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Season 10

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202. LOOK BACK TO YESTERDAY December 12, 1983

Albert and Charles head to the university where Albert plans to attend and become a doctor. Albert really enjoys the campaus and really wants to be accepted. Charles not sure how he'll pay for it, is glad to hear that Albert may be elgible for a scholarship. Albert had been getting a lot of nose bleeds and eventually collapses. Charles takes him to a hospital where they learn Albert is really sick and that out he has a blood disorder that there is no cure for, luekemia.  It was said that it was only a matter of time before he was gone, and he decided he wants to spend the remainder of his days back home, in Walnut Grove. Railway unions and the Co-op are fighting again, and Charles, as head of the Minnesota division, uses Walnut Grove as his headquarters as he convinces neighbouring towns to form their own union. The talks fail, especially in Walnut Grove, until Albert, sick and heavy with pain, gets up and speaks. The townspeople realize the strength of sticking together and decide to go ahead with a deal that Charles had set up with a freighting company.  Albert finds out that the school still does their annual trip to the time capsule set at the top of a mountain, and together with Laura, climb the mountain where the children add some seeds to the capsule to commerate the Co-op success. The episode closes with the children, Laura, and Albert holding hands praying for their town.

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203. BLESS ALL THE DEAR CHILDREN December 17, 1983

When a women loses her baby she kidnaps Rose and pretends Rose is hers.   Almonzo, Laura and Mr.Edwards set out on a long search that ends with a happy ending:  The Wilders get Rose back, and they leave another orphan they discovered along the way with a women.

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204. THE LAST FAREWELL February 2, 1984

The town discover that the town of Walnut Grove, and the surrounding farms were not built on homestead land, but built on land that the government owned, and later sold to a developer. The developer, seeing that Walnut Grove was a prosperous town, told the townspeople they could remain on the land but be working for him or leave.  The town, angry that the town they built with their own sweat and love, was no longer theirs, decided the developer could have the land (which he owned) but not the town (which they owned). They decided to take what was theirs, and destroy the rest.  The townspeople blew up the town and houses with dynamite.  When the developer returned to claim the town, along with several mayors from other towns that he now owned, he was shocked as his plans of owning a prosperous town and businesses were now destroyed and there was nothing he could do (it was perfectly legal to destroy their own buildings). Compounded to this, the mayors of the other towns stated that if the developer tried to take over their towns, the same thing would happen there. The people of the late Walnut Grove cheered as the realized that Walnut Grove did not die in vain.

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