Your eurodisco/italodisco TOP 10.

  1. Future brain (authorized remix)- den harrow
  2. Hey hey guy(12" vocal version)-ken laszlo
  3. supercatching desire(extended version)-virgin
  4. love(extended remix)-gypsy & queen
  5. In the night-pet shop boys (i know this should be seperate but i think this one sounds more "euro" than british.)
  6. need your passion(12")-sweet connection
  7. i am your beleiver(remix)-silent circle
  8. i wanna hear your heartbeat(12")-bad boys blue
  9. touch in the night(full length original)-silent circle
  10. dial my number(extended version)-sophie
This is my top 10.I will start off with this.Got your top eurobeat top 10? Wanna show it here?Then mail ME

  1. Tonight/KEN LASZLO
  2. Colder Than Ice/GRANT MILLER
  3. Japanese Girl/MAXHIM
  5. Play The Game/RUDY & CO
  6. Call Me/SPAGNA
  7. DO You Want To Stay/ALAN COOK
  8. More Than A Kiss/MICHAEL BEDFORD
  9. Your My First Your My last/LINDA JO RIZZO
  10. Back Seat Of Your Caddilac/C.C.CATCH
Minn kim korea 8 feb 2000
  1. .For Your Love / ALBERT ONE Time
  2. .Easy To Say / D CONNECTION Power
  3. .I'm Your Lover / JOE YELLOW Power
  4. .Feel The Groove / MAIO CO
  5. .Fly To Me (Remix) / aleph
  6. .Destiny Time /roy MEMORY
  7. .Say You Love Me / STOP LIMIT LINE Time
  8. .Ole' Corrida / DIEGO VIDAL Energy Release
  9. .Mexico / JON ARROW Disco Magic
  10. .Energy / GIPSY QUEEN
Name : Hiroshi Ide Country : JAPAN