caroline talks to frankie about going to school. roman catches the guy following him and gives him a message to take back to his boss.

September 5,1986:Characters: marlena, roman,kayla,steve, shane, hope,kim, victor, bo,max, frankie, abe. H/L: Roman and Marlena return home. shane and hope go over the leads on andrew that the police have stopped looking into. kayla and steve wrestle over a harmonica. she tells him she bought it to replace the one he lost so he could play it for max. kim goes to see hope, and runs into shane. hope shows her shane is still looking for andrew, despite what it looks like. kim goes their to try and act as go b/t for bo and hope. kim and kayla talk about frankie and max going to school. bo goes to see hope and tells her to go with him, but when she refuse, he picks her up and takes her with him. kim is brought to the police station by abe to identify a baby that may be andrew. when she holds the baby, she's not sure if it's him, since he has grown so much.

September 6,1986:Characters: mike, robin, jenn, glenn,kim, abe,victor, bo, hope, neil,liz.H/L: kim waits for the footprint results on the baby.abe tells her it's not andrew, and shane walks in to see victor embracing her. hope refuses to go on a honeymoon with bo, but he insist they are going. robin and mike discuss his request for a transfer. shane learns what is going on from abe. bo and hope's hot air ballon adventure.

September 10,1986:characters: britta,mike, robin, neil, ivy, bo, hope, liz, calliope, eugene,kim, emma, alex,savanah. H/L: Bo tries his best to get on hope's good side again. kim goes to see eugene for help on finding andrew. shane sees britta hiding in his house when he gets home, but he allows her to leave.alex goes to see emmma, and she ask him to get her letter she sent to herself in england. eugene goes to see shane about a vibe he had about kim. a blonde woman is going to die. bo decides not to fight hope anymore, and tells her she can go home if she wants to. shane goes to see kim at the clinic. he tells her he's concerned about her safety and wants to place a guard to her, but she protest and they end up arguing again, and he storms out. bo and hope finally make up.

September12,1986:characters: marlena, carrie, kim, shane, bo, hope, mike, ivy, robin, roman, victor. H/L: Kim and shane argue again, and she brings up her past. he tells her she is the one that is obessed with it and she uses it as a guard to not love or get hurt. victor interrupts bo and hope's reunion. marlena explains to roman why she sent the guards away, after one pulled a gun on carrie. victor insist bo needs to cut his trip short, but bo refuses. kim and shane try to move on with their lives seperately. marlena is chlorformed and taken by two men. roman returns and gets a call saying they have marlena.

September 13,1986:Characters: kim, neil,liz,kayla,steve, britta, lars. doug,alice, shane. H/L: Steve goes to see Kayla to check her wound. he then hands her a gun to keep for protection, but she refuses to take it.. roman calls shane and tells him about marlena. britta goes to see kayla, claiming she is there to see hope. britta and kayla then go on about steve, and the claws come out from both sides. steve runs into britta on the docks, and wants to know what she was doing at the loft. they then end up arguing and he says a lot of things, including he could kill her. roman finds a note saying marlena is safe for now. he thinks it's from britta and steve. someone with a gun come up behind britta on the docks. she turns around and says you don't want me dead, but the person shoots her as she screams.

Tape 22 excellent quality, 1st generation, 6 shows, SLP mode.

September 16,1986: Characters: kim, peachy, shane, bo, hope, alice, britta, roman, alex,steve, savanah, lars. H/L: Bo and Hope come home and return to the loft. They then learn marlena was kidnapped. britta lays on the dock, as roman comes across her. while kim is visiting peachy, shane comes in and tells them about marlena. steve heads to a bar to drown his sorrows. roman brings britta to the clinic, as kayla works on her. britta says steve's name over and over, and when roman asks who shot her, she says steve's name. despite kayla's efforts, britta dies. lars learns she was taken there, and learns she has died. alex goes to see shane and tells him emma wants to see him. steve goes to the loft drunk, and thinks hope is kayla. she gets him to see who she is, and realizes he doesn't know about britta yet. after she sobers him up she breaks the news to him. he runs out very upset. when he returns to his apartment, the police are waiting for him, but he takes off.

September19,1986:Characters: roman, shane, abe, marlena, steve, kayla,peachy, frankie. H/L: Marlena pretends to be sick. steve and kayla are handcuffed together on the run. they argue about the fake cops who are holding them. shane and roman talk about the isa and how to get what they need from the organization. the fake cops question steve and kayla about britta. steve makes up a story about not knowing what britta had, but her telling him where it was if something happened to her. kayla then ask him if he's telling the truth, but he says he has a plan. turns out the new chief of the isa , Vaughn, is behind marlena being held. vaughn sends a doctor in to check on marlena and send a new female agent to work with shane. frankie brings roman a gun he found. kayla and steve "argue" about their situation, when the other guard/cop comes in, they tag team him and knock him out. when they try and locate the keys to the cuffs, they are not on him, so they run out still handcuffed together.. they find a hotel to hide out in, and come up with a cover story.. they are love birds, and they pull it off so well, that the owner believes they are newly weds and gives them the bridal suite. before shane can let the isa know he doesn't want a new partner, his new partner arrives-gillian forrester. when the ambulance marlena was taken in stops, she escapes and calls roman.

