The very first time I saw Aaron was when he was performing as a supporting character for TVB´s MTV nine years ago. Even then, I already thought: "Boy! What an incredibly good-looking guy!" And: "He dances well too!" And of course, I wondered what his name was, but didn´t get to know it until some years later. This time, he also was appearing on television, but as a leading part. I never thought that that guy I saw before is today´s Kwok Fu-Shing. I must admit that he´s one of the most successful stars of the Hong Kong´s Entertainment. He managed to stand on the top together with Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai in no time!
I like Aaron dancing mostly. He´s got the title "The best dancer of 1996" in Hong Kong. And he always performs with a self-confidence and with all of his heart to catch the audience´s attention. And apparently he´s succeeded. Thousands of people around the world admire him. Yeah, he has obviously a brilliant career to look forward.
Recently, I heard that Aaron was chosen as one of the most attractive guys in Asia(Hong Kong?) among others like Andy Lau and Chi-Lam Cheung. I think they definately deserv this title!! Don´t you think so too? =)

Shirley Nguyen

My idol - Aaron Kwok

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