You have found your way to the Petsburgh Stable!
This is one of the Community Centers of Petsburgh, a wonderful online group
of animals lovers! The stable is a place for you to find some links to all of
the different areas of Petsburgh and also a place where you can have
some fun!

 Being that this is the Stable it's only appropriate that we talk about
horses here too! I personally have always held a great love for horses. I
find the beauty they hold both inside and outside is very powerful. I
remember feeling this most as a young girl. My niece shares this same
feeling inside - probably stronger then mine ever was. So, because I feel
the words of a child are special and sacred I asked her to write a piece
each month on her love for horses to be showcased here. I hope you enjoy
reading her stories and maybe it will remind you a little bit of your own
childhood! I also invite you to submit your own stories to be published
here. You will receive a special graphic for your web page when you do.

Hello my name is Tyne and I am writing for the Petsburgh Stables.
        I am here to tell facts and cool things about horses!!
Well here we go,

     Did you know that Arabians are one of the friendliest horse breeds!

    The smallest horse (according to Guinness book of records) was 1 ft 9 inches.
WOW!!!!!!!!! That is small!

     Well, let me now tell you about the different things that a horse might
wear or use.
      Did you know that there are two kinds of saddles?
Their names are:
The English and Western!!
Next time I will tell you the difference in the saddles!!!!!!!
Well sadly that is all I can type for now!!!

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