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What if Oola hadn't been fed to the Rancor before Leia's arrival at Jabba's Palace? Now, the two of them must decide who will become Jabba's next favorite and who will be 'retired'!

Feisty and stubborn, Jabba sends his new slave girl to the dungeons for EV-9D9's 'special breaking treatment'.

Before he was the Baron of Cloud City, the dashing gambler Lando Calrissian freed a young Theelin slave girl and her parents from the cluthes of a Black Sun Vigo. Years later, she mets up with him again to finally reward him....

Based off Dark Horse's popular graphic novel series. This story explores what if Leia had been sent to live on Tatooine instead of Luke....

Continuing where the Sand Princess leaves off. Leia is confronted with the harsh realities of life without her Aunt and Uncle as she is enslaved to the vile gangster, Jabba the Hutt. Now, her only hope of rescue lies at the feet of a unwilling Corellian smuggler and his faithful Wookiee companion.

The most in depth story of the Empire's only female Admiral. Fiorna Daala, a rebellious teenager sent to the Imperial Aacdemy at Carida, has to deal with the harsh realities and gender racism in the Imperial ranks as she tries to find a purpose in the Imperial Starfleet.

Crossover: Pursued by the victories Yuuzhan Vong, the last remnants of the Republic Fleet led by Colonel Jaina Solo wanders through a tear in space and time, winding up in a different universe torn apart by a three decade long war.


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