In Memory Of Jenifer Strait

This small place on the web is dedicated to the memory of George and Norma's beautiful daughter, Jenifer.

Jenifer Lyn Strait was born in Hawaii on October 6, 1972. On the night of June 25, 1986 in San Marcos, Texas, Jenifer lost her life in a tragic accident. She was riding with friends when the driver lost control of the car. This was a tremendous loss for the Strait family, and was very hard on all of them.

George avoided any interviews and concentrated on his work. He revealed to Country Weekly, "I got real private after I lost my daughter...I really shut things down."

The Strait family soon set up the Jenifer Strait Memorial Foundation to keep her memory alive. The Foundation is maintained mostly through private donations. These donations are placed into an investment fund. Each year, the earnings are donated to various children's charities, mostly in the San Antonio area. Some of these organizations include the Children's Shelter of San Antonio for Abused and Abandoned Children, Baptist Children's Home, The San Antonio Police Department of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program, Youth Alternatives, Inc., and Operation Orphans Incorporated.
The charities are selected by the trust's directions, although George might suggest an idea. Frank Bohman, an officer and director of the Foundation, told Country Weekly, "Because of the courage and inspiration of George and Norma Strait, this trust has benefited countless young people in need, while keeping Jenifer's memory alive."
If you'd like to make a donation, you can write to the following address:

The Jenifer Strait Memorial Foundation
c/o Jeff Avant, President
P.O. Box 9
Dilley, Texas 78017-0009