September 22,1986:Characters: marlena, roman, melissa, lars,pete, kim,peachy, shane,gillian,mickey, victor, carrie, eugene. H/L: roman tries to trace the phone marlena is calling from. shane tells gillian his feelings, and she tells him he has no choice. peachy tells kim her news, that she is being reassigned to england. marlena is recaptured.kim goes with peachy to see shane, and bumps into gillian leaving. peachy gives shane and kim a piece of her mind about their current situation.. when gillian invites herself to stay at shane's, he informs her to go to a hotel.

September 23,1986:Characters: bo, hope,doug, marlena.shane, roman,steve,kayla, kim. H/L: roman goes to shane for access to the isa files,but Shane says he can't give him that, since he is no longer with the isa. steve and kayla are asleep in the hotel room-together. they then argue again about the whole situation they are in. doug is under the mistaken impression bo and hope are back together, until she sets him straight. kim offically meets gillian. the "newlyweds", steve and kayla, are served breakfast in bed. they are able to escape before the fake cops catch up to them. they find a barn, with some tools, and steve uses a hack saw to cut off the cuffs. gillian reports to vaughn about roman's plan. steve ask kayla if she belives him when he says he didn't kill britta. at first she says she's not sure, but then says she believes him after he tells her some more. steve dreams of kayla coming back and wanting to stay with him, as he kisses her. Kayla then comes back after it's raining outside. when she gets cold, he gallantly gives her his jacket.

September 25,1986:characters:maggie, melissa, lars,mickey, shane, gillian, kim, neil, kayla, steve,,liz,savanah, abe,chris,alex. H/L: Kim goes to shennigans with neil, and sees shane and gillian. kayla wakes up to a riffle pointed at her, she then tells steve to wake up, now, as he too sees the riffle..the farmer wants to know what they are doing on his property. steve says he and his girlfriend wanted a roll in the hay, but kayla says they work with mike, and he seems to know mike and leaves it at that. he offers them a ride to town.steve tells kayla he's not going back with her, but she asks him not to take off. kim confronts shane about his appointment with emma, and they end up arguing again. kayla wants to help steve, and he accepts her offer.. shane goes to see emma and lays the foundation to his plan down. kayla brings steve to the loft. kim meets a new volunteer at the clinic, barbara stewart.. when kayla tries to get close to steve, he resists.

September 29,1986:Characters, melissa, pete, nick, lars, shane,gillian, kim,hope, roman, steve, kayla,frankie,max. H/L: shane and gillian are working at the house,when kim comes by. she wants to know about his visit with emma.. Roman is struggling with steve at the loft, as hope tries to intervien. He tells Roman he didn't do anything to kayla, as she walks in and steve runs out. nick overhears pete talking about buying a camcorder, and offers to sell him one at below retail prices. Frankie tells steve of a place he can hide out at.Kayla finds steve and assures him roman won't arrest him. she tells steve he needs to trust her or keep running. roman tells shane he will be returning to the isa, to get help on getting marlena back. kayla talks with roman at the loft about steve, when steve comes walking in. roman tells him to come to his office for questioning, that he's trusting him too. Before steve leaves, he tells kayla he came back because of her.

Tape 23 Excellent quality, 6 shows, SLP mode

October 1,1986:characters: jenn, glenn, shane, alice, kim, marlena,steve, roman, kayla, abe, alex. H/L: Jenn is unable to go all the way with Glenn. steve goes to roman with britta's purse, that he fished out of the water. kayla walks in as they argue. Ms Lannman, the assistant DA, wants to hold steve overnight. shane delivers a letter to kim from peachy. alex asks shane what he is up to with emma. steve and kayla argue with Ms Lannman, as she paints the facts to look like he killed britta. shane plays dumb with alex, as kim overhears shane defend emma. roman argues with the commisoner, to no avail about steve.kayla defends steve to roman, and he wonders what is going on between her and steve.marlena is forced to call roman, and tell him to get the bonds. she is able to tell him the name orphus before the phone is snatched. roman tells shane the name, and shane fills him in.kayla goes to visit steve in jail and tells him she wants to help, but he rejects her.

October 3,1986: Characters: shane, kim, robin, mike, kayla, steve, roman,marlena, gillian, frankie,max, neil. H/L: kim sees shane at roman's office and throws barbs about him going to see emma. kayla goes to see steve at his apartment. they barb a bit and she then tells him about max getting a citizenship award for saving her from the junkie at the clinic.. roman talks to marlena for a second, until clark comes back and tells him to get the bonds. shane comes back at kim and tells her why he has been visiting emma. after gillian huants him, shane allows her to stay at the guesthouse. kim goes to see shane, but misinterputs seeing gillian moving in, and doesn't tell him what she planned to say.

