Places I Work/ Places I Have Worked
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South Howell County Ambulance
West Plains, Missouri
Ripley County Ambulance
Doniphan, Missouri
Arkansas Emergency Transport
Jacksonville, Sherwood, Clinton, Izard Co. Arkansas
Patient Transfer Service, Aka, PTS-Ambulance
(this service is no-longer in operation due to legal issues)
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Patient Transfer Service- Unit 71 side view (backup for 43)- Walnut Ridge, Arkansas
Lenawee Community Ambulance- Irish Hills Base
*A Division of Huron Valley Ambulance (Ann Arbor, MI)
Lenawee Community Ambulance- Irish Hills (Brooklyn), Michigan
LCA Alpha 503- Irish Hills, Michigan
Inside LCA Alpha-503
Inside 503
LCA- Irish Hills LCA- Alpha 503
Addison Fire Department- #89
Station 1: Addison, Michigan
Station 2: Cement City, Michigan
Addison Fire & EMS Members (summer 1998)- Addison, Michigan
Addison Fire Department- Addison, Michigan
Addison Fire & EMS Members- Summer 1998
Addison Fire Department- Station 1
89-Alpha 6
Inside 89- Alpha 7
89- Alpha 7
89- Alpha 6
89- Alpha 7
Inside 89- Alpha 7