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17 January 1998
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7 May 1998

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Free Virtual Cards and Gifts
(For those of you who are bored with generic e-mail, this is a great way to keep in touch with friends.  Send an electronic postcard, a virtual vacation, some cyber flowers, and more....all for free.  Many many thanks to Margarita and Andonis for putting up with the constant barrage of virtual stuff appearing in their mailboxes as I personally checked out these sites.)

1.  SaigonNet Greeting Card Center  Send a taste of Vietnam.
2.  The Funny Bone  Send a not-exactly-normal e-card.
3.  The Digital Postcard  The MOTHER of all e-card sites, fully customizable.
4.  E-Cards  Support the World Wildlife Fund with each card sent.  Huge selection.
5.  Activegrams  Send an animated e-card.  Great selection!
6.  Angel Stardust Cybercards  a huge categorized selection of cards.
7.  Anonymous Love Letters  A bit shy?  Send an anonymous love letter.
8.  Greeting Card  Make your own e-card to send.
9.  Monty Python Abuse Cards  Send an insult Monty Python style.
10. Warner Bros. Web Cards  Looney Toons, Scooby Doo, Batman, Babylon 5...
11. Toonogram  Send a cartoon postcard.  Lots of categories to choose from.
12. Bluemountain Arts Send animated and non-animated e-cards.
13. S.N.A.C. attack - Postcards From The Edge  Send a nature e-card.
14. A Postcard Place  Many many categories to choose from.
15. Astro-Cards  Send an astrological e-card.

1.   Send some virtual flowers.
2.  A Virtual Present  Send a virtual present, from clothes to furniture to cars...
3.  Virtual Vacation  Send or take someone on a virtual vacation.
4.  OHMYGOODNESS  Home of the Kama Sutra cards and the Cyber Condom
5.  1-800-FLORALS - Phillip's Flowers  Send some virtual flowers.
6.  Connect-Time's Dumpster Diver  Send virtual junk from a dumpster dive.
7.  Mail a Meal - Gourmet Postcards  Send a virtual drink, main course, dessert...
8.  Zebra Marketing - Personalized Wine Labelling  Send a virtual wine label.
9.  Miller Light Beer-O-Gram  It's Miller Time!
10. Virtual Dessert  Send a Breyer's Ice Cream.
11. The Virtual Florist  Send cyberflowers, cybercandy, cyberballoons...
12. Send a Cyber Sandwich  No need to hold the mayo.
13. Send a Virtual Cigar  Got a light?
14. Handsome Hunks  Send an e-hunk and brighten up someone's day!
15. Beautiful Women  Send an e-babe.  The Handsome Hunk's counterpart.
16. E-Kiss  Send a customized smackeroo.
17. Cyrano Server  Let Cyrano help you express yourself.  (...Andonis  ^_^ )
18. OmniCity  Cards and gifts and all sorts of stuff.