Episode 35-"Winter Interlude-A Day in the Life Of.."

Another day in Leewood Park. Carmen was in her dorm room gazing up at the ceiling. She was amazed about the turn of events that occured when she discovered she had the powers of a Scanranger.
She began writing in her personal diary. "It's a quiet mid-winter day, and MAYHEM hasn't attacked in months, which was somewhat weird. Got with Kunio earlier as he continued to show me how to truly use my Film Energy. She reminisced on Mikey teaching her to defend herself.
"Carmen, you have to remember..It's important to learn to have a good defense..You can't always battle in offense the way you like it.." Mikey showed her the example how she went ahead of herself to finish off KuroLobo before RedScanner was about to set up the Scanranger finish. KuroLobo tripped her, made his escape, until she learned from her situation by working as a team; the same motto Professor Alex encouraged from the team.
"For some reason, I'm sort of beginning to have feelings for this Japanese kid. What was that thing Charlie Brown once called it? Unrequited love? Yes, that was probably it.."
She thought about the times Mikey had sort of flirted with her, from the times he was talking to her in class, to the library incident, as well as the concert with the Main Street Men. "Even the time when Blackorg had kidnapped her and used her as bait to call out the Scanrangers. The guy was risking life and limb to rescue me, an unknown at the time.."
"I was so selfish..and yet Kunio still took care of me.." Carmen remembered when her Film Energy awakened for the first time. "Kunio's leg was broken and pinned to the floor after Vixen and Ug attacked us. I went 'Super Saiyan' on them and kicked gluteus maximus..That witch..Vixen..she looks vaguely familiar..I can't put my finger on where I saw her before.." Carmen as YellowScanner remembered the personal duel she had with the warrior woman..
In the flashback,,she recalled a helpless Mikey at Vixen's mercy. "You were very brave trying to save your girlfriend.." said Vixen. "A pity your bravery has to come to an end..Once I drain you, she'll be finished as well!" Vixen walked over to Mikey.
"LEAVE HER ALONE!" cried Mikey.
“There is a girl I really want you to meet..She’s sweet and she’ll be worth your while..” continued the evil woman. Vixen then uses her Dark Seductive Film Energy to get into Mikey’s mind.
“YAMERO!!STOP!! GET OUT OF MY MIND!” Kunio shouted.
“Her name is Xenia(the power hungry lady killer from the James Bond movie-Goldeneye), and I want you to know the pleasure will be all hers..and mine! Oh, yes!” Mikey, despite his helplessness, was determined to fight her off. Vixen grabbed his chin, about to kiss him and in the process, drain him dry of his Film Energy!
Carmen lunged at Vixen in order to stop her, but the warrior woman was easily too fast for her. Vixen grabbed her throat in midair.
“Patience..You will be next..” Vixen then headbutts Carmen. Ug kicks and tortures Mikey. Vixen then got into position , sitting on top of his chest. “Nnnghh..no..Yamero..Stop it..you..you witch…”
“Smile when you say that, Scanranger.." Vixen proceeds to kiss Mikey. Carmen looked helplessly, fought to get up, but her severe injuries caused by Ug kept her lying on her back. Then, seeing the fallen Scanranger being drained, she was able to get a word out. “..stop it..”
It got a little louder..Carmen, with what strength she had left, pushed herself up, and said, “Stop it...” Vixen and Ug ignored her and continued to steal Mikey’s energy. She couldn’t believe her eyes. For the first time in her life, she felt pity for her classmate, and wanted to fight back, but how? She was hurt herself, and was completely angry at herself for not listening to Mikey. Carmen then reminicsed the time how she disrespected Mikey, from the time she took the last text book from Mikey and not thanking him, from the time she continued to ignore his greetings every class, to the insult she made about comparing Jason Jefferson; the lead singer of the Main Street Men superior to him. She pounded her fist on the ground, and continued to do so until she screamed at the top of her voice..
“STOP ITTT!!!” Suddenly, teeming with anger, Carmen went through a radical transformation! Her hair, which was once dark brown, became red, and her body glowed with a powerful burst of energy as she went in a hellish fury. Somehow, she thought about Dragonball Z, thought about the mighty Goku, who became a ‘Super Saiyan’ with blonde hair and green eyes. Carmen was glowing with red hair and blue eyes! In the blink of an eye, Ug looked at her, and the next thing the dimwitted general saw was his own body flying towards the wall, leaving an impression and stuck on the wall. Ug struggled to open his eyes after the powerful blow, but passed out.
