Falwell, Elisha F., b. 8/12/1842: Co. A, 4th Tennessee Cavalry Enlisted as a Private on 15 October 1861 at Camp Cheatham at he age of 22. His horse was valued at $145. He was furloughed home sick on 2 Dec.1861 and remained unfit for duty and "probably will so remain".; (Parents; Moses and Sarah Alford Falwell)

Falwell, James Taylor, b. abt. 1847;
NAME:  Falwell,  James Taylor.
WIDOW:  Falwell,  Tennessee Jane
PENSION #:  W584
Weakley Co., TN
(Parents; Moses and Sarah Alford Falwell)

Farabaugh, Frank, b.   ; 1910 Weakley Co., TN, District 17 lists him as a Confederate Veteran. Possible spelling of name and unit: Farbraugh, F.M. MO Arty.Regt.St.Guard Co.A  Artif.; (Parents; Unknown)

Farmer, Joel L., b. 1838; TN 20th (Russell's) Cav. Co.H; In the 1909 photo of Confederate Veterans of Sharon, TN; 1910 Weakley Co, TN, District 19 lists him as a Confederate Veteran. (Parents; John D. and Mary Unknown Farmer)

Farmer, John B. b. 8/31/1828; Private, Co. H, 7th TN Cavalry Reg. (Parents; John Flavil and Elizabeth Martin Farmer)

Farmer, Thomas, b. 9/22/1833; Confederate Soldiers of Kentucky - Thomas Farmer - which one of the following ?
  1. Jessee's Btn. Mtd. Riflemen, Co.C
  2. Rowen's Co. Partisan Rangers
  3. Co.K, 10th (Diamond's) Cavalry, Corporal (Kentucky - Virginia Mounted Rifles) 14th Kentucky Cav. (Parents; Burton and Rachel Unknown Farmer)

Farmer, William “Will” Henry b. 1842; Private, Co. H, 7th TN Cavalry Reg. (Parents; John Flavil and Elizabeth Martin Farmer)

Faulk, Joel Benjamin, b. 8/8/1826; TN 47th Inf. Co.A  1st Sgt.; In 1861 he joined Capt. White's volunteers, Forty-seventh Tennessee Infantry, Co A., and during the latter part of the war, was promoted to the rank of captain of the commissary department, and was not wounded or captured during his entire service.; (Parents; Jacob C. and Rebecca Schor Faulk)

Featherston, William J., b. 1818; TN 47th Inf. Co.C; (Parents; William J. and Sarah M. "Sally" Vaughn Featherston)

Ferrell, Calvin Henderson, b. 12/25/1837; 20th TN Cav. (CSA) Co. G. Enlisted December 1, 1863 in Dyer Co., T N, by Col. Bell for 3 years or the war. Sorrel mule valued at $1500. Present on roll for Mar/April 1864 as 1st Sergeant. On roll for May/June 1864 , "Sent to his command at Dalton, May 23, 64". Oath of Allegiance, May 20 , 1865; described as resident of Dyer Co., dark complexion, dark hair, hazel eyes, 6 ft.; In 1861 he enlisted in the Newbern "Blues" Twelfth Regiment, Tennessee Confederate Infantry. He was at Belmont and Shiloh, and was wounded and captured at the latter engagement. He was confined to Alton, Ill., for several months and was exchanged by accident in answering to another's name, the comrade being sick at the time. He rejoined his regiment, which had been changed from infantry to cavalry, and served until the close, participating in many fierce encounters.: (Parents; Dent and Charity Shaw Ferrell)

These were brothers who fought on opposite sides;

