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All images and information about, of, from, and/or related to BLiNdEd, BLiNdEd members/friends/family are strictly copyrighted under  2006  İEvil Systems Records  and 2006  İBLiNdEd 

Duplicating any of this in any form without the concerning persons consent is a copyright
infringement and can result in a large fine and/or imprisonment.

Other images and information are copyrighted under their respective owners.
For copyright information on these, please visit their web sites. 

Please report anyone commiting or who has commited copyright infringement to
the concerning persons/parties.  In some cases, reporting copyright infringement can be rewarded.

BLiNdEd is registered under the International Standard Band Name Code (ISBNC)

ISBNC: 30111232

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Disclaimer and Copyright İBLiNdEd