Vixen was impressed, but also shocked. That made her stop the energy transfer. “What the-?” “I SAID, LEAVE HIM ALONE, BLAST YOU! STOP IT! GET OFF OF HIM, NOW!” shouted Carmen.
“And what if I don’t?” Vixen then used her sword and lunged at Carmen. She stopped the sword with both hands, then broke the blade! “It’s impossible! How can a mere human, destroy my weapon?” said the surprised warrior woman.
Carmen then punched Vixen in the stomach, slapped her in the face,then used the broken blade, and slashed her in the face, leaving a nasty cut on her cheek!
“WHAT PART OF ‘STOP IT’ DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?” said Carmen, slapping Vixen over to where Ug was still unconscious and stuck to the wall. “Enjoy your comeuppance, human.." said the evil commander. "You’re still good as dead." The MAYHEM villains teleport.
Carmen thought, "Somehow, I must find out who she really is, and avenge Kunio, no matter what the cost.."
"The name on my birth certificate says Vin Furamatsu Henderson.. I'm also known as Vin Harlock..People think me crazy because I wanted to change my last name, or that I held on to it since I loved watching samurai movies years ago, and that my dad served overseas in Okinawa..I never realized he himself would be into Japanese culture as much as I would..
He thought about aside the Japanese counterparts B.C. and Mikey showed him in watching Japanese tokusatsu shows,and the comparison in the so-called American shows that appeared a year later. Vin reflects on the day he met Ryu Tendo, the enigmatic leader of the Chojin Sentai Jetman team. How he was able to overcome challenges within and without his team.
Rosewood approached Vin. "What's going on, dude?"
"Not much, man..It's been more than a year, being on campus, balancing my schedule between classes and saving the world. Sometimes I feel though the fact that I'm the 'more mature and serious' team member, that I don't have time for fun, just like B.C., Toni, or even Nick.."
"You shouldn't be..How else you'd be chosen for this team?" Think on the times your leadership sparked the others to fight and to feel proud about being a real hero..I mean, you keep your emotions in check during battle, not going nuts or overconfident..You're the heart and soul of the team." Rosewood reminded him of the time how Vin encouraged Tyrone to get involved in campus activities in the previous episode, and as RedScanner, how he gathered the team, who only knew of each other by name in Film Appreciation 222-and battling MAYHEM's first cybercreature, KuroOctopus;where it all started for the Movie task force.
"What the heck is that?" said Nick. Before Nick could finish his sentence, the CyberCreature attacks again, its tenacles swinging, knocking the five out again. Kuro-Octopus moves in to finish them by taking its arms and strangling them to death. Slowly losing consciousness, the five struggle to break free.
"I..I think its time for some action, g-guys.." said Vin. "Follow my lead, and on my mark,let's call up those bodysuits.." They struggle to reach their special mini-cassettes in their left brace, then load it in the FilmBrace..
At that moment, Vin shouted, "LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! SCANRANGER!"
As they load and put the cassette into play, they transform into their battlesuits, bringing the Eiga Sentai into the scene! They then reach for their right holster, and grab out their FilmBlade swords, simutaneously chop off Kuro-Octopus's arms and breaking free.
Vin became: "RedScanner! Athlete of Action and Adventure!"
Red gives the monster the final blow. Using his film energy through his knowledge of action/adventure films, he calls up a rare shown Japanese samurai show-'Abarenbo Shogun'. With Red's weapon he calledthe 'Swashbuckler' sword, it could be used as a fencing rapier or a bushido sword. Vin uses the bushido mode to cut the octopus' tenacles, and then slashes the creature down the middle. As per Japanese custom(i.e. Lone Wolf & Cub, any super sentai show) he poses in the classic 'chambara' position(typical pose of Japanese heroes after defeating the adversary). Kuro-Octopus then explodes.
Rosewood continued, "Considering the styles of the various 'Super Sentai' leaders formed al over the world, it's an honor for a person from an urban background to be leading a team like this.."
"You know, you're absolutely right, Rosewood.."
"Now, the big question is, do you remember what did you do for fun?"
"Ummm..watching classic swashbuckling movies, and some occasional Japanese movies that are dubbed into English.."
"It's a start.." Rosewood then pulls up a couple of anime tapes and a classic Kurosawa film; The Seven Samurai. Vin then kicks back and relaxes.
Kunio & Takeshi
"These guys went out of their way to help me in countless battles, and I theirs.." though Takeshi. He reflected on his reawakening, where the team battled KuroPirate, and remembering the explosion from his previous battle against Blackorg(who infected Damien Borg, his coworker).