October 6,1986:Characters:kim ,liz shane, hope, gillian, roman,marlena, melissa,pete, lars, neil,barbara, chris. H/L: hope goes to shane's and meets gillian. they discuss roman and the meeting to see if marlena is alright. when they arrive at the airstrip, marlena tells roman not to touch her, since they wired her for explosives. barbara and kim go to shennigans, and while they are talking shane walks in.when barbara goes on about her baby, kim excuses herself and leaves. roman gives marlena a kiss, and passes a listening device to her. kim goes to see shane with an idea to get andrew. while they are talking, gillian comes in wearing a bathrobe. after kim tells him of her plan to visit emma, he rejects it and she leaves. clark finds the bug on marlena.

October8,1986:Characters: kim, jenn, gillian, shane, emma, bo, hope,frankie, caroline,shawn, alex, glenn. H/L: Gillian goes to see Kim about shane.emma thinks her visitor is alex, and slips out of her act long enough for shane to see it. hope doesn't trust bo not to go to victor with what he learns. emma tries to cover with shane. barbara apologizes to kim about going on about her baby, after neil fills her in.kim goes to see emma and she acts like she doesn't know kim. kim tries her best to stay cool, but ends up leaving. shane goes to see kim and they discuss her seeing emma. they agree andrew will always be the bond between them. alex tells emma andrew is right there in town, but leaves before saying anymore.

October 9,1986:Characters: steve, kayla, robin, mike, roman, hope,neil, liz, calliope, kim. H/L: Steve nearly knives Kayla when she comes to his door, since he is on edge lately.Hope gives roman a blown up picture of bo's tatoo. roman tries to talk to gregory's wife but she refuses. kayla tells steve she got the picture of max from the newspaper and thought he should give it to max.he wants to know her really reason for being there, as victor just comes in. after kayla leaves, victor offers steve a job, but he tells him to shove it, as kayla listens to them outside the door.hope breaks up roman and steve from tearing each other apart. hope asks steve to talk to gregory's wife about britta's tatoo.

October 10,1986:Characters: shane, roman, kim, tom, victor, hope,steve,kayla,bo, paul, alex, emma, barbara. H/L:kim is upset with the changes proposed for the abuse clinic. kayla tells steve to be careful as bo comes in and tells hope she is not going anywhere,and she argues with him. kim meets barbara's husband, paul, who designed the new plans.she tells him her concerns, and after a board meeting, the plans are changed.emma wants to know what andrew is doing in town, and alex fills her in. barbara talks to paul about inviting kim to dinner. shane gets a call about a lead on andrew. steve, roman and hope arrive in stockholm, and find another killing. shane tells kim about the newest lead.

Tape 24 excellent quality, 6 shows, SLP mode.

October 13,1986:Characters: kim, shane, victor, abe, paul, barbara,kayla,max, roman,hope, steve,melissa,lars, frankie,pete,gillian. H/L: Abe fills in Kim, Shane and Victor about the current situation. Max comes to the clinic looking for steve, and kayla explains steve is out of town, so max tells her to go with him. roman, steve and hope go over the crime scene trying to figure out who is behind it. Abe tells them the people who adopted andrew want to sell him back, according to a reliable informant. steve tries to get roman to leave before they are caught, since his name is written in blood. lars calls melissa from alanta and tries to get her to join him. frankie gets in a little heat for tresspassing, but is released. barbara calls kim when she finds a letter for her at the clinic. the police come and roman tries to explainwho he is and what they found, but they end up getting arrested. the letter ask for $1 million for andrew, and shane works on it. steve manages to get him and hope away from the cops, but is shot in the process, as roman is caught.shane tells gillian what has happened, and to let him know if roman gets in touch.hope finds a place for her and steve to hide out, then calls kayla. kayla then instructs hope on what to do, but steve insists no doctor.

October 14,1986:Characters: melissa, lars,mike, robin, emma, alex,kim, shane,victor,liz, calliope, chris,neil,alice. H/L: mike learns robin is back on the surgical roster. emma freaks out about kim and shane finding andrew. kim talks to barbara about meeting her son, teddy. shane calls kim about a message he got from the people who have andrew, they want kim in philly with shane.liz asks calliope to be hostess at blondies in her absencekim and shane discuss their next step, as they wait to get the next call.kim gets a call and now they say the price is $2 million. shane thinks it's a hoax,but kim wants to proceed anyway.

