Dear Visitor,
Itís always nice to know the person behind the website so here I am. I'm going in to grade 12 at Marc Garneau C.I. in the nice city of Toronto. I learned about marketing through DECA. I loved the creativity which is why I chose it as a career.
  I was on the DECA website when I read about this contest and immediately decidedto enter. So, I requested a 7 UP media kit and they actually sent it! I was overjoyed. That day I started jotting down ideas on a clean piece of paper. The only hard part was finding the time (ok so Iím not good at time management).
  I was bike riding one day thinking about the project, and a million other things when I was struck by a car. To make the long story short I injured my ankle so I couldnít walk. Now with sooo much time on my hands I was beginning to get bored. I couldnít walk, so I sat at the computer one day and started playing around with the ideas I had jotted down and a few weeks later, voila! Oh, I can walk now (not perfectly but getting there!!)
  If you have
questions, comments,(complaints) , suggestions pleeez send them.

-Sumera Nabi