"I REMEMBER!" His belt reappeared, and in the same vein as his favorite tokusatsu heroes, the Kamen Riders, transformed into SilverScanner. "HENSHIN!" He, with the help of the other Scanrangers, defeated the cybercreature.
Mikey's rehabilitation seemed to be going well. He was determioned to walk again. Although out of action and assisted Professor Alex back at Mt. Columbia, he yearned to play a part to defeat MAYHEM with the rest of the staff.
"A penny for your thoughts, Kunio.." Alex approached.
"Nothing, Profess..Just occasionally wished now I was back on the battlefield helping the team.."
"You still are, Kunio.. I know that Carmen tends to be very spoiled and somewhat overconfident at times, but she'll learn, and you've been patient enough to train her.."
"Yeah.." Mikey said with little enthusiasm.
In this flashback, Mikey recalled the time when he and the team rescued his niece from the hands of KuroAnaconda.
"Enough talk, guys!" said Red. "Mikey, transform!"
"Pink! Green! Get Kay and the others to safety!" said Yellow. "I've got a serious score to settle with the serpent!" Red and Yellow attack with their FilmBlades, striking the snake. Blue shouts, "Speed-Bo Staff!" propelling the snakes KuroAnaconda spits at him. Yellow races to smash the cybercreature fast and hard, venting his rage on it.
"You like picking on innocent little girls, don't you? Try picking on someone your own size!!!" Yellow then summons up his film energy, calling up the power of Ryu(from the Street Fighter II anime and movie-)becoming one with it. He strikes mercilessly at the monster, then uses one of Ryu's famous moves, uppercutting the creature. "SHO RYU KEN!" Yellow shouts. As he hits the monster, it flies up and out of the sewer up to the ground above.
"Ready to finish this?" said Red. "FilmBlades, everyone!" The FilmBlades are charged up with pure energy, becoming energy whips as each member snag on the cybercreature's arms, legs, and neck.
"PAN-SCAN-SHOCKER!" the rangers shout out as the whips zap KuroAnaconda, destroying it.
Mikey looked out the window of Mt. Columbia, and was now pondering on what he could do, aside from concentrating on his studies back at CJU.
She was checking out the latest MTV videos(what's left of on the channel), practicing different ways on upgrading her abilities on the battlefield. Toni watched various singers choreographing new dance moves in order to give an edge. Apparently, her overprotective parents initially didn't approve of her going to the States, much less majoring in dance, and so far away from the Phillipine islands. Yet, in spite of their disagreements, Toni made a point to call them at least once a week.
"Hmmm..In my opinion, I think Britney is certainly trying too hard..she should be just singing instead of growing up so soon..I wonder what Paula Abdul has in the form of some decent dance steps?" Toni then heard a knock on her dorm room, and answers it.
Act two
Toni was stunned to see two members of the Main Street Men pop up on the campus. "How's it going, Toni?" said Jason Jefferson, the lead singer of the group, alongside Garry, their manager. "We've thought we'd drop by for a brief social call.
"Actually, the crew's in town to shoot our newest video-" said Garry.
"Say no more!" Toni replied. "You just have to ask.."
"I tell you, lady..You know how to drive a hard bargain..I just can't thank you guys enough for covering us when you freed us from MAYHEM's clutches.." Garry said. Toni reflected back on the day she was the MSM's unofficial choreographer.
In the flashback, Toni was instructing the five rangers in their dance steps for the Main Street Men's music video. They grunted and pushed themselves, trying to keep in step with her. "B.C., You're supposed to move with the left, not the right foot! Again!! Vin, you need to speed up some more after that leap!"
Vin thought to himself, "What happened to the compassionate, easy going Toni I knew? She's like a first sergegant when it comes to choreographing!"
"NO TALKING! KEEP MOVING! ONE, TWO, THREE, SPIN! FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, SPIN!" barked Toni. "I'm actually having a lot of fun pushing these guys to the limit..I'm enjoying this.." she thought with a slight sinister smile.
Toni also reflected back on when she saved them from KuroToad.In the flashback, she remembered how as PinkScanner made her appearance.
Joe was amazed. "Who are you, Power Ranger Special Forces?"
"I'm here to rescue you..You want me to send you back to your kidnappers?" The MSM shook their heads. "All right then..Follow me!" She then proceeded to get the boy band to safety after that.
