40 39 'Emotion', Destiny's Child 20 1
39 33 'Thanks That Was Fun', Barenaked Ladies 8 33
38 NEW 'Lovely', Bubba Sparxxx 1 38
37 32 'Stay Together For The Kids', Blink 182 7 32
36 37 'Perfect', Maren Ord 3 36
35 NEW 'Welcome To Atlanta', Jermaine Dupri f. Ludacris 1 35
34 31 'Only Time', Enya 23 2
33 34 'Wish You Were Here', Incubus 3 33
32 27 'Hero', Enrique Eglisias 15 5
31 NEW 'Girlfriend', 'N-Sync 1 31
30 26 'Rock The Boat', Aaliyah 14 9
29 35 'Wherever You Will Go', The Calling 3 29
28 24 'Son of a Gun', Janet Jackson 14 6
27 23 'Carmelina', Matthew Good Band 13 9
26 30 'Sleepless', Wave 6 26
25 29 'Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman', Britney Spears 5 25
24 28 'Blurry', Puddle of Mud 5 24
23 25 'Fuel Injected', Swollen Members 8 23
22 22 'Too Bad', Nickelback 5 22
21 15 'I'm a Slave For You', Britney Spears 18 2
20 17 'How You Remind Me', Nickelback 15 3
19 20 'Have a Nice Day', Stereophonics 6 19
18 13 'Get The Part Started', Pink 13 4
17 19 'Can't Fight The Moonlight', Leann Rimes 6 17
16 21 'Cry', Mandy Moore 4 16
15 16 'A Woman's Worth', Alicia Keys 6 15
14 18 'U Got It Bad', Usher 7 14
13 8 'Hey Baby', No Doubt 12 8
12 14 'Ain't It Funny?', Jennifer Lopez 11 12
11 9 'Standing Still', Jewel 18 1
10 12 'No More Drama', Mary J Blige 7 10
9 6 'My Sacrifice', Creed 15 1
8 11 'Everybody's Got a Story', Amanda Marshall 8 8
7 4 'Girls Girls Girls', Jay-Z feat. Slick Rick 11 4
6 7 'Butterflies', Michael Jackson 10 6
5 5 'Don't Stop Moving', S Club 7 12 5
4 2 'In The End', Linkin Park 14 2
3 1 'Hands Clean', Alanis Morissette 3 1
2 10 'Wherever, Whenever', Shakira 7 1
1 3 'Caramel', City High 20 2

The Commentary

Two weeks ago, Alanis Morissette debuted at #1. This week she falls to number 3 and she loses her bullet. Why? I'm not sure! To be honest, I've been listening to "Hands Clean" for approximately two months -- the live version, to be exact. I am starting to lose interest in the song. I still SO love the song a lot, but my interest in it has gone way down. Who knows? Maybe she'll return to number 1 next week.. or next month. For now though, the song drops to number 3. City High has their second #1 hit on Rob's Top 40 with "Caramel"! I absolutely LOVE the song. City High have a LOT of talent. The thing I noticed wih City High, though, is that both their singles are the same way... the second chorus is always over before the first minute and a half.. but they always use ways to make the song longer. In "What Would You Do", they have the middle part which samples Dr Dre's song and then they have the guys singing the chorus. In "Caramel", they have that spanish part where the music changes.. or they added Eve in the radio remix. City High makes the greatest video's, in my opinion. Even though their video's are nothing special, I watch them over and over.. and over! Maybe it's because of my attraction to Claudette -- I don't know. There are two versions of "Caramel" that I know of.. there is the one that plays on the radio and in the video.. there is another one where the music is different, it's more spanish-y. Either way, "Caramel" is a good song. Leaping 8 spots to #2 is Shakira's debut single in america, "Whenever, wherever". I absolutely love the song, it's brilliant, in my opinion. It'll definately be a future #1 here, it's just too good to be a #2 peaker. Once again, I LOVE the video to this song.. this time I know it's Shakira who attracts me to this video. She is hot, I love the way she dances in the video... you know what I'm talking about! In at #5 are S Club 7 with one of their best songs, "Don't Stop Moving". It's rare that my brother likes songs.. but he loves this song! My mom loves this song! I have a friend who hates 90% of the music out there and he loves this song! It reminds me of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean", the bass and beat are similar in both songs.

There are 3 debuts. The first one is by Bubba Sparxxx with his second single "Lovely". I like this song a lot more than his debut song called "Ugly", which was horrible. This one is great, on the other hand. Timbaland is a musical genius. Timbaland is similar to Dr Dre... Bubba Sparxxx is his protogé, in the same way that Eminem is to Dr Dre. I doubt Bubba will be the next Eminem though. "Lovely" will probably peak in the 20's. Debuting at #35 is Jermaine Dupri with "Welcome To Atlanta". This is probably Jermaine's best song since his duet with Jay-Z back in 1998 called "Money Ain't a Thing". New at 31 is N-sync. This song is MUCH better than "Gone", which failed to chart. It's not as good as "Pop" either". The best part of the song is the bridge, which should have been the chorus, I think.