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dogheadshop  (formerly on view at Dangerous Curve-downtown Los Angeles)drag your mouse
Paul Bailey Ensemble overcoming tourism email paul bailey contact the ensemble
I See Hawks in L.A.A dog can break your heart tooI See Hawks in LA
Mr. Riddims grief contact mr.riddims email dan ostermann
  on the road with music by Mr.Riddum

  John duncan music one short excerpt
Highland Park Second Saturday Page torn from history-Barry Markowitz March 11, 2006  
Highland Park Second Saturday Flock  

Chicken Boy is Back Animations
  short animation -a tall story 2005
  Old Tyme movie version of CB story 2007
 Rocky's Doctrine-a Chicken Boy is Back viewJuly 2007
  First Fridays 2006
Chicken Boy is Back from the Los Angeles Garment and Citizen-a weekly cartoon 2004 -present

Kosher Burrito  Older animation updated to flash,

flash animation for Dennis

I can draw dot net-Stuart Rapeport