Sailor Comet's Character Descriptions of Little Dracula

Due to the recent attention this webpage is getting by other Little Dracula fans. I thought I would try to give more of a tribute to Little Dracula. By giving my descriptions about the characters of Little Dracula.

I would like to add a character to the Little Dracula world. Just a character, that I kept thinking that might had enhance the show more and to give more interesting stories . This character will be only be thought up in my mind and I kept thinking that she maybe needed.

Little Dracula - A young vampire boy and son of Dracula. He is sometimes called Little D for short. He is green skinned and has no hair. He is just learning his way to be a great vampire like his father (Big Dracula). He does have some diffcult problems of trying to be such a great vampire. For one, he has problems with flying and being able to tell if something is a victim or not. Little Dracula can also be an inventor. He has built his own car "Dracster" and customized a bike and turned it into a motorcycle given by his father Big Dracula.

Big Dracula - He is the father of Little Dracula & Millicent. He calls himself the "King of the undead". Big Dracula teaches Little Dracula his vampire heritage and his status to the world (he tells Little Dracula to have him remember that he is royalty).

Mrs. Dracula - She is the wife of Big Dracula and mother of Little Dracula & Millicent. She normally wears a pink dress and a white apron. She does the cooking for the Dracula family as well as mothers Little Dracula 24/7.

Millicent - She is the little sister of Little Dracula. As well as the daughter of Big Dracula & Mrs. Dracula. She is a little baby vampire with one fang in her mouth and doesn't talk yet. Unlike her older brother (Little Dracula), she happens to have hair and it looks alot like her mother's.

Granny - Is a old lady vampire. It is a little uncertain to what part of the family she is from. At one point Big Dracula has referred to as Ma'am, but in some comics/books they have said that she is the mother of Mrs.Dracula. Though it is a fact, that she is the grandmother of Little Dracula & Millicent. She is a very old vampire (for the reasons why she falls apart very easily). Once in a while she likes to give Little Dracula a special dessert treat called "Fookies".

Werebunny - Is the best friend of Little Dracula. He sometimes help guide Little Dracula in becoming a great vampire. His name pretty much says what he is ("Werebunny"). In the cartoon series, he has appeared to have an appetite for carrots. But in the comic book world, he seems to have an appetite for humans too.

Handy - Is pretty much like the Addam's Family "Thing". Except he looks like a green skinned Frankenstein hand. He helps Little Dracula & his Family when they need assistance.

Igor - A mad scientist, assistant/slave to the Draculas, inventor, & science teacher to Litte Dracula's Ghoul School. He is often seen with slave companion "Deadwood" and doing torture experiments to Deadwood. Igor has one magic glass eye that pops out now and then. He can use that magic glass eye to see things when he really isn't around. Igor is also the inventor of Little Dracula's Magical Hat (with this hat. Little Dracula can walk out into the daylight). Igor can be a little bit of an influencer to Little Dracula. Little Dracula often likes to hang out with Igor and to learn Igor's inventions and experiments.

Deadwood - A zombie slave. You will mostly see him being a guinea pig to Igor. Igor does some torturing experiments while using Deadwood. Deadwood oddly doesn't mind this at all in the cartoons series. Deadwood is often quiet in the cartoon series. He will mumble to the cameras now and then. But nobody seem to understand him and they will confront him and ask "What did you say, Deadwood?" and Deadwood would always say "Nothing" back to them.

Garlic Man - A garlic brought to life as a man by his slave and follower "No Eyes". Garlic Man is the Dracula's number one dangerous villain. He breaths out garlic fumes out of his oxygen mask. Garlic is very deadly poison to the Draculas and vampires alike. Garlic Man's agenda is to try to kill the Draculas and to take over the world. Garlic Man at times has been trying to steal Little Dracula's scepter, so he can fill more power into accomplishing his agenda.

No Eyes - (his full "distinctive name" is Man with No Eyes) His name pretty much says what he is. He normally wears black sunglasses to cover his no eyes part. When Garlic Man is not around, he is the next villain in command in trying to destory the Draculas. He's normally the one that summons Garlic Man and brings Garlic Man back to life. When Garlic Man is around, No Eyes will step aside and then becomes Garlic Man's follower and advisor.

Maggot - It is unclamed to know what he really is exactly. He looks like a yellow squash with brown clothing. Maggot has been referred by Little Dracula as "His father's third greatest enemy". Maggot is more like a follower to both Garlic Man & No Eyes. In one episode of Little Dracula. Garlic Man & No Eyes enrolled Maggot in Little Dracula's Ghoul School. As a student at Little Dracula's Ghoul School, he is often in trouble and being sent to detention by Ghoul School's principal Mrs.Dibit. Maggot has become Little Dracula's school bully as well and the one to challege Little Dracula in trying to bite someone for the first time.

Twin Beaks - A two headed vulture with each head having a different personality. One head is stupid and annoying while the other head is smart and a grouch. The smart one normally corrects the stupid one. The smart one always has to tell the stupid one that they are vultures and they only eat dead rotten food. They really haven't interfered with any of the Little Dracula storylines too much, however.

Hannah the Barbarian - She is a barbarian woman from Big Dracula's past. Hannah has a bizarre hobby. She likes to cut and collect heads from paranormal creatures. She is after Big Dracula's head to add to her collection. In the past she could of had Big Dracula's head, until all of sudden she disappeared and Big Dracula didn't know what happened to her. Until Igor brought her back into the future and then Hannah was continuing her ambition in trying to get Big Dracula's head.

* More to come about the characters of Little Dracula*

The Character I would like to add to the Little Dracula World:

Hayley Boleyn - Kind of a playing hard to get girlfriend of Little Dracula. She is a beautiful blonde and smart human little girl from another country (somewhere away from Transylvania) and she is the same age of Little Dracula. Hayley has happen to be living in Transylvania with her parents. She lives there even though she doesn't want to. She rather be living in her own country. Little Dracula ends up falling in love with Hayley from the first sight of her and quickly thinks about biting Hayley and having her to come into his world. However she does everything in the world from dodging the bite and always wins from it by saying such things like she wishes she could move out of Transylvania and showing more love towards her own country. She will say anything under her tongue to avoid the bite. Little Dracula doesn't want Hayley to move out of Transylvania. Little Dracula is very happy that she is living in Transylvania. However, Little Dracula wants to bite Hayley, so Hayley can be with him for eternity. For the love of Hayley, he listens to her when she says she doesn't want to be bitten and hopes she doesn't ever think about running away from him (for now anyway. He will probably eventually succeed in the future. But it will take a long time for that to happen). Still Hayley befriends Little Dracula and becomes a helping hand towards his adventures. Even though she is playing hard to get. She really does love him inside and she does show some affection and care towards Little Dracula at times.

Here's a little bit of a image I had in mind for Hayley. But it is in South Park style.

Well, that is my idea for an additional character. I kept thinking it would be a little cute to have a kiddie romance going along and I kept thinking that it would help create more storylines for Little Dracula too.

Thank you for stopping by. *bites*

- Sailor Comet

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