40 NEW 'Wish You Were Here', Limp Bizkit & John Reznick 1 40
39 27 'Carmelina', Matthew Good Band 14 9
38 32 'Hero', Enrique Eglisias 16 5
37 NEW 'Have You Ever', S Club 7 1 37
36 30 'Rock The Boat', Aaliyah 15 9
35 NEW 'Still', Brian Mcnight 1 35
34 38 'Lovely', Bubba Sparxxx 2 34
33 NEW 'A Thousand Miles', Vanessa Carleton 1 33
32 35 'Welcome To Atlanta', Jermaine Dupri f. Ludacris 2 32
31 28 'Son of a Gun', Janet Jackson 15 6
30 NEW 'Superman', Five For Fighting 1 30
29 36 'Perfect', Maren Ord 4 29
28 31 'Girlfriend', 'N-Sync 2 28
27 21 'I'm a Slave For You', Britney Spears 19 2
26 29 'Wherever You Will Go', The Calling 4 26
25 26 'Sleepless', Wave 7 25
24 18 'Get The Part Started', Pink 14 4
23 25 'Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman', Britney Spears 6 23
22 23 'Fuel Injected', Swollen Members 9 22
21 20 'How You Remind Me', Nickelback 16 3
20 24 'Blurry', Puddle of Mud 6 20
19 22 'Too Bad', Nickelback 6 19
18 13 'Hey Baby', No Doubt 13 8
17 17 'Can't Fight The Moonlight', Leann Rimes 7 17
16 19 'Have a Nice Day', Stereophonics 7 16
15 9 'My Sacrifice', Creed 16 1
14 16 'Cry', Mandy Moore 5 14
13 15 'A Woman's Worth', Alicia Keys 7 13
12 11 'Standing Still', Jewel 19 1
11 12 'Ain't It Funny?', Jennifer Lopez 12 11
10 10 'No More Drama', Mary J Blige 8 10
9 7 'Girls Girls Girls', Jay-Z feat. Slick Rick 12 4
8 14 'U Got It Bad', Usher 8 8
7 8 'Everybody's Got a Story', Amanda Marshall 9 7
6 6 'Butterflies', Michael Jackson 11 6
5 5 'Don't Stop Moving', S Club 7 13 5
4 1 'Caramel', City High 21 2
3 3 'Hands Clean', Alanis Morissette 4 1
2 4 'In The End', Linkin Park 15 2
1 2 'Wherever, Whenever', Shakira 8 1

The Commentary

We have a new number 1! Shakira scores her first-ever #1 hit on Rob's Top 40, which is natural because it's her first american release... I think! This song is very original. The video is crazy... she moves her body in ways I never thought possible. Shakira booted City High off the top after a one-week stay @ #1. "Caramel" has been on the chart the longest. It's been 21 weeks since they debuted in September. The way it's going now, "Caramel" might even have a longer stay on the chart than "What Would You Do". "In The End" by Linkin' Park has had a very strange chart-run. It's lost and regained it's bullet several times and they've been going up and down the chart. They finally reach a new peak position of #1. Can the bands slide into the top spot? Maybe! They'll have to gently shove Shakira out of the way though. Amanda Marshall's "Everybody's Got a Story" inches up a notch to #7. Although the song is starting to slow down I still love. I don't hear it as much though... haven't heard it in about 2 weeks, so it might start dropping soon. Leaping 6 notches into the top 10 is Usher with "U Got It Bad". There are two versions of the song... the slow one and the faster remix. Admitedly, I do love both versions of the song equally. It'll be top 5 for sure. Steady at #17 is "Can't Fight The Moonlight" by Leanne Rimes. I have no idea if it can go any further. Anything is possible right now. I always loved this song, but it didn't do much on the chart, when it was first released about a year and a half ago. The song is getting a second chance.

Up a notch to #25 is Wave with "Sleepless". This is definately their best song so far.. but I think it sounds like a mix of all the Savage Garden ballads... maybe that's why I like it! Maren Ord is up 7 spots to #29. Maren Ord has some serious talent. She's the canadian version of Jewel, in my opinion. Britney's latest single is slowly moving up the chart.. even though this is her best song since... "I'm a Slave For You"! Oops.. that wasn't so long ago! Did you know that Dido had a hand in writting "Not a girl not yet a woman"? Yep, it's true.

There are 5 high-quality debuts this week! The highest new entry is by Five For Fighting with "Superman".. I'm late on adding this one to the chart! I love it! I predict top 10. Newcomer Vanessa Carleton is the next debut. A friend of mine sent me the link to her video, saying she's similar to Chantal Kreviazuk. On my first listen, I was blown away! This girl has some serious talent, the piano work in the song is incredible! Although Brian Mcnight's "Still" sounds similar to his previous singles, actually VERY similar to his previous singles, actually very PRETTY similar to his last singles, I still do love this song. I like this kind of music. New at #37 is "Have You Ever" by S Club 7! This could be the "Never Had a Dream Come True" of the year 2002! It has a very similar style. Hopefully this could do well on commerical charts too. The last debut is "Wish You Were Here" by Limp Bizkit and John Reznick.. I saw a video to this on MuchMusic, which is from the September 11th benifit concert. I doubt it'll go far though.