About the best eurobeat record companies in asia

I do not know exactly when was VSP formed.VMP is the master company in singapore which was established in 1981.At that time eurobeat was still at it's infancy.When hollywood east disco surfaced in '83 in hong kong,VMP made sure it had a stake in the music to be played in the disco.In hong kong,another publishing company FACE records also handled the same kind of music. Face records would control the hong kong side,and VMP would control the rest of asia.Face and VMP both have acquired special rights to distribute songs from these european record companies:Discomagic s.r.l(italy),ZYX records g.m.b.h(germany),Time records s.r.l(italy),Giungla s.r.l(italy),Many records s.r.l(italy),Max music s.a.a(spain),Blanco y negro s.a.s(spain),Hotsound(holland),S.A.I.F.A.M s.r.l(italy) and Memory records g.m.b.h(germany). What they got were songs that mostly only became hits in european countries.Those record companies were all small ones which didn't even promote their artists,unlike big companies like bmg,emi,polygram which make music videos for their artists.There were no such thing as music videos for these eurobeat songs.I even heard some people were searching for SCOTCH,KEN LASZLO or some other italo group videos,but i can tell you for sure there is no such thing. The ball really started rolling in '85 when VSP released many many albums on cassette.In the 80's in malaysia,there were no such thing as cd players or cd's eventhough in western countries it was already commonplace.In malaysia there were only cassettes,and vinyl is only for d.j's.I dont know how many albums did VSP release in the 80's,but i do have quite a number as you can see on my cassette collection.The earliest VSP album i had was ONE NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD EAST which i bought in '94.I found also a cassette in a garage sale of SILENT CIRCLE-touch in the night released in '86.I couldn't get the cover though.VSP mostly releases non stop compilations which the hollywood east d.j's mix for them.The songs would be remixed by adding sampling and stuttering plus some silly sentences by the d.j's which goes like "hello he-he-he-he-hello,this is the is-is-is-is-is the microprocessor micro-micro-micro..." like that.That was from SPACE TRAX cassette from '87.The following year VSP released the best of the eurobeat songs.They called it "THAT'S WHAT WE CALL DISCO".It was released on cassette for the first time in 1988.The selling price was also cheaper than usual at RM8.90.The usual price for a cassette at that time was RM13.The code for all VSP releases are based on the year it was released.For this one,it starts with M 88.... M standing for "MID" price and 88 for 1988.VSP released 2 volumes of THATS WHAT WE CALL DISCO 1 nad 2 in 1988.It featured glossy photos of the albums on it's cover,also it was extremely colourful.I can say that their sleeve design is the best sleeve design i have ever seen. VSP would continue to release eurobeat when in '89 VSP released R&B and hip hop too.In the 90's VSP release a lot of 90's dance of popular pop songs being remixed to 90's dance.It sold very well.Then in '93 VSP released 90's reggae the likes of jessica jay and nora simon.VSP had the best years of their business in '93-'96.Their songs were selling like hot cakes.Also VSP did release some eurobeat on cd's although only about 6 volumes.The last was in '95.In '94 VSP started the BUMPER TO BUMPER FRIDAY JAM radio show on 99.3 fm time highway radio.After many shows,VSP decided to release the THATS WHAT WE CALL DISCO COLLECTION 3 and 4 in dec '94.They used the radio show to promote the 2 cd's plus the earlier 2 volumes.It was the first time one could hear italodisco on radio.Yours truly,who was so moved by the music decided to visit VSP one day in '94.I met with one of the executives,his name was RICHARD CHONG.I pushed open the door and he was sitting on a couch.Immediately he said "yes may i help you?".Then i proceed to show him my cd and cassette covers of eurobeat all bearing the VSP logo.He then exclaimed "oh this is eurobeat!".He then searched for some cassettes and cd's for me.He asked me why i listen to it as it isn't "hot" anymore.I didn't care.He brought me into a room where he keeps all the master copy of the cd's that VSP gets directly from the record companies in europe.I was extremely happy to see cd's by DAVID LYME,MIKE MAREEN,KEN LASZLO,PATTY RYAN,RADIORAMA,KOTO,LASERDANCE,RYAN PARIS,SILENT CIRCLE,SOPHIE,DEN HARROW and many more.I asked him to sell some to me.He refused.he said it was against company policy.So instead he gave me two vinyl covers.They are "let me try"-ken laszlo and "stop the rain"-silent circle.I also bought a few cd's.I visited VSP again on 31 dec '98.He immediately saw me and said "oh you ah? you still into that eurobeat sh*t ah?".He asked me to leave,but i pleaded with him,i said i wanted to buy his vinyl records.Finally he gave in.I bought a few.They are listed on my vinyl record collection.I wanted to get more but there wasn't enough time.We talked for a while.He told me business was bad.Music sales were low as piracy of video cd's were rampant.It still is.He said people would rather buy a RM8 vcd than buy a RM40 music cd.He said he was going to retire.So i planned to go to VSP again on the 30th august '99.I took leave on that day and went,but to my dismay,VSP was already out of business.So i left a note there asking him to contact me.Till now i still haven't got a call.Rock records only started releasing 80's eurobeat in 1998 with the BEST OF ONE NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD EAST cd's and EURODISCO 2000.They started releasing italo and eurodance of the 90's since 1996,together with VSP.Previously VMP cd's from singapore was imported to malaysia by VSP,but now it is handled by MUSICTRAX.Well that's all i can tell for now.