P.S. Olt Call Co.
Pekin, Illinois

Although probably better known for their mass-produced duck and goose calls, the P.S. Olt company has also turned out various kinds of turkey calls over the years.

The Olt F-6 is basically a wood and metal scratch box call.

Pete Pulley (of Centerville, MO) call (left) and Olt CT-220 Crank Turkey Call. P.S. Olt made this call at one time, and they made it under Mr. Pulley's patent and paid him royalties. Olt discontinued production in 1979.

Old aluminum-framed diaphragm made by P.S. Olt in original package. The model number is DT-1, and the original price on the tag is $2.35. The latex has yellowed and loosened over time so that it is unusable. So far I've been unable to determine how old it may be--my guess is 1970s or 80s. I picked it up at a garage sale for a quarter.

Notice the warning on the back of the call--No climbing, walking, breathing, or shooting while calling!