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A feral cat is a previously tame (domesticated cat) who has been abandoned by humans.  These abandoned cats are left to fend for themselves by scavenging for food from backyards or trash cans.  Their MAIN food source is garbage, sometimes insects or mice, NOT birds.  These forgotten felines eventually start congregating in one place and form a 'colony' where they start breeding.

Once the breeding begins, the colony grows in members very quickly.  The kittens who are born become more afraid of humans with each litter.  It is the beginning of a terrible, lonely life for these kitties, unless a caregiver steps in to start a colony management program.

Colony management begins with a daily feeding and watering program, and then starting a Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, & Return Program (TNVR) by trapping the cats and having them spayed or neutered to stop the breeding cycle.  Once they are altered (and vaccinated), they can be returned to their colony site to be cared for on a daily basis.  If there are any kittens, it is best to try taming them for adoption, instead of returning them to the colony.

Sometimes the location of the colony is not a safe one due to impending construction or other hazards.  When this is the case, it is best to relocate the cats to another safe site, such as suitable outdoor homes, farms, or stables.

The exact location of the colony should NEVER be given to anyone other than those who are helping to care for the colony.  There are people who may wish to harm the colony members; so for their safety, as well as your own, NEVER tell anyone or show anyone where your colony is located.  Be as discreet as possible when feeding so as not to attract attention to yourself or the colony site.
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Feral colony management techniques
Membership in our Feral Guardians Network
Assistance in taming feral kittens
Guidance for a TNVR program
Loan of live/humane traps
Loan of crates/carriers
Food for feral colonies
Hay for feral shelter bedding
Contacts with adoption groups
Low-cost altering & vaccination sources
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Provide foster homes for feral kittens until adoption
Become a neighborhood colony caregiver
Provide safe outdoor homes for feral adult cats
Recommend or provide discounted veterinary services
Loan or donate live/humane traps
Assist with TNVR efforts
Provide interim post-op care for feral adult cats until release
Donate cat food for feral colonies
Assist with telephone inquiries
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