October 17,1986:characters: robin, mike, kim, shane,hope, roman,steve,kayla, gillian, vaughn,chris, abe,emma, barbara, paul, savanah. H/L:kim and shane wait for further instructions, but he still believes it's a hoax.Hope goes to see roman at the jail and tells him she called the isa to get him out.steve gets dressed to leave, but is stopped by kayla. they talk, and in his own way,he thanks her for coming and helping him. steve plans to look for evidence at the tatoo parlor. gillian and vaughn talk about roman and the plan to have him released. robin resists making love with mike, since he will not be her husband, and she wanted her first time to be with her husband.shane tells kim he doesn't belive they have andrew. the charges are dropped and roman is released. alex calls emma and fills her in on the fake lead. shane grabs the intruder, and he confesses he doesn't have andrew. steve and kayla find a survallance camera, as they hide from the cops. alex plan to get paul and barbara out of town before kim and shane learn they have andrew backfires. shane comforts kim. steve and kayla are trapped in tight quarters- a dumpster.

October30,1986:characters: mike, robin, shane, kim, roman, carrie,vaughn,tamara,abe, gillian, neil, barbara, paul. H/L: robin continues to fight her feelings, as mike ask what she plans to say to mitch about his proposal.shane goes to the stables and comes across kim and noelle. carrie worries about marlena never coming back.shane and kim share a tender moment in the stables. abe and tamara try and mend fences.kim has a daydream about her and shane teaching andrew how to ride a pony. roman goes to see shane with a plan to get marlena from orphus.gillian reports to vaughn. kim goes to blondies with neil, barbara and paul and sees shane. kim and shane continue to fight their feelings.

Ocyober31,1986:Characters: robin,mike, kim, barbara, shane, hope, kayla, steve, roman,gillian,alex, paul, emma. H/L:barbara invites kim for dinner at her house. hope and kayla discuss steve and his whereabouts since they have returned to salem. roman finds steve on the dock.roman fills steve in about his plan to catch orphus. kim and shane exchange small talk at the hospital. steve refuses to be used as bait by roman.shane meets paul at the hospital. barbara decides to play matchmaker, and wants to invite shane to dinner, as alex overhears and calls emma. roman goes to kayla for help with steve,but she refuses to trick him, but will try and convince him to go along with roman's plan. emma is worried shane will learn teddy is andrew, but alex claims to have a plan. kayla talks to steve, but he won't change his mind. kim and shane arrive at barbara and paul's at the same time, and realize what barbara is up to.steve finds roman and agrees to go along with his plan. mike and robin give into the tempation.kayla encounters orphus at steve's.

November 3,1986: Characters: mike, robin, kim, shane, paul, steve, roman, kayla,orphus,barbara, gillian. H/L: kim and shane discuss meeting "teddy", as he worries how she will handle seeing a baby.steve and roman wait on the dock, as steve thinks it's a waste of time. Kayla struggles to get free from orphus, when some isa agents arrive, but he threatens to kill kayla unless they drop their guns. roman argues with steve as he tries to calm him down. paul comes down and says teddy is a little sick, so kim and shane leave without seeing him. mike and robin finally make love. gillian argues with vaughn about orphus taking kayla. orphus takes kayla to a yacht and questions her about roman and steve. kim and shane go to her place for dinner,but are interrupted by gillian. kayla is forced to call steve and tell him she's with orphus. he then tells steve to meet with him tomorrow night. roman goes to see steve and steve tells him orphus has kayla.

Tape 25 excellent quality, 6 shows, SLP mode

November 5,1986(1/2 show only shown this day):Characters:steve, orphus, kayla, roman, mike, robin,shane, gillian, doug, calliope, victor,alex. caroline. H/L: Steve warns orphus,if he touches kayla he will kill him. Orphus refuses to allow steve to talk to kayla. he then gives steve his orders and hangs up when steve asks about marlena. mike and robin are still stranded on the island after the storm, but are told the rescue is under way. shane and gillian discuss the latest on orphus, as he reminds her they are working together, when she hides a file from him. he demands to know what it is, but she reluctantly gives it to him, then he learns she is trying to help find andrew.Doug and calliope discuss alex winning the election as mayor. roman dresses as steve and meets orphus's contact on the pier, while steve searches for kayla. shane apologizes to gillian, but they then get into a fight about his private life being that, private. roman is knocked out on the boat, as steve locates the yacht orphus is holding kayla on.

November 6,1986:Characters: marlena, clark, shane,gillian, kayla, steve,roman, orphus, kim, neil. H/L: while on the pier, shane and gillian hear gunshots. steve and kayla are in the water, as she struggles he holds her afloat, but she's worried about roman.Orphus learns roman dressed as steve, and he is not pleased. roman struggles to stay afloat in the rough waters. marlena tells clark how she called chief vaughn and since the isa hasn't come there to resucue her, it must have been a rigged phone call. steve and kayla make it to the docks, as shane and gillian find them. they fill shane in, as they see roman in the water, and shane dives in to get him. kim stops neil from drowning his sorrows in the bottle. steve stops kayla from saying too much. while looking after noelle, kim imagines herself, shane and andrew as a family.kayla argues with steve about not allowing her to at least tell roman what the y know about orphus and the tatoos. she then thanks him for saving her, as he fights his feelings for Kayla.

