nikki's Fanfiction

An Illusion Caused By Distance
Scully, Mulder, the ocean, Diana--what are they hiding under their cool facades? (post-ep for Biogenesis) Rated: PG, vignette, angst--12K

The Gunmen confirm Scully's worst fears. A fill-in-the-blank for "Requiem". Rated:PG-13, vignette, angst

Distorted Mirror Image
The same moments in time can have amazingly different yet similar meanings to people. (post-ep for One Son) Rated:R, vignette, angst

When Phoebe Green suddenly reappears in Mulder's life, Scully secretly discovers something about Mulder's past. Or does she? Rated: PG, vignette, angst, M/S friendship--16K

Everyone Got What They Wanted
A fill-in-the-blank for "Amor Fati" Rated:PG-13, vignette, angst, Krycek, Fowley, character death--8K

Family Ties
Unexpected news about Samantha threatens to change Mulder and Scully's lives forever. Rated: PG, UST, angst--26K

Family Ties II
More surprises in store for Mulder and Scully as they attempt to cope with the events of Family Ties. Rated: PG, UST, angst--41K

How We Are
Is protection simply another word for lies and denial? A mother and son, each wanting to protect the otheróbut will their actions serve to cause more pain and confusion in the end? Rated: PG-13, angst, Teena Mulder and Mulder, spoilers for "Sein Und Zeit" and "Within"--16K

I Don't Feel A Thing
Previously unposted--An unexpected person from Mulder's past shows up and Scully learns that Mulder's lawbreaking tendencies are nothing new. Rated: PG, vignette, mild Mulderangst, friendship--24K

I Know He Loved Me
A crossing of paths. Rated:PG, vignette, humor, safe for shippers and no-romos--4K

Like A Brother
A brief encounter after the scene in Redux where Scully asks Mulder to let her take the blame for the murder of Scott Ostelhoff. Rated: PG, vignette, angst, strong friendship--8K

Events of the past five years have led Scully to reconsider her life, her goals and the role of the X-Files therein. However, an unexpected tragedy forces a change in her plans. Rated: PG, UST, angst--29K

Needed Complement
A fill-in-the-blank for "En Ami." Rated:PG-13, vignette, mytharc, Scully, CSM--7K

No Longer The Path
Mulder confronts Scully about information that she has been withholding from him. (Was based on rumors about the ending of US Season 5.) Rated:PG, vignette, angst, UST--11K

Not Like This
Unexpected events have unexpected consequences. Rated: PG-13, UST, angst, Character death, conspiracy--80K

One Glimpse Of His Eyes
Death, birth, angst, the Lone Gunmen and a tacky giant bear. After a second abduction, Scully is left pregnant and alone. Or is she? Rated: PG-13, UST, angst, character death--68K

Plot Contrivances
Sometimes all you need is a good night's sleep. Or, Scully's in the shower with Bobby Ewing. Rated: PG, angst, humor (in a warped way). Spoilers up through "Requiem"--9K

So Are You, But...
Mulder and Scully's complex relationship is, in many ways, more strongly defined by the unspoken things between them than by the words they do speak. On a winter's day in Massachusetts, in the midst of a horrific case, this lesson is reinforced in their minds. Rated: PG-13, vignette, angst, UST--21K

So That We Both May Live
The only explanation/defense I have for this is that it was the first piece of fiction that I had written in over 10 years. It's a post-Gethsemane piece that features the Lone Gunmen and Phoebe Green, and if you read it, it's at your own risk! It was originally posted only to "Avatar", the long-lost "hidden" fanfic room that used to be sanctioned by The Powers That Be and located on the Official Site. Rated: PG, story, UST into MSR, angst--114K

Sometimes a videotape doesn't tell the whole story. A fill-in-the-blank for Amor Fati.
Rated: PG-13, story, angst

Trying To Do The Damned Job
It's blasphemous, I know, but...What if we're not the only ones who think that search for Mulder has been bogus?
Rated: PG, vignette, Doggett, Kersh, Scully, Mulder--13K

Under Advisement
Lest we forget, in the end, Kersh is a true bureaucrat, and he cannot have been pleased to learn that the Bureau had buried a man who wasn't actually dead.
Rated:PG, vignette, Kersh, Skinner--8K

A previously unposted musing on one of the ways the XF team might have been split up. (Was based on rumors of the ending of US Season 5.) Rated:PG, vignette, Scullyangst, friendship--11K

Walking On The Edge
The events of Gethsemane have destroyed their partnership. Five years later Mulder and Scully are reunited as Scully tries to unlock the secrets of what happened to Mulder in Tunguska in an effort to save other lives. Rated:PG-13, alternate universe, angst--76K

A fill-in the blank for "The Blessing Way." What if Melissa's death ensured Scully's fate? Or...just why did Melissa Scully sound SO out-of-sorts when she called Scully? Come on, you didn't really buy her terrified-sounding "I was worried about you because I hadn't heard from you since saw Dr. Pomerantz" speech did you?--7K

When Jimmy Met Scully
The title says it all. Just a bit of funny fluff. Rated:PG, humor, crossover--12K

You're Not Supposed To Be Here
When two worlds that weren't meant to meet collide. Or guess who's in the shower with Bobby Ewing. Rated:PG-13, vignette, crossover, Scully, season 8--24K