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Sp Ciborum Hispaniae. Edition of sources on Early Modern Spain

Eng Westralianae. Edition of sources on Colonial Western Australia

Resumée (short version)



Sp Food mentality in Early Modern Spain

My Books

Sp In the Christian Alhambra: Foods, Shops and Food Market


Sp Food Supply Policies in the Kingdom of Granada (1482-1510)


Soon Eng Verandah to the Tropics. Experiments with Tropical and Commercial Plants in Colonial Western Australia (1826-1900)




Sp Dialogues about Food and History between Teresa de Castro and Joan Josep Cáceres




Sp Forgotten Sources for the History of Food


Sp About the Consumption of Wine in Al-Andalus


Sp The Castilian and Moorish Dietary Psychology at the end of the Middle Ages


Sp Food Supplies in the Kingdom of Granada after the Christian conquest at Loja (1482-1497)


Sp Taste in the Doctrine of the Ecclesiastical Moralists at  the End of the Middle Ages


Ita Thinking about Food: Food supply policies in Early Modern Kingdom of Granada


Sp Again on the tannur oven in al-Andalus. An ethno-historic study


Sp Pubs and Barmen in the Kingdom of Granada in the Early Modern times


Eng Moriscos and Christians in Castile: The emergence of a Dietary Identity in Early Modern Times


Sp  The Food Trade in  Early Modern Kingdom of Granada and its Muslim Heritage


Eng The Introduction of Coffee and Coconut in Western Australia in 1869


Eng Coffee Dreams. An attempt to Acclimatise Coffee in New Norcia, Western Australia, between 1869 and 1895


Eng Couscous


Eng Cuisine in the Iberian Peninsula: Moorish Heritage in the Cuisines of Spain and Portugal


Eng  New Norcia Archive Revisited (1880-1883)


Eng  New Norcia’s Treasures (1884-1890)


Eng  New Norcia’s Golden Decade (1891-1900)


Eng SOON New Norcia Community’s Dietary Identity (1849-1900)


Eng  New Norcia’s Rebirth (1868-1872)


Eng SOON New Norcia's Growth (1873-1878)  




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