"That was indeed a blast..Give me another half hour and I'll be ready.."
"In the words of Neo..'Whoa'" he said while watching the first 'Matrix' movie for the twenty-eighth time. Studying out the special effects of the movie, Nick had his thoughts on how he participated in his part on the Scanranger team. At first, Nick somwewhat felt insecure himself due to him being the only one on the team without any real martial art skill. That changed somehow when he was given extra power from the alien Futurai who brought him back to life.
In the flashback, Nick recalled meeting the Futurai. The voice calls GreenScanner. "Nicholas..Nicholas Charles Simonds.." He awakens..Wha-who called me?"
"I have.."
"What the blazes is going on here? The last thing I remembered was that a group of androids attacked me.." Nick said.
"Don't fear..I mean no harm..I've come afar to help you.."
"Help me? How? You're kidding, right? I'm nearly dead and you're saying that you'll help me? Surely I'm not at the pearly gates, am I?"
"No...but you do need to know this..Your body is still in serious condition now although to the human eye it may be critical, but in order to save your body and your mind, I insist you come with me.." continued the voice.
"And if I decline?" asked Nick.
"Then your friends will die at the hands of MAYHEM.." Nick grabs the being's hand and they both disappear in a flash.
After the ambush by Benedict's Brigade, as well as his 'resurrection'and power up, Nick felt more confident than ever, and still was content on having his wrestling skills.
Our blue ranger was thumbing through a digest book full of the Japanese 'Super Sentai' that saved the world over throughout the twenty-five plus years. "At least it didn't talk about what the North Americans did throughout the past ten-" he thought, then speaking too soon seeing the West had 'adapted' the 'Super Sentai' model and changed them into multi-cultural teens. "Why can't they at least keep the same bad guys instead of creating their own? A humanoid with a dinosaur head instead of a little girl possessed by an evil spirit? It definitely won't play in Peoria.." B.C. created a scene where the North American made villains tried to attack his girlfriend, Kimiko.
He dreamed of his Ako Hayasaka look-alike being pursued by the aforementioned Saban/Disney created adversaries, which included Lord Zedd, Divatox, Trakeena, Lothor, and the recent American-made villain who called himself Mesogog, along with his henchwoman in black leather, Elsa.
"Stop your struggling, girl!" snarled Mesogog, carrying Kimiko over his shoulder. "I, Mesogog, have decided to marry you and make you my queen! Ha ha ha!"
"In the immortal words of Raiden, I don't think so!" replied BlueScanner stoicly with hands folded and very confident, confronting the dinosaur-faced human.
"GASP! OH, NO!" said Mesogog in fear. "Oh, yes!" responded Kimiko.
"Get him! Destroy him! Mesogog called up the villainy of the evil space ninja Lothor, the femme fatales in the form of the space pirates Divatox and Trakeena, as well as the red-fleshed demon, Lord Zedd.
"You want a piece of me?" said Blue in a mock Clint Eastwood voice. "You should ask yourselves..Do I feel lucky? Well then, Go ahead, make me laugh!!"
Zedd was the first to attack B.C. "You shall feel the wrath of my power staff, human!" He zapped him with a powerful energy beam that seemed to obliterate half a street block. "Ha ha! The blue ranger has been destroyed! He was powerless as I am all powerful!!" Unawares, Blue was right behind him, faking dumbfoundedness.
"Yep, he's definitely dead as a doorknob..You toasted him real good.." Blue replied.
"See that Jurassic Park guy over there? You actually zapped him.." In that split second, Blue zoomed to use one of Mesogog's Tyrannodrones as a shield to get blasted, with a smoking chest. "One more thing, Zeddy boy.."
"What's that?"
"Do not look up.." Lord Zedd looked up, and the last thing he saw was a giant anvil about to smash him, which does. The evil alien crawled out, nearly flattened like a pancake. He collapsed in a daze. Instead of seeing stars, he saw visions of Rita Repulsas on her tricycle dancing in his head.
Lothor tried to zap Blue. "Stand still, you clown! I've got a group of rangers to destroy and take over!" Force beams blasted from the evil ninja's hand.
"Hey! I resemble that remark!And it takes one to know one, too!
Somehow B.C. appeared in his civilian form. Taking advantage of the fact the villains did not know his secret identity, he struck up a conversation with the Sensei's brother. "By the way, how many of those Thunder rangers you're supposed to kil- I mean destroy?"
"Two Thunder rangers!"
"Really? Pick out two fingers for me!"
