I hope this website helps people out. Sure it's not the fanciest thing on the net, but it suits its purpose.

People have emailed me asking if I sell the figures, the answer is NO. I bought the ones I have online, searching in forums, ebay, and message boards. That's all the help I can give you if you're looking for them.

If anyone has any pictures of the fashions,drawings/pictures, etc...or coloring books and other books please send them to me! I'll put them up.
**All the images here are copyrighted to the GoldenGirl company(Galoob), and there are some that have been manipulated or drawn and they're copyrighted to me. If you want to use them I would really appreciate you email me and ask first.

If you have any questions or something my email address is fflewddar at yahoo dot com (put the pieces together). This webpage will not be updated anymore, unless I get some spare time.

Click on a character to see pictures and to find out more about them

Good guys:
Golden Girl
Prince Kroma
Golden Girl on Olympia Olympia

Bad guys:
Dragon Queen
Moth Lady
Wild One

Other Golden Girl stuff:
Art Gallery
Story Book
Catalog Pictures
Concept Art

Group picture
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