November 7,1986:Characters: bo, hope, roman, kim, shane, gillian, robin, mike, kayla, neil,victor, orphus,paul(new). H/L: Hope wakes up on the couch at the loft asleep with Bo. Roman comes to see her and bo hides. kim is working at the clinic, when shane comes in with gillian. mike goes to see robin and wants to know how she can announce she is marrying mitch after what they shared. kayla has nightmares of orphus, when steve wakes her and holds her. gillian fills in kim on her search for andrew, and kim thinks it's a ploy to get shane, but accepts the offer none the less. robin tries to explain her reasoning to mike, but he doesn't buy it. orphus calls victor and tells him kayla escaped, but he still has the bonds. roman is upset the steve didn't show him the picture of britta's tatoo until now. roman suddenly remembers something- a map, hidden in the poster. the race is on for the bonds, as roman, steve, victor and orphus head to stockholm.

November 11,1986:Characters: robin, mike, ivy, pete,melissa, lars,shane,gillian, kim, paul,calliope, vaughn, jake, eugene, maggie. H/L: mike tries to deny his feelings about robin, when ivy tries to console him. shane is on his way to stockholm, but gillian says he can't go. kim goes over the plans for the clinic with paul, when barbara calls about "teddy" being real sick. vaughn goes to see shane and tells him a baby's body was found in chicago and he needs to go there to see if it's andrew. kim goes to paul and barbara's to gather somethings for them so they can stay with teddy, but misses seeing the picture of teddy on the dresser.

November 14,1986:characters: robin,mike, shane, kim, bo, hope, victor,steve, kayla, roman, gillian.H/L: kim goes to see shane, just as he's getting ready to go to bed. she asks him about the lead he didn't tell her about. he tries to avoid telling her,but tells her it was a deceased baby. Victor listens outside bo's hotel room door as he and hope laugh. steve grabs kayla when she enters his room. roman dreams of where he hide the bonds. kayla tells steve she came in when she seen his door was opened. he thinks she saved him,since he knows he locked the door when he went to bed. roman goes to steve for help retreiving the bonds. Orphus watches steve and roman set up there decoy, as street workers to get in the sewer. he then reports to victor, as bo listens in. hope and kayla cause a diversion to get the cops attention away from roman and steve. roman finds the bonds,as steve and kayla are trapped with water filling up the space very fast.

November 18,1986: Characters; melissa, lars, shane, gillian, kim, paul,alex,robin,mike, abe,tamara,chris, savanah. H/L: Shane is haunted by the image in the morgue, as gillian tries to get transfered.paul tells kim "teddy" is doing well now, as she offers to go visit him, as alex overhears. shane is shocked when he overhears gillian, and she covers her tracks. alex goes to emma and tells her it's a matter of time before all hell breaks lose. robin and mitch have their engagement party at blondies. shane and gillian argue, but end up kissing. she agrees to stay on as his partner.

Tape 26 Excellent, 6 shows, SLP mode

November 20,1986:Characters:steve,kayla,shane, gillian,roman, hope, bo, paul,kim, neil,marlena. H/L: Steve makes kayla an omlette and she tease him about his cooking skills. they then make a toast to a new phase in their relationship. kayla defines what she means,to include be honest and be friends, but he tries to show her they are mismatched.shane learns gillian has been spying on him for the isa. paul shows kim the latest plans. bo goes to see roman and tells him orphus doesn't have marlena,but orphus plans to use the bonds to get marlena to in turn get roman.marlena calls roman again.shane heads to stockholm. orphus calls vaughn and offers to trade the bonds for marlena. pier 27 in stockholm is a very busy place.

November21,1986:characters: kim, paul, marlena, shane, roman,kayla,gillian,orphus,bo, hope,steve. H/L: paul gives kim a ride home and notices she is distant and far away in thought. marlena wants to know when she'll be free. all hell breaks lose on pier 27, as shane is shot. paul and kim talk about her and shane. steve and kayla tend to shane, as the fighting continues. roman wants answers from gillian, 1st why she was posing as marlena. she tells him the isa has marlena. shane's condition isn't good, as steve and kayla wait at the hospital. kayla calls kim and tells her about shane,as kim frantically heads there.marlena gets free and bumps into orphus. shane's heart stops, as the doctors work on him, kim awakens on the plane by a jilt.

