Welcome to my homepage!  I made this page in January in order to distribute a short story I started writing, "A Slave's Tale", about a captured boy being made into a pet dog/slave.  I expanded the page soon after to include a number of links to human-animal sites.  I then expanded it further to include a small archive of human-pet stories by a number of other authors.  I just finished another major update, and I hope you'll like the new additions!  To quickly summarize:

- there are a few new links to check out
- there are 6 new stories in the archive, including some very good male-male stories
- there's a new part to my story (Part 8: Master Returns)
- the page is split into sections, which you can scroll to or use the links up top
- there are a few cosmetic changes and I fixed a broken link : )
- Why not?  ..the kennel is now registered with a number of filtering sites for kids.
Thanks again to everyone who has been visiting the site and sending me feedback or criticism-- I really appreciate it and I'm glad to know that the site is being used.


WARNING:  The story, "A Slave's Tale" is BD/SM themed and contains sexually explicit material, bondage, non-consensual captivity/slavery, and assorted other offensive bits.  The same potentially goes for any of the other stories posted here.  If this sort of thing doesn't interest you, you're younger than 18, easily offended, etc. please read something else.

Story Section

A Slave's Tale

MF/mf (mostly sub male) dog-training, humiliation, slavery, non-consensual, bondage
  Part 1: Processing
  Part 2: Caged
  Part 3: The Evaluation
  Part 4: The Auction
  Part 5: My Master's Dog
  Part 6: Back to the Doctor
  Part 7: Slaves' Pet
  Part 8: Master Returns  (New! 6/1)
A big thanks! to the people who have emailed me saying they liked the story and making suggestions. I'm writing it more for the audience than myself, so it's encouraging just to know people are reading it.
Part 8 is the most recent addition, and may be the last for a little while-- at least 3 weeks. : ( 

Archive Section

Human-Pet Story Mini-Archive
The first twelve stories of a growing mini-archive of human-pet stories.  Most of them come from my offline collection in alphabetical order, and I hope to ad more when I have time or people contribute them!
[ short summaries of all posted stories ]
Rating key:  [hm] = humiliation, [con] = consensual, [n-c] = non-consensual, [Human Animal] = human trained to be (animal), [trans>animal] = complete physical transformation to (animal), [Ert] = explicit/erotic, [PErt] = psuedo-erotic (inexplicit), [Bmod] = body modification 
Boots  (by Tina Marie Holmboe)
Good!  [Mf]  Ert, Con, hm, human-dog

A Cat's Fantasy  (by
Fair.  [Fm]  Ert, Con, human-cat

Cats to Go  (by
Fair.  [Ffm]  Ert, trans > feline

Command Performance  (by K.M.)
Fair.  [f]  P-Ert, N-C, hm, trans > dog

Country Life  (anonymous)
Fair.  [Fm]  Ert, Con, hm, human-pig

The Dog Slave  (by Cmoon)
Excellent!  [Fm]  Ert, N-C, hm, human-dog

A Dog's Tail  (by LeashDog)
Good! [Mm] PErt, mind control, human-dog

Erin's Story  (anonymous)
Fair. [f] PErt, NC, trans>dog, bestiality, preg.

Fetch!  (anonymous)
Fair.  [Mf]  P-Ert, human-dog, very short

Happy's First Weekend  (anonymous)
Good! [Mf] Ert, human-dog, implied bestiality

Kennel Training  (anonymous)
Excl! [Mm] Ert, h-dog, NC, hm, Bmod/castr.

My Five Years as a Dog  (by Kai)
Good.  [Mm]  Ert, human dog, non-fiction

All stories are Copyright their respective authors.  If you know the identity of an anonymous/unknown author, please let me know so that I can give them credit.  Likewise, let me know if you are the author of any of these stories and would like me to remove them.

Straypup Section

Stray in an armbinder Straypup






A few of the many human-animal related sites on the internet
Thanks to everyone who has contributed additional links!
If any of them are not working, please let me know.