Finch, Jarrett, b. 3/6/1827; KY 7th Mtd.Inf. Co.B  1st Sgt.;  Jarrett's family had moved to Hickman Co., KY after his marriage in 1851,  so he enlisted with a KY regiment.  He did return from the war but died in 1872 in Fulton Co., KY.  His wife was Martha Washington Robinson.  His brother, Adam Finch served in the Union Army in the 7th TN Cavalry, Co. L.  was captured at Union City, TN, March 24, 1864, and sent to Andersonville Prison where he died 6 months later. The following records are from the National Archives in Washington, D. C.; On 26 Sept. 1861 Jarrett Finch enlisted for 12 months as a Private in C o. B, 7th KY Mounted Infantry, Confederate States of America, at Camp Burnett, KY. From 1 Nov. 1861 to 1 Dec. 1861 he was a Wagon Master @ 25 cents/day. From 31 Dec. 1861 to March 1862 he was sick at Oxford Hospital in Mississippi. Jan. and Feb. 1862 he was listed as Present. From 29 March 1862 to 4 Apl. 1862 he was in the 1st Mississippi CSA Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. On 13 July 1862 he appears on a list eligible for discharge (those under 18 or over 35). Jarrett was 35 on 6 March 1862. From 28 Feb. 1862 to 30 June 1863 the records show him Present--a Wagoneer. For the 240 days of duty from 1 Nov. 1862 thru 1 June 1863 he was pa id (@ 25 cents/day) $60 as a Teamster. From 1 Jan. to 1 June 1863 he was employed on extra duty. The records show him Present July and Aug. 1863, Sept. and Oct. 1863, and Nov. and De c. 1863. March and April 1864 show him promoted to 1st Sgt. on 1 April 1864. May and June 1864 he is shown as Present. Had a brother who was in the Union Army and died at Andersonville; (Parents; Jarrett and Elizabeth P. Hill Finch)

Finch, Adam, b.  abt. 1829; He served with the 7th TN Cavalry, Co. L, (Union).  Most of his regiment was captured at Union City, TN, March 24, 1864,  by a detachment of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest,  commanded by Col. Wm. Duckworth.  Adam and his fellow soldiers were sent to Andersonville Prison where he remained until his death almost 6 months later (caused by scurvy (scorbutus) Sept. 12, 1864.  His grave number is 8555; Had a brother who served in the Confederate Army; (Parents; Jarrett and Elizabeth P. Hill Finch)

Fiser, Leander, b. 5/28/1843; Jackman's Regiment, Company H, Confederate Army Military Induction Aug 1862 Tennessee; (Parents; Willis Andrew and Offa Ridgeway Fiser)

Fiser, Robert H., b. 4/24/1841; KY Helm's 1st Cav. Co.B; Entered the Confederate Army in 1862, serving in Company C, of the Knox City Guards, his first engagement being a skirmish at Cheat Mountain. Helm was his regimental commander.; (Parents; Jo H. and Sarah B. "Sally" Pence Fiser)

Fitzgerald, Obediah Gardner, b. 7/29/1847; Fitzgerald, O.G. TN 12th (Green's) Cav. Co.G; TN 3rd (Forrest's) Cav. Co.I; Enlisted in 1863 and served until the close of the war.; (Parents; Obediah and Martha Patsy Mays Fitzgerald)

Fleming, B. White, b. 10/1/1846; TN 1st Cav. Co.A,H; He entered the army at the early age of sixteen, joining the First Tennessee Regiment, with Gen. Forrest, in 1863. He served through the remainder of the war and was neither wounded not captured.; (Parents; Andrew Jackson and Mary Elizabeth Jameson Fleming)

Flowers, Alexander B., b. 10/15/1840; In 1861 he enlisted in the Confederate Army as a private in the Thirteenth Tennessee Regiment, and after serving one year returned home.; (Parents; Henry and Mary Tyrena Rose Halliburton Flowers)

Flowers, Henry TN 12th (Cons.) Inf. Co.B; In July, 1861, he enlisted, and was so severely wounded at the battle of Shiloh that he was unfitted for further service and was sent home.; (Parents; Blake and Mahala Deer Flowers)

Fly, James Calvin, b. 4/28/1843; Served in the Civil War, he enlisted in the Confederate Army at Jackson, Tenn. in Nov., 1861. The company was known as Jeff Davis Guard, which joined the main Armv at Knoxville. later known as 38th TN Co. E, under Co!. Lung of Memphis. His first scout was on Nattachusky River. At this place, they captured 16 men after they had burned the bridge across the river. Threats were made to burn Morristown also. His first battle was at Shiloh, April 6 and 7, Sunday and Monday, 1862. The regiment of which he was a member led the charge which captured General Prentice's Brigade of three thousand men late Sunday afternoon, but Monday they were defeated, and had to retreat from the field. The Battle of Harrisburg, Ky. lasted one afternoon, was a bloody one. They lost manv men, but came out victorious. General Bull was defeated. After this battle, they left Ky. and came to Tenn. Thev were on this raid six weeks. During this time, food was scarce. Their only food was fat pickled pork and apples. They traveled many miles without no food and no water, except what came from goose ponds. After reaching Tenn., they had a battle at Murfreesboro during Christmas week of 1862, when Gen. Bull was defeated the second time. His next battle was Chicamauga, which took place Sept. 19, 1863. He was wounded in this battle before he fired a shot. (Parents; Micajah  and Loretta Lou Low Fly)