"One, two!" the ninja replied. B.C. used his famed Moe eye poke in Lothor's face.
"What? Why you--"
Blue went behind Lothor and gave him, of all things, a wedgie. He screamed at the top of his lungs. "Say goodbye, Lex Luthor!" B.C. had a lever he was about to pull under the villain.
"That's Lothor!"
"Whatever..See you next fall!" Blue pulls the lever, and Lothor falls through a trap door back down into the abyss. "NOT AGAINNN!" cried the bad guy.
The B.C. alongside BlueScanner phased out. "Borrowed one of GreenScanner's Holo-Clones, who posed as yours truly..Don't leave home without it!" said Blue.
Divatox and Trakeena was next to finish off our third in command. "Now, Divatox! Suround him! He can't escape our final punishment!" said the insect-like warrior woman.
Blue feigned helplessness. "NO! No escape from these wicked women! Heavens!Woe is me! What ever shall I do?"
"You can do nothing, baby, except be destroyed!" said Trakeena, blasting B.C., but missed. Divatox aimed at Blue, and at the last possible moment, before the laser beam approached B.C., he simply jumped out of harms way.
Divatox zapped Trakeena, putting her down for the count.Blue was right behind her.
"Where is he? Where's that blasted blue ranger?"
"Ah, wouldn't you like to know?" Quickly, he swept Divatox off her feet and gave her a full kiss on the lips!
"YOU, YOU-PERVERT!" cried Divatox, angered beyond measure trying to destroy B.C. "HOW DARE YOU KISS ME!"
"Tally Hoooo!" he replied. "It's always about you, isn't it?" He held on to Divatox's sword, looking at it, admiring it. "Pretty..shiny..shiny sword..Do you really want this weapon so badly to destroy those accursed rangers?"
"Yes! Yes! Let me have it! Give it to me!"
Blue lets Divatox have it all right, with a bunch of banana cream pies, a mallet, and a seltzer bottle! "AARGHH! MY FACE! MY FACE! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" she cried.
"Remember, darling..You asked for it!" B.C. proceeds to pull the lever to send Divatox and Trakeena down the trap door and into the abyss!
Mesogog tried to escape with Kimiko in tow, but it was no use. With one power packed punch, Blue struck Mesogog, catching Kimiko in his arms.He hit the villain so hard, he sailed out of Leewood Park all the way to Universal Studios theme park in Florida, into the mouth of a hungry 'Jurassic Park' T-Rex. Though it was a cinematronic dinosaur, the T-Rex burped, finishing off its snack.
Mesogog's sidekick, Elsa, fell down after seeing the invincible power of the Blue Ranger..
"THAT'S BLUESCANNER, NOT BLUE RANGER!" he said to the narrator.
Sorry about that..after seeing the invincible power of BlueScanner, cringed at his feet. At his mercy, he held up his FilmBlade preparing himself for the kill, and went..
"Boo!" Elsa shrieked and voluntarily pulled the lever and jumped into the abyss, never to be seen again.
"My hero!! You were wonderful, BlueScanner-san!" replied Kimiko, kissing him on the cheek.
"All in a day's work, my love.." B.C had a smile on his face, giving invisible kisses in the air. Nick then approached him.
Nick in his usual custom, smacks him in the back of the head. "Wake up, sleepy head!" B.C's dream had ended.
"One day, I kid you not, you're gonna end up with an anvil on your head! Better look before you leap next time!"
A little later, the team showed up at Mt. Columbia. "It's been an interesting year.." thought Toni.
"Indeed, I should say it was.." said Vin.
"We've couldn't have done this without each other.." said Nick.
"And there's more where that came from..The war still goes on, and we'll win as long as there are Super Sentai type guys like us.." said Takeshi.
"I concur.." said Mikey, with himself rolling over to the other six, putting their hands together.
B.C. went like one of the announcers doing a car commercial with the disclaimer. Going a mile a minute, he says,"Power Rangers, Mesogog, Trakeena, Divatox, Lothor and all related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses are TM and © 2004 by BVS Entertainment.
"Just to make sure there's no copyright infringement, people.." said Vin.
The seven intrepid heroes walk off on the way back to campus. With much to learn from relationships with each other and their colleagues in saving the world, they look forward to more action, adventure and fun!
Fight on, Eiga Sentai Scanranger!
To be continued...
In our next Scanranger adventure, the team goes back out on the road for R & R, and a rousing game of paintball! Not if General Ug and his newest cybercreature has anything to say about it! What is the MAYHEM general plotting?
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