November 24,1986:Characters: calliope, jake, robin, mitch, mike, kayla, hope,steve,shane,gillian,roman, vaughn, marlena, orphus, kim, victor. H/L: calliope goes over the list for the reception with robin. the doctor's work on shane. roman learns marlena has escaped from the isa. marlena has jumped from the frying pan into the fire,by running into orphus.the doctor's get shane's heart beating again. kim arrives and kayla fills her in. victor complains to bo about orphus double crossing him. kim sits with shane, but he's still unconscious. he thinks of the shooting and gillian in the line of fire,and calls out gillian's name, kim misunderstands. roman remembers orphus wife being killed by him, and that is what he meant by marlena for his wife. kim talks to shane and tries to pass on her strength and love to him.

November 25,1986:Characters: frankie, jenn, shawn, mike, mickey ivy, kim, gillian, caroline, robin, roman,orphus,marlena,victor. H/L: frankie asks jenn to come and see him at the fish market. mike decides to skip robin's wedding. kim learns shane has regained consciousness. kim listens to gillian talk to the doctors, and gets the wrong idea about them. robin has pre-wedding jitters. roman sets up another meeting with orphus. kim goes to see shane again, and he's surprise to see her. she covers and says with the trouble with roman and kayla she had to come. frankie talks to jenn about her problems with glenn, and patches things up b/t them.kim tells kayla she is headed home. roman meets with orphus with marlena at his side. as marlena goes toward roman, orphus shoots marlena. mike arrives to stop the wedding.

November 26,1986:characters:kim, paul,kayla, steve,hope, roman, marlena, robin,mike, etc(full house)H/L: While on a transfer flight from boston back home, paul comes and sits next to kim. kayla,steve and hope set up the plan to help roman and marlena.mike tries one last time to convince robin not to go through with the wedding, but she doesn't listen and marries mitch. steve stops kayla from checking on the gunshots they heard. roman runs to marlena, as orphus asks how it feels. he then tells him he only used a tranquilzer for now, but if roman tries anything he'll kill her.paul advices kim she needs to move on too.savanah goes to see emma about alex, but she is too wise for her.marlena and roman are save, thanks to steve, kayla and hope. kim shows barbara a picture of andrew, and barbara is blown away, now that she knows teddy is andrew.

November 28,1986:Characters: shane, bo,gillian,pete,mike, melissa,steve,kayla,marlena,carrie, roman,ivy,lars, frankie,shawn, vaughn. H/L:Shane is at home in the hospital, when bo visits him. Shane is anxious to get back to work and stop what the isa has done. mike tries to figure out why pete can't move his arm. kayla goes to invite steve for a bite to eat, and he comes to the door clad in only a towel. steve gets a call telling him orphus has escaped.gillian goes to see shane, and he tells her to back her things and move out ASAP. vaughn goes next, and shane tells him off. steve and kayla go to tell roman and marlena about orphus. steve is anxious when he is alone with kayla, as he continues to fight his feelings. in an effort to protect kayla, steve says he is spending the night with her. shane asks gillian to work with him to build a case against vaughn.

Tape 27 excellent, 6 shows,SLP mode.

December 1,1986:Characters: steve, kayla, shane, gillian, peachy,barbara, paul,kim, jenn, glenn, chris, alex,savanah, abe. H/L: Steve freaks out when kayla goes out of the room without him. when she comes back he yells at her then hugs her. peachy arrives to surprise shane. barbara reads a newspaper article with a picture of andrew. when she goes to show it to paul at the abuse clinic,kim walks in. barbara then covers in front of them. kim goes to see peachy in shane's room. gillian comes in and announces she will be moving in the guest house to look after shane. shane notices the look on kim's face and talks to gillian about it. peachy talks to kim about her and shane, but kim tells her it's over and she is moving on with her life. steve runs into an old friend that asks him to smuggle some emeralds home for him, in return he will give steve $20 thousand. he reluctantly agrees to do it.

December 4,1986:Characters: kim, barbara,shane,gillian,ivy,mike, robin, mitch,chris, abe,victor,mickey,maggie. h/l: gillian goes to see shane with a newspaper article about him exposing chief vaughn. barbara tells a shocked kim she needs to quit working at the abuse clinic. mike runs into robin and mitch, who return early from their honeymoon. abe and chris discuss savanah and alex and what she is hiding in her car, that was towed away. after shane reads the article, he blast gillian out, since this was not how he wanted to get vaughn. paul overhears barbara's explaination, and wonders what is going on, abe arrest savanh when he catches her with the stolen election ballots. mike and ivy reach a new level in their friendship.

December 5,1986:Characters: shane, gillian, marlena, roman,kayla,,steve, vaughn,kim, max, caroline,H/L: Steve grabs kayla on the docks and tells her to hand over what was in the jacket, but she plays dumb. vaughn goes to see shane, and says he will regret what has happened. roman tells marlena she can't go out alone,when she makes plans to go to the hospital. steve has a deadline to find the emeralds. kim reads the article in the paper that implies shane and gillian are a couple. max goes to find steve, as he and kayla discuss the emeralds.a mysterious woman(Adrienne) has been tailing steve, uinbeknownist to him. steve is stabbed when he misses the deadline. kim goes to see shane at a bad time, as he tries and comfort gillian.

