In 1992, in Portland, Oregon, Everclear was formed with Art Alexakis on lead vocals and guitar, Craig Montoya on bass and back-up vocals, and Scott Cuthbert on drums and back-up vocals. In 1993 they released their debut album, "World of Noise". In mid '94, Greg Eklund joined the band, replacing Scott on the drums. Their second album, my personal favorite, "Sparkle and Fade", was released in 1995. It introduced them to the fame they know now. Santa Monica was one of the biggest rock songs in '96, and songs like Heroin Girl and Heart Spark Dollar Sign brought them national fame. The next album the released was a very BIG hit also, and brought them most of their fame. "So Much For The Afterglow" was released in 1997, and debuted at number 33 on the Billboard top 200. The first single from SMFTA, Everything to Everyone, reached number 1 on the modern rock charts.


Lead Vocals and Guitar

Born on April 12, 1962

  Arthur Paul Alexakis grew up in Santa Monica, California. The first part of his life was very unfortunate. His father left when Art was young, his mother had a nervouse breakdown, his older brother whom he greatly looked up to died of a drug overdose. Sadly, his girlfriend also died of an overdose, and at the age of 22, Art nearly died on a cocain overdose. After this, he decided to sober up, move to Sanfransisco, and start his own record label. He made is own label for his band Color Finger, which released one album and then broke up after their album went bank-rupt. Art then moved to Protland Oregon, where he still lives today, married, and started Everclear.


Bass and back-up vocals

Born on September 14, 1970

Craig Montoya grew up in Spokane, Washington. He too, like Art, was involved with drugs, but quit after the police raided his hosue. For this Craig, we thank you greatly- He called up Art about forming Everclear. Art talked so loud and fast Craig had to hold the phone away from his ear. (I guess Art was excited.)


Drums and back-up vocals

Born on April 18, 1970

Greg Eklund grew up in Eugene, Oregon. Although he attented Lake Bradock (that spelling doesn't look right...) High School, which is kinda near me which is way great. My mom still hasn't taken me out there yet to get pictures or see if the library has old year books or anything... Anyway- He originally played with the band Jollymon, but left them after they released their album "Sailing" in '93. He replaced Scott Cuthbert on drums in 1994, to form Everclear as we know and love today.

Here's some miscellaneous info.

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-To see this, you'll have to own the 'Sparkle and Fade' CD. (You might be able to see it on the tape, but I'm not sure which pictures are and aren't on the tape.) Ok, look at the picture that's on the back cover of the CD case. (I'm sure you understand where, but just incase to clarify-) You know how there's a picture under where the CD is? The one that's like impossible to get out and that always has the songs written on it? Well, look on that picture, in the garage, behind Art. Do you see a sign? A banner that says "Thank you Everclear" with a bunch of little handprints on it? Well, if you don't see it, look for it. Ok, the day-care center that Art's daughter, Annabelle, went to made that for them after they had performed there. The funny part of this story is, when they were about to play "You Make Me Feel Like a Whore" for all the little kids and toddlers, they decided it was too inappropriate, which i totally agree. I don't think little kids should be running around saying "You make me feel like a whore..." Anyway, instead of skipping the song, they changed the lyrics to, "You Make Me Feel Like I'm Four." Isn't that cute?

-Sorry girls, Craig and Greg are takin. Art on the other hand recently got a divorce with his wife, Jenny, and is suposedly seeing someone new now.

-Art owns his own record company, Popularity Records. If you are in a band and you'd like to send your demo to him, send it to:

Attn: Art Alexakis
P.O. Box 15055
Portland, OR 97215

Or if you'd like to send fan-mail to the band, just use that address. But instead of writing Attn: Art Alexakis, put Everclear I guess. Unless maybe you wanted to send something specifically to Art, or one of the other guys.

-Art's plan to release a solo album has been cancelled. Some of the songs he had written will be featured on the two up-coming albums Everclear will be releasing in 2000.

-Art is writing a screenplay, "Aiming Low", which he plans to direct in Portland, Or next year I beleive...

-Art will also be playing a small role in the up-coming movie "Comitted", staring Heather Graham, due out early next year (2000).

-Email Art at APALEX2@aol.com or Greg at EVERGUYS@aol.com

Please e mail me if any of this info is wrong, or you have more you think I should add.


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