Ford, Andrew Jackson, b. 1837; Film # M231: Pvt. Co. B, 3rd TN (Forrest's) Cavalry. His brother Josiah Henry “Si” Ford serve in the Union Army; Pvt. Co. L 8th TN Cavalry 6th TN Cavalry, also called 1st West Tenn Cavalry. (Parents; James and Nancy Unknown Ford)

Ford, Martin G., b. abt. 1840; 1910 Weakley Co. TN, District 10 Census lists him as Confederate Veteran. (Parents Unknown)

Forrest, Aaron, b. 1828; Lt. Col. MS Cav. on an expedition in the 1964 hard winter campaign into West TN and West KY, Aaron became sick and died of pneumonia in Dresden, TN.; Parents; (William and Mariam Beck Forrest)

Forrest, Elisha King, b. 1831; Served in Calvary under N.B. Forrest; (Parents; Elisha and Sarah Vincent Forrest)

Forrest, Jeffery E., b. 1836; AL Cav. Forrest's Regt. Col.; TN 10th (DeMoss') Cav. Col.; TN 13th (Gore's) Cav. Col.; Killed in action in the Battle of Okolona, MS on Feb. 22, 1864; At Ivey's Hill, some six miles beyond Okolona, the Federals came to a stand. Dismounting, they occupied a timber-covered ridge and threw up a fence rail barricade across the road. Col. Jeffery Forrest, the general's youngest and favorite brother, led the attack on the Yankee roadblock. In the ensuing desperate fighting, Jeffery was shot through the neck and fell mortally wounded, within 300 yards of the enemy strong point His men faltered as they saw their leader fall, and, dismounting, they prepared to hold the ground they had gained. General Forrest, informed that his brother had been shot, galloped to the site and dismounted. Jeffrey died as Nathan Bedford cradled him in his arms and called out "Jeffery, Jeffery" in a voice choked with emotion. Satisfied that Jeffery was dead, Forrest kissed him on the forehead, laid him down, and called for Maj. John P . Strange, and, with tears in his eyes, asked him to take care of his brother's body. Parents; (William and Mariam Beck Forrest)

Forrest, Jesse N., b. 1829; Lt. Col. 21st. TN (Wilson’s) Cav.; On Monday, August 22 General Forrest made a daring raid into Memphis, TN. The expedition was commanded by Forrest in person and consisted of portions of eight or nine cavalry regiments, mostly from Tennessee and numbering from 1500 to 2000 strong. Arriving at Beal St., the rebels divided off in several squads and struck for the Gayoso House, Hospitals, Irving Block, and General Washburne’s headquarters on Union St. The latter was first visited by a force of about two hundred, under Lt. Col. Jesse Forrest, who entered and found it deserted, the General and his staff having but a moment before escaped. Jesse captured the General’s overcoat and started for the Gayoso House with his valiant horsemen, who rode right into the office of the hotel in search of General Hurlburt, who had also escaped. Parents; (William and Mariam Beck Forrest)

Forrest, Nathan Bedford, b. 7/13/1821; Lt. General in the Army of the Confederate States of America where he became a ledgend. Forrest City, AR was named after him. Many good books written about his life primarily during the war. One of the organizer's of the KKK who later resigned and called for its abandonment when the Klan started its atrocious acts rather than fignting for fairness and equality from the hands of the Republicans in Congress and the carpetbaggers and scalawags in the South. Commonly called the "Wizard of the Saddle." Never lost a battle and did not attend West Point but his tactics are taught to this day. Commanded the only Cavalry unit to ever win a Naval Battle at Johnsonville on the Tennessee River.; Parents; (William and Mariam Beck Forrest)