December 9,1986: characters: kim, paul,bo,hope,victor, roman, abe, caroline, calliope, neil, orphus,alex, emma. H/L: paul talks to kim about barbara, and how she wants to leave town.kim then offers to talk to her.victor tells bo and hope it would be better if they moved out. roman gets a note from orphus. orphus goes to blondies,and asks calliope to call roman for him. when kim arrives with paul, barbara is holding teddy, but when kim goes to see teddy, she books up the stairs with him, she later says he was cranky, and she didn't want kim to see him like that.emma plans her release. barbara goes to visit emma about kim and andrew.

December 10,1986:Characters: steve, kayla, jenn, glenn, frankie,shane, gillian,mike, abe. H/L: shane is up and around, and mike tells him he should be able to go home. kayla listens as steve's "friend" comes at him again. kayla wants answers from steve. glenn works undercover for abe. when shane gets home, his nurse arrrives,but she doesn't last long, as he asks gillian to take over. the mystery woman(adrienne) goes to steve's and comes across a picture of steve as a little boy.

December 11,1986:characters:hope, alice, jenn, glenn,shane, gillian,kim, roman,marlena,shawn, doug,mickey, maggie,barbara, paul. H/L: after getting a message from shane, kim goes to the house to see him, as gillian tries tos end her away.. marlena is reluctant about her and roman's upcoming ski trip, but he insist they go. jenn confronts glenn about the coke she found, but he can't tell her the truth. shane tells kim emma is trying to get released, and he has a plan to find out where andrew is, but it means setting emma free.paul tries to stop barbara from leaving town,when kim arrives. barbara gets upset and rushes off, as paul and kim look puzzled. orphus has a plan for roman- a bomb.

December 12,1986:characters: steve, kayla,shane, gillian, roman,marlena,carrie,mike, robin, vaughn. H/L: steve and kayla play a game of cat and mouse. roman and marlena make their finally plans for the ski trip. steve orders breakfast, and kayla orders the same, not knowing it's a beer and a raw egg. shane and gillian discuss the latest installment in the newspaper. kayla continues to follow steve, and ends up shooting pool with him. orphus plants the bomb. as roman ties the skis to the car, the bomb goes off in the house.

December 15,1986:Characters: steve, kayla, shane, kim, roman, mickey,abe, alice, tom, shawn. H/L: steve brings kayla home from their pool game.kim goes to see shane about his plan. kim decides to go along with him.. kayla challenges steve to stay, when he kisses her. after the bomb goes off, roman runs in looking for marlena. steve and kayla start to get close,when the phone interrupts them. shane sets the ball in motion for his plan with emma. abe tells roman the firemen found marlena's remains. steve brings kayla to the fishmarket after the get the news. kim and kayla try to comfort roman. steve takes kayla home and decides to spend the night there.

December 17,1986:Characters: kim,paul,jenn, mike,glenn, kayla,steve, robin,caroline,frankie, max,alex, emma. H/L: kim and paul talk about barbara, when shane comes in the doctors lounge and tells kim emma is being released.kayla awakens from the couch next to steve. kim assures shane paul will not say anything about their plan. shane then tells her they have to testify, then emma will be set free. frankie tries to talk to glenn about jenn, but he continues with his act. caroline misunderstands when she sees steve come out of kayla's shower clad in a towel. emma is released. kim makes a threath towards emma to shane. shane starts on his plan on emma.

December 19,1986:characters: kim, emma, shane, gillian, glenn, jenn,, alice, paul, chris, melissa, roman,orphus,steve, kayla,lars, carrie, hope, bo. H/L: kim tries to grin and bear emma's return to the hospital. chris goes to see pete about him lying to melissa about his condition. kayla gets ready for the memorial service, when steve comes and comforts her. kim and shane talk about how hard this is, with emma out, and not having andrew for christmas. roman tries to prepare carrie for the memorial. everyone gathers for the memorial, as marlena sits on an tropical island, looking very blissful.

December22,1986:Characters: robin, mitch, mike,kayla, steve,shane, kim, max, gillian, paul, emma, neil. H/L: robin and mitch are still at odds with each other.steve tries to leave kayla a present without being heard. shane tells kim about the letter that was forwarded from donovan mannor by simmons that was address to emma. he says if he can find it, he's sure it will have a clue as to where andrew is. shane then remembers alex's visit, and he figures he stole it. steve tells kayla he won't be there for christmas, and she tries to talk him into staying. mike catches robin giving herself a bloodtest. paul is on edge since barbara left, and kim tries to help.neil warns emma to leave kim alone. gillian and shane search for the letter, but emma has it with her.