The Dog House
More or less the definitive site on the internet for information on human-dog training.  Primarily aimed at gay men, but it as lots of general information about the scene, a few really good stories, and the 'pound', an extensive personals section that anyone can search or add to.

Malcolm's Homepage / Petserver List
A number of years ago, a post by Malcolm seeking support for an 'alt.pets.human' newsgroup made me realize for the first time that there were other people interested in this scene.  He soon after started his own mailing list, the Petserver, dedicated to human-animal roleplay.  There's a great predominance of horses and ponies, but more than any other list it has a large number of canines as well (and cats and tigers and...), and the subscribers are a great group of people.  Mostly heterosexual, but open to anything.

Yahoo Club : Dogslave  (New! 6/1)
Yahoo Club : GayMaleDogTrainingX  (New! 6/1)
These two Clubs at Yahoo are both for dog slaves.  There's not much in terms of information/discussion, but there are message boards and a lot of readers if you're looking for someone or have a question.  There are also links, and above all, picture galleries accessible if you join (free). 

FurryMUCK WebStation  (New! 5/16)
This is the web home of FurryMUCK  If you're unfamiliar with MUD/MUCKs, you might want to check out this page for more information first, otherwise you could telnet directly there at, port 8888.  The muck's theme is anthropomorphic animal role-play? two to three hundred people at any given time playing bipedal dogs, cats, horses, mythical animals, etc.  There are plenty of popular BDSM related areas; try teleporting to 'wvg' (Willing Victims' Guild) or 'tlc' (The Leash and Collar Club) among others.  There are also virtual slave/pet auctions every Tuesday night at the TLC.

NYMaster's Page  (New! 5/16)
Part of a larger gay-male site, this section dedicated to dog-training.  It has several great pictures of various dog-boys in some really nice geat.  I'm jealous!  NYMaster also makes a custom dog-tail butt plug, the only one I've ever seen (not counting those meant for ponies).

Chateau De Sade- Puppies  (New! 6/1)
The puppy-play section of a much larger site on BDSM in general.  The human-dog links it has are all on this list, and there's not a great deal of information, but it has some nice pics and also a list of books on (real) dog training, which are certainly useful for humans as well I'd imagine.  Above all, it has other pages for just about every major interest in BDSM with basic info and links-- a wonderful site for beginners (age 18+ only).

This site is mostly in Japanese, but its not too hard to navigate.  There are an incredible number of dog-girl drawings by the site's author, most of them focusing on punishment, humiliation, and the dog-girl as a family/household pet more than a slave.  Additionally, there are a large number of very good pictures of several Japanese dog-girls.

The Transformation Story Archive
An online library of stories involving transformation,  organized according to type of transformation and with most stories rated for interest / sexual content.  These stories all deal with actual transformation, and there are a good number involving humans into dogs (as well as horses, mythical animals, opposite sex, etc).

Water-Hole Leather and Erotic Thoroughbreds
A leather-maker selling BD/SM gear, with probably the widest selection of human-pony equipment in the world.  They sponsor Erotic Thoroughbreds, a CT event for human animals (mostly horses, but last year there were dogs and cats as well).  ET was cancelled a little while ago but is now once again scheuduled, and should be a lot of fun.

Boot Boy's site
Another gay-male oriented site, but has great information on human dog training and care, a few good pictures, and an extensive section on gear useful to the scene along with links to different online stores.

Rubber Pup's Homepage
A site featuring the author's computer generated images as well as photos of himself as a rubberized dog slave.  The few computer-made images of human dogs are some of my favorites.

Pet's Animilization Page
A simple page with a large number of links to different suppliers of gear useful for canine role play (muzzles, hand mitts, etc.).

Cruiser's Dog-Training Page  (New! 6/1)
Small, simple page with a few pics and some good links to gear-providers on the web and a couple of web rings.  (contributed by Cyberhnd)

DogSir's Homepage
Gay-male oriented.  German master, with a good number of pictures of his dog-slave(s?).

If you have a site you'd like to add (and it has to do with human-dogs or other pets), 
email me and I'll happily add it!

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