Forrest, Oren Perry, b. 6/13/1827; 1st LT, Co H {Texas Invincibles) 7th Regt, Tx Inf, Grandbury Brigade. Took over for Capt Hill when he was killed at Ft Donalson where Capt Orren was taken prisoner, later exchanged and wounded at battle of Raymond, MS. (Parents; Elisha and Sarah Vincent Forrest)

Forrest, William Hezekiah, b. 1825; Maj. Co. C 3rd TN (Forrest's) Cav.; Parents; (William and Mariam Beck Forrest)

Foster, James M. b. 2/1842; Foster, J.M. TN 27th Inf. Co.H
NAME:  Foster,  James
PENSION #:  S1030
Foster, J.M. TN 27th Inf. Co.H
NAME:  Foster,  James
PENSION #:  S1030
UNIT:  27th Inf.
NAME:  Foster,  James M.
PENSION #:  S4093
UNIT:  27th Inf.
Weakley Co., TN (Parents; William and Nancy Unknown Foster)

Foster, Lucian Alben, b. abt. 1843; 2nd Co. F, 5th TN, Answered Questionaire. (Parents Unknown)

Fowler, Hardeman Dunn, b. 1832; Capt. Co. I, 1st NC, Inf. At the beginning of the Civil War he entered the Confederate service as Second Lieutenant of the First NC Regiment, and was made Captain of the same company. At the close of the war he married and emigrated to Cal, Duarte, Los Angeles Co.; ; -Attended Wake Forest 1853-1857, graduating an orator from his society and with a A.B. degree. (Parents; Joseph and Mary Smith Fowler)

Fowler, James A., b. 12/1/1843; Unit Unknown; died Marshall Co. AL. (Parents; Godrey and Mary Marphree Carnes Fowler)

Fowler, James Elisha, b. 5/2/1820; TN 5th Inf. 2nd Co.I Capt.; (Parents; William "Billie" and Mourning C. Crudup Fowler)

Fowler, Jasper, b. 1838; Unit Unknown, (Twin); (Parents; John and Elizabeth Kelley Fowler)

Fowler, John, b. Unknown; Killed Civil War - Battle Murfreesboro Tn; (Parents; Godrey and Mary Marphree Carnes Fowler)

Fowler, John Littleton, b. 12/19/1844; Unit Unknown; Died in Confederate Army; (Parents; David Washington and Elizabeth Dockery Fowler)

Fowler, John Littleton, b. 9/9/1840; Attended ordinary Tx schools until he entered McKenzie College, Clarksville, Red River Co, an eminent Methodist institution before the war. He had not finished his education there before the outbreak of hostilities took him, with many other young men of Tx, from the college ranks to the ranks of the Confederate Army. I have been unable to learn his war record but there is a military report before me dated Aug 28-29, 1862, signed J.C.Bates, Capt Co K, Sturnum's Reg. S.S. J.L. Fowler, Orderly Sergeant". The name of the military station is illegible. Another document "Office of Provost Marshal, Paducah, Ky, April 20, 1865 - Permission is granted to J.L. Fowler to pass beyond the guards and outposts of this command to the country. Light hair, gray eyes, light complexion, 6'0" high, Peculiarities 0. By command of J.J. Gupey, Colonel Commanding Post; Wm Gogan, Capt and Provost Marshal. Issued by M.C. Milledge. Good for 30 days.
He served thru the conflict and when peace ensured he went to Paducah, Ky, where he remained a year with his Fowler relatives there in the wharfboat business. He then returned to Texas where his father had rich landed interests. Five daughters and 2 sons were born to them, 4 daughters living to maturity: Susan Adella, Johnetta, Nora Estelle and Dorothy.
He lived at Roxton the 1st yr of his marriage, then moved to Brookston, where he took charge of his large cotton plantation. His daughters were placed under the instruction of a governess. Mrs. Andrew Calhoun, until his removal to Paris, Tx, in 1880, when they were placed in the private school of Ms. Vesey. (Parents; John Hopkins and Elizabeth Alexander Fowler)