December 24,1986:Characters: kim, neil,noel,shane, caroline, roman,frankie, carrie, max, bo, hope, shawn, steve, kayla, emma, victor, paul. H/L: kim and shane share a kiss under the miseltoe, frankie and carrie decorate the christmas tree. shawn asks bo and hope to spend christmas eve with the family. steve is in a foul mood, as he plays pool, kayla comes in and asks why he is still there. shane remembers his and kim's first kiss, as they discuss his plans for emma. kayla invites steve for christmas, but he refuses. steve dresses as santa claus, and hands out some toys to kids on the docks, as hope and kayla watch. paul is angry when barbara calls saying she is not coming home for christmas. kim tells him to go to her then. kayla talks to steve about him playing santa, but he does his best to play it down.

Tape 29 6 shows, SLP mode

December 25,1986:Characters: mitch, robin, bo,hope, steve, kayla,jenn, glenn, mike, alice, kim,melissa,maggie, mickey,neil, emma,ivy,. h/L: Bo gives hope the teddy bear she gave him when they were kids. steve tells kayla "santa" lefta present for her at his place. jenn and glenn meet at the fishing shack and talk about what he is doing. mitch and robin argue again. steve gives kayla a necklace. kim talks to robin in the doctors lounge, unaware mike is resting there and heard them. the children's party starts, as kim wathes emma with a little girl. after the party is done, emma tries to taunt kim about andrew, but she walks away from her.kayla brings steve his present- a cookbook with an open invitation to go to her place and cook up something. kim talks to neil about giving emma truth syrum, but he refuses.

December 26,1986:Characters: steve, kayla, roman, carrie, shane, gillian, kim, abe, frankie. H/L: steve goes to the clinic and tells kayla he's sick, but she doesn't buy it. as he is talking, he spots the mystery woman again. carrie is afraid to have roman go back to work. kim goes to see shane about his plan with emma. she tells him it's going too slow and has an idea. steve helps kayla at the clinic, by answering the phones and assisting the patients as they come in. shane at first disagrees with kim's idea, but has another solution. kayla is impressed with steve's tatics at the clinic. shane has emma "kidnapped" and administers the truth syrum. steve catches the woman following him, and wants to know who she is. kim asks emma where she took the baby.

December 29,1986:characters: steve,robin, mike, kayla,alex,paul,kim,shane,,emma, gillian, paul. H/L: steve wants answers from the girl following him. kim and shane ask emma about the baby, but she goes on about her baby at donovan manor. the young girl denies following steve and won't answer him and leaves, as he gets a weird look on his face, when kayla comes out of the clinic and asks what's going on.alex has an offer for paul. kim is disappointed when emma won't talk. shane tells her he's not giving up. steve takes kayla to his place for dinner. shane comes up with another plan and hands kim a gun to use on emma. emma tells alex she was kidnapped. shane tells kim of his plan, and she's not sure, but shane thinks it's the only chance they have. steve serves kayla dinner and gives her a shoulder rub, when she falls asleep. kim tells shane she will do his plan.

December 30,1986:Characters:kayla, caroline, neil, emma, frankie, jenn, shane, kim, roman,alice, carrie, alex, orphus. H/L: Kayla and caroline help neil with the guest list for the new years party. jenn catches frankie sketching, but he hides it before she can see it. kim goes to shane's to start the plan. roman cleans out marlena's office. roman decides to take some time off and takes the kids on a trip. emma arrives at shane's as the plan is set in motion. orphus calls roman, but roman hangs up on him. kim "confronts" emma, when shane comes in to "protect" emma. shane tells kim he thinks the plan will work.

December 31,1986:Characters: jenn, glenn,frankie, mike, robin, steve, kayla, shane, kim, emma, bo,hope, victor, alex,paul. H/L: robin tells mike she hasn't talked to mitch yet about ending their marriage. kayla invites steve to the party with her,but he makes up an excuse,but later shows up in a tux to escort her. shane and kim discuss him getting emma's trust, when she comes to the door.kim hides as shane and emma talk, and she promises to get some information on andrew and give it to him at the party. emma learns what shane has been up to. emma makes a public announcement at the party, and gets quite a few people angry at her.kim and shane share a kiss at midnight. steve and kayla ring in the new year at her place. shane finds emma---- dead.

January 2,1987:Characters: steve, kayla, roman, carrie, shane,kim, abe, neil, mike, paul (full house) H/L: steve and kayla are getting romantic, when someone throws a rock through the window.. roman and carrie talk about marlena. shane discovers emma as kim walks in. he tells her to get neil, as kim looks on horrifed. he finds several strands of blonde hair in emma's hand, and takes them. neil and mike work on emma to no avail. roman finds a woman in the snow. steve blocks the broken window, and kayla is cold towards him after reading the file on him spying on her. neil and mike guess it was a drug overdose that killed emma, as shane watches kim's every move. steve admits to kayla he was paid to spy on her. after arguing steve leaves. after some evidence shows up, abe declares emma's death was a murder.

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