7UP Background
Dr Pepper/ Seven Up is the largest division of London-based beverage and confectionary firm Cadbury Schweppes plc. It is also the largest non cola enterprise in North America, with about 16 percent of the carbonated sort drink market. Company's brands include:
- Dr Pepper
- A&W Root Beer,
- Sunkist
- RC Cola
- 7 UP
- Canada Dry
- Schweppes
-Hawaiian Punch
7 UP is a lemon-lime soft drink. It's major competitors include other lemon-lime soft drinks such as Sprite and Sierra Mist. Lemon-lime is the larges non-cola category in the soft drink industry. With a 32 percent share of the category, 7 UP is the leading brand.
Target Market- 7 UP's advertising is targeted towards young people between the ages of 12 and 24.

- The majority of 7UP's media budget focuses on television advertising. 7UP's main media includes national advertising on major television networks. The local 7UP bottler also purchase additional local media to accompany the national campaignes. More recent additions to the media budget includes the internet.

Media Timing-
7 UP commercial appear year round duing programmes for young adults. 7UP also enchances its presence duing selected times of the year by promoting the brand through sponsorship of events, such as the GRAMMY Awards, MTV Movie Award and MTV Spring Break.

Current Campaign
- Make 7 UP yours
7 UP promotions include sponsorships and support of high profile events.

'Win a GRAMMY party with the 7UP guy' -
This promotion is accompanied by the sponsorship of the GRAMMY Awards. The grand prize includes a GRAMMY watching party for the winner and his or her 100 friends, a DJ, big screen TV's and gallons of 7 UP. The highlight of the party would be the appreance by 'the 7 UP guy'. The 7 UP team will film a new commercial that evening with the winner and the 7 UP guy and broadcast it during the 2003 GRAMMY Awards show.

7 UP street team
- 7 UP repersentatives can be spotted at the hottest urban hangouts and local attractions (the CN Tower). The 7 UP merchandise  giveaways include yellow 7 UP tatooes.