Fowler, Joseph Henry, b. 4/26/1833; During the Civil War his commercial interests were all confiscated by the Union government because he was suspected of strong Southern sympathies on account of having 3 brothers in the Southern army. But with pluck and energy he soon got another wharfboat and boat store and resumed business. At the end of that awful war two of his three brothers, Capt Dick and Major Gus - poor White gave his life for his country, came back to begin life anew and in Joe they found a true brother, indeed, who enabled them to resume the river business. Capt Fowler has been identified with river interests and steamboating for more than 40 years and has owned an interest in about 30 streamers, commanding several of them. ......etc, etc. At present he is the senior member of the firm of Fowler, Crumbaugh & Co a very extensive boat supply business, at the corner of First St and Broadway, Paducah. (Parents; Judge William "Wiley" Paul and Esther Araminta Given Fowler)

(Note: The following 3 Fowler brothers served the Confederacy as Captains of riverboats)
Fowler, Dixon Given “Dick”, b. 2/8/1830; When the South seceded Capt Dick, with his brothers, White and Gus, gave allegiance to his native land. He was made Captain in the Confederate ordinance department. Meanwhile Capt Joe Fowler, another brother, kept his interest in the river business and when Capt Dick returned at the end of the war, his brother Joe gave him the command of the Jim Fisk, then running between Paducah and Cairo. Subsequently he commanded the Idlewild until she was transferred by charter. Capt Dick then took charge of the elegant sidewheel steamer, Pat Cleburne, which took the Idlewild's place in the Paducah trade. (Parents: Judge William "Wiley" Paul and Esther Araminta Given Fowler)

Fowler, James White b. 1833; Soon civil war was declared and he allied himself to the Southern cause, serving bravely through the four years conflict. At the calamitous end, when preparing to return home, broken in health and crushed in spirits, he died suddenly in Augusta Ga, March 23, 1865 and was buried in that city. He died unmarried.

Fowler, Littleton Augustus “Gus”, b. 2/25/1838; When the Civil War began he was in command of the fast and beautiful steamer Dunbar, running in the Evansville and Cairo trade. As his sympathies were decidedly with the South, he made several trips carrying contraband goods on board. Finally he was forced to run the Dunbar up the Tenn River, when he scuttled her near Florence, Ala., to prevent her falling a prize into the hands of the Federals. He then joined the Confederate Army under General John Morgan and was with that intrepid leader in all his raids until 1862, when young Fowler was captured at Lebanon, Tenn and sent to prison at Camp Chase, Ohio, where he was confined with other Southern patriots for 6 months. Upon his release he was exchanged, when he immediately accepted the position of Major on the staff of General Loring, where he remained to the termination of hostilities, always taking active part in all the battles Loring's command participated in. After the surrender General Loring went to Egypt to take command of the khedive's army when he offered Major Fowler a place of prominence if he would accompany him to that distant field; but the young man felt constrained to decline the flattering inducement, deeming it his duty to return home and endeavor to retrieve family fortunes lost by war.

Fowler, William Broadus, b. 6/10/1825; Co. I, 1st NC Regiment When hostilities between the states began, he enlisted in Company I, First NC Regiment, serving in the seven days' battle around Richmond, at Mechanicsville, Malvern Hill and Fraunce's Tavern. He was a Lieutenant in the home guard stationed near Greensboro and Kingston, part of the time of the war. (Parents; Joseph and Mary Smith Fowler

Foy, James, b. abt. 1836; 7th Ky. CSA Co. A; Died in the Civil War in the Battle of Baker's Creek Mississippi. Richard and James Foy were brothers from Dukedom. Both joined the 7th Ky CSA. Co. A. Their first battle was at Shiloh. At the battle of Baker's Creek in Mississippi, James was killed and Richard buried him on the battlefield. Richard was taken prisoner and spent most of him time at Camp Lookout, Md. (Parents; William and Nancy Murrell Foy)

