My vinyl record collection


  1. chinese magic-jessica(1987 intercord ton)
  2. wheel of love-laurie(1987 memory)
  3. ebony eyes-john christian(1987 hansa)
  4. killing myself-spooky voice(1986 night n day)
  5. physical attraction-eddy huntington(1988 zyx)
  6. don't cry-ken laszlo(1987 power records canada)
  7. up & down-eddy huntington(1987 zyx)
  8. night & day-fred ventura(1987 zyx)
  9. stay with me tonight-patty ryan(1986 zyx)
  10. strangers by night-c.c.catch(1986 hansa)
  11. tonight-kan laszlo(1985 power canada)
  12. gold digger-lime(1987 zyx)
  13. gringo-sabrina(1989 videogram)
  14. monkey monkey-flo aistaire(1987 memory)
  15. senor-james d.(1988 discomagic)
  16. touch me too much-anika(1995 time)
  17. hold me-sophie(1994 time)
  18. du du da da-danny keith(1995 time)
  19. its a rainy day-sophie(1995 time)
  20. blade runner-mike hammer(1995 time)
  21. kiss and hold me tight-virgin(1995 time)
  22. miss you/pretty face-styloo(1993 discomagic)
  23. don't cry tonight/only you-savage(1993 discomagic)
  24. lose my time-extra large(1987 il discotto)
  25. fear/battle cry-laserdance(1987 zyx)


  1. THE BEST OF ITALODISCO VOL 10(1987 zyx) Man to man-scotch Perfect lover-linda jo rizzo Hold the line-chester So close to heaven-chip chip Glasses man-ken laszlo Fear-laserdance Red man-50 & 5o brothers Under cover lover-t.ark Love syncronicity-sandy marton You and me-funny twins Droid-hypnosis Input-s50 Sexy girl-sabrina I go down(sa sa sa) Bandiera a la playa del sol-del faro Little russian-mr.zivago
  2. THE BEST OF ITALODISCO VOL 13 Wild boy-joe yellow My world-sophie Essatto!-francessco salvi Boom boom dollar-king kong & the jungle girls Keep on dancing-clio and kay Madame-ken laszlo Physical attraction-eddy huntington Do the crocodile-50 & 50 brothers High energy boy/d.j i wanna be your record/ boys don't cry(megamix)-moulin rouge You you you-kinky go Marina(89 remix)-rocco granatta Whenever you go-danuta How old are you(89 house remix)-miko mission Keep trying(89 remix)-linda jo rizzo I.c love affair-d.f.c team Comanchero-comancero
  3. THE DRAGON REMIX (1989 face h.k) Savin myself(dragon mix)-eria fachin I need somebody to love tonight(astley mix)-alan cook Never say you love me(8889 mix)-david lyme Try a little harder(pop goes the club mix)-fire & ice Come on(new jazz mix)-kim esty
  4. THE BEST OF RADIORAMA (1989 discomagic) Chance to desire Desire Hey hey Vampires Flight of fantasy Aliens Yeti Abcd Bad girls Heartbreaker
  5. THE BEST OF DEN HARROW(1989 bmg) Holiday night I wanna go Lies Charleston Bad boy Energy rain Don't break my heart My time Catch the fox Day by day Future brain Thank you d.j Mad desire
  6. ZYX DISCO CLUB Ken laszlo hong kong special megamix very rare Glasses man-kenlaszlo let me try-ken laszlo perfume of love-scala 70's family reunion megamix
  7. KYLIE-RHYTHM OF LOVE(1990 bmg) I won't put the tracklist for this as this is common.