Sing Buri Province

The largest sitting Buddha image called "Phra Yai Prathanphon" Wat Phikun Thong

Chaksi Reclining Buddha, Wat Phra Non Chaksi

The places most frequently visited by tourists :
Wat Phikun Thong
Wat Phra Non Chaksi
Wat Sawang Arom
In Buri National Museum
Ban Bang Phae Drum Making Village
Wat Na Phrathat
Wat Phra Prang
Holy Name of Jesus Church

Monument Of Heroes And Khai Bang Rachan Park

  • Monument Of Heroes And Khai Bang Rachan Park
    Khai Bang Rachan Park is an arboretum for relaxation having a monument concerning the heroes of Bang Rachan. The inauguration ceremony for this monument was performed by the present King Rama IX. The figures on the monument refer to the villagers of Bang Rachan who performed a unique performance in Thai history during the reign of King Ekkathat in 1765 through fighting against the Burmese enemy part of whose armed forces passed by Bang Rachan. Despite being many more troops than the villagers, the Burmese troops had to make eight attacks against the village before it was defeated due to its shortage of weapons. Such heroic performance has been currently appraised among the Thai. The fortress seen in the park area is the replica imitated from the ancient actual design. There are some important statutory monuments such as Wat Pho Kao Ton (Nine Bodhi Trees Monastery), a Vihara housing the statue of Phra Archan Thammachot, a Buddhist monk who was an outstanding leader of Bang Rachan villagers at that time. The Park is located 13 kms. away from town on Sing Buri-Khai Bang Rachan-Suphanburi Road.

    Wat Na Phrathat

  • Wat Na Phrathat
    This monastery first called by the villagers "Wat Hua Muang" and later changed to the present name, is located west of the Chaksi Reclining Buddha in Tambon Chaksi, Amphoe Muang Sing Buri. It houses a very old prang which is assumed to have been built during the ancient Khmer's glory.

  • Wat Sawang Arom
    This monastery, situated in Amphoe Muang, is a centre of Buddha image sculpting, the technique of which was handed down from Ban Chang Lor school in Thon Buri. The collection of Nang Yai, a king of shadow play, at Wat Sawang Arom with 300 pieces in good condition is the most complete in Thailand.

  • Wat Phra Prang
    This is located in Tambon Choeng Klat, Amphoe Bang Rachan, some 17 kms. from Sing Buri township, the Wat contains within its precincts a Prang assumed to be constructed during the reign of King Narai the Great. The Prang measures 60 meters high with 20 meters wide at its base. There is a hill topped with a reproduced Buddha's footprint within the Prang. In addition, traces of 3-4 ancient kilns dating back to Ayutthaya period had been found in a nearby area. The kilns were relatively large and once produced various kinds of pottery such as jar, bowl, mortar, pot, gable top, floor tile, etc.

    A local boat of Sing Buri called 'Lour Pahp'

  • In Buri National Museum
    There are several exquisite archaeological subjects such as King Rama V's palanquin, large shadow play characters of Wat Prasuk, various monk ranking ecclesiastical fans from the period of King Rama V, Green Stone Buddha Image, ancient sugar cane crushing machine, etc. Near the museum lies Wat Bot, an old monastery having a most unusual style of construction, e.g., using the iron rails as the core of the lower part, and the entire Ubosot is of wooden work having splendid craftsmanship on its carved door and window panels.

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