Fowlkes, Henry Lafayette, b. 11/26/1827; TN 20th (Russell's) Cav. Co.G; Fowlkes, H.L. TN 4th Inf. Co.K  Capt.; In May, 1861, Mr. Fowlkes enlisted in Company K, of the Fourth Tennessee Confederate Regiment, and was elected first lieutenant, but when the company was finally organized he was elected captain, succeeding Strall. After the reorganization at Corinth, he joined Forrest's command. he was in the battles of Brice's Cross Roads, Oklahoma, Athens, Sulphur, Fussell and in numerous skirmishes. He remained in the service until the close of the war. Enlisted December 1, 1863 in Dyer Co., T N, by Col. Bell for 3 years or the war. Absent on roll for Mar/April 1864 , "On detached service since Dec 8, 63". Present on roll for May/June 1864, "On extra duty since Dec 8, 63 Forage Master for the Division." On roll of prisoners surrendered at Citronelle, AL, May 4, 1865. Residence Newbern, TN. Source: Compiled Service Records [R,C ]; (Parents; Henry and Nancy Green Fowlkes)

Fowlkes, William P., b. 10/2/1842; TN 4th Inf. Co.K; In May, 1861, he joined Company K, Fourth Regiment Tennessee Infantry, and after the reorganization of the army, was transferred to Forrest's cavalry. Soon after his marriage Mr. Fowlkes returned to his command and served until the fall of 1864, when he returned home, owing to the failure of his eyesight, losing the sight of one entirely. (Parents; William P. and Mary Ann Fowlkes)

Foy, James, b. abt. 1836;  Co A 7th Kentucky Infantry; Died in the Civil War in the Battle of Baker's Creek Mississippi; Richard and James Foy were brothers from Dukedom. Both joined the 7th Ky CSA Co. A. Their first battle was at Shiloh. At the battle of Baker's Creek in Mississippi, James was killed and Richard buried him on the battlefield. Richard was taken prisoner and spent most of him time at Camp Lookout, Md.; (Parents; William and Nancy Murrell Foy)

Foy, John B. “Bart”, b. 9/10/1845: Ky Reg Company E 3 VCV Forest Calvary CSA 1861-65; (Parents; James S. and Sarah Unknown Foy)

Foy, Richard, b. 11/24/1839 ; 7th Ky. CSA Co. A, prisoner Camp Lookout in MD; (Parents; William and Nancy Murrell Foy)

Frazier, William Boling G., b. 7/6/1841; TN 20th Inf. Co.A; Davidson Co., Fought in Battle of Shiloh; Widow Pension #w7404; (Parents Boling G. and Jane Carr Frazier)

Frields, Benjamin F., b. abt. 1842; TN 5th Inf. 2nd Co.E; (Parents; David and Catherine Unknown Frields)

Freeman, Anderson A., b. 5/15/1844; Co. B, King's Kentucky Battalion; Enlisted: 1861, Graves Co., Kentucky He surrendered in the spring of 1865 at Selma, Alabama; (Parents; Richard and Aplona Morris Freeman)

Freeman, Coleman H., b. 2/22/1841; Freeman, C. TN 22nd Inf. Co.D
NAME:  Freeman,  C.H.
PENSION #:  S9545
UNIT:  22nd Inf.
Weakley Co., TN
(Parents; Unknown)

Freeman, James Monroe, b. 3/6/1833; Sgt. Co. B, King's Kentucky Battalion; Co.B, 1st Confederate Cavalry; War Department - The Adjutant General's Office - 9 Sept.1925. The records show that J. M. Freeman, 2nd Co.B, 1st Confederate Cavalry, was enlisted 16 Sept.1861 at Fulton Station, Ky. Muster roll 30 Oct.1863 to 30 June 1864 (latest on file) show him present, a 2nd Sergeant. No later record as of this organization found. The 1st Confederate Cavalry, was formerly a part of the 1st (King's) Battalion Kentucky Cavalry, CSA. He was captured at Selma, Alabama in April and paroled in May at Columbus, Miss. in 1865. His brother Anderson A. Freeman also fought in King's Kentucky Battalion.; (Parents; Richard and Aplona Morris Freeman)

Frost, Wade H. TN 33rd Inf. Co.D  Capt.; enlisted at Union City in Otho French Strahl’s unit.; (Parents; Unknown)

Fullerton, Henry T., b. 4/16/1840; TN 13th Inf. Co.D; 1861 enlisted in the Confederate Army. He was wounded at the battle of Belmont in 1861, and severely wounded at Shiloh in 1862. He was discharged in 1863, came home the same year and began the study of medicine at Yorkville, Tenn.; (Parents; John Sharp and Rachel Thomas Fullerton)