What to Bring Camping

Note: This is purposely a very general list - you may want to add to it or subtract from depending on where you are camping, what activities are planned and what time of year it is.

Personal Equipment List

Be sure to check the weather forecast before you pack! ___ money - supplies/patch money/Sunday lunch/Friday dinner
___ permission form, filled out and signed
___ washcloth and towel (will also be used for swimming)
___ shirts
___ pants/jeans/shorts
___ swimsuit
___ water-sox or old sneakers to wear in the water
___ rain gear (for body and head)
___ sturdy shoes (already broken in) and extras
___ shoes with a defined heel and smooth sole for horseback riding
___ socks
___ underwear
___ troop shirt/full Girl Scout uniform
___ warm sleepwear (sweats are great if itís cold)
___ sweatshirt or sweater
___ jacket
___ bedroll or sleeping bag (slumber bags are not warm enough)
___ flashlight and extra batteries
___ barrettes or rubber bands (to tie back long hair around the fire.)
___ cap
___ bandanna (will be used to save on paper goods)
___ work gloves for gathering wood
___ toilet kit: toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, soap in a plastic container, shampoo, chapstick, feminine supplies etc.
___ prescribed medicines
___ cup, bowl and plate (non-breakable)
___ dip bag (mesh for sterilizing dishes - lingerie bag with added shoelace drawstring for hanging works well)
___ knife, spoon, fork (able to withstand boiling water)
___ insect repellent (non-aerosol)
___ sunscreen (non-aerosol)
___ sit-upon (a waterproof pad for sitting on the ground)
___ pad for under sleeping bag (you bring an air mattress-you blow it up!)
___ book or other quiet individual activity for quiet time

You may want:
___ water bottle (that does not leak)
___ pillow
___ small backpack or fanny pack
___ insulated cup with lid
___ camera
___ laundry bag
___ flipflops for the shower

In cold weather you might add:
___ extra blanket
___ woolen cap
___ warm gloves
___ warm shoes or boots
___ extra heavy socks
___ long underwear

Note: This list was developed over many years from a list originally obtained at a Girl Scouts of Tejas Council Troop Camp training.

Note: Please go over the following list with the girls as to what NOT to bring - electronic games, radios, CD-players, perfumed anything, aerosol anything, nylon clothing (nylon is flammable)

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